In Which I Feel Somewhat Out Of Place

Tonight I looked at the Bloggers’ Choice Awards voting for the first time in about a week, and I found two items of interest:

1) Somehow I’m still hanging in there on the front page (the top nine vote-getters are listed on the front page. I’m eighth, or as some like to call it: OUT OF THE RUNNING SAVE A COMPUTER MALFUNCTION).

2) Of the blogs that are in the top nine as I’m writing this, SEVEN of them have little red badges out to the side that say “Adult Content.” Only two do not. I’m one of those two.

I’m a little tickled by that.

Because here’s the thing.

Say you’re a regular reader of even one of the seven “adult content” blogs.

Say your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to check out the blog toward the bottom of the page, the one that’s called BooMama or somesuch nonsense.

Say that you’re accustomed to lots of, um, “colorful” language in your daily blog reading.

And then, strangely, you find yourself here.

I’m not sure, but I think the following would probably be a fair assessment of how my blog might across to someone whose blog reading is typically along the “adult content” lines:


I mean, those poor souls must think they’ve landed smack dab in the middle of some sort of hillbilly revival meeting. With dinner on the grounds to follow.

Which is why, when I was looking at the Blogger’s Choice thing-y, I found myself wishing I had a little warning badge of my own. Just so people would know what they’re getting into if they decide to click over here.

And LOOK! THE INTERNET IS MAGIC! It enables you to create things ON THE COMPUTER! Like warning badges!


Of course, I can’t actually, you know, use it on the Blogger’s Choice page.

But if I could, I’m sure I’d shoot to the top of the voting.

Provided, of course, that the seven people ahead of me REMOVED THEMSELVES FROM THE COMPETITION.


Land sakes alive.

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  1. Mercy that is funny. I love the truth in it though – that many people who normally read those blogs would be intrigued and pop on over here.

    And like a good southern lady you could give ’em a glass of sweet tea and remind them to take off their shoes so they don’t track dirt on the carpet.

    Seriously, what a wonderful testimony for Jesus. Hilarious, but wonderful! ;)

    hugs, Michelle

  2. You take the cake. Every. Time.

  3. Says it all really! Brilliant, Boomama. (And those geese are so cute!)

  4. You got me laughing out loud, my husband is now worried about me :)

    clever … lovingly clever :)

  5. Tee hee, tee hee…

    thanks for the giggle :) You crack me up. love it.

  6. Love it; that badge is great.:-) Congrats on the Blogger’s Choice nod; you never know how God might use such a thing for his glory. Keep up the high concentration of Jesus lovin’, southern speakin’, and saturated fats.

  7. I’m thrilled that there are enough of us out there with some kind of moral code to keep BooMama up in the top 9. You need a special button for the people who visit from the BCA’s. Take ’em straight to a Billy Graham Revivial Style Evangelistic Post. Or, then again, maybe not. Your style is classic, and I love coming here to read.

    I voted for you, and would do so again if they allowed that kind of thing. ahem

  8. The badge is perfect! Love it!

  9. That’s just perfect!

    I love reading your blog; you always keep me laughing.

  10. suzanne says:

    …..which is the perfect evidence that you should win the Best Humor Blog award. Love the warning!! And if I saw an Adult content warning, I’d probably skip it, but I’ll testify that your blog is plenty entertaining in all the best ways! Keep up the good postin’!!! Thumbs up!

  11. Oh Dear,

    You get the Made-Groovy-Spew-Coffee award. I’ve been hearing about you and hearing about you. Well no, actually, I have been READING about you.

    Now I’m here…and I’m glad!

    C’mon over to my Pot-Blessing dinner and we can roast missionaries!

  12. Could I please steal that warning label??? :)

    BooMama, you are a bright spot in my day.

    I was nominated for best religion blog but was like on page 26 or something like that…I actually asked to be taken off and out of the running because of all the smut in a RELIGION category. The winning blog in that category was a blog devoted to the worship of Star Wars. Not kidding.

    Some awards are not worth winning. You are a winner in my book anyday.

  13. “I mean, those poor souls must think they’ve landed smack dab in the middle of some sort of hillbilly revival meeting. With dinner on the grounds to follow.”

    That, Boomama, is probably the funniest thing you have ever written. What a mental picture!

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Keep it coming… By the way my husband LOVED your Asian pork loin recipe. He is beginning to see there are merits to blogging if it gets him great meals!


  14. That’s funny! I would love to be a fly on the wall of the people who enjoy the adult content blogs that come looking at your’s. That would be good entertainment.

    You are a light in the dark world-so keep on shining my friend! :)


  15. Your ability to create such a great badge is only one of the reasons I voted for you!!!!!!

    Go BooMama!


  16. I am a former second grade teacher and as I’ve read your blog, I have finally realized where I recognize your “voice” from…our classroom favorite, Junie B. Jones! Are you familiar with this series by Barbara Park? You sound like a grown-up Junie, I bet you and your little boy would enjoy reading these… (this probably is not coming across as a compliment…I do love your blog…and I love Junie too!)_

  17. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Oh sweet mercy and great day in the mornin’ and shut my mouth THAT was funny.

  18. As the creative force behind the only non-Adult Content blog ahead of you (and I expect to be eating your dust any day now … although it has been a good ride nonetheless), I just wanted to say good luck.

    I discovered your blog in this contest and like it a lot. And, actually, that’s half of the two biggest benefits I’ve discovered from this contest … finding new blogs and new readers finding my blog.

    Say hi as you go by.


  19. Frances says:

    You make me laugh out loud. Being new to the whole blogging thing, I had not even stopped to realize that there were “other” types of blogs out there. Mercy, mercy, mercy me! My guess is you just need to run right on over to one of those other blogs and take them some nice, hot chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. Perhaps they’d invite you out to the verranda and have a glass of sweet tea and you could witness to them in person. Keep up the great work : )

  20. Okay, Witty McCleverson-

    you. are. goooooood.

  21. And just so you know, we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  22. Your so funny! Great badge! I enjoy reading your blog.

  23. and your link to the blogger’s choice awards doesnt’ work.

    sorry if this posted twice

  24. that’s some dang good stuff, right there.

  25. or I should say “right thar”

  26. BooMama, you make me smile! :>)

  27. Love that “Warning” sign!!

  28. ROFLOLPIMP! You are such a hoot! There does need to be a warning label alright. You need to add, put on Depends before reading!

  29. Now this is funny.

    Oddly there are a few blogs nominated in other categories that should have the adult content warning, yet they do not.

  30. Ok, I voted! Two new things out of my comfort zone in one day…I’m going to take a break now (sigh).
    In His Joy,

  31. I always leave your blog with a smile.


  32. Very clever! I love it! Congratulations on being one of the two. That’s really awesome.

  33. Oh ROFL I wish I were a Southern US lady so that I could steal your badge! But instead I’m an English Northerner (Eee by gum pass the cheese Gromit). I do loooove Jesus though :)

  34. Girl, I’m trying to lose weight for transplant. Can you do me a favor and remove the trans fat. I’d hate like heck to not be able to visit as often.


  35. Love the warning sign. how ’bout adding it to your profile on the Bloggers Choice website and maybe people will click to see what it says. lol

    Anyyyway, I tried to sign up on that site so I can add my vote for you.. well, am I the ONLY person that doesn’t see a ‘submit’ button after entering all the information they require? I filled in the entire formed, checked the correct boxes, etc. but do not see anywhere to click to submit my app form. Makes me reallllyyy feel like an old grandma today! Hmmp! ;)

  36. I voted for you yesterday! Good luck! Your blog doesn’t need “adult content” to be funny! Of course, I am one of those southern hillbilly podunk rednecks, ya hear? Just look at my blog today. Now that’s a hillbilly podunk redneck story if there ever was one!

  37. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    …and that’s exactly why we just looove us some BooMama ’round here! Thanks for the laughs!! :)

  38. I adore the warning label. I think you should squeeze it in at the top of your sidebar. New visitors should be sufficiently warned, after all.

  39. You NEVER fail to make me smile, or laugh, or get hungry. And that’s way better than anything the 7 Adult Content sites could offer. If I checked them out, that is. :)

  40. Teehee!!! Love the warning label.

  41. I’ll take a hillbilly revival meeting anyday… especially with dinner. Yum. Love your blog.


    You’re blog is out of alignment… I want it to look good for these awards!!! Try grapping the little corner of your picture and reducing the size slightly until it lines up again.


  43. I’m glad I read the fish story…I’m gonna think about it and laugh all night!

    We used to live by a great catfish place out in the boonies with bee-u-ti-ful spanish moss and trees in the water in East Texas…that is where people go frog giggin’ at night and if those eyes are red, you get outta there (’cause it’s an alligator!).
    Thanks for the wonderful laugh!

  44. Phyllis R. says:

    And this is why you ARE already the winner to the “tens of us”. Sakes alive, you are pert near the funniest blogger evir.

  45. Your Jesus-lovin’, Southern speakin’ saturated fat ways are why I check your posts first.

    You prove that you don’t have to cuss to be funny and entertaining.

    I totally voted for you!!!

  46. Oh, you are so great!!! I love reading you and you’re #1 in my book! That warning is too funny.

  47. Oh yeah- totally went over and voted for ya.

  48. Lisa D. says:

    Well Boomama you sweet thing, you’ve already won the blog awards at my house. Tonight, I called my seven year old daughter upstairs to show her something and while walking up the stairs she said, “Is it something funny on Boomama again?” You are famous indeed!!

  49. love the warning label. and you’re description of your blog was dead on…except you didn’t include anything about KAH-RAH-TAY!

    as you can see, you have my vote :)

  50. Absolutely hillarious! ROFLOL

  51. There ought to definitely be a warning to swallow any beverages that might be in your mouth before reading, that’s for sure! You are too funny!

  52. That sounds a little like my family in Alabama…it brings me back. I voted for you…Best Humor Blog…Wahoo.

  53. What can I say, you crack me up!!!

  54. The warning label was just a little too late…..I had already laughed myself silly before I got to it! I check your blog as soon as I sit down to a computer because you never disappoint! Where else could I read such funny stories and see little goslings with their mommy and daddy??? I love it that you love Jesus, Alex, BooDaddy, your family, your interpeeps, etc. We love you, too, BooMama!

  55. Thanks for the email and everything you are doing for Heather. I absolutely LOVE your warning button!
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  56. I just gave you another vote and others must have, too, because you’re at #7 now. I think the web could use a little less adult content!

  57. You are awesome!

  58. I just stopped by to check in ’cause I’ve been busy baking cakes over at my place this weekend and haven’t read anything for three days…sigh.

    Anyway, you know I love Kelli, but PLEASE do not remove the trans fats! They are about the only thing you make over here that I can still eat. No greens, no salt, no chocolate or dried fruits, but sugar and fat??? Yes ma’am I can still eat those! So, deep fry some yeast rolls for me and I’ll be over as soon as I switch my laundry over!

  59. Okay, as someone who Lurves her some Jesus and somehow managed to get labeled “adult content”…we’re not all bad.

    I STILL can’t figure out how I got labeled that, as I don’t use no fightin’ words and such.

    Would you please make me a badge that says “labeled adult content but seriously, it isn’t that bad?”

  60. I. Love. You.
    This was flippin hilarious.

  61. Oh my word, you sure do know how to make a girl pee in her pants!!!

  62. I just found your blog a week or two ago and might I just say….YOU ARE SO FREAKIN’ FUNNY! LUV YOUR BLOG!

  63. Now … that’s funny right there … I don’t care who you are!

    And, for the love of all that is good and saturated, you forgot to mention your fondness for hospitality (home tours), and bacon! Hello!? What kind of southern gal would you be without a healthy dose of bacon!

    Please pass the warning sign. In Jesus name.

  64. And honestly … I had to re-read your warning sign, and I was dying of laughter, because I thought I read an “R” in the word “Fats” on your last line, “Saturated Fats” … Making it … “Saturated … err… ummm .. Toots.”

    Blushing, and quickly stepping away from the computer.

  65. Oh GiBee! That’s funny! BooMama, it’s too late to warn us! We’re already hooked!