Soaring To New Bloggy Heights Of Embarrassment And Discomfort

Okay. Pictures. Okay.


First of all, I tried to take a “before” picture at Mama’s house the other night. At which point I decided that I HAD NEVER FELT MORE SILLY IN MY LIFE.


Now in my defense, this was right after I’d washed my face and put on pajamas. I was trying to get the camera at an angle so you could see how long my hair was, but I never could get it right because of having to lift my arms to take the picture (OH, THE EFFORT OF IT ALL). So you will just have to trust me when I tell you that my hair was about three inches longer than it is now.

A purpose-less, mousy mess that hit right below my shoulders.

And notice that I still had my sunglasses up on my head, RIGHT WHERE THEY SHOULD BE.

So I decided to take off the glasses SINCE IT WAS NIGHTTIME, but I didn’t get much better results.



Surprisingly, I’ve never been asked to do much modeling work.

(Silly me. I thought the double chin / pointy nose / deer-in-headlights look was all the fashion rage.)

Anyway, Friday afternoon I tried to take another round of pictures after Liza worked her magic. But apparently I thought of something unpleasant right as I was snapping the first picture.


Not to mention that you can’t tell a blessed thing about what my hair looks like.

And then I tried to take a picture of the back of my head.


But I missed.


That brings us to today.

Here’s what my hair looked like this afternoon after I dried it (yes, I said “afternoon” – I HAD SOME LAUNDRY TO DO THIS MORNING, OKAY?). For some reason it’s impossible for me to fix my hair without the ends flipping up, even though Liza very professionally turned under every single strand. I guess I just don’t have the turning-under gene.


And here’s the front – probably an inch longer than the back. I had a bit of difficulty with the zoom in that I didn’t know I was using it, so I do hope the proximity of my face doesn’t frighten you.


And believe you me, I couldn’t have been happier when I looked at this picture and realized that my chin(s) didn’t make it into the frame. So I knew right away that I HAD ME A WINNER.

I did put on a little lipstick for y’all, though apparently I forgot about the mascara.

I’ll try to do better the next time I post pictures of myself.

Which will be, you know, NEVER.

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  1. I like it! Very cute.

    I’d like it better in person. But still…

  2. You are too much girl!!!

    I love the new hair

  3. Wow ~ pictures of BooMama! What a treat! And your hair looks lovely ~ it really does. Thanks for showing all of us the before and after!

  4. Jesslev says:

    It’s so cute- I wanna let mine grow out to look like that- Love the highlights!!!
    I bet that cut and color cost a pretty penny! Don’t you hate the cost of all that beauty! I swear it is $125 every time I get it both done!

  5. Uhmmm…I wasn’t done typing (b/c we all know I ‘talk’ too much) and I accidentally hit something that made that post. So I’m back. I know…I’m sure you’re like – seriously get a life! lol

    But, AS I was saying!! I love it! You look stinkin’ hot! (Am I allowed to stay that?? Me and my southern girlfriends say that when ‘cute,’ ‘darling,’ and ‘precious’ just don’t cover how good the look is working for you!) I hope that made sense! Nonetheless, I am sure you are loving it. She did a great job. Work it girl! :)

  6. Very cute! I especially like the pic where you “missed”. Too funny!

  7. my hair flips up no matter what i do! what is up with that?! here’s to hoping flippy hair is always in! it looks way cute though, and it makes me want to keep mine short (i’ve been doing the “grow it long?” “keep it short?” dance for a while now

  8. Emma Kate says:

    SASSY!!!! Much more you!!! Love Love

  9. You are a hoot. I have been telling my non-bloggin’ friends all about BooMama!! I thought about that the other day, no pictures but an awesome blog. I am so thrilled to acutally see you, BooMama.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Love the new do! You are just as cute as you write!

  11. This just cracks me up. You had me rolling on the couch!!!!!

  12. Bailey's Leaf says:

    B-Mama! I almost fell off my chair when I saw pictures of you on your page! I thought that there was some B-Mama rule against that, but I was so happy to see your new ‘do! Glad that you are happy!

    Happy unpacking!

  13. Question: Have the sunglasses made it back to their original place yet? Or, are you still in haircut honeymoon phase?

    Love it!

  14. I can’t believe I SAW Boomama! I feel so privileged! And I love the hair…the flippy up look is CUTE! Don’t go flipping it under, you are a flippy up kinda girl!

  15. Love it.

  16. Very cute!

  17. I LOVE your hairstyle. :-) Thank you for posting it. :-)

  18. You look B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L..

    Thanks for sharing. I just love getting a new do.

  19. Great hair! Thanks for letting us all see.

  20. Looks great! I thought it especially funny that you posted the picture where you missed!

  21. OK, I’ll be the one to ask, since everyone else is being all POLITE and all…

    Why didn’t you have Mama or D or Daddy take the picture? I mean, I know it would probably just give Mama the vapors, but one of the boys could surely handle that little piece of machinery, couldn’t they?

    However, come to think of it, it does make for much better blogging fodder and I’m All For the Good Blogging Fodder.

    Oh yes, yes indeed.

    BTW, we could now be twins.

    Except for the fact that I’m a gazillion years older and have dark hair with no highlights and weigh close to eleventy hundred pounds and all…really we could.

  22. I’m coveting those highlites. They are gorgeous! And the cut, totally suits you! Get Alex to take the pics next time. It’s amazing what 5 year olds can do with a camera!

  23. wow a picture of the famous boomama! it’s nice to put a face with the blog. and your hair is too cute. very sassy.

  24. I laughed out loud. The one where you missed the back of your head was too funny.

    Now, for a serious note, I’m so thrilled to actually ‘see’ you! You are beautiful! Inside and out!

  25. Love it. Just love it. The color is oh so sassy and I am a big fan of the flip up.

    Sleek, turned under hair should be reserved for anchorwomen.

  26. My little toddler man completely stopped his ever-important playing to come and laugh his head off with me while I finished reading this post. THEN, once he realized that I wasn’t going to stop cracking up any time soon, he decided something was wrong with his mama, and took up patting my cheek, giving light kisses, and staring into my eyes with a furrowed brow. It’s amazing what a little time on The BooMama Blog can do. :wink, wink:

    Love the hair, tho, truly. So sassy and so you. Kinda what I’m thinking of doing when I chop mine off in the next couple weeks… except for the fact that mine will be near-black instead of the cute and hip blondie highlighted look your lucky enough to have!

  27. Your new ‘do really suits the shape of your face. I really like it on you. ;-)

    You and Sister could be – well….Sisters! Y’all really do favor, and you gots them BLUE eyes, too. Alex comes by his looks and his blue eyes honest, that’s for sure! ;-)

    It was nice to see pictures of you, BooMama. :-)

    Y’all have a good week, now.

    Love and hugs,


  28. Oh, you are so very cute!

  29. You are a beautiful person…what awesome blue eyes! Wow! Can I share a brand name product that changed my whole hair-style life? It is Redken Gel #16 and it changes the whole texture of your hair…makes it do what it is suppose to! It’s a little more expensive than the Pantene but you can buy it at your local WM beauty shop for around $12. I only use it on special hair days…Sundays, etc. and use the cheaper stuff on the days I just stay home with the dust bunnies under my bed! Try it, your hair will never be the same!

  30. I love your hair and your eyes!


    Maybe Liza should go on tour??

  31. Boomama!!! You have just made my day! Pictures!!! Yea! I love the new “do” and you were cracking me up with the one of the back of your head!!!

    Did you get my email? I know you’ve been swamped, with the laundry and the blow-drying of the hair and all…

    So happy you posted pictures and that precious Alex has that same sweet face!

    Much love!
    Tracey (Montgomery, AL)

  32. Your new ‘do is so, so cute. And you look great, by the way!!! I’ve never met D., but I’m thinking Alex is the spitting image of you! Am I right?

  33. Lovely. Or, should I say, sassy? Either way, I approve.

  34. Oh, Boomama! I’m so glad you were brave enough to post yourself. You are just as lovely as I imagined! The hairdo is so YOU, and I LIKE the flipped-up ends. I think it suits your sassiness.

    Is the guest bedroom looking any better? I hope your new found energy from your sassy-do is helping you get things done around the house.


  35. Have you heard of an xshot…it’s a camera accessory that allows you to take pictures with yourself in the picture…I’m not doing a very good job of splainin’. Here’s a link:

  36. Wow! Pictures of Boomama!! How cool is that? I would have known you anywhere! I recognized you from your little Wii pictures you posted awhile back ;) I LOVE your new “do”! I am still giggling from reading this. The pic where you missed is hilarious! You have truly made my day. I almost went to bed (we’re an hour later than you) without checking your blog. Bless your heart…’ll never know how much I needed this. I’ve had one of the most discouraging days…..very discouraging. I feel so much better over a new hairdo.. and it wasn’t even mine! God bless you, dear Boomama!

  37. The hair looks great and keep the flip!

    I love your writing. Truly hysterical!

  38. Hair looks cute. Love the color. Great picture progression, it is good to finally have a face to put with the legend.

  39. You are TOO cute! I love it :)

  40. I have to be honest and say I really didn’t expect to see pictures. I thought we would just see the hair and not a picture of you, live and in person! I figured all those internets trying to get you to post a picture had just better give it up, cuz it wasn’t happening!!

    Anyway, I do love the cut…so much I went out last week and got me one just like it!! Little did I know, it was just like yours!! I do still need to go get those lowlights/hilights…..will do next week.

    Good to see the sweet person behind this sweet, fun personality!! I now know where your little boy gets his cute little face from….you two look so much alike!!

  41. Way to go! Great hair and you.are.PRECIOUS! Very much so…
    Have a great day on Tuesday…we’re off with friends to feed some giraffes :)
    Love ya!

  42. I love it!

  43. Looks pretty! Nothin’ like a great haircut!!

  44. Very cute! Next time you’ll have to employ your mother or Alex or D or the Hair Wizard herself to take the photos! Thanks for complying with us all. :)

  45. FINALLY!!!! Pictures of BooMama!!!

    I love the hair, it looks great on you. :D

  46. Love it! It does look so sassy!!!


  47. you have the BLUE-EST EYES!!!

  48. Oh I love it! It looks wondrful and so do you. Now we can see that A certainly looks like his mamma.

    Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it amazing how a new cut can put a spring in your step.

  49. Wow! It looks like you got the works! highlights, lowlights, midlights (i’m not sure if there IS such a thing as midlights, but i was on a roll!) Seriously, it looks great, and you may have inspired me to get myself some of that sassy hair! I haven’t changed mine in, oh about 7 years or so. Think i’m in a rut? Maybe. I’ll have to think a little more on that, but YOU, you look great! Way to be brave and post those pics! It’s fun to see a face behind the fantastic wit. You look friendly, fun, sassy, and personable, just like you sound! Thanks BooMama!

  50. Oh, laughing so hard because I had to do the same thing with my new ‘do and had a shot of the curtains when I tried to do a similar photo! Too funny!!!


  51. Can I just tell you how happy I am to be able to read your blog again. My filter blocked you for 2 whole days, and I went into withdrawals. My husband tried to find a way to get me my boo fix to no avail. Every time I clicked, it said it was blocked because it was under the category cult news, which I found hilarious. Not that we wouldn’t drink your Kool-aid, yes ma’am, we would. But cult? Seriously?

    Anyway I emailed the powers that be at the wonderful Family Institute that provides my filter for the bargain price of $59.99 per year, and I said I NEED SOME BOOMAMA RIGHT NOW! AND SHE IS NOT A CULT! BUT I NEED HER. NOW!

    And here you are.

    Sigh. All is right witht he world.


  52. Very cute! I LIKE!

  53. Hooray! I finally get to see a picture of you! I love, love, love your new hair style. It’s very stylish.

    By the way, I think I have just one picture of me on my blog…it’s under my 5/17/06 post (wedding pictures are shown there). Feel free to stop by and take a peak if you’d like an idea of what I look like. :)

    Thanks, BooMama, for sharing your pictures!

  54. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Love the new ‘do!!! Very sassy and cute! (And the before/after attempts and commentary had me laughing out loud!) Thanks for sharing!!

  55. I love to visit your blog and read and laugh. You have such a delightful sense of humor and I’m so glad you share it with us.

    I love the new hairdo and thanks for posting the photos too.

  56. Your new haircut is so sassy! I love it and it is very becoming on you!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Mahvelous…just mahvelous dahling!

  58. The haircut is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! You look stunning.

  59. I am currently in trouble with my hair. I put the wrong tube of stuff in the wrong bottle. Did not realize it until the next morning. Super straw blond on top. Very dark roots. NO pictures will be provided no matter how much you beg. And no matter how much I tell the lady I want shorter bangs they are always to long. I guess that is why I have to go back and get another haircut.

  60. It’s good to put a face with a name! Love the cut, so cute! You look great! Are those contacts? Because your eyes are soooo blue (stupid question, I know, but I have a close friend with really blue eyes and people ask her that dumb question all the time. But, those of us that have boring brown eyes are just so envious of beautiful blue eyes!) Glad you shared the pictures, along with some mishaps! Just so you know… we would so totally be friends in the “real world” if we ever met! :o)

    Georgia Mom

  61. I love it!!!!

  62. You look Marvelous!!

    Taking pictures of yourself even with a timer is impossible! I think your new do wanted to be seen. Keep that Liza on speed dial.

  63. Wow. Could your eyes BEEEEEE any bluer?!


    I must admit, it’s kinda like lookin’ at cute little Alex w/ a new sassy-do wig on! ;-)

  64. Aww you look just like Alex! Or vice versa. And I am lovin that sassy ‘do Boo! Looks great ;) xoxo melzie

  65. Love it! Sassy hair is always good:-)

  66. I really like it!

    And I’m not jealous at all, NOT AT ALL, that with no makeup your skin looks as smooth as buttermilk and your eyes are so blue and pretty that mascara? Who needs mascara?


    (I started to say that your skin was like a baby’s butt, then I thought you might take it wrong even though it was obviously a compliment.)

  67. Here’s the thing about the stylist being able to get your hair to flip under and you can’t — I think they cut your hair so that it does that just to torment us. I can a curl under do that always flipped up and then I decided to just go with it and get it cut so it’s supposed to flip up and then it started curling under all on its own.

    I have a wizard here in Houston. I am so very happy to be back with her.

  68. It’s darling. Boo is the spitting image of you – sans the “do”. I’m a poet.

  69. I love it! You’ve inspired me to get mine cut and quit wearing the sunglasses as a headband!

  70. OH I LOVE IT!!!!
    So sassy! and so you… well, the YOU that we know in blogworld!
    thank you for the pics…. they are great!

  71. LOVE IT!!!
    I say to go with the flip, it is very sassy!

  72. Ok, it’s 7:30 am and I am STILL comment 72! I love it! Precious and sassy–just like you. Keep the flip; it gives it that little extra something.

  73. Waaaaayyyyyyyy too cute! I agree with BethC, go with the flip, it fits you. :)

  74. suzanne says:

    Well, my opinion is going to fit right in here;… cute and sassy!! And I wondered why, just why you had sunglasses on with your pajamas….but maybe that’s a trend in Mississippi that hadn’t quite reached Texas yet?
    And it is quite obvious that you will never be able to disown your boy……he is the spittin’ image of you, girlfriend. And you’re both cute and sassy!

  75. suzanne says:

    um, my English teacher is going to disown me, after realizing how many times I said AND in that comment…..and I was just excited, and put “and” just too many times!! ;)

  76. Finally. Now we can all rest knowing your hair is Beautimous. (And your skin flawless. And your eyes striking. And your curtains so cute.)

    Show- off.

  77. You are so cute. I LOVE the new do!

  78. Wow – love the new do. I’m more excited that now I might see you in Wal-Marts or Steinmarts and actually recognize you – ha ha! That would be a little far reaching, cause you know we live in the country and all – LOL! But there is chance now that one day will be trying on FG jeans in Wal-Marts, be at the mirror next to you and say Hey!

    PS – on the flippin’ up thing, my hair is long and my layers kinda do what they want most of the time. Sometimes I am ok with the flipping up but there are times I’d like Demi Moore sleek straight hair. Alabama humidity is not in my favor but I do know what my hair dresser does to get it super straight. She puts the dryer almost directly on the hair and it goes under perfectly.

    Glad Liza has made life a little better!

  79. It’s so fresh and cute and purposeful. And, just for the record, I think it is OK to wear your sunglasses for a headband if you have really cute hair to go with it. Girl…it’s all about the accessories!

  80. Your hair is so shiny and the cut is adorable – love the way it flips. And my first thought when I saw your face? Alex has him mama’s eyes. My goodness, that boy is the IMAGE of you. How fun – photos of Boo Mama!

  81. Central Texas is all abuzz with the news of a BooMama sighting! Yahooey! Loverly hair–how come we can NEVER make it look like the hairdresser does (and she makes it look ever-so-easy!)???? Carry on, sis! –Your Central Texas Fan Club

  82. Looking good, girlfriend!

    Hey, do you have a self timer on your camera? When DH was deployed, I found that was the best way for me to get pictures of myself to send him.


  83. Mom of family4Him says:

    Love your hair! I am in the process of letting my hair grow out because hubby likes my hair long. But I hate it! He gave me the big speech this morning about how he likes my hair better when it is longer, but it is my hair and I should do what I want with it. I wish I lived close to the “hair wizard”. Part of the problem is that I don’t know what I want.

  84. It’s so cute- I love the flipped out look!! The pics and comments were funny.

  85. What a cute doo! Can the wizard come to NC?!

  86. OH YAY! I finally get to see what you look like! I’ve always wondered, and was quite impressed you were able to even take a self-portrait. : ) Love the hair, and love your blog. Blessings!

  87. Boo, you are too cute! Your hair do looks great and I loooovvvveeee the color and highlights. You are a true SOUTHERN BELL!

  88. I love it! :) And you are way cute!

  89. Ok, now that is stylin :)

  90. Love it! You’ve given me the courage to get a new “do” myself. I need one SO badly…since I wear a clip or a ponytail every single day. :)

  91. I adore the new ‘do! And am so excited over the pics!

  92. Very cute ‘do! And a face to go with the legend that is BooMama!

  93. The expressions in the first “before pics” make you look either scared or scary. Not sure.

    I like the flips. They have spunk.

    That last photo! You go,girl!!

  94. It’s adorable! And so are you…
    And, for the record, we have pretty much the same haircut.

  95. Good Night I had to scroll WAAAAYYYY down the page to get here to comment. Now I can’t remember what I was going to say…oh yeah, this post totally made me laugh, out loud, while at work, sshhh, don’t tell anyone. OK, back on track, I am not laughing because of your hair because frankly, it is beauuutiiifuuul!! If I had to post pictures of my hair, now that would be the Internet embarassment of the year. I am laughing because of the I-tried-to-take-a-picture-of-the-back-of-my-hair picture. I LOVE IT! :) Thanks for braving it and sharing your hair pictures. Again, I find it beaauuutiiifuull!

  96. Oh, Boomama, you look just like you should! SO cute you are! (Never mind me, just a little Yoda-speech left over from the last time I watched Star Wars.)

    For the record, I recently had to do some blog-weeding (taking up TOO much time!), and I absolutely REFUSED to weed yours out. I LOVE it! Thanks for being who you are, and letting us internets “hear your voice.” What a blessing you are to my day.

  97. You are too stinkin adorable for words!!!! Great cut.

  98. You have a sassy new do and beautiful blue eyes – don’t be so hard on yourself. A little extra chin just adds character!

  99. ‘Kay…I’m sittin here trying to figure out how I can carve out “time to read my daily blogs” into my school day, because I know I’m not gonna be able to wait till I get home in the afternoons to laugh out loud. This calls for creative juices… maybe we could go to the computer lab, hmmm, every morning and they could do “independent work” and I could check in; or they can read silently in their seats and I can check in…oh, my, what a delima!

  100. Yeah! It is so fun to see what my favorite bloggers look like! Is your momma happy now? Your hair is adorable, even if it does turn up when you want it to curl under. Just be glad yours curls, mine doesn’t hold a curl after a half a can of super-extra-hold hairspray and 2 hours of curling it. (seriously, 2 hours of curling, for my senior pics, and it did not stay curled.)