Don’t Let The Word “Best” Fool You For Even A Moment

This morning I got an email from my friend Shalee informing me that I’ve been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Humor, and while I had absolutely no idea what a Blogger’s Choice Award might be, I was instantly sure that it’s an absolutely lovely blog thing-y sponsored by absolutely lovely people who will be presenting the winners with absolutely lovely cash prizes of fives upon fives of counterfeit pennies.

Or something.

So after a little investigating I found out that the very kind dcrmom nominated me, and I’m very appreciative indeed, especially since her nomination means that I’VE FOOLED ANOTHER PERSON INTO THINKING I’M FUNNY, and that in and of itself is some priceless bloggy treasure, people.

There are all sorts of mainstream, edgy, in-your-face blogs that are in the same category that I am (for heaven’s sake, don’t let your kids look over the entire list of nominees unless you want their vocabularies to become a smidge more, um, colorful), so I can’t help but think that as Wii-playing, fried chicken-eating, funky shoe-buying Southern mama who loves Jesus, I’m a little bit of an odd girl out.

But hey, I do have SIX WHOLE VOTES right now, and if that’s not proof that I’m a total force to be reckoned with on the interweb, then I don’t know what is.

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  1. You totally deserve this nomination! GO BOOMAMA! GO BOOMAMA!!

    Another fooled reader

  2. I’ll be checking this out and doing my dangdest to vote for you, oh dear “Wii-playing, fried chicken-eating, funky shoe-buying Southern mama who loves Jesus”. You’re my favorite one of those, you know. ;-)

    By the way, did you get an email from me yesterday? Not pestering you for an answer, just wondering if you actually got it or not. I’ve been having some trouble with some of my emails bouncing back to me for some reason.

  3. See? All those posts about chicken are working for you.

  4. Considering you can have my husband and I both ROFL with just a couple of sentences, I don’t see why you wouldn’t win hands down!

  5. You’re up to 17 now!!!!

  6. suzanne says:

    See, I knew if the word got out, your votes would soar astronomically like from four to seventeen or twenty five…..we just need to know these things! Your tens of readers have spoken!
    So do you wear your funky shoes while playing Wii, or eating chicken? I’m thinking that eating chicken and playing Wii aren’t a good mix, so why not mix up the other two things that mark JUST WHO YOU ARE!?! ;-)
    You are indeed too funny! And it doesn’t take an interweb contest to mark that!

  7. I found your blog through Glory Revealed links and I just wanted to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your posts. Your site is warm, funny and was a wonderful place to visit.

  8. sup Boo? I see you’re on a roll again. Keep it up woman!

  9. Good call dcrmom! And Congrats Boo!


  10. Hi BooMama,
    You’re up to 29 now. I just tried to vote for you but you have to sigh it, what’s that about?!

  11. You make me laugh continually! Congrats.

  12. Yeah, you deserve it… especially since you often make me spew coffee from my nose on a weekly basis. Face it, woman; you’re funny.

  13. Oh, SEVEN! You know you got my vote! I come here for cheering up when holes and mildew and smoke alarms get me down :)

  14. Yup! You totally deserve it! I’ll have to head on over and vote for ya! :D

  15. I just visited for the first time today, and I LOVE your blog. I can definately see why you were nominated!

  16. Heeheehee!! This is why we love you. And your votes are up, up, UP! And the best part is, all of your funnies are gloriously lacking in that, uh, colorful vocabulary. :-)

  17. Awesome! I’ll have to add another vote to that count!

  18. Always did love the “odd girl out”…since she usuallly was me:-)

  19. I am proud to say I am one of the six. Of course, by now, it’s probably up to a hundred zillion or so!

  20. PS Since we’re voting for you, how about Boomama for President?

  21. I’m totally thinking we have a grass roots ‘Pedro for President’ movement going on…Just don’t shave your head sweetheart…It’s waaayy overdone. And it would take all the attention off those darlin’ shoes.

  22. Aww that’s awesome!!!

  23. Phyllis R. says:

    BooMama, you get my vote every single time!

  24. BooMama,
    A couple of things:
    1. I voted for you.
    2. I purposefully commented on an older post, because of all that’s going on with Heather and Kelli, and this has nothing to do with that. I was given a thinking blogger award, and pointed others to your website. I’m sure others have done the same. I’m not expecting you to do anything with it, I just wanted to be polite and let you know about it. Thanks for your posts.

  25. Congrats on your nomination, BooMama! You’ve got a great blog.

    Hope you’ll be able to make it to Orlando for PostieCon, to find out who wins in all the categories!

    Good luck!