Psalm 42

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  1. That is one of my favorite songs from growing up.

    Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.

  2. I dont know why…. it made me cry tonight.. but a good cry.

  3. Wow…thanks for that, Boo. I grew up singing that song & DO loves it. REALLY enjoyed their fresh take on it. What a peaceful reminder on an early, rainy, Sunday morning.

  4. thank you.

  5. Why, we just had church in the computer room here. Thank you!


  6. i, too, love this song. brings back lots of good memories. our church doesn’t sing it very often like my old curch did. this is the second youtube video i’ve seen today showcasing a praise song. yay God! thanks for sharing.

  7. this was great. thanks for posting it. i have a brand new “weight loss” blog. at check me out, i need support!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  9. That was the first real song I learned to play on the piano. I think it’s still in my fingers, somewhere. :)

  10. Love it… thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, favorite song from growing up. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks Friend! I just listened and sang from my heart today…thank you!

  13. I haven’t heard that song in forever. What a great version of it!

  14. Can Salvadore be MY pretend BFF?


  15. WeevilMaw says:

    wow thanks that is just beautiful. I’m thinking you could cover the tambourine part, maybe you should contact them and offer your tambourine services!!!

  16. I love that our soul’s cravings are only fulfilled by Him. It is Christ that we are so desperately hungry for. May our appeptites be turned to the right direction!

  17. That is probably my most favorite of all time. Thanks for sharing, you have added a little something special to my day that wasn’t there before.