Internets, I’ve Missed You Terribly

So I’m happy to report that both of my lungs are still present and accounted for despite my best efforts to vacate them from the premises. I’m much better now, thankyouverymuch, although I seem to have passed on my affliction to my husband, who is now trying to cough up one of his lungs as well. In fact, there’s been so much congestion and whatnot in our house over the last two weeks that I will forever think of this particular time of our lives as HackFest ’07. We’re thinking of making t-shirts.

But aside from a disproportionate amount of coughing, things have been pretty normal around here. I went to Panera a couple of days ago to get some writing done (or, I should say: get some “writing” done) but ended up doing little more than attempting to plow my way through my inbox. And then a sweet lady asked me to help her get her laptop connected to the internet, and when I said, “You know, I think you have a firewall setting that we need to disconnect,” I realized that at some point aliens have overtaken my brain and infused it with mysterious bits and pieces of computer-related knowledge.

Because there’s really no other explanation for the fact that I have become a person who is capable of offering some light technical support to a stranger who is attempting to connect to a WiFi network in a local coffee shop.

(However, the aliens still haven’t taught me how to make a DVD play on the television in our living room. Baby steps, I guess.)

Also: thank you so much for all of your funny, encouraging comments about the podcast that Big Mama and I did. I can’t even tell you how much it means to us that you took the time to listen and to give us some feedback.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous blog-wise than when I finally put up that podcast link. It’s one thing to put your crazy in writing, but there’s something that feels infinitely more vulnerable about letting people hear your crazy – not to mention your voice and your accent (not that I actually have an accent, mind you – that was a purely hypothetical example).

So all that to say: your sweet comments are appreciated more than you’ll ever know, and if I could play a clip of “More Than You’ll Ever Know” by my pretend-BFF Christy Nockels right here, I absolutely would.

(But I think doing that without permission might result in some sort of fine and perhaps even a brush with legal action.)

(Which really isn’t the best way to win over your pretend-BFF.)

Anyway, we’re going to try the podcast thing again in the next couple of days, and I can promise you that it will contain the same level of deep, philosophical conversation that you heard in the first one.

Specifically, we will be analyzing the proposed foreign trade policy of every presidential candidate as well as taking a thorough exegetical look at the book of Leviticus.

Oh, who am I kidding?

We’re totally talking about lip gloss. Along with other issues of critical international importance.

And we do hope you’ll join us again.

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  1. Well, of course you don’t have an accent! You sound perfectly normal to me.

    It’s the rest of the world that doesn’t know how to talk, you know. ;-)

  2. I loved the pod cast and I’m still thinking about asking my pastor to lay hands on my head for good hair days. Ha ha – and I laughed hard reading the romance post that you linked to! I’m sorry I missed it the first time around!

  3. Oh count me in for the podcast! I found you girls outrageously funny and I loved hearing your crazy.
    And about the “accent”, I totally have accent envy. I even think in a Texan accent when the mood strikes me! I’m a souther girl, but I’m a cajun and that’s totally different than you & Big Mama’s sound, even if I never say the g in my words either. :)
    Well, please keep your “crazy” coming. The rest of can’t live without it. :)

  4. Exegetical? You are using some high falutin’ words now! I’m impressed.

    Well, if you’re talking lipgloss, I must chime in that I am a huge fan of MAC’s Slimshine lipstick. It’s got the shine built right in so you don’t get really heavy super-glossy my-lips-look-like-plastic kind of a shine.

    Have you tried any of those lip plumping lipsticks/glosses? It makes your lips feel like they’re on fire, yessirreee.

    Can’t wait for the next podcast!


  5. Miz Mama,
    The podcast was wonderful. I especially split a gut over asking the lady when she was ever going to have that baby. Oh! That was great.
    You two are peas in a pod, and what a delightful pod!
    But, sad to say, I can not tell you two apart, accent wise. Only when you talked about your children could I tell one from another. Sigh. I need subtitles.

  6. Oh ugh! We have had the same horrible barking cough around here. My man has had it for over two weeks now and it’s just now finally starting to improve despite the fact that he finished his antibiotics about 5 days ago. Frustrating. I hope you all get over it real soon.

    In the mean time, you deserve to pamper yourself after all that. I’m hosting a bunch of soap giveaways. Come and win ya some!

  7. I love that Watermark song! And I can totally relate to the nerves of putting your voice online. I was never so nervous as when I posted a slideshow of one of my original songs. It was as bad as singing it at church; shakes and all!

  8. Welcome back to the land of the living. It is always better to have the “plague” second, so that the spouse who had it first will be much more sympathetic and therefore wait on you hand and foot.

  9. Hey Boomama! I found you through the little Martha Stewart blogger, Rhoda and girl…I have to say I have just laughed my tooshie off sitting here reading your blog! Oh so glad to have found another blog to enjoy!! Just wanted to say hey!

  10. Great blog.. Love the layout..

  11. glad you’re feeling better!

  12. what accent? was there an accent?

    I will be listening with pen and paper in hand. (I have to admit I hit the drugstore around the corner for a little of the lipslicks Big Mama swears by. Well, I can testify that she is truthful!)

    Glad you’re feeling better!


  13. ohhhhhh. lipgloss.

    boomama, i am so glad that marsha brought up that fact about those “plumpin” lipglosses. girl, i went down to new york city with a friend, and we went to sephora, and i tried me one of those “sexy and plump” lipglosses.

    it was a baaaaaayad move on my part.

    the plumpin’ was ever so slight, but the stingin’ kept on ALL night. no amount of wipin’ would take it away, and i swore then and then that i would live my life with skinny lips!

    glad to know you’re feeling better!

  14. Yes… I think hearing your crazy is terribly funny…. the bad thing is… I was listening to it on my ipod when I went to bed… so DH thought I was a little weird when I woke him up laughing.

  15. Y’all were cuter’n two ducks on a junebug and I can’t wait for the second go ’round.
    Lipgloss talk! Yippy Skippy!

  16. You seriously need to pick a BFF. You can’t hog all the cool Christian chick singers to yourself.

  17. can’t wait for the 2nd of (hopefully) many podcasts — it was GREAT to hear you in person — accent and all! :) I’m from the midwest, so of course, I have no accent at all — I’m quite boring actually….

  18. In complete agreement with Beth on the “plump and sexy and make your lips big” lipgloss thing…DO NOT buy the stuff from the store that sells bras and underwear…you know who i’m talking about…with all the gorgeous models with wings… friend sat down with me at a kids baseball game the other day and said…..”Do my lips look big? They are on fire!” I replied back…”no,they look like they hurt.”

    Why on earth do they make it and we buy it?! Please discuss this most important stuff on the next podcast!

  19. WooHoo…..Lipgloss….can’t wait!!
    BTW, I love your “accent”!

    glad you’re feeling better, hope your hubby gets there too.

  20. Forget the T-shirts. Bandanas are what you need for proper HackFest marketing.

    Glad you are back.

  21. You can never go wrong with lipgloss…or handbags…or shoes…or great jeans. You just can’t.

    By the way, Laura Mercier makes a fabulous, non-sticky gloss. Bobbi Brown has my vote for foundation and bronzers and concealers. It’s pricey, but it lasts forever.

    Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting the next podcast! Too much fun!

    Sarah, TN

  22. I hope you know you gave me hives. Truly.

    You left for a few days, and BAM! I’m covered from my hairline to my knees.

    And here I thought it was some allergic reaction to medicine.

    Please, warn me way ahead of time before you take any more breaks. I need to stock up on Benadryl and Calamine.

    You are a sport! Thanks.

  23. Clemntine says:

    I could phone in some comments to your podcast, if you like…

  24. Glad you’re feeling better, although I’m sure D would prefer that you didn’t pass on your extraneous germs to him.

    Looking forwards to the next Big Boo Cast. ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  25. Very glad you are feeling better and very glad to know another podcast is on the horizon :)

    Have a good one, my friend

  26. i have still not listened to the podcast but friday! friday! high speed internet access via satellite is coming to my house. we have waited 2 years on dsl and now are giving up and paying the high cost of satellite. so next time, i’ll be ready. bring on the crazy talk and accents. believe me, i’ve got one too. i’m from ar kan saw!

  27. I could never pass on a lip gloss discussion. Bring it!

  28. Do I need to get a copy of InStyle so I can follow along with the next pod cast? Because I am SO willing. I was really sad when I wasn’t looking directly at the Limited-style crest sweater y’all were discussing. I can’t wait to hear about lip gloss!

  29. I loved the podcast and can’t wait to hear the next! You two are so much fun.
    And, I could totally tell you apart. I have a bunch of family in Louisiana and I thought you sounded a lot like them. (I’m hoping that’s not an offensive thing to say in the South!)
    I just don’t think we are as cool here in the Midwest!!
    In a few years we’ll all be saying we “knew you when” when The View is off the air and The BigBoo Show is on top of the ratings!

  30. Listening to your podcast RIGHT now! :)

    SO fun to hear your accents. As a Canadian – I just LOVE to hear your southern accents. SO fabulous. :)

    Oh – by the way – i just gave you an award on my site. :)

  31. oh – I am not actually going to publish the award post until later in the day cause Jennifer has a post up on our site today too. Just in case you went looking for it. :)

  32. Off the subject BooMama, but did you see Jay Leno last night. He did a takeoff of your presidential hair story – all the bad hair on CSPAN. I wonder if his staff reads your blog?? :-)

  33. I loved the podcast! I even had my hubby listening with me and we both laughed. You 2 are a great team! I was frantically searching through the InStyle website trying to catch a glimpse of what you were talking about but I couldn’t keep up.
    You’ll have to forewarn us next time and we can all go and purchase the ‘syllabus’. :-)
    I do not own an ipod…and never wanted to (who has time for earphones with 5 kiddoes running around?) until now…now I see it would be a very useful tool in my self education program! Thanks for all the fun!

  34. I am so glad you are feeling better and just in time to see the DAWGS play tonight!! (insert cowbell ringing)

  35. One word…OSMOSIS! Nothing else explains any tech stuff that may come from my mouth. I can’t understand more than half of my hubby’s words when he is speaking the tongue of Computerish!

    I was listening to the Big and Boo Show and hubby walked by and asked…what ARE you LISTENING to???? Great stuff!!!
    blessings, ZudaGay

  36. Janet (aka JT) says:

    The day before the podcast you need to post a list of “supplies” so that we can follow along. You know, just like school, only this is something I’ll actually prepare for.

    And tell your poor hacking hubby: sharing is caring. My husband has the strongest immune system of anyone I’ve ever met, but he makes me sick regularly. I think it’s his scrubs he wears home, so I’m saving for a HAZMAT mud room. That way he can step into some sort of fumigation chamber to disinfect his entire body before stepping foot in the house. I’m just waiting for Pottery Barn to come out with their HAZMAT collection, and then I’m set.

  37. So glad you are on the mend….hopefully your husband won’t be far behind! I am so glad to have you back. Honestly there are only two blogs that I make the time to read….yours and Living Proof. I am sure there are a lot of wonderful ones out there and I have checked a few others out here and there a time or two, but as far as reading on a consistent basis, you two are it! Just not enough hours in the day to do to much wondering around on the internet! I hope you have a blessed day!!

  38. I can promise if you came to visit me no one around here would think you need to go back to school to learn to speak correctly.

    And HackFest’07 that is stinkin’ hilarious.

    Soooo looking forward to the next BigBooCast!

  39. Boomama:
    I’m making Mississippi Sin Dip tonight in honor of the Bulldogs playing LSU. I’m so excited for the game. I hope Miss St POUNDS LSU. That would be awesome!
    Ring your cowbell girl!

  40. glad you’re feeling better!

    and accent? what accent?

  41. glad you’re back & feeling better!!!!!
    ps: you & bigmama had me reverting right back to my suthurn accent after the podcast. i shocked myself! LOL

  42. I can’t get the podcast to play on iTunes :( What’s the deal, pickle?

  43. Welcome back! Glad you’re feeling better :)

  44. It’s good to know we can still get our recommended daily allowance of BooMama.

  45. Glad your feeling better. Sorry you passed it on. Can’t wait till the next podcast. I’ll try to listen to this one at home so it won’t matter when I laugh out loud! And I love the “hmm mmm”‘s from each of you as you agreed with each other. It tickled me.

  46. I totally listened to the whole podcast, and although you didn’t think so, you and Big Mama DO sound alike! There are subtle differences, but it is still tough to tell you apart sometimes. Fortunately, being from Texas and all, I could understand every single word…I just wasn’t always sure who was saying it!

    I can’t wait for the next installment…lip gloss is such an important issue in today’s world!

  47. Loved, loved and just loved the podcast. It was hysterical. I was LOLOLOLing. Oh, by the way you both have accents..but they are adorable.

  48. I liked reading the old posts, they were fun.
    And I am so about lip gloss -wanna know why – cause I leave my purse in my car most of the time – and if I have lipstick in it, then the lipstick melts. But not so with lipgloss!

  49. You are totally going to have to send me one of those Hackfest ’07 shirts! I have been coughing my poor lungs out for almost 2 weeks :( Luckily Hubby seems immune to this strain of sickness.

    Can’t wait for the next Big Boo Cast :)

  50. Oh, then my son should join you for HackFest ’07 because for some reason he had pneumonia (at the end of the summer season, no less) and now we found out he’s over that and on to a “crackling” cough that has to be treated with breathing treatments. Poor thing, 4 yrs old and having to do all this stuff! Hope your hubby is well soon!

  51. Welcome back! I missed you. It was nice to read some classic BooMama though.

  52. Okay, I couldn’t figure out how to connect to the podcast. I am dealing with a heathen computer so no luck. And if Ms. Clemntine calls in and I miss it well I’ll be with Kelli breaking out in hives.
    Glad you are feeling better. Serves D right for not waiting on you hand and foot. I’m only assuming this because he is after all a guy.
    You shall always be classic even if it is on the spur of the moment!