The World Cannot Contain The Sweetness

Last night Alex and I were having snuggle time before he went to sleep, and after we said prayers, we fell into a comfortable silence.

He would look at me and smile, and I’d smile in return, and every once in awhile he’d giggle and scrunch up his eyes. I would respond by covering his face with kisses and holding him extra close.

After all, it won’t be long before my pre-bedtime snuggling services are no longer required.

After several minutes of quiet, I felt his little arms snake around my neck, and very, very softly he said, “Oh, I love you, Mama.”

“Well, I love you, too, little man,” I answered.

“And Mama?” he asked.

“What, baby?”

“Mama, you’re my very best family. Daddy is, too. You and Daddy are my very best family.”

And he is our very best boy.

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  1. Aw he is a sweetheart. It’s definitely moments like this that make the nervous breakdown moments drift off into the background. :)

    Have a fun day!

  2. Aaawwwhhh! How very sweet! Aren’t pre-bedtime snuggles the best?

    With my little Snuggle Bug (2 years old) he asks me to say “pwayers” with him, then he wants me to “tuck, tuck, tuck” his blankie around him tight, then I have to kiss him, then bunny, then rub noses with him, and then with bunny. Of course, this is all after we’ve read stories and rocked together in the rocking chair.

    I truly cherish this snuggle time with my little boy. As you said, all too soon our pre-bedtime snuggle services will no longer be required so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  3. Time goes by in an eyeblink, doesn’t it? I still sing good night songs to History Boy (10) and Drama Girl (8). At times, I get so tired, I’m tempted to forego the few minutes it takes as we wind down the day; and then I realize–they’re half-way raised. Thanks for a sweet, sweet post.

  4. I miss those days. *sigh*

  5. Precious!! Cherish those times and be greedy with them! I relish the times my boys (19, 15) give me a hug just because and I didn’t have to bribe them! ;O0 The girly (22) is very free with her hugs thank the good Lord!

  6. sniff sniff. So sweet! It makes you want to squish them.

  7. This is so tender. I can almost feel your heart melt in his words.

  8. You are blessed, Boomama–I know you know that! My son is nearly eleven, and pre-bedtime snuggles are still the order around here–so maybe you still have quite a few years left!!

  9. Oh, how sweet!!! I bet your heart just melted with that!!

    God bless,

  10. It’s moments like this that make all. the. talking. worth it.


  11. Life can not get any better than THAT. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  12. The greatest gift God ever gave us.

  13. So very precious.

  14. Sigh. Makes me want to cry, hormonal mess that I am. That is SO darling!

  15. How precious is he! Those moments make the other moments so much easier to take.

  16. suzanne says:

    sigh, I miss snuggle time, too! But I do at least still get hugs…..just not as many words!

  17. Oh, times like that make our hectic days worth it all. So sweet!

  18. They truly are mama’s boys. Zach does the same thing to me all the time. He likes to hav ea competition with who can describe how much they love the other the most. Boys are so sweet at this age! :D

  19. Tammy H says:

    My husband travels with work, and some times I feel so tired that bedtime routine seems like a chore. Thanks for reminding me that it is a treat instead! My girls love one on one time at night and really I do too! I haven’t signed in lately and I missed the “Southern Contest”. Clementine’s post was FABULOUS. I have an excuse that really happened…. but only in the south. I’m an early morning runner and often go with friends before the kids (or the sun!!) wake up. One morning (in the dark) something knocked my legs out from under me. I landed hard on the pavement but thankfully was with friends. I couldn’t tell what happened, and my friends looked horrified. A possum had run out in front of me and knocked me down. I was skinned up and sore. Where else but the south can you tell people you can’t make your luncheon, because your all scratched up from your possum injury?! (PS – Could a possum be the ugliest animal that God ever made??)

  20. Priceless!

  21. My little boy has taken to copying me…I call him my “sweet little boy.” So the other night when I was tucking him in bed, he looked up all soft and sweet and said “I love you, my sweet momma.” Aw…now that makes up for him saying YUCK to our roasted cauliflower at dinner tonight!!! :)

  22. Wow…that’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. And now you have it written down so you can remember it for all time. Bedtimes are truly the sweetest times with our little ones.

  23. Awww! I *love* that conversation. My 7yo often tells me, “you’re my best mom in the whole world.” That always tugs at my heartstrings because she was adopted and thus has two mothers. It’s a comment I treasure deeply.

  24. Amen and amen!

  25. That is just sooo sweet! I’m enjoying my son’s and my snuggle time. It’s the best!

  26. Love the sweetness! There’s something about little boys and their mamas. My three year old is the same way, telling me about 20 times a day, “I love you, Mom!” and I must reply exactly, “I love you, too.” Not “I also love you”, or “you’re the best!” or “I love you, too, snuggly-wuggly”. He’s very picky about the acceptable reply.

  27. awwww…how sweet! I remember when my Zack was little, he used to love to snuggle and we would play a game of who loves who more, then infinity, plus 1!

    Anyway, now he’s a teenager and when I go in and night and tell him goodnight and I love him, I get a “grunt” that sounds something like “too”…

    ahhh, the good ‘ole days…they grow up too fast!

  28. My 2 1/2 yr old screamed “NO NO NO!” at me tonight as I tucked her in for the umpteenth time. I hope we get all that sweetness when she’s Alex’s age. =)

  29. Enjoy!They grow up so fast!

    My two grown sons went with me today to an appointment. Believe me, I was very pleased when the person we met with commented about how impressed she was by the way they “presented themselves”. You never get over loving those children!

  30. That just melted this Mama’s heart!!

  31. Oh what a wonderful moment!

  32. “Oh, I love you, mama.”

    Does it get any better than THAT??!
    That’s too precious:)
    I enjoyed reading that.

  33. oh too gobble up that sweetness!!


  34. I think I need to have my sugar checked now…that’s just too sweet.
    It melted my heart and made me want to go snuggle with one of my babies…just at random. But it’s the middle of the day. Arthur’s on TV…

    Maybe it’s the perfect time to snuggle with Mini-Me – just to hear her squeal. *L*

    This is a very sweet story. thank you for sharing it with me.

  35. Oh, geez. Are you trying to make me cry? It’s working…. Sniff….

  36. That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Such a lucky mama. :)