Mrs. Dryer To The Rescue

I have gotten a lot of requests lately to mention individual giveaways y’all are doing on your blogs. I try to work in a promotion whenever I can, but there is just no way I can get to all of them unless I want to start a separate blog for giveaway promotions. Which, you know, I don’t. Because I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m A BIT BEHIND ON THE LAUNDRY.

Anyway, Shannon has come to the bloggy rescue. She’s hosting a giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA on her blog, and it’ll be a super easy way for you to promote your upcoming giveaways without having to rely on the likes of me. Since I am crazy and all.

You can find the details here.

Or, you know, just click on the dog.

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  1. Am I really first? Surely not. :)

    I love this idea. I have to think of something to give away!

  2. I’m in! And I already know what I’ll give. Oooh ~ this is exciting! Thanks! =)

  3. Thanks for the plug! ;)

  4. I can’t wait, this is gonna be great. Such a neat idea. Lots of chances to win that’s for sure.

  5. I’d like to give away my laundry…is that what you said we are doing?

  6. Bossy’s too hot to give anything away. Also too hot for contests, winning, losing, or leaving long commentzzzzzzzzzzz.