Freeing Up Some Short Term Memory

– Y’all know that I love me some Nichole Nordeman because, well, she’s been my pretend-BFF for about seven years now. We’ve been through a LOT together, even if she doesn’t know about, well, any of it.

A few weeks ago someone told me about an article Nichole Nordeman wrote, but I only recently got around to reading it. It’s a really insightful look at the role image plays in the Christian music business, and I thought you internets might enjoy it. There’s a neat story from Chris Tomlin in there, too.

– Is anyone else watching “Design Star” on HGTV? And if so, have you been as disappointed in it as I have been? I mean, I know it’s just a reality show, but I feel like they’re eliminating people right and left, speeding up the process to the point where I don’t have a sense of who any of the contestants are.


Like, for instance, me.

And, um, hello? They haven’t done any projects that I’ve thought were terribly attractive (with the exception of what they did with the loft’s dining room on episode one). On the whole, it’s just been a pretty eh television experience.

This saddens me.

Monk & Neagle are in Nashville tonight with Bebo Norman and Shane & Shane – then in Atlanta this Sunday night (and in South Carolina in between).

Just a friendly reminder because I care about you and your musical well-being.

And by the way, Shane and Shane have the koolest website evir. Unless you’re on dial-up, in which case their website will become your sworn interweb enemy. But it’s all new, and it’s well worth a visit to hear clips of their new songs. Oh-so-good.

I can already tell that my favorite song off their new CD is going to be “Beg.” In case you were wondering.

– All righty. I believe that’s all. I just needed for y’all to know these things. Rightthissecond.

I can only imagine how much your day will be improved by my completely unnecessary sense of information urgency.

Happy Wednesday, everybody.

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  1. My day is ALWAYS improved Boo Mama, by your whit, be it morning or night. You are awesome. Am I the first commentor????

  2. you “need to know” that i use bloglines so i’m able to skim through the “headers” of new posts of the blogs i’ve subscribed to, looking for stuff i like… this lets me get through all my fave blogs real-quick-like….
    BUT, for yours, i skip the header and go straight to the post… because i KNOW i’m gonna love it & you’ve never let me down!
    and yes, Nichole & Shane/Shane are at the TIP TOP of my listening list as well
    blessings today, boomama.

  3. just wanted to say how much I love you and your INTERWEB blog. You always make me smile. God Bless ya girl!

  4. HGTV needs a letter from you! or maybe just a link to your blog. That’ll do it. They will become much better with their renovations, and maybe they will put bio’s on everyone they have! ; )

    Thanks for the link to Shane and Shane’s web site….that is way to cool!

  5. Clemntine says:

    The problem is that my brain-load reached critical mass in the ’80’s when I double majored in Fine Arts and Health Science, so now everytime I learn something new, some old piece of information falls right off the back of my brain. And it’s usually something useful. Now I know Monk & Neagle’s tour schedule, NOT to watch Design Star and that I MUST spend my ironing time perusing the Shane & Shane website, but I’m a little fuzzy on which of my kids still have their tonsils.

    Anyone want to hear all the songs from Xanadu?

  6. It was announced the other week that Shane and Shane were coming to my neck of the woods here in SC (like you mentioned). I’ve never heard them in person, but what I hear on the radio sounds good! And finally we’ll be able to pull up stuff like you’re talking about since we’re getting DSL this week. It’s HARD being on dial-up. ugh.

  7. thank you boomama for reminding me that I am UNABLE TO GO to the concert tonight!! ;0)

    I was afraid to buy tickets because it is so close to my due date… I become like a hermit this close, afraid my water will break somewhere with a huge crowd of people that I can’t get through in time, like at, oh say, a concert.


  8. Wow, great article. Though I do get a little lightheaded trying to imagine a conversation between Nicole Nordeman and Sara Groves (MY two pretend-BFFs).

  9. I completely agree with you about Design Star! It’s like the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version – it’s going way too fast. And they eliminated two of my favorites this week. I do have to admit, though, Sparkle Josh’s wedding design was lame, and the SAHM mom girl did ignore the groom’s wishes.

    Still, Josh sparkled! And was entertaining! And the SAHM girl (Christy? Stacy? I’m too lazy to look it up)was sweet, huh?

    So who’s left? The surfer dude; the rude, arrogant guy; Will, who is sweet but really needs a grammar refresher course, and…oh, Kim! Yeah, I guess she’s my new fave.

    And I’ve monopolized your comments for far too long.

  10. I’m a Nichole Nordeman fan too – and had read this article. Thought it was GREAT! Fun to read it again. :)

  11. I was really sad to see the amazingly talented Adrianna get voted off. Especially when it was between her and “sparkles”. He’s WAY over the top with his designs. Too much! If they’re keeping him around just because his personality is “flamboyant” then they’re soooo in the wrong. I thought Adrianna would go all the way to the end and win. And eliminating 2 per show is just scary! They’re definitely rushing it.

  12. Thanks for the tip! Nichole is one of my very favorite, too (especially love “Every Season” and “River God”), so I’ll be sure the check out the article.

  13. I’m going to show tonight in Nashville. I didn’t know they were also going to be there. Mike’s Chair, a new band, is also playing. Fun.

  14. Your blog is so fun to read. Makes me laugh daily.

    Design Star…I feel ya sister. I didn’t watch last year, but I read a little bit on the HGTV website’s blog (yes, I’m a dork). It seems that a lot of people are disappointed. We haven’t really seen much interaction between the “star” at all. I like Kim and Will and would watch their shows. But Robb and Todd…no thanks.

  15. Well, I do feel better already. Thanks for sharing your completely random thoughts. It makes me feel as if I were your pretend-BFF.

  16. I am watching Design Star, too. I was bummed when Christina was eliminated. Any girl who knows “tacky” needs to be on HGTV.

    I am soooo wanting Project Runway to return.

  17. I just started reading your blog about two weeks ago when none other than Rachael NEAGLE (yes, the wife of Mr. Michael Neagle of the duo you love Monk and Neagle) told me about you. I have laughed and now found myself coming here every morning to see what is going on in your world.

    I am glad you highlighted my sis Beth’s cd… I think its her best yet! Enjoy the Shane and Shane/Bebo/ Monk and Neagle show! I hope I can make one of them myself!

  18. thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

  19. Hey girl – just wanted to check in and see if you got my last email with pictures?? thanks!! let me know if not and I will resend. thanks

  20. Bailey's Leaf says:

    I just wanted you to know rightthissecond that as my child was announcing VERY LOUDLY last night that DORA’S ARE ON SALE! (as in the Campbell’s soup, she knows that we don’t buy it or anything else if it’s not), that I chuckled and thought of Alex. She was so thrilled. She has gone without for sometime due to the lack of sale and was very pleased in LETTING! EVERYONE! KNOW! ABOUT! THE! DORA! SOUP! SALE!!! The folks at Acme should hire her as the speaker announcer. At least she has a more pleasant voice!

  21. I love Nicole Nordeman. I’ve been stuck on “Gratitude” on Woven & Spun…..a perfect message and reminder for me right now.

  22. I read that article a few months ago and I am still mulling it over. Much to ponder… Plus, I figure I owe that sort of brain power to my would-be best friend. :-)

  23. yes, the design*star dining-table-in-a-pit was quite wonderful, but not quite practical for the 98% of us who, you know, don’t have a giant pit in our homes.

    i thought the blank slate of identical rooms that they designed were neat, but not as spectacular as they could have been.

    not the best show i’ve ever seen, but i can’t help but keep watching!