They Are, In Short, Our TV-Watching Antitheses

Last weekend D. was talking to his brother – who is married to Rose, the “Reggie & Kathleen” fan – and D.’s brother was telling D. all about a recent trip he and Rose had taken to Canada.

My brother-in-law mentioned that they had more time than usual for rest and relaxation, and so, in a fit of novelty, he decided that he’d turn on the television in their hotel room.

And then he said:

“When I was watching TV, I saw this show – I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it – but it was the funniest thing! They played about four of this show in a row, and gosh, I really laughed. I did! It was hilarious! Have you ever heard of a show called, um, Everybody Loves Raymond or something like that?”

Don’t think for one second that I’m kidding.

So, in light of Scott’s exciting new discovery, I would just like to say, “Welcome, Scott, to 1996.”

Plus, you know, ELEVEN YEARS.

And you’re gonna love this show called American Idol.

When you catch the re-runs in 2013.

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  1. Man, and I thought I was behind the TV-watching times… hee hee!

  2. And by the way, that thing on the nightstand with all of the buttons on it…it will CHANGE THE CHANNELS FOR YOU…

    Yay Raymond, still got it after all of these years…of syndication!

  3. Wait until he sees “Friends”! He’ll love it!

  4. Oooo, I love when people take trips to Canada…me being Canadian and all. All I could think about (besides the obvious humor at the fact that he discovered a “new show”) was, “I wonder where they went? I wonder if they loved it?” Because I love it. Yes, I’m very patriotic towards our land like that :)

    and PS: that whole Howard story is hilarious :)

  5. Wowza!

    Is he also sportin’ a mullet and drivin’ an El Camino?

  6. Well, I guess it’s good to know that Everybody Loves Raymond – even 11 plus years later. ;) I watch little enough TV I can certainly imagine not having seen it – but it is hard to believe that he has never HEARD of it. :) LOL!

  7. Wait till the spinoff … he’ll be thrilled!

  8. Lordy! Don’t tell him that Peter Boyle has passed away or it’ll down right ruin it for him!

  9. OK, your readers’ comments are hilarious. “that thing on the nightstand with all the buttons on it…” ha ha. Hilarious.

  10. Have you broken the news to him that J.R. got shot? Better have him sitting down.

  11. Oooh, and it’s not even THAT funny! ;-)

    You should probably go ahead and warn them ’bout the whole HD thing… or they won’t be watching many reruns in 2013!

  12. BwaHaHaHaHaHa!

  13. He’ll be crushed when he finds out that “Fame” is canceled, won’t he.

  14. Now that’s funny! Smiles all around.

  15. that is too funny!

    Maybe in 10 years he’ll discover Bob Barker retired from Price is Right too!

  16. You gotta be kidding! That’s so funny! Well, they have a lot of great episode to catch up on and enjoy! ELR still cracks me up!

  17. Isn’t the Rose the one who “doesn’t do computers?”

    So, they are easing into the technology, obviously….

  18. Wow–I never felt like a TV junkie until now. You are right wait until he discovers Friends.

    I was sorry to hear about Peter Boyle too.

  19. Seems like me and Scott would get along JUST FINE, even if you turned me into an AI freak for about 6 weeks last spring.

    Yes, I’m better now.

  20. Tell him “L” for love – not loser. Why no I didn’t just call him a dork I said bless his heart – well same thing.

  21. What? It’s a show? Nevah EVAH seen it.

    You’re shocked, I know.


  22. My mom needs to read this–that was her, back in 1996, and she literally never watched TV. Fast forward 11 years: she Tivos about 83 shows each week, and now I’m the one asking her, “So what’s that new show I’ve heard about, ‘Survivor,’ or something like that??” :-)

  23. No disrespect, but what planet have these people been living on? They don’t do the internet and Raymond is a novelty?
    It’s a good thing y’all have kids or you’d have nothing to talk about at family functions, yes?

  24. I love ELR! Especially living in Rhode Island. I have a friend who’s parents are Italian/Portugese. They are hilarious and don’t even know it!!

  25. That is so hilarious! I have to admit, while I know what the show is, I have never seen a full episode, but I would recognize it if I saw it. Just wait till they find Seinfeld!

  26. Don’t laugh, but I’ve never seen the show, I do KNOW about it, just never watch it. Do they own a TV?

    Did Alex ever get his swim instructor corrected on his name?

  27. I’ve always said that TV viewing was underrated: now this is proof.

  28. That is my husband’s favorite show! We have Season 1 and Season 3 on DVD. He was thrilled. Still looking for Season 2. But that doesn’t stop him from watching it when it’s on tv. That and According to Jim.

  29. This makes me feel a little better.

    Tonight my mom and I had a girls’ night out, and the subject of Brittany Spears came up (from me), and my mom said, “Oh, is she divorced?”

    And I felt terribly shallow for knowing the answer to that question…

  30. Hilarious! :)

  31. This is hilarious! I am laughing so hard right now. Which means I haven’t stopped laughing in a while since I’m still laughing from the Howard post!