Gosling Watch ’07




And we figured out today that we have two families using the pond behind our house as homebase; one family has four babies, and the other family has seven babies.

So, I believe that makes for eleven bundles of beautiful feathery smooshiness.

Can you tell I’m just a teensy bit fascinated by them?

And I’ll just go ahead and call it: when the eleven babies fly for the first time, I’ll be face down in the backyard, bawling my ever-livin’ eyes out.


Finally, Alex named seven of the babies while we sat in the backyard this afternoon and scrutinized their every move.

Truth be told, he did better than I would have with the names. Because I would have given them names like Fluffy McFeatherson and Smooshy McGeeserson and Softy McHonkerson.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what Alex’s names are?

Here’s a hint: the names are heavily influenced by cartoon characters and neighborhood grocery establishments.

The mind of a four year old is a marvelous thing, you know.

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  1. Piggly Wiggly?

  2. So Sweet. There are animal babies all over blogworld today. You have to visit Grafted Branch to see what babies they found. :>)

  3. Grumpy, Happy, Doc, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey ?

    Maybe not. But, if I can do one thing, it’s name those stinkin’ dwarfs. It happens when you grow up with a daddy that earned his living at the Mouse House.

  4. Ronald McDonald, Sponge Bob, Boots, (I am soooo not up on current popular cartoon characters…) uh, Nemo, Mater, one that might have something to do with that fried chicken place that you rave about.

    Any chance he named one “Dooce”? Dooce the Goose would be funny in and of itself, but wouldn’t it be so witty of him to choose a “rival” blog of questionable content with which to give his mama some good-natured ribbing every time he mentioned the geese?

    Hee HEEEE!

  5. Publix, Target, Spongebob, Scooby Do, Daffy, Bob, Diego………

  6. Diego, Wally (Wal-mart), Steiny (Stein-mart), Franklin, Manny?

  7. Dora, Boots, Diego, Swiper, Winn-Dixie, Pig, SpongeBob??????

    Whatever he named them, what a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon–watching babies explore their world!

  8. Barbara Rockwall Texas says:

    HEALTHY AND NORMAL is absolutely correct ! I ‘ll cry with you Boomama…as my hubby shakes his head because he thinks I am wacky…but WACKY is also HEALTHY AND NORMAL…..thank-you very much :)…….and gosh darn it, anything baby is cute!

    God is so GOOD that way….:)

    By the way I thought your names were absolutly cleeeever !

  9. When we lived in rural southwest Oklahoma, we had geese who took up residence in the little pond nearby. TeenQueen’s birthday is in the spring, and she really, really thought that they paraded their new babies out JUST for her birthday.

    Name guesses?

    I don’t know abut Alex, but around here they would’ve been named Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, Junior. Jean Claude, Philipe, Mr. Lunt, Laura…

  10. Oh, I’ll admit a little disappointment when I pulled up your post seeing the title “Gosling Watch” I thought this might be about movie star Ryan Gosling… the little fluffy creatures are pretty cute, too…


  11. Just wait until they start pooping all over. Goose poop is big and ugly and smelly! Trust me on this one… I know from experince. ;)

  12. Softy McHonkerson…is the greatest name I have ever heard in my entire life.

  13. Clifford? Plankton? Sandy? Picasso? Degas? CatDog?? LOL. You have to tell us the names. Please.

  14. They are beautiful, and you have taken some wonderful pictures! What a great time for your little guy to learn and love those creatures! There might be a little problem, though…they come back the next year and make more cute little babies, and then the next with more…well, you get where I’m goin’, dont you? And the poop…nothing compares, believe me, I know!

  15. Well if he’s anything like my 7yo daughter, then they’re sure to have names like Ohio and Birthday Cake.

    Otherwise, I’m guessing Spongebob and Patrick are out there?

    As for me, I vote for Hildegard and Aloisius, ducks with class.

  16. I haven’t seen a cartoon in ages. So I’m clueless

  17. I noticed that someone else mentioned that this is probably not the last time you’ll see those geese. Next year they’ll be all grown up with spouses and make more babies in your yard. And I live a couple of miles from a lake affectionately known by the locals as “Goose Poop Park”. Yucky!

  18. I think your names are wonderful.

    And we once had two chickens name Father Bear and Little Bear. We got them as fluffy little down covered balls, so no one knew their s*x. We were hoping for hens, but, alas, our three year old and her names were prophetic. Next time we paid the extra $1.50 to have the little birdies s*xed (yes, there is a machine that does this), and NOW we have Rainbow and Heart who cluck around our backyard.

  19. I LOVE goslings. I think I just love the name. We used to live near a lake and would visit all the time just to watch them grow. But then I had this whole issue about other baby fowl and birds. Geese get such a cool sounding baby name – gosling, but what about the others? To this day I have no idea what baby turkeys are called. I even asked our local animal control and they were stumped. Any clue? Thanks for sharing the pics.


  20. I saw a house the other day that bordered a park full of ducks and geese. The people had put a baby pool with duck food (Which would be what? I surely don’t know!) in the front, so their little fowl friends would come visit them regularly. If you do the same, maybe when Softy et al grow up, they’ll stay faithful to you and bring back their babies to show them off!

    If I can speak for Softy et al, they’d like the pool filled with Diet Coke. :)

  21. Are Donald, Daffy, Plucky, Huey, Dewey and Louie among the names?

  22. I personally LOVE the names of the geese that you came up with. Kinda reminds me of that commercial with the guy calling for his dog…”Mr. Barky-bon-Schnauzer.” Hope you’re having a happy Monday. : )

  23. Actually, I was thinking that the mind of a 20-or-30-err-something woman (exactly how old are you, any how?)is a marvelous thing, you know what I mean?

    Clever names, but yes, I am sitting on the edge of my seat to hear the names your little one picked.

  24. I think the ducks in the pond behind the new house are about to have little babies. Esp since Reese was running strait for them and they didn’t budge from their little encampment in the wooded area. (Eggs there I’m guessing.)

    I hope the ducklings are as cute as those Goslings. And that really is a super cute word.

  25. Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures. Nothing like watching those new little babies!