Mushy Gushy Goodness

I got an email today about a greeting card website called Mushy Gushy. Normally I would have just put the link in my “bloggy to-do” folder and looked at it later, but the email mentioned that you could cut a face from a personal photograph and paste it into a free e-card.

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Well, I checked it out – and y’all, it’s more fun! Just more fun! So much fun!

I had such a good time clicking around that I actually made a card, and even better – thanks to Mushy Gushy’s detailed photo cropping features – I was able to make my face thinner than it’s been since 1998.


So go have fun. It’s an adorable website.

Edited to add: I was clicking around on the site again a little bit ago, and I ran across one word you might not want the kids to see. It’s not a horrible word or anything, but if you look under the category labeled “interactive,” you’ll see what I’m talking about – you might not care for the context. So show the young’uns at your discretion – it could still be a really fun activity for parents and kids to do together if there’s proper supervision.

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  1. WOW!! I’m the first to comment tonight?? I’m going to go play right now. DD will love it tomorrow I’m sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love lipo-cropping on pictures!

  3. I will be putting in a full-sized photo for my greeting card. And thinning myself. And printing a hundred copies to send out before my next high school reunion, with regrets that I cannot attend. HA! Fun, fun stuff!

  4. JulieMom is a genuis! Too bad this wasn’t around before my reunion… Thanks for the link, BooMama!

  5. OH MY WORD!!! This is a certifiable HOOT!!

    Thanks so much for the information. My friends and family will soon tire of seeing both my smiling face and their smiling faces dancing joyfully around various and sundry e-cards, but OH! THE FUN!

  6. Oh this is adorable! Looking forward to being a procrastinator with this one! :)

  7. On my way now to check it out!!!!

  8. i just checked it out. fun – fun – fun. thanks for sharing it. if it’s okay with you, i’d like to share it as one of my “links of the day.”

  9. Man and here I’m gonna do it the hard way, Who knew cut and paste. I thought the only other option was nip and tuck.
    Have a great day!

  10. Sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to give it a try! I love your new hairdo! Very cute and stylish! I think you’ve found yourself a keeper as far as a new stylist (do they call them beauticians anymore or am I dating myself?!!) Anyway, reading through your posts (I haven’t been here for a couple of days), I got a good chuckle as always, and girlfriend, I needed that! Take care and God bless!

  11. now I’m all for anything that causes me to lose POUNDAGE in less than 5 minutes!!!

    Sheeesh…wish it really could be like that!

  12. I must be mushyin’ wrong because I can’t get past the head edit. I get to step 4 and,…nothing. Just nothing. ???
    (whose son’s head lingers in mushgushy land for the time being).

  13. I’m going there just for the cropping feature!

  14. You are so funny, just so funny! :-)

    Will have to check out the fun, fun, fun; thanks for the link.

  15. this site is soo cool! Thanks for posting about it =) Toni – after step 4 my head just popped into my head case and then I was able to drag it into the card I selected. Good luck!

  16. suzanne says:

    Hey that looks like such fun….and cropping away pounds? Gotta love that! Thanks!

  17. Anything that makes me lose 30 pounds in 5 minutes IS MY FRIEND!! I’ll just have to check it out!

  18. Man, I have been wasting my day on this website!! I’ve sent cards to 10 people!!!
    Thanks for the link!

  19. That was sooooo much fun! My husband laughed so hard over the card I sent him. I’ll be using that sight a lot!

    Georgia Mom

  20. Gina,
    “my head just popped into my HEAD CASE.” ROFLOL! Yep, I’m a head case (er, I have a head case, that is). I’ll try it. Thanks.

  21. Now THAT is a site worthy of my Procrastinations lens:

  22. Love your Procrastination site!! MushyGushy will definitely make a great addition…I’ve already spent HOURS on it!