In Which I Completely Disengage From Reality

Okay. I confess.

I have a bit of an addiction to the Wii.

Don’t believe me?



Not sure what it is? Well, I will tell you: 

It is a computer generated replica of myself that I have intentionally created so that I can enjoy a more realistic video game-playing experience, not that that’s sad or anything.

So in short, it’s a Mii! For the Wii! And it looks eerily like, well, me. As one might deduce since it’s called a Mii and all.

And my Mii and I, we play LOTS OF GAMES TOGETHER.

When we’re not challenging my (our?) husband, of course.

I’ll pause for a moment so that you have sufficient time to pity me.

[Allotted Pity Time]

[Allotted Pity Time]

[Allotted Pity Time]

And don’t think that we haven’t dragged our child into the action. We totally have. But I won’t put up the image of his Mii because when he gets older I’d really rather not have visual evidence that we spent entire afternoons honing our tennis skills on a video game as opposed to, you know, reading. Or perhaps even going outside. Where All The Nature is.

My absolute favorite Wii game is golf, and after playing approximately number-way-too-high-to-count rounds on WiiSports, I am really encouraging D. to buy the Tiger Woods PGA 07 game.

Why, you ask?

Because excellence requires commitment, people, and quite frankly I’m at a point in my video golfing career when I need someone to push me to the next level. Big goals call for the big guns, and I for one can’t imagine that Tiger Woods wouldn’t be tickled to death to know that this suburban mama wants nothing more than to fill up her spare time by playing fake golf with fake Tiger, thereby achieving fake glory on the fake professional golfing circuit.

Because really, it’s the authentic pursuits in life that mean the most.


But look at my form!









I so birdied that hole. 

And honestly, given the level of my obsession, I really can’t blame you if you’re now completely convinced that I ought to step away from the clubs for awhile.

No need to worry, though.  I can totally give up golf. I can! I can give it up right this second.

Because after all, there’s always tennis.







Do you see the horror in my opponents’ eyes, y’all?

No doubt it’s because they can smell what my Mii is cookin’. They know that they’re about to meet their match.

And if my killer serves don’t make them leave the court in a trail of tears, then I think it’s safe to say that my lame puns certainly will.

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  1. I do believe I might be speechless.

    No, wait: I love the Mii version of BooMama–it does look like you!

    And I played Dance Dance Revolution at MomTime today, so I have no room to poke fun at you. I’m all for virtual reality fun! :)

  2. I was first! I was first!

  3. The fact that you even know how to create a Mii is so out of my league. Now I am left to wonder what a Mii of me would look like.

  4. Oh my goodness! I’m so laughing, but not at you. Because I can totally understand your obsession. I have a Wii myself. Another fun little hobby is to make Mii’s that look like odd-looking people you know…not that I’d do that, I’ve just heard…ahem. Have you got Wario Smoothwaves? Hilariously fun game. Especially when you get to the point where you have to dance! Too funny!

  5. How funny! We so want one of those with a bowling game. I don’t think we’d ever leave the house if we had it! Just kidding, well, sort of!

  6. oh Boomama, Wii Rocks! We had the whole fam over for Easter, and Wii bowling was the hit of the party. We just rented the Tiger Woods game, and its totally fun. Hubby is chompin’ at the bit to go out and buy it, like…NOW!

  7. Okay, I thought I might want a Wii, but now I’m convinced that I have to have one! Love the Mii! You know, at least it’s a game that makes you move, right??

  8. No one can say you don’t take an interest in your son’s hobbies! The family that plays together stays together.

  9. I’m surprised you can’t hear me all the way in Alabama, I’m laughing so hard. And just so you know, I created my own Avatar in Second Life this weekend to enjoy our pastor’s message in the virtual world. She looks just like me except for the green hair and hot bod. =) At least I didn’t give myself flaming wings like someone else did.

  10. Um, let me start by saying I’m not really a big fan of video games. And let me finish by saying that my daughter will probably get a Wii for her birthday in August. Because you’re having way too much fun for one person, and I need to share in the fun. Thanks for sharing.

  11. LOL. The Wii is SUPER cool, fun and very addictive! Your Mii looks so much cooler than mine. I suppose because it’s fashioned after the original (& I just know that you’re so much cooler than me)

  12. Oh, now I sii!

  13. Phyllis R. says:

    Oh, Sister, it is always a hard act to follow your funny self in the comments. Is everyone in your family as fun – and funny – as the two of you?

    Boo, you have the cutest little Mii ever. I love this, even if I don’t understand it! My boys will “get it” and I am showing them your cool Wii Mii self. They want a Wii badly, and this may just put me over to buying one for myself, I mean THEM.

    I got completely hooked with the “self-selection” on a computer game my guys own called “Sims”. I spent many a happy hour “making myself”. And then I found out you could pick and decorate your house!!! Oh, the joy! By the time I was done with my self and my dream estate, I didn’t have the energy to play the game!

    Carry on little mini-Mii!

  14. The Wii would be the end of any productivity I have left. A few years ago, P got me a Ms. Pacman thing to plug into the T.V. and finally had to perform an intervention.

    I like to think that the phrase people could use for our personality type is “committed”…to the game, not an asylum.

  15. I have clicked on your blog 3 times this evening amd have ROARED with laughter every time!! I LOVE the little “mini-miis” of you and BooDaddy! I think that you should include a “Mii” of you in all of your postings….you know, kind of like a visual aid. Too funny!

  16. I got my cd today! YAY! Thanks again!!!

  17. A Mii! On your Wii!
    Now Sister can sii!

    To an evening of fun you’ve found the kii!
    Don’t charge us a fii!

    Tiger hits the ball off the tii!
    Don’t forget to bend your nii!

    Oh Gii!
    I’m laughing so hard I need to pii!

    It’s late – I’m gonna catch some zii’s…

  18. The news (NBC?) had a segment on Wii bowling tonight and I told my husband, “Boomama and her family are obsessed with that right now.”

    BTW, he thought you were my real life friend Melanie (This Ain’t New York)for the longest time. He now knows you are a sassy blog friend instead. He thinks I’m a total weirdo for knowing things like that about a person I’ve never met.

  19. My kids played it yesterday and had a blast. I didn’t get a chance to.
    FUN for YOU!

  20. ok…you are gonna HAVE to stop!! You know this makes me so jealous since we…um..CAN’T FIND ONE HERE!!!!! UGH!!! I can’t even show the boys – they will vomit!! Have fun!! Boodaddy mentioned to me that you were taking up golf!! wow!

  21. So are you on the Wii workout program? :-)

    I really want one of thiis.

  22. So what happened to the bowling? Did you burn out on that?

    Love your Mii. It does look just like you!

    Try not to get tennis elbow, it’s riily painful. ;-)

  23. Oh, Bomama, perhaps we will need to create a support group for us mommies that are addicted to the WI. I neglected laundry today to have a baseball WI marathon with my oldest son. That is why I am now up at 12:30am folding laundry that I did not get done today (yesterday?). I believe I also need some serious help!

    p.s. My 10 yr. old daughter told her daddy today that she did not think she needed to go to her tennis lesson this week because she and mommy had practiced all day on the WI. Ah, yeah, that went over really well at our house.

  24. Ok, I am going to have to get this for the boys….I played thier nintendo alot, but haven’t gotten into PS2. I think I could really get into Wii…I know my hubby would love it.

  25. BooMama,
    I linked you, because reading this post, makes me want to get a Wii to make a Mii. And smoke some little character unmerciless in a sport I probably would attempt to play in real life outdoors.

    Thank you. :)

  26. All I have to say is the virtual BooMama and BooDaddy make a really cute couple.

  27. I am so not showing this to my kids. They think I totally rock for playing Frogger on PS2 with them. If I show them this, I will so lose my cool status thanks to you ;-)

  28. Merritt says:

    I really think that looks just like Ouida.

  29. Merritt says:

    And BooDaddy looks just like Peyton Manning.

  30. Oh man, you are soooo hooked on Wii! Cracking me up here :-)

    BTW, I love the new look!!

  31. This is why I read your blog. YOU ARE HYSETRICAL!!! I love how you can make fun of your quirkiness :) We’re all a little quirky so doesn’t that just make us normal?
    Thanks for yet ANOTHER laugh BooMama.

  32. OK I thought HYSETRICAL looked wrong but I thought maybe it was because I put it in all caps. Then I posted the comment and noticed my mistake! UGH!


  33. I’m so glad I stumbled on this wonderfully hilarious blog today! Thanks for some great reading material:-)