Glory Revealed

Last Friday when we got home from the beach, I found several delightful little packages in the mail, one of which contained a few CD’s from a Christian music label. Y’all know that I LOVE ME SOME MUSIC, so I couldn’t wait to sit down and listen to the goods.

(Also: for those of you who have commented or emailed to ask how I’m getting free stuff from people, I have no idea. I think maybe it’s because I’m listed with Blog Top Sites, but that’s just a guess. And yes, I am a veritable fount of helpful information.)

It was Saturday night before I loaded the CD’s on our computer and transferred the songs to my iPod. I started listening while I was working on a couple of blog posts, and while I thought two of the CD’s were great, one of them flat-out blew me away. It’s called Glory Revealed.

Glory Revealed – which features Christian artists like David Crowder, Shane & Shane, Mark Hall, Candi Pearson-Shelton and Steven Curtis Chapman, among others – is different from a lot of other stuff I’ve heard lately because every single song is inspired by and rooted in Scripture. And I almost feel like the words “inspired by” are misleading, because if I hadn’t heard the CD I might think Oh, okay – somebody read about Job and then wrote a song about trials. But that’s not it, really.

Because what the songwriters did for this CD was to set Scripture to music. There are a few deviations from the text because of rhyme scheme or verse structure or whathaveyou, but for the most part the lyrics are straight from God’s Word. And as a result, this CD is inspirational in a way that only Scripture can be. It will touch you right down to the very core of your heart.

Glory Revealed was produced by Mac Powell of Third Day, and according to executive producer David Nasser, “the purpose of this project is to celebrate God’s truth through worship.” I especially appreciate that the producers are very clear about the fact that worship isn’t about us; in fact, Nasser makes a point to say that “everything God has ever done, and everything He will forever do, He does with one intent: to reveal Himself and to receive honor and glory.”

To which I say: Yes. Preach on. Hallelujah.

After I listened to the CD about five times in a row Saturday night, I emailed the person who sent it to me with really eloquent comments like “!!!” and “I HEART GLORY REVEALED 4 EVR” and “I’m going to marry track #3.”

I also asked, in a rush of enthusiasm – without stopping to think about the fact that I WAS BEING VERY PRESUMPTUOUS – if he would please send me some more CD’s and let me do some kind of giveaway on my blog.



So if you’d like to be eligible lay claim to one of these twelve copies, here’s what you have to do:

Leave a comment, making sure your email address is oh-so-accurate. And for kicks, tell me the name of your very favorite recording artist of all time ever (for me, it’s a four-way tie between James Taylor, Watermark, John Mayer and Chris Tomlin – and yes, I enjoy a singer-songwriter).

That’s it!

Tomorrow night at 7 o’clock central I’ll turn off the comments on this post, and then I’ll (quite literally) put everyone’s name in a hat. The four year old will draw twelve names out of the hat sometime this weekend, and if you’re one of the twelve, I’ll email you to get your address so I can mail your copy to you.

I’m so excited about being able to share this CD with people. And even if you don’t “win” a copy in my little drawing, you can still go here for a free song download and a coupon for $5 off the CD purchase price.

Finally, many, many thanks to the folks at Provident Music for the bloggity hook-up. Some of you are going to be mighty blessed as a result.

And that just tickles me to death.

Edited to add: I’ll leave comments on until around 10 pm central. Mainly because we’re going out to supper, and I don’t think I’ll be here to turn off comments at 7. And contrary to what you might think, I do not wear the computer on a chain around my neck in public.

I only do that at home.

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  1. Favorite artist of all time…Ginny Owens.

  2. Danielle says:

    Favorite artist – no way to pick just one, but I am currently loving Third Day, Watermark, and Leeland.

  3. suzanne says:

    Well, how COOL is that??????
    Four you say???? Well, I have to say that James Taylor is also one of my top favs, as well as Stephen Curtis Chapman, Ginny Owens, the singer of the song Legacy(brain drain, and can’t think of her name) and a group called Indelible Grace….scripture/old hymns to music! Gotta love it…go to to take a look or a listen!

  4. Wow, favorite artist … Currently and for years now, Phillips Craig and Dean. If we’re talking secular, probably Michael Bolton. This sounds like a great CD! Even if I don’t win, sounds like one I’ll have to add to my collection!

  5. Favorite artist of all time…hmmm…I am currently into Ginny Owens, Casting Crowns, and Vicki Yohe. I have so many favorites that it was hard to narrow it down. Thanks for the wonderful drawing!

  6. I love David Nassar – I had no idea he produced this CD – I’ve heard the first cut with SCC and Mac singing and it is SO good!
    What an awesome opportunity you have to share! (I hope I win!)
    I have WAY too many favorites but I usually end up listening to Dave Matthews, U2, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, and Ginny Owens.

  7. Mom of family4Him says:

    Can’t say that I have a favorite all time artist, but my current favorite group is Casting Crowns and I just love a song by Big Daddy Weave called “Every Time I Breathe.”

  8. Well since you didn’t limit yourself to just one I see no reason to.

    If I HAD to choose one it would have to be Rich Mullins. I also love me some Third Day, Rascal Flats, Simon and Garfunkel, Journey…who me, confused?

    I know I’m leaving someone out here.

  9. what a great giveaway! i love music and love getting new music!

    my favorite artist/s of all time are….

    martin sexton (
    sarah mclachlan

    have fun with the giveaway! :)

  10. Favorite Artist(s)…Steve Taylor, Amy Grant, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Newsboys…

  11. I can’t say who my favorite of all time…too much pressure.

    My current favorite, which my kids turned me onto…Sanctus Real.

  12. I think my all time favorite band would be the Newsboys.
    But, I love David Crowder and Chris Tomlin ever so much too. : )
    Thanks for the fun contest Boomama!

  13. P.S.
    David Nassar’s website has the cutest t-shirts. They say “I love my husband” so, I HAD to have one. : )
    It is my favorite!

  14. Elvis Presley–it’s true!

  15. fav-o-rite artist of all time: whatever my dh decides is on the ipod…ok, really, I’m an old skool Christian music fan so I still like TobyMac (as in dctalk)…but to be honest with what I actually listen to most of all, I’ll have to say tie between Jack Johnson/Harry Connick Jr/Sixpence None the Richer. *whew*

  16. I love contests! Favorite artist….hmmm..right now it’s the kids Hi-5 group…because thats all I EVER listen too these days….does that count?


  17. Shane & Shane. Bethany Dillon. Nichole Nordeman. Shane & Shane have a cd called Psalms that is pretty much almost literally psalms set to music. GREAT Stuff!

  18. valid email address ~ check!
    favorite recording artist of all time ~ Clint Brown ~ I’m a choir/worship music kinda gal myself.

  19. Wow–my friend JUST told me about this CD this morning. So, I hope I win, but if not I’m buying it.

    Based on your favorites, I think that you might like Andrew Peterson. He’s sort of James Taylor-y is a Christian way (with a little Paul Simon thrown in).

    I know that wasn’t your question. Favorite ever is probably Billy Joel, although I don’t listen to him much anymore. Current favorite is maybe Mercy Me (Spoken For CD specifically) or FFH.

    (I’m glad that you set the standard by allowing your answer to be a 4-way tie).

  20. Favorites: James Taylor, Bob Seger (LOVE a deep voice on a man), a group called A Cappella… don’t even know if they’re still together, but I keep re-recording the same CD onto a cassette tape for my car (“Roll the Stone Away”)….Oh, and Cher’s early stuff, mostly cause she and my mom looked just alike when mom was young!

  21. It is funny when I read this my three picks were Newsboys, David Crowder and Chris Tomlin and I see Becky picked the exact three! I don’t know her, but it sounds like we have the same taste in music! My son is reading this with me and told me I had to include his favorites which are Reliant K and KJ-52. I have to admit I just started listening to KJ-52 because it is what my son had on and he is really good!

  22. Anne N. says:

    Favorite Artist – AMY GRANT!!!

  23. I would have to say U2, Sting, Chris Tomlin, Caedmon’s Call. No particular order!

  24. I’d just be lying to you and myself if I didn’t say that my favorite artist of all time is Sir Elton John. And I inherited this affinity entirely from my Mama!

  25. As many as I like and listen to, I am always transported back in time when I hear the Eagles. They were my “college band” and
    just the opening bars of one of their songs brings back a flood of memories and smiles.
    How lucky are you and HOW generous!
    Thanks, even if I don’t win…you are just so sweet to share with your bloggy pals.

  26. Eagles, U2, Chris RIce, Step[hen Curtis Chapman, Phillips Craig and Dean …. and MERCYME

  27. I think I’m gonna feel like the biggest heathen ever…but I have to go with Indigo Girls. That is some good singin’ music!

  28. My favorite singer/songwriter changes almost quarterly, although right now I am a mom who groves to TobyMac (DC talk alum) with my 4yr old, 2 yr old and 7 wk old daily in the minivan!

    Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  29. My favorite secular: Bob Seger

    Favorite Christian: Darlene Schecht

    And many, many more. :-)

    Sign me up, BooMama!

  30. yay a contest :)

    My faves-
    Joey Johnson (local southern gospel guy I went to school with)
    The McCamey’s
    Sara Evans
    Rascall Flatts

    Crossing my fingers ;) xoxo melzie

  31. Favorite artist/group–
    Christian: Lincoln Brewster and Newsboys
    Non-Christian (music anyway): John Mayer

    If I win you’ll see me looking a tad like those people what win Publisher Clearing House do. Seriously, I’ll send video. =)

  32. My favorite usually depends on what day it is, or what kind of day it is. CeCe Winans is always at the top. I also enjoy anything by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

  33. I would think you are looking for Christian artists. I enjoy a very wide variety of contemporty Christian music/artists, but these are CD’s that have ministered to me over and over again.

    Zola Levitt–ALL his music has such an anointed on it. He went to be with the Lord last April, a great loss to the Body of Christ, but a reward for Zola.

    Don Moen–Let His Glory Fall

    Paul Wilbur–Jerusalem Arise

    Carmen–Anything he does

  34. Count me in! I love Billy Joel and James Taylor!

  35. Now how fun is this! I’m in.

    My favorites of all time. I love Salvador, Newsboys, Phillips, Craig and Dean, Carmen (when I was younger) Marc Anthony.

  36. Favorite Artist: Carolyn Arends.

    If you never got past “Seize the Day” (which I didn’t think was fantastic), you’ve missed out. “Surprised by Joy” and most of her others are good.

  37. Oh wow! I’d totally love to win this. Actually I totally NEED to win this.

    Favorite recording artist of all time? AH! That is a hard one! I can only pick one? Well, there is nothing like some good Joni Mitchell, namely her album Blue.


  38. Sara Groves!

    I’ve been eyeing this CD and wondered if it was any good. So thanks for sharing.

  39. What a great CD – I almost bought it when I was in the bookstore!!! May still have to – I never win!!! BUT – thanks so much for the review AND the chance to win!! My favorite??? Hmmmm, secular – I enjoy Josh Groban (but I am NOT a Grobanite!!!) for Christian – LOVE Aaron Shust, Steven Curtis Chapman, my favorite “oldie” is Twila Paris.

  40. Favorite?? Hmmmmm….. It’s hard to pick one. I will say Ray Boltz. :o)

  41. I’ve been looking at that CD – I’m glad for the great review and chance to win! Whoo hoo! My favorites always change but right now it is Nicole C. Mullen. Love her!!

  42. You make this hard! Old time favorites for me are John Denver, James Taylor, and Carole King.

    For a Christian song artist – I’m crazy about Chris Tomlin. An older favorite is Larry Theiss but I don’t know if anyone knows his music. If I had to pick just ONE – Michael W. Smith.

  43. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for thinking of your dear readers. What a fantabulous way of sharing an item you ‘heart’. :o)

    Favorite recording artist has to be Enya. I just melt when I hear any of her songs. They are so relaxing and they just exude peace and love.

    Thanks again! Love your blawg!

  44. Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Susan Ashton & Martina McBride

  45. My favorite would truly depend on what mood I am in. It would probably all come down to Josh Groban, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kathy Troccoli, Tait, and Nicole Mullens. Thanks for including us in the fun of it all!

  46. WOW! How cool is that?? I cannot pick just one favorite recording artist. Love me some Chris Tomlin, Big Daddy Weave, Mark Schultz, Casting Crowns…

    You are so nice to think of all us lil’ people!

  47. It’s too hard to pick one favorite! Let’s see…Chris Rice, tobyMac, Caedmon’s Call, are a couple of my favorites and choirs like Brooklyn Tab and Christ Church are always good too.

    My hubby and I both have the David Nasser t-shirts that say “I love my husband/wife” and my kids have the one that says “My mom rocks.” They are some of the best shirts!!

  48. I’m always up for a contest so I’ll out of hiding and share some of my favs….too many to name but including Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, and Kathryn Scott. Thanks for sharing!!

  49. What an incredible act of generosity on your part. So, for the contest… I am thinking it is a tie between Mercy Me (let’s see… that’s a group? does it still count?)or Steven Curtis Chapman for his depth, range, emotion and plain old devotion to God. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day!

  50. My all time faves are Casting Crowns, David Crowder Band, anything put out by Passion!

    I heard about this cd recently. Thanks for giving it a thumbs up!

  51. My friend Stacy talks and talks about you *as my eyes roll*, but I decided to log on 2 weeks ago and see what all the fuss was. I’m hooked. You are hookable…and adorable. Thanks for sharing your joy. Gotta say Barry Manilow. I didn’t say I loved HIM, just his music. And George Straight…love both HIM AND his music! Most favorite…Sarah McGlaughlin, hands down.

  52. This is kind of embarrassing, but my favourite at the moment (I can’t pick all time, too hard) would have to be Colin Buchanan – an Australian singer – but the thing is you see, my favourite of his stuff is… ahem… his kids’ albums.

  53. Absolutely without a doubt Third Day, followed by Casting Crowns and Mercy Me and Toby Mac! If they would all do a tour together I might just pass right out from excitement!

  54. Danielle says:

    Favorite artist of all time is most definitely U2. They just tear up my heart!

    PS – Your friend Merritt is the awesome room mom for my 5th grade class. ;)

  55. I have a few favorites. But I guess the ones at the top of my list are Phillips, Craig, and Dean and Hillsong music (Darlene Zcheck/Reuban Morgan).

  56. Emmie in Central Texas hasn’t bought a new CD in ages–pick me! (You’re also invited for a visit anytime you’re in the area!)

    Favorite Christian Artist: Fernando Ortega

    Favorite Secular Artist: Righteous Brothers (oldies!)

  57. Hands down


    LOVE THEM:-)

  58. All the songs on this CD were awesome!My favorite Christian artist includes Stephen Curtis Chapman,Phillips,Craig and Dean, and my very favorite Selah!
    Thanks for being so generous BOO MAMA!

  59. This CD sounds great!

    My favoite…hmmm… definitely a 3 way tie between Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, and Newsboys! Big fan of Point of Grace as well!

  60. Oh dear… I’m going to date myself and say, for sheer volume of songs that I love, Twila Paris!

  61. There are SO many great artists out there. I have to say that Phil Keaggy is my all time favorite, but I also love Chris Rice, Newsboys, Jars of Clay….I could go on and on.

  62. It sounds like the CD is awesome. I love Phillips, Craig & Dean, Selah, Fernando Ortega, Third Day. It’s impossible to choose just one!

  63. Jennifer says:

    Steven Curtis Chapman!! (secular – Chicago Greatest Hits 1982-1989)

  64. seems that people would like to get their hot little hands on some good tunes. i will NOT count myself out and will list one, or FIVE.

    faves: fernando ortega, bebo norman, ed cash, michael armstrong, parachute band.

  65. Wow…I agree with the Steven Curtis Chapman fan club here. And of course I love Casting Crowns as well…here’s hoping the four year old angel picks me. :D

  66. Wow. I think my favorite recording artist is either Dennis Jernigan (praise and worship music) or anyone who does a good job with Rachmaninoff piano concertos. Maybe, say, Van Cliburn.

    I sure hope Boo picks me! I’d love to hear that CD. I’ve been trying to memorize scripture along with my children by playing scripture-to-music CDs in the car. I think we’ve memorized everything we have so far, so we would love some new material!

    thehappyhomemaker at gmail dot com

  67. No brainer. . .James Taylor with a side of Chris Rice, some John Denver, and a little Stevie Wonder to jazz things up.

  68. Oh, pick me! pick me!! I love me some music, too!!!

    Favorite….hard to say…probably Chris Tomlin. Love him!

  69. How fun!

    I am currently loving Mercy Me, Third Day and Point of Grace.

    Currently Miss Pear rocks out to Mercy Me (you should see her dance – very enthusiastic for a 22 month old!

    Thanks for doing this!

  70. Jessica says:

    Thanks for offering the CDs! My favorite artist is currently Norah Jones. I need to catch up on the Christian music genre. My favorites are from about 10 years ago. (We did have a Third Day song in our wedding, though!)

  71. Oh how much fun is this!

    Jeremy Camp, Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, and Erasure are some of my favorites.

  72. My favorite is Sonia King, from the U.K. Love your blog!

  73. So… my email addie is oh-so-accurate, but I’m honestly just throwing my name in here “for kicks”, since I have yet to ever, even once, in any kind of event, win something like this. :smile: So here ya go… just for kicks.

    Favorite, ALL-TIME? I have no clue. I’ll say :draws name out of mental hat:, Fernando Ortega. I love his music, and his talent, and his heart… so I’ll go with that one.

  74. Oh, this is so cool….I have loved Barry Manilow since I was probably 8 or 9. I also love James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns. And I want to recommend another song for you. It’s on Selah’s Duet CD and the song is called Glory. They sing it with Nicole Nordemann and it is AMAZING. I play that track over and over again.

  75. so I feel in love w/ the cd just from your post and was quite excited to read that you were given some to give away… since I never win anything I was even more excited to find a free download and a coupon! I’ll try for the freebie though… just in case! ;)
    total favorite (right now anyway) has got to be Casting Crowns. I just keep playing them over and over! Even put a song of theirs on my blog!

  76. All time favorite recording artist??? Can’t pick just one…I’d have to say Darlene Zschech, Amy Grant, Natalie Grant, Journey and The Police.

    Hoping for an e-mail over the weekend!!

  77. OH! Pick me! Pick me! :) I’ve heard about that one on the radio & just knew from the hearing that it would be a good one. Favorite of all time? Man, that’s hard. But I love me some Third Day. or Casting Crowns. or Avalon. or Mercy Me. or Or…or…or… ;)

  78. It’s too hard to pick just one favorite.
    James Taylor, Eagles, Michael W. Smith,
    Carly Simon, Celine.

  79. Well throw my name into the hat. I think my favorite artist right now is Mercy Me thats a group made up of artists, right?

  80. Woo hoo! Watermark is my fave.

  81. I know the odds of winning will probably be 1 in 500 by 7pm tomorrow, but I’ll put my name in that hat just the same.
    But how can I pick my all-time favorite artist? I don’t even think I can narrow it down to a 4-way tie! Thinking, thinking, thinking! Well, I can’t decide, and rather than list the same artists everyone else has already listed, I’ll tell you that my favorite artist in 1993 was Kim Boyce.
    Okay, I thought some more, and ALL-time might have to go to Rich Mullins (but there are a ton of great artists fighting for 1st).

  82. This is a hard question as I listen to all kinds of music. I would have to say Eagles and Mercy Me. If you had asked about most recently listened to, it would be so much easier…anything by the Wiggles or Veggie Tales.

  83. Only one favorite? I’m gonna have to go with Keith Urban, after all I did name my ride after him… Keith “Sub”Urban.

  84. Lisa D. says:

    What a blessing to receive those CD’s and what a fun way to give them away! If we’re talking favorite artist of ALL time, I must go with a three way tie: (secular and Christian–The Eagles, Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman.

  85. Oh my. Oh MY.

    James Taylor…no, John Denver…or Elton John…possibly John Tesh…Michael W. Smith…Third Day…Steven Curtis Chapman…

    I can’t choose. You choose for me.

  86. Long-time lurker here…
    My five faves? Kathy Mattea, Brandi Carlile, Queen, Beatles and Crowded House (and Styx…).
    Ok, that’s six. But I like them all equally, I sware. Swear, even.

  87. Um, wow. Favorite??? Probably Point of Grace. Cheesy girl group, yes. But the harmonies! Get thyself to iTunes and download their single of All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name NOW!!

  88. Hi Boomama, please toss my name into the hat! What a fun contest!! And, I’m not going to follow the exact rules because I can’t quite decide on a favorite of ALL time, but favorites in this season of life are: Chris Tomlin, Sara Groves and Nicole Nordeman.

  89. Wow. A free CD giveaway. Sounds great. Please add me to the list!! Thanks. Um..favorites: U2, David Wilcox, Indigo Girls, Counting Crows, Andrew Peterson

  90. gosh…it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but i’ll pick one out of my short list of favorites…stevie wonder.

    God has been doing this thing in me reguarding WORSHIP! and the comment about it is not about me is so true. MY Heart is crying out for true WORSHIP and Freedom.

    the best ever ELVIS and I just love Willie Nelson

  92. Wow, picking a favorite singer?! That’s like saying you have to pick between diet coke or chocolate or like hugs or something!!! Ok wow, bringing it down. :)

    That is just too hard, so I am just going to go with the singer closest to my heart–Kara, my beloved roommate from college. I used to stand outside her bedroom door and listen as she sang with that soul-reaching voice of hers. Suprisingly, we’re still best of friends despite that stalkerish tendancy.

    The giveaway idea is so fun! Hope you have a great rest of the week :)

  93. Oh what fun! Please put my name in.
    Pick one? Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, James Taylor, John Mayer, Josh Groban, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Chris Tomlin…impossible to pick just one!

  94. Emma Kate says:

    How thrilling!! Brian Littrel — who sang the last song “You Alone” — he was a member of the Backstreet Boys. And yes ma’am you know I loved me some bboys. Now, a christian artist — Praise Praise!@!!!Sister — if little man doesn’t draw my name I’m just gonna have to go purchase this one!! So tickled — in great need of a new cd!! Love love

  95. OK you pulled me out of lurkdome!(is that even a word?)
    I have 2 favs – Christian being Brian Doerksen and secular being Jann Arden – what can i say i am a good old fashioned canadian girl! Thanks for the great contest and I love your blog!

  96. Wow, I had to stop reading the comments, cause I kept going, “Me, too…oh, yeah…right…” And I’m trying to limit my list. So…eclectic as it may be, here it is: Elvis, George Strait, Amy Grant, and old school Imperials.

  97. HOW FUN!

    One of my all time favorites is:

    Rich Mullins.

  98. Oh goodness, Boo!! You have quite the job ahead of you if you’re going to write out everyone’s name on many, many slips of paper!! I’m 97 and you still have about 20 hours to go on this!!!

    Fave is John Denver. :o)

  99. the cd sounds great. some of my faves: my husband Phil Wing, Coldplay, The Fray, Leeland, Future of Forrestry…i could go on and on!

  100. David Crowder (his lyrics are so poetic), Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Third Day.