Four And A Quarter

– “Mama? I want a SUPER BIG HUG!”

– “Mama, I love you all much.”


– “Oh, I MISSED YOU when you went to the store and before you came back and I’m SO glad you’re home.”

– “Let’s dance.”

– “I love movies, Mama. They’re my favorite.”

– “I love bananas, Mama. They’re my favorite.”

– “I love quesadillas, Mama. They’re my favorite.”

– “I love milk, Mama. It’s my favorite.”

– “YES MA’AM, Your Highness!” (I promise I didn’t teach him the “your highness” thing. Promise.)

– “Well, we certainly CAN have a snack when we get home. That will be fun!”

– “Dear God. Thank you for Boo and BooAlex and Alex. Thank you for Mama and BooMama and S. Thank you for Daddy and BooDaddy and D.”

– “Mama? You’re my favorite girl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.”

And you know what? He’s my favorite boy.

Feel free to share your favorite young’un one-liners in the comments.

And then go give said young’un lots of sweet sugar. And a SUPER BIG HUG.

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  1. those are precious. i just love hearing them talk. i love hearing my 2 year old call, “girls” to get his sisters’ attention. and “yook mama” (look) it’s the cutest word.

  2. jeanine says:

    from my 7 year old…”I love you so much in the hole wide world”
    from my 6 year old…”mama, you are SO mama-ish!”
    from my 2 year old…”I luss my Mommy!”
    from my 10 month old…ok no words there, but his skinny little arms around my neck speak volumes.

    I could eat ’em up!

  3. “Identificate Yourself”
    Heard from my 12-year old son as he shined a flashlight into the eyes of our Lassie Look-alike dog, Lexi.
    (guess it was shake down time)

  4. My favorite favorite favorite happened just this past Saturday.
    From the backseat of our car, my two year old piped up with, “Mama, you can be my super hero!”
    Now if that doesn’t give you goose bumps, you need to make an appointment with a cardiologist because it is highly likely that you have no heart. :)

  5. Not gettin’ much out of him yet…
    “Mama” is my favorite.
    Though. “Mo!” (that would be “more”) runs a close second!

  6. Jonathan (at 13): “Do you need a hug? Cause I know a guy …”

    Kati (since she could talk- hehe): “Yes I AM the princess of the universe, thankyouverymuch”

    Kati (today): “I’m sick of being a teenage girl.” And yes, it’s PMS time.

    Jonathan: “We’re all sick of you being a teenage girl. Uh, I mean, cramps are bad, huh?” Good save, buster.

    Jonathan: “Mom, when I’m 18 and if you’re still sick, I’m giving you my kidney as my birthday present. Get over it now.”

  7. those quotes are great!!!

    when she was 3, my daughter said while in the car, “daddy needs to slow down because my hair clips are falling out!”

    and she used to call her pig tails “pony pigs”…that has always been a favorite.

  8. From my 4-year-old son:

    “Mommy I love you THIS much (arms held wide, all the way behind his back), today, and forever mommy…forever.”

    “Mommy, did God make the way for us to go to school? Because God made everything, so did he Mommy? Did he make that stop sign Mommy? Did He?” Followed by 100 more “did He’s?”.

  9. My 3 year old twin girl requested a “TooTat” instead of a tattoo…My 3 year old boy twin says, I love me instead of I love you. My 8 year old girl couldn’t say “This Much” when she was little so she has always told us she loves us Mit Much and well…she still says it…My 6 year old…well, he is unbelievably precious…and gives me oberts instead of zerberts…he couldn’t say zerbert…Love those baby’s! The latest funny in our house is that youngest boy has decided he MUST have his stuffed pig AND his raincoat (2 or 3 sizes too small) to go to sleep…

  10. Most recent – my three year old with his memory verse: “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from SKEEPING lies”.

    Both my boys continue to call the morning meal “brek-stis”. It’s too cute to correct!

  11. My favorite from awhile back “Daddy, when you went through that red light, did you break the LAW?” I just had to laugh.

  12. My then 3-year-old daugther’s song (in her best pixie voice) ~ “Once upon a time there was a Mommy and I loved her and see loved me”. She’s now 11 and we still sing it :)

  13. I meant “she loved me” in the last post…not “see love me”… and now she would say (if she was reading this)…”duh, Mom” :)

  14. …along with that ‘look’ comment – my boy says “nook at me, Mommy.”

  15. We were running late for church. I rushed in the bathroom where my 6 year old son was styling his hair in a very Arthur Fonzarelli manner. I was exclaiming about the time: “Oh, my gosh!” He replied, “I’m not ‘Oh, my gosh’, I’m ‘ooh, la, la'”. And he SO is. Could just eat them up!

  16. My son keeps his milk in the frigalator.

  17. I love it when my 3 year old says “I wanna hold ju momma!”

  18. Two favorites from my 6 year old…

    “No! I want to eat like a human being, just PANCAKES AND MEAT!”

    Another time my husband had put cologne on and he asked my 6 year old if he smelled good. He replied, “Well, I think you stink, but you smell good for a grown up.”

    My 3 year old will periodically say, “Um Dada (or Mama) (pause here waiting for us to say yes), “I lub you” Melts our hearts every time.

  19. 4 year old, “Never fear, Super Will is here.”

    2.5 year old-
    -“Thank you, Jesus, for bringing my food. Amen.”
    -“I love YOU!”
    -When he’s in trouble – “I forgive you.” Still trying to get that one straightned out.

  20. I’ve gotta give you 2 of my favorite from my 5-year-old son: “Daddy, you’re my favorite daddy in the whole wide world!” and “I’m so glad God made you my dad.”

    That second one gets me every time…

  21. When she was three, my daughter came up with a great phrase for past events – they happened “a long day ago”.

  22. -Mamma I need a hug, I have a tear.

    My 2yr old. How cute is that.

  23. Those are adorable. These are my favorites from my kids right now.

    5yo daughter –

    “I’m just a girl..” (Said forlornly in a fairy-tale way along with batting of eyelashes. Usually while wearing a princess dress.)

    3yo son has some cute mispronunciations –

    Puck = cup
    Tiss = kiss
    I lubboo = I love you

  24. “Mom, I love you… but I love Nana more.”


  25. Anonymous says:

    Mom…how come your stomach has two parts? (referring to the indention in the middle – as opposed to the flat “model” stomach). :-)

  26. Janet (aka JT) says:

    “You’re the best Mommy in the whole white world.” from Anna Grace, my 5-year-old, and NO, we’re not racist.

    “What do you call those things again, Mommy…you know, your “puffs?” from my oldest boy when he was 7, wanting to know the proper word for my breasts.

    “I’m gonna miss you so much that I’m gonna cry a river of tears until water fills up the whole earth and I drown and DIE.” from my middle boy, clearly the most dramatic, EVERY stinkin’ time I left the house for 2 years. Now he just kisses me a zillion times before I leave the house for HEB or wherever.

  27. My two year old son luuuuvs “Led-o-nade”. Me too. ;) And his favorite color is “gween.” And he loves it when I turn on “horsey music”–that’s classical music, as opposed to “cowboy music”, which is country music–which he also likes. I just love it when they can start expressin’ their little personalities in their own words. Precious.

  28. My all time favorite:

    Parker has a certain therapist that just isn’t one of his favorite people in the world.

    When therapist walks in the door Parker will take one look at her and then look at me and sign “Monster!”

    He’s been known to do that to doctors that are trying to examine him too.

    When you are a non-verbal 19 pound 2.5 year old, sometimes you gotta get really creative in order to get your message across.

  29. hmmm…
    K told me the other day that he loves me “much long mama”

    T is my comedian, he wants me to go hunt the big daddy alligator in our “riber” I tried to tell him there are no alligators in our river and his response is “yeah cause the sharks ate them”

    remind me not to swim in that river anytime soon!!!

  30. I think I’m going to have to steal that “Your highness” thing. Maybe it will cut down on the backtalk around here from one seven year old princess.


  31. From my 5 year old son as I was teaching him how to spell his full “real name” as opposed to his nickname: “But, mama…what’s my knick-knack name again?”

    From my 2-1/2 year old: “I goin’ potty on myhelf!!!” (She doesn’t say her s’s) and “I’ll bit it wit you” (I’ll split it with you)

  32. From my 27 mo old…

    *”I Lu Choo!”
    *With elbows on the table and hands clasped and eyes trying their hardest to stay closed without peeking to see who is watching her….”Tank you Gad, fo da food, A-MEN!

    and from my 12 mo old…

    “MMMMM-AAAAAA” and planting a slobbery kiss on my face!

  33. Once upon a time on a sunny day…

    “Look, Mom! Jesus is out!”

    “What do you mean, hunny?”

    “You know – the SON! The SON is out! Jesus is out!”

    I didn’t have the heart to instruct him on the difference between sun/son. Besides, he was right, don’cha think?

  34. When my youngest was around 3, Daddy’s often present “coffee cup” was his “fawkey puck.” She still gets a few things backwards at 9, but she’s doing fine. :)
    Our other favorite from her, at the age of 2 1/2, ” Wook!! Smismas Wights!”

  35. My 5 year old daughter asked for a long sleeved shirt the other day because:

    “It’s cool outside. Not like, ‘YO! YO!’ cool, but like, cold cool.

    Because, apparently, we always talk ‘gangsta’ at my house.

  36. My mother was getting my nephew something to eat. Every time my nephew gets his own treat my mother always tells him he had gotten way to much. So this time when my mother asked him how much peanut butter with choc. chips he wanted his answer was “way to much” as if that is really a serving portion. Don’t you just love it.
    Another comment comes from my cousins oldest daughter. I had just spent 48 hours with them in Florida. I was returning to Texas. When Caroline got to church she was really upset. Her parents asked her what was wrong. Caroline said this is the saddest church day ever! When they asked her why, she said “because whenever we get home Jeannette won’t be there and our house will be so empty!” Then not to be out done, that evening her daddy was saying prayers with her younger brother. Matthew prayed that “Jet” would fly back to Florida the next day to play.

  37. Ok, a few weeks ago, one of my then 6 year old twin boys was singing the song by Little Big Town ~Boondocks~ I, knowing most of the words, which is unusual for me, started singing, “I was born and raised in the boondocks.” He said, “Mom, that’s not how it goes, it’s “but now.” What? Born and raised in the but now? I finally convinced him it was boondocks. We still laugh about the “but now” even now!!

  38. “Momma, you have a little smile on the side of your face.”
    -Reece, age 5, noticing crow’s feet as I tucked him in.


  39. Since my boy has turned 5 (6 days ago), he is Mr. Affectionate. He’s always enjoyed being the receiver, now he’s the giver. And I am a willing recipient. Even if it’s at 5am when the spirit moves him. Even if those 5am kisses come 4 days in a row. Or 34 times a day. I can’t get enough because I know one day they will end as quickly as they started. I will enjoy them for the blessings they are to me.

  40. I’ve got one son, now 14, who has had creative speech from the beginning. Deer had “deer sticks” instead of antlers, airplane lights were “pipping” instead of blinking. Socks and underwear are “clothing condiments” and just as mispellings are “typos”, he calls mis-speakings “talkos”. He has changed our family’s lexicon permanently and keeps us in stitches.

  41. When my oldest was a little kiddo she used to eat ‘hangaburs and lunchflies’ and follow it up with a poppilop for dessert.
    My second daughter was very fond of
    ‘quac and moldy’ (guacamole) when she was young.

    But, my favorites were how each of my kiddos all developed their own way of saying how very much they loved us. Here’s a sample:
    Kiddo A: I love you as big as the sky!
    Kiddo B: I love you in the best whole world!
    Kiddo C: I love you in the whole contire (entire) world.
    Kiddo D: I love you in-fibby-ibby-yon! (to infinite and beyond)

  42. My oldest daughter is more quiet and reserved. One day she’s telling her younger sister “you’re more outgoing and talkative like Mommy. I’m more quiet and shy like Daddy. That’s just the way it is”. I asked her where she heard that (because it’s something DH and I talk about) and she says “You only think I’m not listening, but I AM!” I’m more careful what I talk about around her.

    My 5 year old: “You the bestest Mommy I ever wanted!” or “Mommy don’t leave me at VBS. I missed you too much!” or “I love you all the way to the moon and back and heaven and back and the moon and back one gigillion times!”

  43. Cerys to the bag of parmesan cheese yesterday- “God, you in der? I gonna find you!”

  44. These are GREAT!

    From my now 9yos when he was little, “Be Thou exhuasted! By sheriffs and DANGER!”

    From my 7yos recently while really chiding my darling pretty hard and him telling me I’m trying to run his pressure up, “Of course she is! She’s your wife~that’s her JOB!”

    From my 4yos a year or so ago while giving me dandelions, “I gonna get you ‘nother one for yer other ear, then you be SUPERMAYAN! You FLY!”

    From my 15mog, “Can I be exCUSED?” Not said perfectly, but I recognized it by the EXACT intonation used by her brethren!

    (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  45. My daughter will be 2 in a month. I heard her singing this from the back seat of the car a few weeks ago: “Paise him, Paise him aw wee wittle childwen, God is up, God is up”

    Ummmmm, she’s a singing prodigy for sure.

  46. “You’re wrong Mom. You’re just wrong.” And he’s only 5.

  47. A little converstaion I overheard between my 5yr old daughter and her Grandma. (So cute I posted it on my own blog last week!)

    Zoe: Nana, you are a Rock Star.

    Nana: What did you say honey?

    Zoe: I said you are a Rock Star. (Leaving the kitchen, therefore leaving the conversation.)

    Grandpa: (to Nana) What did she say?

    Nana: She said I am a Rock Star…I think that means something good.

  48. With 5 little ones in a row, the thrift store was used a LOT! While driving with Dan, about 5 at the time, we went by the bakery thrift store, and I mentioned that I needed to stop there. He said, SO forlornly, Mom, are we buying USED FOOD? (Picture a roll with a bite out of it!)

    This is just the Central Texas Fan Club commenting on SweetBoo’s blog. Love you!

  49. my husband discovered our 4-year old son SATURATNG himself in cologne before bedtime.

    When asked why he did that, he responded: “so I can dream about chicks digging me.”

    heaven help me.

  50. As I was reading your post, I was hearing:

    Mama, I love you so vewy much.

    Mama, you are my best fweind.

    – Sigh –

    Mama, I done wanna eat my brestist. (Breakfast.)

  51. Mom ~ I know today would be a great day to have ice cream for BREAKFAST!

  52. My 5yo after watching Safety Patrol on Disney:

    “Mom, talking on the phone while you’re driving is a DISTRACTION. I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

    My 2yo: “Can I have some chocolate nilk? No plain nilk, CHOCOLATE NILK.”

  53. When my now almost 18yo son was 7 he told me “Mommy, when I grow up I’m going to save the rainforest. Because the cocoa bean grows in the rain forest and I’m have a mom and sisters and I’m going to have a wife one day, and we can’t run out of chocolate.”
    He’s one smart kid! (literally, super smart, Harvard smart!)

  54. that is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

  55. Mommy, move off the computer – I need to get on and check my mail….. from the mouth of my just turned 4 year old!

  56. From my just turned 3 year old…

    “Mommy, Can I have a piggy bank ride?”

  57. Katiebod – OMG, that is HILARIOUS!!!

  58. Oh where to begin…My 3 yr old mixes “a little while” and “in a minute” to “a little minute.” She told me she liked my “booby-thing” AKA a bra. The best, though, was asking for a “Sajudu.” It took me three weeks to figure out that she was asking for a sucker. Her brother, who is 20 months, is still called “baby braloo” instead of baby brother. He doesn’t have much of a vocabulary yet, but “Please” sounds like “cheese.” They bring me pure joy.

  59. From my niece the other day (I had showed her my ultrasound picture earlier in the day) Anyway, I showed her my new chihuahua puppy, and she said, “Is that the baby from your tummy?” It was too hilarious!

  60. Boys are awesome! I just had this same realization myself yesterday with my son.

    Here was my post…

    He loves to say “this is the best day ever!”

  61. My 1yo only has a few words, so I don’t really have anything to contribute, but I’ve really enjoyed – and laughed out loud at – all of these!

  62. So fun!
    4 yr old-
    “You’re the best mommy EVER!” (if he only knew the spiritual giants I know he’d rephrase the end to say “that’s mine”)

    “I SO have to go potty!”

    “Well, actually I want to read this one.”

    And my husband let him have some nuts and washers that he used for work and he calls them “peanuts and washers” My daughter, 7, was laughing about that one.

    (Hands raised halfway) “Don’t look at me!”

  63. Precious, very very precious!
    Can’t wait ’til that quarter comes with our Tabor, who just turned four.
    Have a wonderful day, Your Highness, Ma’am.
    And I love that He knows Scripture at 4 and a quarter!

  64. My three-year-old favorite phrase — usually comes up when she’s especially tired, or needing a little reassurance or just HAS to say something and can’t think of anything else …

    “I love you. You’re my best friend.”

    Except it usually comes out as, “Iloveyou,you’remybestfriend.”

    I hope she always thinks so…

  65. My 3-year-old, when she found some money, said, “This is God’s money. We need to give it to Him.”

    My 5-year-old daughter’s reply? “No it’s not. It’s my money. I collect it!”

  66. One of my friend’s daughters was 3 yrs. old around Christmas time. She overheard Mandy singing “…later on, milk and spiders as we dream by the fire.” ( a line from Walking In A Winter Wonderland –Mandy’s version)

  67. I know my kids have a bezillion of one liners, but the ones that come to mind first are:

    when daughter was little (now 10 going on 23) and was hot, she’d say “Mom, I’m sweatin up” Boy did that mean she was done.

    My son, ever since he was like 3, now 7, says “Uncle Mark, get set, go!” to begin anything. Uncle Mark loves it of course! He also always says “yesterday night” instead of last night.

  68. Said by 3-year-old Gray to the whopping bowl of chocolate ice cream his grandmother had just given him:

    “Come to Papa!”

  69. My 2 year old is precious when she sings:
    “Gory Gory Ha-wey-wu-yah H’weigns weigns”
    Translated:(Glory Glory Hallelujah He reigns. He reigns)

    And also when she says: “Mama ook- shwek!(Shrek)” everytime we are in the store and she sees everything that has Shrek on it (which is about everything).

  70. I just thought this was sweet, my Pastor shared what is now teenage son gave him one day while he was working.

    On a piece of paper he wrote,

    ” To: Dad, From: Taylor
    Love you.”

    He still has it in his bible too.

    Isn’t that just precious:)

  71. My daughter has started saying, “It’s been such a long day since I’ve seen you!” Which I translate into, “Momma, I missed you!”

  72. We’re not to the one liners here yet. More like the one worders. But reading this makes me realize I can’t wait. Oh the fodder I have to look forward to!

  73. I just thought of another one as I was reading the comments. My daughter is 4 and she calls pig tails, pink tails. Before I discovered this I had asked her if she wanted me to fix her hair in pig tails and she said, “Nah, I want yellow tails, not pink tails.

  74. Lah-lu!

    That’s “I Love You” in 21-month-old-eese!

  75. Top 5 reasons I love being a Mom spoke from my almost 2 yr old.

    5. “Le’ Ball” = the ball
    4. “Mimi ga Nigh-Nigh” = Mimi (my mom) go night night.
    3. “Dee-Doo”= Thank You
    2. “OH-NO”= every other second.

    and the number one reason I love being a Mom:

    1. “Hi, Go” = Hi car. ( I yell at cars to “go” on the freeway- so she thinks they are called “Go’s” nice huh?

  76. My three year old son: Mommy, you’re bee-you-tee-ful.

  77. I think I may have posted this one before, but it’s worth repeating… we were out at Mother’s Day brunch, and my sister asked me if I’d take my 4yo niece (who has poop issues) to the bathroom, since she’d just taken her 10 minutes earlier. Of course, when we got in there, she had to poop. Suddenly, from the stall, I heard, “Sandy?” “Yes?” “I POOPED!” “Awesome!” “My mom will be so proud of me!” Then the toilet in the stall next to her flushed and the woman came out, cracking up. “She just made my day!”

  78. My 2 year old told me to “Turn off the hot!” when we were getting into the van the other day.

    My (then) 4 year old once asked if she was a “Finger-Princess of God.” We were listening to SCC at the time.

  79. Ben (age 4): “Mama, let’s talk a minute.”
    (He says this almost every time he sits on the sofa beside me.)
    “Mama, I “yike” your shoes. Those are sooo cute.”
    “Mama, you so pwetty.”
    “Mama, did you have a good day runnin’?” (He asks this whenever I walk in with ipod on and sweat dripping down my shirt….as if I run for an entire 12 hrs.)

  80. The other day when asked to do go clean up his playroom, the 4 year-old little guy I babysit just closed his eyes, lowered his head and said, “I’ll do it…(hand shoots up in the air)…tomorrah.” He’s all about the drama.

  81. Bailey's Leaf says:

    When our roof was damaged by golfball/softball sized hail in June and the insurance adjuster and roofing contractor were meeting us about it, my daughter told them, “Hi, I’m K-. Our roof is bruised and our gutters cry.” (The hail shot holes through our gutters.)

    In regard to a sore that she had. “Mommy, I took the top off.”

    “I’ve got a booger in my nose and I’ve got to go in.”

    And our favorite (there are more) is when she goes potty, and I’m talking the big one. She announces to us that she needs her “Pack-a-cheese.” Translation- privacy. :)

    How old is my little pack-a-cheese? 3 1/2.

  82. My youngest keeps making up secret codes for me to say before she goes to bed. The latest is:


    (I love you, Mommy. So,so,so,so,so,so much. To the moon and back.)

    And my oldest has a nice refrain of
    “Why?” “Why do I have to?” “But Mommy…”
    Almost as sweet as her sister.

  83. From the 4 year old “Mummy didn’t you born me?

  84. So cute! Love how he prays for y’all with not only your real names but your pseudonyms as well. I mean, God might not know who S. is but I’m pretty sure he reads boomama on a daily basis! ;-)

    BTW, my four year old lets everyone know that she is “allergic to cat milk”. For the record, she’s not allergic to any dairy products that I know of, feline or otherwise. :D

  85. Collie Girl says:

    FAVE from my nephew who was told by older brother to shut the door. Little one FALLS OUT yelling, “I am NOT an alien!”. When asked by mom what that means, he says, “I only have TWO hands!”

    He’s always coming up with something.

    Car trip in the Philadephia, MS heat with NO AIR CONDITIONER (windows down):
    “Mom, are those guys Cha-Tahs or Yo-Bros?”

    No we don’t use Chatah for Choctaws or YoBro for blacks!

    My sister could write a book on his sayings!

  86. Saturday me four year old little girl wasn’t feeling good. She’d already thrown up and then peed, yes all over me. So we settled in to take it easy that evening and watch the wonderful world of Disney movie coming on TV. When the commercials took awhile she said, “Mommy, when’s Princess Diarrea gonna be on?” Bout peed my own pants laughin’ so hard!

  87. My 21-month-old firecracker of a daughter says “Don’ do dat, dood!”

    Translation: “Don’t do that, dude!”

    Where did she get that, you ask? Why, yes, her 31-year-old mother DOES in fact use the word “dude” in everyday vernacular…