Fun Bloggy Carnival

Mary at Owlhaven has a great blogging carnival going on this Friday. You can click on the house for more info, or you can click right here (you have clicking options! It’s like Christmas!).

And if you’ve never participated in a blog carnival before, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to some new readers and discover some new blogs all at the same time.

Also: I’ll be back in a minute or nine with some details about the Monk & Neagle CD giveaway that’s going to happen TOMORROW.





(sing it REAL BIG, sugar)


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  1. I’ll stop over and check it out. Never done a Carnival before!!

  2. You crack me up Boo, I will check it out, I need some new friends

  3. not sure what the carnival is but i’ll give it a try. and you have a beautiful voice – lol

  4. wheeeee riding the carnival ride wheeee

  5. Thank you for letting us know. I really enjoyed the last carnival I did, so I’ll definitely participate this time. :-)

  6. This is SO cool. (spoken like a true 13 yr. old.) How do I find out about more of these. BooMama, you need to do more of these. Do a photo one. Make everyone do a photo scavenger hunt. OOOH yes, that would be fun!!! I’d do it, but all 3 people who read mine would get bored.

  7. Did my profile pic. inspire that outburst into song? I am totally flattered. *snorts*

    I can’t wait to read your post about your growing’ up home. It must have been a fun place.