AI – Top 6

Ahhh. I can finally watch without fear of my blood pressure shooting into the stratosphere. And I can’t help but feel like the real competition is starting tonight, and that makes me strangely happy.

Chris Richardson – “Change The World” – I actually liked the arrangement and was glad that they kept the song true to its acoustic roots. However, at this stage in the competition, Chris needs to WOW SOME PEOPLE – and he’s still sounding a little bit like Timberlite. I will say, though, that this performance was leaps and bounds better than last week – and I was surprised by how well the song suited his voice.

Melinda Doolittle – “There Will Come A Day” – When D. and I lived in Louisiana, I used to ride around and listen to this song. LOUDLY. Which is neither here nor there, really, but anecdotes are fun, aren’t they? And here’s the thing: I liked Melinda’s version better than Faith’s version. I really did. I thought Melinda was in her element tonight. I mean, did y’all see the joy on her face as she sang those lyrics (“There’s a better place / where our Father waits / and every tear will be wiped away…”)? I think she was having church on that stage – and I was shouting “SING IT, SISTA” in my living room. Also: she looked great.

Blake Lewis – “Imagine” – I know it’s some form of musical sacrilege, but I don’t like this song. I am so sorry, y’all – but I don’t. However, my dislike of this song has nothing to do with why I didn’t particularly care for this performance of Blake’s. I just feel like he does the same thing week after week – almost like he’s trying to audition for Coldplay. And this is going to sound crazy (which is appropriate because I am crazy), but he doesn’t blink when he sings, and for some reason that bothers me. His performance did seem earnest and sincere – but I was just a little bit bored.

LaKisha Jones – “I Believe” – I thought this was the best LaKisha has done in several weeks, so that’s a good thing. But I think where she doesn’t do as well as, say, Melinda, is that she doesn’t make songs her own. She typically sounds really great singing whatever she chooses – but she doesn’t necessarily sound different from the original artist. As the competition goes on, that’s going to be increasingly problematic for her, I’m afraid. Still, I love me some Kiki.

Phil Stacey – “Change” – What a great, simple arrangement of this song – and I really liked Phil’s performance. Unlike a couple of weeks ago, he seemed to really connect with the lyrics of the song. He is increasingly confident when he’s on the stage – very much a man’s man – and I think that’s going to resonate with voters.

Jordin Sparks – “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – She just gets better and better each and every week. I completely forget that she’s only seventeen years old. And the ending of tonight’s song? Good grief. She can flat-out belt it. I really do think that she’s going to be in the final two with Melinda. Oh yes ma’am I do.

Who will go? – It’s a tough call – but I think of all the performances tonight, Blake was the weakest. Teenage girls will probably save the day for him – but he would be my pick.

Best of the night? – Melinda. Love her.

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  1. I agree with everything you just said.

    That is all.

  2. Here I am watching AI right this very moment and just heard Melinda singing… then I start reading your take on it. Pretty cool that I get to watch it and read what you’ve read all at the same time!!

  3. Right on, girl! I missed Phil, but my hubby said he did great! I agreed with Simon about Lakesha – it does seem like shouting. I just think she has a powerful voice and has not learned to control it yet. Now Melinda and Jordin…WOW! I agree that those two should be the top 2. And it is so much nicer now…. :) And Blake was YAWN….

  4. Oh BooMama, the horror of it all. There I was loving AI, thinking it might be the best night yet. I got to see Chris and then Melinda.. and oh yes, that was Church my friend… and Lakisha was just about to sing… and our DVR went loopy and once we got it turned off and back on again… AI Top 6 was gone! Banished forever into the depths of neener, neener, Nancy missed it. So I’m very happy to read your recap and I’m eagerly awaiting some You Tube videos cuz I don’t recognize some of those song titles, but oh wow sounds like it was awesome.

    It’s going to be sad to see any of them go tomorrow night. I just take comfort in that they’ll all probably get some great opportunities after all this…

  5. I’m still crazy happy from Sanjaya being voted off last week. They will all sound like angels in heaven to me after having to listen to him for so long.

    Woops gotta go – it’s coming on now for us!


  6. Well, I gotta say I disagree about your assessment of Blake – I love him! :) I myself found Lakisha to be “yelling” at me – so I think that she was not as good this week.

    I did vote, it’s such a good cause! I feel like everyone should vote – these big corp’s take all our money its good they are giving something back!

  7. It was such a better night without Sanjaya wasn’t it? Oh I enjoyed it! (But I do think Chris is my new “favorite” to go HOME. We shall see tomorrow night!

    oh and PS: Can we remind those who link to their AI posts to link to the post and not to their blog? I can’t find anything about AI on Natural News and had the same thing on a couple last week too. Thanks!

  8. Sorry did not know that if I posted a msg that that meant that I wrote about AI on my blog – I did not…Please know that I am sorry I will remember not to post next week.

  9. Just one word….Melinda, Melinda, Melinda!
    Awesome! I like Jordin too and think that would be a great final 2.

  10. Phyllis R. says:

    I completely AGREE!! I loved the song Melinda sang tonight and I just knew she was singing it to the GLORY of the Lord right there on that stage!

    Lakisha used to be a favorite, but she seems so “blase” about it all. She never seems excited or happy, or SOMETHING. Which brings me to my NEW favorite: Jordin! She is adorable and has a powerhouse voice. As time goes by, I have really fallen for her personality – AND she has shown herself to be a fun entertainer and a GREAT, GREAT singer. I hope it comes down to her and Melinda. And who to pick from those two would be a toss up! Great review!!

  11. I think Jordin and Blake will be the final two. If not, then Melinda. I think they all have a chance. However, I don’t think Phil and Lakisha have the personalities to be an American Idol…and While I like Chris, He is a lot like JT.

    Voted 125 times for Blake!!!! :D

  12. Boo, I agree about “Imagine,” and I mentioned it in my post, even though I was afraid the cool kids might not like me anymore. If they ever did. I’m betting on Chris to go home this week, and Melinda is, as always, my fave.

  13. I think the reason you were “just a little bit bored” with Blake is because he was hypnotizing you while singing without blinking. :)

  14. I’ve never been a fan of “Imagine” either – so rest assured “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Seriously, I think it has just been SO overdone throughout the years. It is a little hypnotizing. I think Blake should’ve added some beatboxing to it. John Lennon would’ve loved that. Maybe I just don’t get it because it was a little before my time (not by much, though).

  15. I just returned from a fun night o’ TV at a friend’s house, and it was as if you had a recording of exactly what we said during AI and typed it out.

    In other words…Amen, sista!

  16. I will type my stuff in the a.m. as we really HAD church (revival lol) tonight so I am late watching and recapping BUT I still got to vote due to the extended voting hours :) Melinda O M GOSH I watched it again after the rest and cried both times. I think she is double good when singing songs of faith :) I was blessed by her tonight. But my flesh was weak and I voted for cutie blake as much as her LOLOL xoxo melzie

  17. OH GREAT!! Now I’m going to have to watch Blake NOT BLINKING FROM NOW ON!! What have you done?!?!?!?!

  18. Not usually a Jordin fan just because I don’t like her style of music, but tonight she really did rock. She’s my pick for best tonight. Melinda was second. I agree that Cutie Blake will be saved by the teenage girl factor, and LaKisha will go home. This is fun. :)

  19. Yep, Melinda rocked! I hope she wins the whole shindig. I favored Laquisha for a long time and I still like her tons, but I think Melinda has the edge. No more Sanjaya! Woo hoo! Chris…he should go, too much nasal and swingin his head when he sings. I noticed that Blake doesn’t blink too, just sorta stares ya down.
    Hey Boomama, I emailed you the other day,don’t know if you got it. I’m the freak that was giving you my commentary on books which you didn’t ask for.

  20. I almost totally agree with everything you said – except for two. I can not STAND Chris – I have been wanting him to go home for weeks! And I ADORE Blake! He could sing to me all day and night, and I’d be lost. He is so adorable. And I voted for him tonight too – a LOT! (But not as much as Trista! ;)

  21. I always enjoy reading your AI recaps! I got goosebumps during Melinda’s performance – what a great song. I also thought Blake didn’t bring it this week.

  22. Thanks BooMama for a great assessment of the ones I didn’t get to watch last night. I’m going to have to check out the “no blink” thing. :)

  23. I’m totally with you on the song Imagine. I have never liked it.
    Melinda and Jordin in the final two would make for an awesome show!

  24. Just adding my 2 cents: Yes, Melinda was good as always…. but….. vocally, the night belonged to Jordin Sparks. Fantastic stage presence and what a RANGE! Amazing!

  25. I’m totally with you on the Blake thing. I HATE that song, so he started off on a bad note with me anyway, but his singing just made it worse!

  26. I had not watched AI before finding your blog…and now I am adicted. I am holding you personally responsible. :o)

  27. Daph’s weekly posting of’s predictions:

    Boo, you know me, so I’m sure you know that I’ll disagree with you about the song “Imagine,” but I won’t go there. I’ll just say you can’t argue with John Lennon AND Dolly Parton.

    However, there is something that kind of weirds me out about Blake. I’m hoping that one of the guys will go tonight, not because I dislike any of them, just because I like the 3 girls so much. Actually voted for Kiki a few times last night, because I’m worried about her. Love Jordin more every week!

  28. Blake broke my heart last night, and not in such a good way. :-( Where is he? Paging Blake…paging Blake. Please return to your spunky, funky self. Thank you.

    Melinda was certainly testifying, and I so appreciated that.

    Jordin was fantastic. And I even found myself a little spellbound by Phil, which VERY much surprised me.

    I’m done with Chris. Bye Bye. See ya. And Lakisha is just going through the motions. Either of those two are my vote to leave tonight.

  29. How could anyone enjoy a song that begins “Imagine there’s no heaven”?
    We detest Imagine so much that my husband actually fast-forwarded through the majority of Blake’s performance. I hadn’t realized that he wasn’t blinking, but I had noticed that something was wrong with his eyes: they are expressionless. After being in the bottom three last week, he really needed to come out and do something fresh, and more beat-boxing, but how can you do that with an “Inspirational” song? I wouldn’t be suprised if he goes home tonight.

    I’m with you hoping for a Melinda/Jordin final. I’d like to see Phil stick around for a little while too, his wife is so proud and supportive! :)

  30. Yeah, I’m done with Chris, too. My hubby likes him, but I don’t.
    I think Melinda sang so good ’cause she believes the lyrics with all her heart.
    I have to confess I just don’t see all that in Jordin. Hubby does.
    And Phil….shocked, but I’m liking him more and more!

  31. I don’t post about AI, since it would be verbatim what you post from week to week, but last night was a little different for me… so I posted a very non-traditional AI post & signed Mr. Linky.

    I do, however, really like Imagine. It moves me… on those occasions I manage to forget it came from John Lennon.

  32. First, I totally agree with you on Blake, and I have felt this way for a few weeks now. (even though my 3 yr olds think that he is cute)

    Second, I totally agree with you on the song “Imagine”. Maybe I just don’t get it.

    Third, I linked to your blog in mine today. I just wanted to give you a chance to tell me, “Make it go away!” if you aren’t excited about the linkage. Don’t worry, I don’t think that the traffic from my blog will crash your site or anything, but I like to give people the heads up so I’m not talking about them behind their back!

  33. This makes Bossy so jealous that she isn’t watching the show.

  34. Melinda Glowed last night!

    Jordan… wow

  35. I agree with you right down the line–ESPECIALLY about Imagine. Almost everybody believes in heaven & has some religious beliefs. Almost nobody believes all property should be held in common. The melody may be lovely, the thought of world peace appealing, but the essentials of the song are atheistic and communistic. And we all know how beautiful a society atheism and communism creates.

    It seems to me that most people just like to be moved to feeling, not to thinking.

  36. Could you please give us an update on Heather’s donations to date. Just curious. Thanks.

  37. I was sick and in bed, so I got to watch what I wanted, so I finally watched this show this season! I liked Melinda and Jordin the best! I think “Imagine” is such a dead song, empty really and lacks TRUTH…the singer sang it and matched the song…so empty!

    Baton Rouge, huh? So have you eaten at Prejean’s in Lafayette, our very favorite south LA restaurant??? I love the mall in Baton Rouge (a Yankee Candle outlet, woo hoo!). Chris used to work in Shreveport at Libbey Glass and would travel down there for work.

    Looking forward to the squirrel story!

  38. Couldn’t resist sharing this from Gene Edward Veith:

    What people find inspiring

    In the special “Idol Gives Back,” in which corporations are matching dollars for votes to enable to show to help out with various noble causes, the contestants were supposed to sing an “inspirational song.” Melinda did a gospel song that contrasted the suffering in this world with the joy that is to come with our Father and His amazing grace,singing with a virtuosity and expressiveness that suggest a sincere faith. Blake, though, followed with John Lennon’s dreadful, morose, and nihilistic “Imagine.” (What is inspirational about “above us only sky”?) Lakisha sang “Believe,” which refers, as best as I could tell, to believing in one’s dreams and, ultimately, in oneself. (What’s inspiring about that?) Phil, we learn, has Oklahoma roots, so he sang what he described as Garth Brooks’ tribute to the Oklahoma City bombings. (The subject is inspiring, except the song itself is about how “the world will not change me.” It should! That’s not inspiring.)

    PS: I voted! For the first time, I got through! For Melinda. I now feel like a good citizen of the popular culture.