Just Like The Church Bulletin, Only Not

There’s a post on the way (eventually. really. I promise.), but I had to get these links out of my system first.

– Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away a big ole flat screen TV courtesy of Best Buy.

Cindy is taking issue with the fact that I referred to Mandisa as my pretend-BFF. And it CRACKS ME UP.

Why Mommy was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer six weeks ago, and she has some important information for all of us (link courtesy of Janice).

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  1. pretend bff’s are all the rage. I have many.

  2. What’s a bff ?
    I’ve seen this term everywhere but have no idea what it means

  3. Why Boomama, if I’d known you and all your friends were coming over, I’d have baked a cake!

    You increased my daily visitors by more than 500 so far today. You are powerful, woman!

    It’s been fun running with the big dogs on blogtopspots today. Made it out of the 200s into the teens. ;) Tomorrow I’ll be back in the nether regions, but I’ll always look back on our Mandisa days with fondness. Especially when she and I get together to shop and we talk about how you wish you could be with us.

  4. BooMama,

    You are powerful! Your readers are coming to my site by the hundreds, and learning about the signs of inflammatory breast cancer. This is awesome. Thank you so much for picking up the link! (It’s so important to read about because it looks like MASTITIS …. and you don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer!)


  5. Wow, after reading the comments–wow! Didn’t think of blogging as such a powerful way to get IMPORTANT info out to women. Keep up the PSAs. You rock! I love reading yours and big mama’s blogs–thanks for the smiles and now the public service announcements. Spreading some good out there and I appreciate you.