I Can’t Imagine How You’ve Missed The E-Z List Format

I have tried and tried to write a post with, you know, paragraphs and stuff, but my brain is scattered in about ninety-two directions right now. So please bear with me while I subject you to the random assortment of information currently residing at the forefront of my mind.

1) In three days we are going to see a very large mouse and all of his animated friends. I am utterly unprepared for this trip in terms of packing and whathaveyou, so the next few days are going to be a smidge hectic. I mean, I would like for all of us to have some clean clothes to wear while we’re visiting the land of the large mouse as opposed to spending the entirety of our vacation in dirty blue jeans and stained t-shirts. So if there isn’t very much from me this week in the way of blogging, you can blame the laundry. And the large mouse.

2) If anyone has tips for keeping a four year old occupied on an airplane, I’d love to hear them. I’ve been picking up small toys and books at Target, TJ Maxx, etc. – but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just surrender and let him watch movies on the laptop. So if you have any hints for how to make the plane ride a little more enjoyable for him, let me know in the comments. He hasn’t been on a plane since he was one, so it’ll be, for the most part, unfamiliar territory.

3) I am officially obsessed with “Barefoot Contessa.” Which means my summertime Food Network-a-thon is in full swing.

4) Several weeks ago I started trying to figure out how I could tote our necessities (camera, sunscreen, Purell, money) around the land of the large mouse without resorting to a fanny pack. Because I just cannot surrender to the fanny pack. Even though I’m sure that those of you who use a fanny pack look absolutely adorable when you wear it.

So after a little research, I got one of these bags by Kavu:


You can wear it across your body so that both hands are free – and it’s deceptively small. I can fit everything we’ll need inside without having to keep up with a backpack. And without having to wear a fanny pack.

Which is a plus for me, as I need absolutely no extra baggage in the fanny / stomach area.

Let’s just leave it at that.


My bag isn’t solid pink, though – it’s red and pink and green and brown stripes. Because y’all know I like my accessories to be bold and sassy.

5) And since I’d like to end this post on a Really Klassy Note, I thought y’all might be interested to know that Alex made up a song this afternoon.

I’m not sure what the final title will be, but here’s the working title (and, as far as I can tell, the only words in the song):

“Hot In Poot Tunnel Today”

As a mother, I’ve never been more proud.

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  1. Something to be proud of indeed. :-)

    Have fun with the mouse. I’ve never really liked mice, but THAT one is okay…..

  2. Oh dear, I love me some Ina. I have learned more about cooking from her than all the Bobbys, Emerils and Paulas combined. If you wnat to throw a good dinner party, Ina’s your gal. In my heart, I know she has some Southern roots. I know I can’t be this crazy about a 100% Yankee!
    Oh, and congrats on your being #5 for blog sites.

  3. Surrender to the movies on the plane. It’ll be a happier time for everybody :) We even brought both laptops when we flew–one for each boy. Too bad you don’t have a mini-Wii :)

    And I hope y’all have SO MUCH FUN!!

  4. The first time we went to Disneyland (with all four of our kids who at the time were 8,7,3, and 3 months) I stressed about the plane ride. I just can’t think of anything more torturous than being locked in a flying tube with 100 strangers and four rowdy kids. So we bought each of them a new backpack and stuffed it with puzzle books, special snacks that they had never had before, new drawing materials and their first Gameboys. I’ve never had a more peacefull airpline ride. We got so many comments on how well behaved they were. In my mind I was cackling and wringing my hands (Mwa-haa-haa). Not necessarily good parenting skills, just distraction and subtle bribery….but they didn’t need to know that, now did they?


  5. i would go for the movies on the laptop…but i did just buy a cute vtech thomas computer at Walmart that has games etc..it is very cute and smallish.. HAVE FUN!

  6. We have a 4 year old boy – he just turned 4 actually and a movie is the way to go. And candy…sugar-free if need be. Lollipops to suck on so his ears don’t pop. I bought a bunch of other things that seemed great for the plane but they got boring after a few minutes and I spent too much time collecting up all the “stuff”. And I would suggest a stroller for a 4 year old at the Mouse – for sure and for certain. Little and big legs get tired but little tired legs and the grumpy child attached are no fun. They are easy to leave everywhere there – just keep your camera and cash on you and the rest of the stroller should be safe to leave in the stroller parks at every ride/attraction. YOu can check it at the airplane door and pick it up in the plane door when you land…
    Have a wonderful time!

  7. Leapster.
    with the recharger pack.

    Really. on 8 hour car trips to the MIL – we don’t leave home without it. Each of my Things have one.

    And you can get him headphones – to spare yourself and the other passengers.

    The Walmart(s) should have all you need.

  8. Movie. Oh my gosh, movie. Surrender.

    listen, we don’t even HAVE a TV in our home. My son doesn’t EVER get to watch it….but on the plane trips to family in Europe and CA? 6 hours plus in the plane? Yes. We bought him his very own DVD player and Dora and Veggie Tales and Thomas…silence for 6 hours.

    The one time last year we tried with books and crayons and toys and more books and snacks and fun little gifts? He was bored after 1 hour and whined, cried and jumped around the plane for the rest, annoying us and everyone else.

    Let go. Let Movie.

  9. We were so worried about having Charlie on a plane. Charlie was five at the time, and he has autism. Plus we had a one and a half year old, and a six year old. It was all fine. The six year old played his game boy, Charlie spent most of the time looking out the window and the baby slept. I was amazed. Come prepared with everything you think you might need, but I hope you have an easy time like we did.

    I have lots and lots of disney tips, if you need any, let me know. It’s like a full quadrant of my brain is devoted to mouse stuff. It’s sad, really. Have a fun, fun trip!

  10. You all are going to have a blast. Your bag sounds perfect and I love the color palette!! Say hi to Mickey for me!

  11. Ha-larious. About the Poot Tunnel. I think my brother used to sing that one…


  12. My favorite plane tricks…

    *those tiny tubs of playdoh- he can use the tray
    *mini marshmallows with toothpicks (both in ziplocs)- he can build a masterpiece and then eat it
    *sticker books–There is a fun Disney one
    *Benadryl to make kids drugged/sleepy (enough of that and you won’t need anything else!) :)
    *Movies, movies, movies

    If you haven’t been before, be sure you do the Buzz Lightyear ride! So fun! One of the best things we did was buy water bottle thingies at WalMart that have straps so the kids could carry their own. Have a BLAST! Ask him to sing his new song REALLY loud on the plane. Everyone will love it.

  13. Sorry, no tips for the airplane. But – when we went to D*****world, we got those self adhesive luggage tags, wrote the child’s first name on it with our cell phone number and attached them to their belt loops. The shirt covered the name so no loonies were calling out their names, and if they got lost they could show the worker (they knew to go to a person in a uniform) the phone number to call us! They didn’t get lost, thank the Lord, but it was a little peace of mind for me.

  14. OOOOH! I can’t wait to take my lil ones to the “Land of the Mouse”. Y’all have a good time!!!

    And that song, well it just seems catchy already!!

  15. I would probably be prepared for both. Try the goodie bag,then pull out the big guns (movie on laptop) if necessary.

    I would also very stronly suggest a stroller while visiting the mouse. We just went with a 3 year old and the stoller was a must-have. We actually brought her big stroller so that she could lay back and sleep. And there was storage space underneath for packages. We left the stroller with contents in designated areas to go on rides and had no problems…nothing came up missing.

    Have Fun!

  16. Back in April I did a post on airplane traveling with little ones. Just a few hints as far as lay over’s go….


    Good luck!!!

  17. Definitely go with the movie. The less you have to carry/deal with on the plane, the better. Dealing with long layovers is the hardest part to me. Hopefully, you won’t have any.

  18. Oh I am jealous! Of the mouse, not the plane or the song!

  19. We went to see the Mouse a few months ago and I did show my 3 year old movies on the plane. I also had sticker books and coloring books. One of the things that I took that was a huge hit were pipe cleaners. We had never played with them before and she loved them we made all kinds of fun things. I actually did not pull these out until we go the the Orlando airport because be prepared for a long wait if you are using Disney Transportation.

    At the parks I do argee with another commenter that you can leave most of your stuff in your stroller and it won’t be messed with.

    Waiting in line for the rides I found that bubbles were a huge hit. It also helps other kiddos in line entertained. I think this is a must do.

    Take advantage of the Fast Passes it is worth it!!!

    Tip for riding big kid rides. My husband and I would go and get a fast pass at the same time and when it was time to ride the ride one of us would go and the other with hang out with Molly. And then switch. It was a bummer that we couldn’t ride together but at least we got to enjoy some of the rides. Soarin’ is a must do!!

    I am sure that you have done a lot of research but if you have any questions let me know because I spent a lot of time researching the best way to do Disney with a Toddler.

  20. The dvd player ought to hold attention for a while, but only for so long. Definitely have all the other faves. The leapster or a pixter are great, also. We have traveled with pre-schoolers before. The key is to have lots to do and change activities often. Stickers to put all over you is a fun one. Stories, games, wipe-off boards etc. Anything you can carry.
    Just remember the regulations on liquids. You can not bring any of your own beverages through security. Only 3 oz. bottles of personal care products and all of them must fit into a 1 quart zip top baggie. They will take mascara, nail polish and even sometimes lipsticks or lipgloss if it isn’t in the baggie.
    Be prepared to buy drinks after passing security.
    I’m also not sure that they will let you bring toothpicks. But you can try snacks. If you need anymore tips let me know.

  21. Having just done the Hawaii and back thing, sitting next to a mom who brought nothing but “knock out drops” (or the equivalent thereof) for her three year old, I would suggest:
    food snacks that are fun and not going to make a certain someone hyperactive, bring the little things, but wrap them up, set a timer and tell him every 30 minutes, or 50 or two, or whatever it takes, we will open ANOTHER GIFT!, the movies on the plane we were on were on individual screens and had a number of kid choices like “TOYS” and such.

    ON another note at your level, it is interesting traveling on planes these days. Be sure to NOT have any water bottles in your backpack by accident… oops, I made the security very nervous, then again I wasn’t so calm when asked to back up and keep my hands away from my bag. Ahem!

    The snack boxes you can purchase on the plane, although expensive, might be exciting to a young man of his age… nice snacky sizes of things like crackers, cookies, cheeses, pretzels, etc. Take walks around the plane, PRAY PRAY PRAY.

    Have fun with the mouse.

  22. One of the best things to keep a kid quiet and amused are pipe cleaners. I used them for my kids in church. If they fall they make no noise…they won’t roll away and you can be as creative as you want to be.

    Also, at Mouse land, you can buy a water bottle holder that fits over the top of the bottle and everyone can carry their own. They sell them in the little kiosks.

    Have fun!

  23. We took our kids to the World of the Mouse last summer…I am delurking to tell you the plane ride wasn’t as bad as I expected. The boys (10 and 7 at the time) had their gameboys…I bought them each a new game for the trip. They also had their ipods. The princess (4 at the time) had coloring stuff and stickers and little toys. They all had books to read. It was a 2 and 1/2 hour ride and they loved looking out the windows. I would bring the movies just in case…but you might be suprised. I have to admit I am a little jealous…I love the Land of the Mouse…we are Disney Vacation Club members and we LOVE it there! (We aren’t going this summer…boo hoo!)

    BTW, I love your blog…I read it everyday!

  24. I’m almost sure I’ve heard that song before…are you sure it’s an Alex orgiinal? ;-)

    How about a personal DVD player for Alex? That would free up the laptop for you and D, plus the DVD player will come in handy for car trips and future plane rides.

    Y’all have a wonderful time, S. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  25. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Don’t know how long the plane trip is, but don’t resort to the movie thing. We all didn’t have them and made it through the travels of vacation just fine. God giveth the window! So, entertainment wise– stickers are good! Crayons are great! Those little foamie crafty kits worked for us. And, on the way back from Boston, the little girl was so tuckered that she fell asleep during the “I’m sorry folks, but the plane is having ELECTRICAL problems and you’ll be stuck for 45 minutes” thing and even slept the whole way home. Gold. Fish. Crackers. Lots of them. Not the colored ones. They kind of freak me out. Thank God she slept. Mommy was busy praying the whole time, “Please don’t let the plane fall out of the sky. Please God make all of those pesky electrical problems well. Amen.” Good times. Good times.

  26. First up, I hate being uncomfortable. I used to live in 0rl@nd0, and from all of my business flights – Decending into O town was *never* pretty for the little ones. 0rl is about 100′ above sea level and the pressure on your ears when landing is no fun. I remember one particular flight, there was a whole slew of mouse eared folk headed to the mouse house. When we started to land, almost on cue, the children went nuts, fussing and the works. One of the flight attendants was telling my seat mate that this always happens with the children on account of the pressure in the cabin try get the passengers ready to breathe below sea level air.

    So, to avoid that noise, when you know that you are about to decend, crack out the gum, pass the fish – anything to chew and swallow and you should be just fine!

  27. kkandress says:

    delurking, so fun to pop onto your site and know there are more normal folks in life then one might ever imagine. . .

    my advice?

    sorry this advice is coming so late but please go get the very best advice for the mouse you will ever need or want and do give up sleep to read as much as possible before you go.

    also http://www.allears.net is good as well

    about shoes, 2 pairs, never the same pair two days in a row; you are allowed to take food into the parks, no problem at all; please do yourself a huge favor and get a maclaren stroller (even for 6 and 8 year olds they are a lifesaver. my fav is the volo, under 9 pounds and rated up to 65Lbs! but will hold more. gate check; da plane? definitely go media crazy, never crayons, they will always melt on your favorite possesion; DW is 43 square miles. easily 10 miles a day of walking if you do a park a day, easy on the Diet Coke,(it runs through my veins too) but water bottles are the deal for the FL heat. feel free to e-mail me if something specific comes up.
    have a magical trip

  28. No advice about the plane trip- last time I traveled with my daughter she was only one. I second disboards.com – more info than you will ever want to know!

    You are travelling to my neck of the woods. I live 40 minutes from Disney World. You can even see my work place when you are at the airport- I work in the control tower at Orlando Int’l Airport. Hope you have a great trip!

  29. I am reading the comments here with SUCH interest, as I am planning to fly tlo Ethiopia with my 2 year old, hopefully in August. It is 25 hours, with layovers!!


    PS– checking out that bag too…

  30. I absolutely love Miss Ina Garten, and since we moved out of the country a few months ago, it’s one of the cable shows I enjoy most. Enjoy it for me.

    We travel internationally all the time with our 2-year-old (just our line o’ work), and the main piece of advice I have is this – do whatever works. Throw all your convictions out the window in terms of tv watching, juice drinking, etc. etc. Do anything and everything to keep everything sane. I’m pretty sure our daughter watched 17 hours of dvds when we moved overseas, which involved us searching for an outlet in multiple airports so as to charge said laptop while we waited.

    Have fun!

  31. Well we just traveled with a 2 year old and a 7 month old in January, an overseas flight. ugh. Yes, watch movies and take new books or toys. It depends on how long your flight is, but I let Cerys have a new toy every two hours or something crazy like that. And food. We had a 3 hour flight to Detroit, then a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam, and then an hour flight to Cardiff. I was completely out of toys and food by the time we arrived, but we managed.

    I would love go see the mouse! Have a great time, I’m sure you’ll have some great stories for us internets.

  32. Oh, fun, fun FUN! You are going to LOVE the land of the large mouse.

    1) Do you have laundry facilities there? Then don’t overpack. Just a couple pairs of shorts and 4 or 5 t-shirts for each of you, and you’re set.

    2) IME, the plane ride itself is so exciting for a 4-year-old that you won’t need as many distracting toys as you think you will. Lots of snacks was key for us.

    3) She is my FAVORITE! Love. Her.

    4) Adorable bag. When we went in November, I, too, refused to go fanny pack, and I wish I’d known about that spiffy bag of yours. (I carried my purse in our backpack. I know, D-U-M-B.)

    5) Dontcha love the songs they come up with? My li’l 4-y/o is always singing.


  33. I didn’t read through the responses so I don’t know if this has been mentioned. Not sure how to say it tactfully but, May 29-June 4 are “happy” days (insert an old fashioned word for happy) at Disney. Just a heads up in case, as Ricky would say, you got some ‘splainin’ to do (I know my two oldest would inquire.)

    We took bottled water into the park. Breakfast bars and apples too. And we planned to search for hidden Mickeys, which was fun.

    Oh, and pull your arsenol out one. at. a. time. on the airplane, allowing your little guy to exhaust his fun with each item before moving on. Also, use the plan as entertainment before you even get to the arsenol. Watch the baggage handlers. The taxi to the runway. Check out the onboard magazines (I love the gadgety shopping maggies). The window shade. You can easily pass 30 minutes by interesting him in the plane itself.
    ENJOY! My kids keep asking to see the big mouse. One of these days…..

  34. Hey BooMama! Have a GREAT time with the mouse! I recently went with 2 small ones (3 and almost 2), and the best way to do the valuables/non valuables is the bag like you have. I highly recommend a stroller, as his little legs will get tired. We had 2 bags: one with ponchos (NECESSITY in FLA), sunscreen, snacks, drinks, hats, etc. Things that could be replaced that we left in the stroller. Then I had a bag that I carried: wallet, hotel key, camera, tickets, etc. About the size of what you have and that was with me ALL DAY. So, we would go ride dumbo, park the stroller, leave the non valuables in the stroller, and take the goods with us. It made for easy ride going, and handy for everything else.

    If your little one is like my DS at 3, he LOVED the maps. They have kid maps of the parks, and you can get some maps of the parks before you go. My son can look at those forEVER, and he loves to plan the route and enjoy the trip again, as he sees the maps.

    For the plane rides, if it is going to be long, I will give my kids some medicine for their ears, as well as something that will relax them (think benedryl, dimetapp), and that way, the noise will be more soothing, than frustrating. I also would recommend that you buy some fun toys for the trip HOME. He will be thrilled with the new toys and will be fun.

    Can’t wait for pictures!

  35. connie says:

    We flew from Atlanta to Orlando and the trip was like an hour! It took longer to get to the airport. My 4 year old loved looking out the window. And they both had their gameboys.

    Forgot about “happy” days the first weekend in June. They don’t advertise that to families either!! We went right after college and had no idea until we saw the shirts that proclaimed the event. We thought we’d just go to another park, but you can’t get away from it. Good luck!!

  36. Put snacks in that snazzy new bag of yours, LOTS of snacks! And if you can bear to carry a canteen of water, DO IT.

  37. I think you’ll be flying from Bham or ATL, right? you won’t be on the plane very long. It’s a quick flight, really. A new book, color wonder coloring book (you know the ones that you take to church so that you can’t tell which pages from the hymnal your kid drew a picture of God in), Gameboy-like toy, nothing elaborate is necessary, really.

    Don’t forget this when visiting Mickey…
    chapstick ($3 at the park).
    rain slicker
    camping chamois towel
    chapstick (really, it’s $3)

    Rent a stroller. Buy a multi-day rental when you get there and you’ll save a little $. Get the Disney Dining Plan and use the table-service meals for character dining experiences. If you’re staying “on site”, use the Disney Magical Express to get from airport to hotel. SOOOOOOO easy.

    Get ready to massage your smile muscles from their excessive use!

    Have a great time! We’ve taken Stinkerbell twice and she loved it!!!

    The Happy days thing stinks for you. Sorry.

  38. We went to “The land of the Mouse” in March. Had a great time except we drove from Texas to Orlando. We chose the media option for our daughter but she’s nine. Books worked for her also.
    Rent a stroller!! It will be worth it! I only wish I had rented one for myself!! Personally, I felt the prices in the Magic Land were not that bad.
    I would suggest tennis shoes for DW and a pair of odor eaters! I would’nt wear or let my daughter wear sandles just for protection sake.
    Have a magical time and be sure to stay for the fireworks at night…it is AWESOME!!!

  39. I recently started a blog all about traveling with kids. See my post on How to Keep a Toddler Entertained and Happy on a Flight – http://threehubcircus.com/2007/05/14/how-to-keep-your-toddler-entertained-and-happy-on-a-plane-flight-7-sure-fire-tips/
    We were at Disney in March and the kids had a blast. My biggest tip is to be sure to stop every couple of hours for a drink and snack. Great frozen lemonade around the park.

  40. As for 4yo on a plane:

    The character B.A. Barracus (as portrayed by Mr. T) was terrified of flying on the 80s mega-hit The A-Team.

    Each time the A-Team had to fly somewhere, they found some convenient way of having him drink a glass of milk, which was laced with a sedative. Otherwise known as “a mickey.”

    So you could slip him a mickey on the way to see Mickey.

  41. Now, see … I just knew I loved you for a reason … I’m totally addicted to Barefoot Contessa, and I HEART her kitchen … close to covet, but not quite. Must have a black, lime green and white kitchen someday … with a large walk-in pantry and lots of white serving platters neatly stacked. Oh, wait … I have the platters — they’re just scattered around the house.

    Anyhoooo — I have the same bag. Got it when we went to St. Croix, and just love it. So will you. Because I know you like that. Sort of.