Probably Not A Use For Which The Wii Was Intended

Now that I have the color of my hair straightened out – everything all nice and even and streak-free – I’ve started to think about what kind of hair style I’d like to have in the rapidly approaching summer months.

When I’m not contemplating how to achieve world peace and save the environment, of course.

But I do think that most women understand that proper planning is one of the key components of successful hair. And just as I would never set out on a road trip without a good map in the car, I would never darken the door of a salon without doing my hair homework.


And do y’all have any idea how many different kinds of hair-tastrophe could occur as a result of neglecting that crucial pre-haircut research time?

So as I prepare for my appointment next week (just cut, no color), here are the questions I’m pondering, thereby revealing that I have far too much time on my hands:

Do I want to let it get a little longer, maybe even take one last stab at having a ponytail? Do I want to go short again – something wispy and funky and fun for summertime? Do I want to keep my old standby, the trusty bob? Or do I want to step out and do something different?

And how, oh how, will I ever decide?

And then I thought of the Mii feature on the Wii – and remembered that you can alter the hairstyles.


So here are a few of the styles I tried. I rejected every single one of them – but oh, I found the whole process terribly entertaining.

And some of the styles are quite alarming, by the way, so you should prepare yourself accordingly. Small children should probably leave the room, as nightmares could result from viewing the images below.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

img_1966.JPG img_1967.JPG

img_1968.JPG img_1969.JPG

img_1972.JPG img_1965.JPG

img_1961.JPG img_1960.JPG

The last two crack me up; the one on the left looks like BooMama on the Prairie, and the one on the right looks like I’m going to a really KLASSY PROM.

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  1. I say you go for wispy and funky…I like the sound of that! I’ve been contemplating my own hairstyle…my appts. next Saturday. I think some wisp and some bangs again (I just can’t seem to grow them all the way out!).

    May your haircut bring a smile to your face (oh and flippy…I like flippy haricuts!).
    In His Joy,

  2. Is it weird that I think the third one on the right is kind of cute? – you know, in a pixelated kind of way and all :)

  3. Hee, hee too funny. As soon as you mentioned Wii and finding a hairstyle, I knew what you did! We love playing around with our Mii’s and creating friends & family members (and then of course altering them a bit for fun). Ben’s versions has the haircut he had when we met and we were 17 years old. He looks quite handsome in his bowl cut again! ;-)

    I vote for the middle row left. I love the spiky thingys! I’d save the top right look for fall & winter (or bad hair days) And I must say, it’s nice to see your face again. Even if it is the cyber version. :D

  4. Second on the right is Bank Robber Boomama?

    So–Are you going to reveal the one you did not reject? The world is waiting!!! :)

  5. I like the dreadlocks. Then you could always put them up in a ponytail, make a mohawk, etc.

    Gotta love options!


  6. BooMama with dreads… now that’s something worth seeing. Or the snowboarding look. That would be easy–just shave the hair and stick a beanie on your head. :grin: I just told my brother and hubby that I need to update my Mii… the hairstyle is about two cuts ago. Other than that, “Mii Ashleigh” is purty well Me, Ashleigh. :smile:

  7. Gotta tell you I know I pretty much bug everyone who will listen, scope out all the books and make it a whole national security issue when I change my hair. It use to be worse till my hair dresser explained in order to get the one look I wanted I would need a fan blowing my hair back all day. Boy those pictures can be deceiving.


  8. I liked the mid to shoulder length long- ish layered on the ends style. You would still have length if you wanted to grow it longer.

  9. Now I want a Wii even more! Who knew it could help with hair decisions! ;)

  10. I actually kinda like the one that looks like the statue of liberty crown..LOL.. third down on left.. it could be funky..

  11. I’m digging the red knit hat-a throw back to Yo’ MTV Raps! My best friends kids have a WII, I will head on over there and fix my profile picture the next time I go to get my haircut. Who knew it would be useful and fun!

  12. I swear, my hair looks like the Boo Mama on the prairie. It’s sad, but true. Braids keep the hair out of my face and lately – since the hot flashes have started – that’s the name of the game.

  13. Well, ya know, with the little beanie, you wouldn’t have to worry about bad hair days. :) What a great idea to try hair styles out on your Mii!

  14. Glad to know that someone else is this OCD about their haircuts. If you’ve never seen, you must check it out. It’s like the the Mii, but you scan in an actual photo. The only down side is that it costs money, but I had so much fun last time that I printed out some hysterical styles.

    Right now I have no style. I’ve only had two haircuts in the last two years. I have been in the grow out stage. I am currently trying to decide if I want to cut it really short and donate to Locks of Love or cut it into a kinda funky long style.

  15. These are HILARIOUS!!!

    You know, several years back when I was still living in Atlanta, I went to one of those places where they do the computer imaging with the different hairstyles, and I must say, your Wii put out a much better result than I saw!

    I love the one on the left of the 3rd row. That hairstyle kinda looks like some sort of “enemy” in a Mario Brothers Nintendo game!

  16. Oh, the hat. Definitely the hat. What a statement you’d make to everyone who sees you walking around in the Alabama heat with that lovely hat on.

    Indeed. The hat.

  17. I like the one with the points, kinda like a planetarium-‘do. :)

  18. Top right looks like a white Grace Jones. Second row, left, looks like Whoopi Goldberg. A very pale Whoopi, LOL! ;-)

    Maybe funky and spiky? Maybe? ;-)


    before you hurt someone!! ;)


  20. The one with the hat looks like Boo Mama on Southpark.

  21. You are just too funny!! The “MiiMamas” are a hoot! I hope you’re not like me. Every once in a while, I think I’m going to try a “new do”, but like my daughter tells me, I end up fixing it the same old way I always wear it. It looks good when I leave the salon but once I get a hold of it, it looks like the same old style I had before. Good luck with your decision!

  22. I’m kind of partial to the Gangsta Boomama with the boggin…:))

  23. yeah, i like bank robber boomama too….

    although, really, i’d vote for short and wispy. every summer i wish i had the guts to do it. i might just do it this year. hate the hot hair on the back of the neck feeling, you know?

  24. Is the last one a waffle crimp? Because if so, I think you’ve found your look.

  25. You are too cute!!! I have NEVER EVER had long hair, and it’s just NOW (after almost 2 years) getting to below my shoulders – so my thought is to wait till it gets to the length I want it (maybe) and then splurge and see a “stylist” who can look at the shape of my face and style it the way that “works for me.” Though he probably would style it SHORT!!!

  26. it’s a sad state of affairs when i think the hat is a really cute look. with a chunky sweater and some really great bootcut jeans and some covered birks or hiking boots. guess i’m mourning the coming of the next seasion.

    oh, and for the record, every post that you mention the Wii brings my husband closer and closer to Wii research and potential purchase. way to go, boomama. you appeal to all audiences, men and women.

  27. *giggle*
    now I needs me a Wii

  28. Definitely go with the fifth one ‘cuz well, it’s got star power AND can double as functional art (you could stick a kabob in each one and serve h’ors doerves without a serving tray).

    Or, you could forego the wig fees altogether and just do like I do; cut it yourself and let dh cut the back (uh huh, do too).

  29. I know what you mean as it took me about 2 months to decide on a style. I finally went with Sandra Bullocks latest bob with side swept “wispy” bangs. I love it. But it was a huge shock as I cut off about 5in. Good luck on deciding!

  30. Phyllis R. says:

    I cannot believe how I am actually comparing-contrasting the actual “styles” with this Wii thing!!! I have entered Boo Land (and I like it. As well as hair do #6 – although #5 has some groovy highlight action.) I may print it out to take to my stylist next time. : )

  31. I say go the dreds. *grin*

  32. Bottom Left – Pippy Boo Stocking

  33. See, I’m lovin’ the McDonald’s eyebrows or as Mama would say Mac-Donald’s. The hood looks like you could go skiing- or rob a bank. It’s all about options.

  34. I guess I now have a reason to allow one of those Wii things in the house. That’s pretty fun(ny).

  35. I tell you what…you kill me! “Shear” entertainment!! I say you shoot for the ponytail b/c it is so easy for summer THEN in Fall you take the plunge for a new “doo”! That’s just my personal opinion b/c that is what i do! ;-) OH BUT WAIT…now, I have the Wii too…hmmm…let me investigate myself – a-ha!!

  36. The skull cap and funky glasses look is the clear winner – from a cheap someone who cuts her own bangs and can’t figure where the curling iron is (much less how to apply it).

  37. I just went from grown out fun and wispy to a straight and styled bob. My husband HATES it. Go with the wispy. It looks great on everyone. Youthful too. (I have no idea how old you are.)

  38. Fun stuff! Here is a better alternative and a bit more realistic. Have fun!

  39. You totally crack me up! I thought I was the only one with hair goals.

    Also, I think the one on the top right is definitely Tammy Boo Baker.

  40. Hat Head Boo Mama could be fun albeit sweaty in the summer. But think of all the hair mistakes you could hide.