An Unsolicited Helpful Hint

If you have a Better Batter and a baseball glove, you can keep two four year-old boys happily occupied for the rest of your earthly days.

Or, at the very least, for several hours on a hot summer day.

Just in case you were wondering.

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  1. I’m so glad that he is STILL enjoying that!! XOXO!

  2. I must get one because mine are currently entertaining themselves by slamming the bedroom door dangerously close to their little fingers. What am I doing while this is happening? Blogging, of course!

  3. Amen on that Better Batter!!! I don’t know how I survived last summer without one! Heck, I can even hit the ball now!!!

  4. I’m taking notes!!!!!

  5. It is a great product! My 3 year old son and 30 year old husband just LOVE it!

    (seriously, he asked for it for Father’s Day!)

  6. I have neither, but will file this for any of my friends with boys who may need the info!

  7. What is a Better BAtter???? And how can I get one? Mine have occupied themselves inside today with the RAIN by “torturing” the puppies doctoring them. Why dont the kiddie dr kits have implements too small or large for puppies???? Oh and they have also been pretending they are alligators chasing each other by belly crawling around the house….Calgon take me awaaaaaayyyyyyyy

  8. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Hmmm. Wonderful idea! I’ll keep that idea stowed away in the ole noggin for my sports lovin’ little girl.


  9. I know a 4 year old little man that would benefit greatly from such a wonderful invention!

  10. J got a small RC helicopter today that sounds like a blender set to “Rock and Roll Show.”

    Got any “Better Ear Plugs”?!

    Hey- BigMama!

    I got your rain here. Come get it.

  11. Oh my word! Why did they not have these when my 10 yr old and 9 yr old were younger! Now they use bigger toys though, like the Hit A Way! It’s awesome too!!!

  12. What a cool thing! Maybe that will help pay for a great education at the best college on earth one day….and you will have the best seat in the left field lounge, and be giving out high fives to everybody there!!

  13. If you happen to have a soaking tub the size of a baby pool, you can keep a 21-month old very, VERY happy for a couple hours on a very hot afternoon … because he’s “Wimin!” … in an indoor pool made just for him! ;-)

  14. i needed that tip, actually! ;)


  15. I thought for sure you were going to say something about buying some bitter butter that made your batter bitter. But if you buy some better butter, butter that is not bitter, it will make your batter better, better than the bitter butter.

    Or something like that.

    So you can imagine that the glove thing totally threw me off!

    I’ll have to check that out. It’s a toss right now b/t that and a tetherball. I’m serious! Tetherball.

    Thanks for a fun afternoon of reading your blog! I’ll have to stop by again!