Praying For Heather


Please keep Heather in your prayers today. As most of you know, she’s having surgery to remove a brain tumor, and Kelli has organized a prayer chain so that Heather and her family will be covered in prayer all day long.

Also, Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom has made buttons you can post on your blogs, if you’d like; you can find the code here.

Heather’s best friend, Laura, will be updating Heather’s blog throughout the day, as will Mark when time permits.

Thanks, y’all.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I’m lifting up Heather right now!!

  2. On pins and needles waiting to hear something………Amazing how this affects so many people in BloggyLand. Will be praying for her.

  3. Praying!

    Angel Mama ():)

  4. I’ve got the button up on The Prayer Wall…if anyone would like to stop by, the address is

    Uniting in prayer for Heather…


  5. She has been in my constant thoughts and prayers.

    I’ve got the “button” up on my blog.

    Thanks for everything you have done, too.

  6. Praying for that sweet glimpse of God right now…

  7. Already had a post up this morning: She’s been on my mind all day…

  8. She’s been on my mind all day, too. And I’ve been praying.

    And I took the idea Amy at Dandelion Seeds posted and have just enjoyed my children today. :) It’s been sweet. And very prayerful. May God continue to be glorified in Heather’s life.

  9. I posted something on both Mommy Needs Coffee and BlogHer.

    Hopefully the more people hear about this, the more they will support Heather in both prayer and financially.

    She is in my thoughts all day.

  10. Well, I failed miserably at praying for an entire hour for the hour I comitted myself. I hope that my praying for her everytime I thought of her for a few minutes will be ok. It’s funny, I can drone on and on about not so important stuff, but when it comes to serious prayer, I have a hard time thinking of what to say.