Whatever Gets You Through


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  1. Boy- that must have been SOME Adventure he was on.

  2. Next time I can’t sleep I am totally going to find my Spiderman kickboard.

    Bless his heart.

  3. that boy is as crazy as his mama. first the cds on the finger about cracked me up. now the goggles. he is priceless.

  4. Perhaps he is worried about your home suddenly being plunged into water and he is only trying to be prepared.

    Very cute pic.

  5. The story of a boy, a frog, a kickboard and some goggles. Coming soon to a theater near you. ;-)

    He’s adorable, S. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  6. they find the funniest things to fall asleep with.

    One night I went into my daughter’s room and she was laying in her baby doll’s cradle.

    Which was not even close to her size…


  7. ADORABLE! He looks comfy though, LOL

  8. Oh, look at him! You wore him out! :)

  9. In 20 years he’s going to tell all his friends about his great childhood. He will be able to prove it with pictures!

  10. Don’t you love the way they just drop when they run out of steam? How cute he is!

  11. LOVE it!

  12. awww – that is adorable. He totally needs that spiderman floaty suit I saw on the A. impersonator – ha ha!

  13. Can’t be a superhero ALL the time…:)

  14. Even superhero’s need to recharge!

    Too cute!

  15. this is so how i feel some days…

  16. dreaming of reese just passing out like that without the “you need a nap even if you don’t feel like it battle”.

  17. suzanne says:

    Yes, I can relate…often when I’m wearing my goggles and holding onto spiderman, I just need a quick nap….that’s really all it takes and I’m back on Superhero duty…..

    What an adorable ‘lil man!!! He just quits whatever’s he’s doing for a quick snooze…..and then he’s up at ’em again!

  18. Children are the sweetest, cutest, little boogers! :)

  19. Ha! He was planning some serious fun during naptime. :-)

  20. That’s adorable.

    OK now ‘splain how you got him to just zonk out. LOL. My boys won’t stop going and going.

  21. That is a classic.

  22. He’ll need the goggles and kickboard to swim out of that huge pool of sugar that’s dripping off him. Too sweet!

  23. He is having some fun dreams here.

  24. I’m desperate enough for a good night’s sleep that I might try that. It couldn’t hurt!!

  25. Froggy wenta courtin’ and he did ride his Spiderman kickboard.


  26. Ouch. Did his ear hurt when he woke up?

  27. Great picture! That is the best kind of nap….when they are wore smooth out!!

  28. Nothin’ says relaxation like goggles, a stuffed frog and a spiderman thing (what is that, anyway?) :-)

  29. So did you wake him with a bucket of water? I mean, he had the goggles and all.

  30. OK this is just adorable! :0)


  31. oddly this picture stayed on my mind for a few days and i decided you must be posing him in these hilarious ways just for photo opportunities.

    did he really fall asleep with his goggles on?

  32. AMEN SISTER! You can’t even imagine the crazy things I find in my little one’s bed after his nap…

  33. Sometimes you just need to curl up with a good friend and protect your eyes! :)

  34. I love it. My 6 almost 7 year old still likes to sleep with either bunny ears or a Santa hat on. We even bought her the American girl doll PJ’s with the night cap because she likes wearing them to bed. Treasure the moments!

  35. Just this past weekend, my son wanted to wear his goggles to naptime and I told him he could snuggle up with them and his blanket. Little did I know he actually meant he wanted to WEAR them to sleep! When he woke up, his goggles were all fogged up! One night he woke up crying because he couldn’t find his mini plastic cow his teacher had given him at school! Aren’t they such hoot?!

  36. “whatever gets you through”…I love it! If this were a picture of me, I’d probably be cuddling with a bowl of chips and queso.