Are These Shoes Really Cute Or Am I Fooling Myself Because They’re On Sale?


You can click on the picture and get a bigger view.

The shoes are a brand that I normally can’t afford, but they’re on sale (over 60% off!), and I am tempted.

But I’m going back and forth…one minuteĀ I thinkĀ about how cute they would be with a knee-length summer skirt, and the next minute I think that people would point at me and laugh if I wore them.

As always, I’m bringing the deeply important issues to the forefront for impassioned political debate.

Somebody has to tackle the tough topics, people.

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  1. I hope I don’t sound hateful and snide. Resist the temptation! While they may be a designer brand and on sale, I do not think they are worth it. I personally don’t care for them. And would you wear them beyond this season?
    But, I don’t have your fantastic personality that could totally pull them off.
    I hope my comments weren’t mean. Just honest.

  2. Well, personally, I think they’re adorable. But what do I know? I’m retaining water and have a mustache.

    Here’s how I make decisions like this. Take the sale price, divide it by how many times you think you’ll wear them and decide if they are worth $X.xx per wearing.

    I’m all about the mathematical equation.

  3. Well, I don’t care for them, but I strongly urge you to consider this source. I only just cut my hair because I couldn’t stand looking at myself any longer (after 4 months of telling myself the same thing) and I shop at Hand-me-downs-R-Us.

    Perhaps I’m not the most posh person in this bunch.

  4. Well, they look like they won’t match very many different things. Not in my closet anyway. If I bought those, I might only ever wear them once.

  5. Here’s me being honest.

    Personally, they are too busy for my liking. I prefer more simple shoes, yet I love designer stuff too. I love Coach, but most of their stuff is too busy looking for me.

    Those shoes in a more solid color would work best so that you can have more choices to wear with them.

    Is that a hair dryer blowing design on them? They are cute. And you are such a dymanic person, they could work for you.

  6. Get the shoes! They’re way cute and totally you, Boo Mama. And that’s a darn good deal. Big Mama’s comment has me rolling around on the floor. You two should consider co-authoring a book. She could handle the funny stuff and you could be your usual serious self. I can see it on the best seller list now…”by Big Mama and Boo Mama.” LOL

    Get the shoes! You know you want to.

  7. BUY THE CAMPERS! Your feet will thank you because they are sooooooo blissfully comfortable and you will smile every time you look at your tootsies!

  8. Go to your closet and pick out at least three different outfits you would wear with the shoes. If you can’t do that then you should not get them. I think they are adorable and fun but I personally would not wear them often enough to justify buying them.

  9. See the green swirly flower on the shoe?

    It matches the swirly flowers at the top of yer blog.

    Don’t fight destiny Ms. Boo. Buy the shoes.

    Chris from Canada

  10. My first instinct was “Sweet merciful heavens do not buy those shoes!” But I see that a lot of people who know you better and may have met you in real life think they’re you’re style. But I’m also not a style expert by any means – (
    I loved Big Mama’s comment too – I read it and thought – what in the world? and then I saw who it was from and started laughing!

  11. Shalee I think we’re long lost twins :)

    Big Mama you made me almost spit coffee on my computer :)

    Boomama, they are NMSAA but if you think you’d wear them then go for it :) Course I buy flip flops at the dollar tree so I dunno. :) xoxo melzie

  12. I think what it REALLY comes down to, is what kind of big toe you have??

    Is it a super toe? If so I would recommend avoiding the shoe.

    Do you have a freakishly long second toe that may sneak a peek through the opening and cause you to stumble by hanging over the edge?? Then, again I would recommend avoiding it.

    If, though, you have a beautiful big toe, and a regular length second toe, then I would agree to go for it…You won’t look like a sloth, And they are a very cute, very uplifting colour.

    how could you not feel happy wearing those?? (unless of course you suffer from the aforementioned…)

    Good luck deciding…

  13. Okay, you know I am more basic in my footwear (hence the numerous pairs of black, brown, black, brown shoes in my closet) because I am NOT a fan of anything that draws attention to feet. The foot is not anyone’s best feature in my book! :-) Also, I have a bit of trouble with the side holes and laces– the trouble being that I wish they weren’t there. On the other hand, I like motomom’s suggestion about 3 outfits, so you may want to try that test.

  14. lol – I love Farmer’s Wife’s Comment on the toe size. It just goes to prove us bloggy folk have too much time on our hands or think waaay to much… and that’s a good thing.

    Everyone needs a pair of red shoes – and these are reeeeely close… could be cute and flirty – just don’t wear a matching skirt k?

  15. I can’t wait to find out how this one turns out!

  16. skipping reading all the comments to say I’m not crazy about them, but i love me some shoe sales. :)

  17. Personally, not for me but I don’t know your personality well enough to say if they are for you or not! I did absolutely love reading all the comments though :-)

  18. You must buy them! They are so sassy! Who cares about matching them to outfits? A pair of shoes like that IS the outfit. Throw them on with jeans, capris, skirts, etc. They will make an otherwise boring outfit fun. Can you tell I am a little too passionate about footwear? I need to calm down…

  19. Well, I’m afraid I’d be a snickerer at those shoes, but then I’m known for only wearing one shoe at a time most of the time, so you probably would do well to consider the source. ;)

  20. BooMama, I agree with FarmersWife, check the toe thing. The shoes are not like what I would pick out but if that is what you like and you have something to wear them with, go for it.

    Have a great day!!!

  21. HeatherB says:

    Hi – delurking to say this:
    They are 60% off for a reason!

    OH and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  22. Run away from those shoes as if they were full price, girl.

  23. Buy them, right now. They are tons of fun and the longer I look at them, I think I might just need a pair myself.

  24. Barbara Rockwall Texas says:

    Hey Boomama,

    I am glad you are bring this issue to the forefront, because it needs some serious debate…….RUN AWAY FROM THOSE SHOES ! ……Do you actually have an outfit to go with them ? :)……No only kidding !

    Ahhhhh, I can’t say anything, I always wear white tennis shoes, I am such a clothing prude ! :)

    Oh oh, I stand corrected, my daughter (7yr old) informed me that she thinks there quite stylish, she is big into clothes.

    Blessings to you (even if you buy those shoes……ha ha ha ha)

  25. Resist the temptation… orange and olive shoes? They’re on sale because no one else wants them…

  26. Oh my goodness! They are ADORABLE. Buy them!!!!!! They would be so cute with a denim skirt and t-shirt or something like that!

  27. Okay, here’s how I make a decision on shoes:
    Orange patterned shoes in a size 5-FABULOUS. (Oh, isn’t she cute in those sweet little shoes).
    Orange patterned shoes in a size 9-SCARY! (Oh my, those must have been on sale).
    There you go.

  28. Depends what you’re wearing them with. If it’s unpatterned and solid colors, they’d make a nice splash of pattern.

    Do they make you smile (in a good, happy way, not a that’s the silliest shoe I’ve ever seen way, when you see them on your feet? If so, then go for it.

  29. Um, sorry, hate them. Perhaps you are swayed by the fact that they are designer and the big designer brand is clouding your judgement of how they actually LOOK. But I’m also no fashion expert. Good luck, do let us know what you decide to do!

  30. They’re cute! Do it! Different is good.


  31. Bossy thinks they’re really cute in a Spiderman meets Heidi sort of way. They’ll be your Summer Signature Piece. Buy them.

  32. You had to ask? They are darling and will look precious all summer long. Will you see if they have my size? :)

  33. I am laughing at all these comments – and I just thought of another “toe” thing. Make sure you paint your toenails in a cute coordinating color…

  34. WAY CUTE!! Summer is the only season we can pull fun shoes like these off. Go for it!

  35. Very cute with a khaki skirt! Let them be your summer splurge! :) Good luck!

  36. Errrrm…..
    Personally, they look like a butchered up basketball and court to me.
    Maybe if you are gonna’ wear them to the big Final Four match-up?!

    Sorry, they made me sort of grimace when I enlarged the photo…that would not be a good sign for me to base a purchase on. However, if they stood up and waved their little laces at you and screamed, “TAKE ME HOME!!”, then go for it.

  37. Now, although I would never have the nerve to actually buy them (because I’m stuck in the world of brown, black and white shoes, close-toed for winter, open for summer), I would so admire anyone I saw wearing them, simply because they are adorable. I say get ’em.

  38. Love the toe analysis, and I agree with Willzmom, in that in my size 8.5, and nearly 8.5 wide, they would look atrocious. IF they were comfy, maybe yes; IF big toe is a looker, maybe yes; IF they don’t look like an orange box, maybe yes. But be sure you LOVE them. that’s my 2 cents worth, but fRee to you!

  39. Are you looking for a pair of crazy open toe bowling shoes? Then by all means snap them up otherwise I say pass, you could spend the money on some that you like better and that will go with more outfits and not make you look like a crazy hip granny. Just my 2 cents. BTW I really enjoy your blog and I am a crazy hip granny :) Well maybe not hip but crazy & granny both fit!

  40. Oh, and if you can find “BAD”mama, then ya’ll can write a book called the Big, BAd, Boo Mama stories!!! It will soar to the top ten list!

  41. Elizabeth says:

    My vote would be no, but if you and Sister both get them, I hope you’ll post a photo showing off your new pedicures and sassy shoes! And these debates are much more fun than anything remotely political.

  42. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    I’m not wild about them, but then I’m ridiculously cautious in my footwear choices. So take that with a grain of salt! ;)

  43. From one shoe lover to another, I tell you without hesitation, GET THEM. They will end up going with more than you think. And I happen to know you don’t have any toe problems to prevent the purchase, as mentioned in a few comments. Enjoy them! Hope I get to see you in them…

  44. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Read what the Farmer’s Wife has to say, lather, rinse, repeat. (I’m still laughing!)

  45. My rule of thumb is: If they weren’t on sale, would you buy them anyway? Do you like them that much?

    I’m not a fan of buying things just because they’re on sale.

    Plus those shoes are not cute in the picture. Maybe they are in real life, but not so much on the internet.

  46. I just read all your comments–it seems fairly divided down the middle. So here’s what I would do: put on an outfit you’d wear with them and go try them on. If you like them, buy them.

    And I think they’re adorable. I’d wear them. :-)

  47. Maybe I’m not the best person to ask- I blog for shoes, for cryin’ out loud- but I totally see them with some cropped jeans & a tee shirt!

    I’m voting BUY! (Maybe it’s a good time to tell you that I always vote “buy”!)

  48. Try them on…. they may be the most hideously uncomfortable shoes in the world of course, and then the dilemma is over.And they may make your feet look like boats!

  49. THink of it! There’s enough color to paint each toenail one color each :)

    Ok- I’m leaving now ….

  50. I’m right there with Mary C. They are FUNKY and CUTE! Get them! :)

  51. oh my word – this is more devisive than the last presidential election!!! the passion runs high on both sides of the issue.

    personally, I’d buy them, ’cause I love funky patterns. But I’d have to make sure I had some outfits to wear with them first. Otherwise, the bargain won’t be one, if you have to buy new outfits to go with it…


  52. Coming from a mom of a very hip and ultra fashionable 18 year old daughter….GET THEM! They are waaaayyyy too cute and 60% off! My kind of shoe! And if you don’t have anything to wear them with….you go (or at least, I go) to the clearance rack and find a 70% off new outfit to wear them with. :)

  53. Super cute, Super fun, and Super price buy them!!!

  54. From my very wise and spiritual Butler (who has zero taste by the way so it doesn’t really matter)”Sometimes it is not about the right or wrong, and just about what makes you happy.” Life is short, so do what makes you feel good (as long as it is legal and does not involve borrowing money from me.)

  55. Well, only if you really want them!

  56. little liz says:

    I love them, and I can see you wearing them. I think you HAVE to get them. (I would buy them in a heartbeat to wear with denim this summer!)

  57. Ok…my humble (ha!) opinion is nope. Here is my reasoning, it may cause a bit of laughter…I believe the uglier the shoe the better in most cases…I’m thinking it has to do with having extremely wide feet and thus not one shoe has EVER fit my foot that is cute…so that being said…they aren’t my favorite…have you looked at

  58. Skipping all the comments to say if you like them, get them! I’m the kind of person who wears pretty much only jeans and black shirts but then adds red shoes. Or pink shoes. Or flowered sneakers (I had a favorite pair I wore for ten years – until I had kids and my feet got bigger!). My point is – if your outfit is right and you like them, you’ll look great! Summer is the best time to wear funky shoes. You could always buy them, wear them around the house and if you decide you don’t like them, take them back!

  59. Point and laugh? You, of all people, don’t seriously give that a second thought, do you? Don’t burst my bubble here. :O

    Those shoes are likely on sale because nobody else wants them. But who cares? If you think they’re cute, then you should get them…and wear them. Often. And with a confident smile.

    You’re nothing if not a trendsetter, BooMama.

  60. I shall preface this by saying they are not my taste at all — but if they’re on sale — I’d say there’s probably a reason.

  61. I love them! In what fabulous store did you find them? One with a web site?

  62. 1. Shoes–no

    2. Book title–Big and Boo Blog

    3. Comments–hilarious, especially about the whole toe measurement

  63. Catherine says:

    BUY THEM!!! You will wear them with a ton of things. I would love a pair. Catherine

  64. You have summer shoes 60 percent off in March! Think about it. They must be terribly over-priced to begin with and they must not be a hot item.

  65. LOL it looks like a big mouth bass fish with its mouth open. That was my first view, they are cute Boo.

  66. This lurker has to comment just to giggle…. holy cow you all make me laugh! Big Mama hee hee he……Toe Size analysis ~ Ha ha ha too much my tummy hurts from laughing!

    BooMama if you get them the world with smile… we may smile with you or maybe at you but who cares if you like them get them!

    Amy in Idaho

  67. … please post a picture with you in them… even if some get toe envy…

  68. They are cute. If you like them, buy them! They are great spring/summer shoes, and if they will make your feet happy, that’s all the reason you need (and if they are on sale, of course!)

  69. I would suggest that if you have to convince yourself to get them then the answer is no. If you aren’t 100% in love with them, you won’t ever wear them. And then it wouldn’t matter how cheap they were, it would still be a waste of money.

  70. O my gosh, the comments are as fun as the post. Still, I only got through about 12 of 68. Dying to know what you decide about the shoes, and I’d love to know the designer. My 2 cents, for what it’s worth, is that I’m really not crazy about them. But I’m kind of a Gap/Ann Taylor kind of girl, and they’re kind of sassy. But you could probably pull them off.

  71. Tammy H says:

    My goodness, no wonder you get free stuff. You create quite a stir! :) I love a sassy shoe, but I don’t really like these. I like Big Mamas Target shoe better than this brand name one.

  72. Ok, you’re clearly asking the wrong gal here because you had me at the word “sale.” And 60% off? It’s a no-brainer. BUY.THE.SHOES.

    I think they are adorable but then again I am a shoe fanatic. Flats are in style (thank the Lord!) and the colors are fun and they scream Spring. Pair them with a solid color dress (or denim capris!) and a cute bag and you are ready to hit the town (or the grocery store, as it were).

    Kudos for not making an impulse purchase and taking time to think on it. But…if you’re still thinking about them and thought enough to post about ’em, then sister, consider them yours!!

    And if not, at least tell me where you saw them (wink).

  73. Um, nobody rocks some sassy pants like BooMama so I say go for them. Oh and by the way, everytime I buy something super sassy I put it on for the first time and feel super silly. Once I make myself walk out of the house for the first time, I ALWAYS get compliments on whatever item felt borderline ridiculous. The moral of the story is get the shoes, sport ’em proud and know that everyone around you is totally jealous. Oh, and post a picture so we can admire!

  74. Mandigirl says:

    They definitely scream spring, although the green looked like a John Deere was about to drive through on the side. But hey, that’s just me. If you like them and you would wear them, wear them with pride sister!! Get those toes peeping through!!

  75. Not too crazy about them either but if you have something that’s would be cute with them and you think they’ll be worth it (see BigMamas equation) then go for it. It’s all about what you like…we aren’t wearing them! :D

  76. I think they could be totally cute – and it’s fun to have shoes that don’t really match things, but wear them anyway because they’re fun… my only question is “Are they comfy?” It would be a shame to banish them to the back of the closet because of unforgiving materials that gauge large holes in your otherwise lovely toes.
    But then, I’ve always been a sucker for the sale, and if something is 60% off, I’m pretty sure you MUST purchase it.

  77. Those are too cute! And ITA with Katie, if something is 60% off it is a must purchase IMO!


  78. I love colorful shoes – sold Pappagallo for years – but you have a few things to consider:
    1) What Farmer’s Wife said about the toe thing. This should be your number one concern!
    2) What Willzmom said about the size of the feets. I think you should wear a 7.5B or smaller to wear these shoes. And not wide.
    3) You’ll want to be sure your nail polish never clashes so you’ll always be ready to wear them. Are you willing?
    4) I noticed the sole has a casual appearance – so these would probably go best with jeans or cropped pants. They may take on a grandmotherly appearance with skirts.
    5) Just for fun, run it by The Manolo at his shoe blog. You’ll get even more things to consider! And it will be fun!

    I don’t agree that they’re 60% off because they’re ugly. Just take a sampling from your comments: many women just stick to the basics, and these aren’t basic. That’s why they’re on sale. I think you have the personality to pull them off. I don’t know if you have the toes.

  79. oh, and…

    6) What BigMama advised about the cost per wearing. You should ALWAYS do that! You’d be amazed how cheap some things are when you figure them that way.
    7) I read some sartorial blogs and I’ve noticed that the new trend among the most fashionable is to wear somewhat neutral outfits with one shock of color. Like all grey clothing with bright orange gloves, or all brown clothing and a green scarf. So, you may be cutting edge with these shoes!

  80. Like the style, not the color. Save your dollars for another oh so cute pair o’ shoes!

    In His Joy,

  81. Oh my word! Are those hairdryers on the sides? Step away from the shoes…..

    Nope – that sale is not good enuf!

    Maybe if they paid me :)

  82. As a design on the front of a notebook… absolutely. As a shoe… no way, Jose. I might pay as much as $5 for them though, so I could get a laugh years from now and show everyone pictures, while belly laughing, “Can you believe I actually wore those? That ‘designer’ really pulled one over on me!”

  83. Okay I love those shoes. But since I have a longer second toe they would make me appear as a sloth :) But I say get them!!