Love For Parker

Love for Parker

Click here for details on how you can help this precious little man.

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  1. How wonderful it would be to see a huge outpouring for this sweet little boy. Tammy has been under so much stress, for so long, I’d love to see her and her family get a little relief.

  2. Thank you for publicizing this. I know you can do fantastic things to help people, and this family is wonderful. Parker’s dad is a great principal at our elementary school and we just love him to death. I’m so excited to see the wonderful outpouring of love from your readers.

  3. Darling, I *heart* you. I’d give you a great big smoochy kiss, but you know how people in the blogosphere talk. :)

    Awww, let ’em talk. *smooch*

  4. Thank you so much. Since Melody is already smooching all over you I guess I’ll just have to settle for hugs. Big hugs.

    Now I just need to teach Parker how to sign BooMomma.

  5. Isn’t it wonderful that Melody is doing this!!! Thanks so much for spreading the word! :)

  6. Boo–

    Praise God you can use your readership to bless this family. My nephew has CP, and it’s an incredible strain on his parents. OF course, they totally love him and are blessed by him, but the pressures on these families are real, and are so great. Thanks for providing the link so I could donate and send a word of encouragement.
    As always, you are the bomb!!