It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I’ve been a little distracted today because, well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but tonight, around 7:00 central time, my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs will take the field against the LSU Fightin’ Tigers in the first SEC football match-up of the season.

The game should be a total cinch for us to win since LSU is only ranked #2 in the nation.

A cakewalk, really.

But for now? And for the next few hours? Optimism reigns supreme.

And needless to say, we’ve played this song about 400 times today at our house. Aye, and loudly.

So in the spirit of the new college football season, I think I’m going to live blog the game tonight. I know that only about six of you will even care about what happens between MSU and LSU on the gridion, but let’s not forget that this is Alex’s heritage, people.

I mean, quite frankly it would be irresponsible if I didn’t document this particular facet of my insanity. Plus, I’d like to think that a running talley of how many times I scream “COME ON, NOW, SON” during the second quarter will one day be a priceless treasure for future generations of our family.

I’ll be back after kick-off – and until then I’ll be watching the game day cam, frying up some sausage for my favorite Rotel dip, and screaming “GO, STATE” with Alex.

It’s a happy, happy day.

And if we can beat the Tigers? It’s going to be even better.

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  1. I found a link to your blog on my friend’s blog. My husband went to State and is insanely obsessed with football (especially if it’s MSU or the Cowboys). We’ve been gearing up for tonight for about a week now! Go State!


    We may take a beating, but I’m loyal ’til the end! I really wish I were there. :(

    Go Dawgs!

  3. you know, boomama,

    asides from the wonder that i feel through your blawg about MSU, i think that the real reason why i am all teary-eyed right now is because…

    well, honey, it’s because of the rotel dip.

    there is NO occasion that isn’t deservin’ of some rotel. i dare anyone to find a situation where it is NOT at all appropriate for a little spicy, cheesy, sausage-y bowl of goodness.

  4. I’m all for Mississippi to STOMP LSU tonight!! I’ll be back for the live blog. Yes ma’am, I will.

    Don’t suppose this rivalry will be in full force again this year?


  5. Football season is upon us and oh how we love it all!
    Now, ’round here we all bleed scarlet and gray I must admit. Ohio State country don’tcha know. But I am one of those odd folks that thinks it is wonderful to root for any team you choose! GO WHOMEVER YOU WISH!!! Now that has a ring to it…needs a fight song though…

    Have a blast this season! Good luck!


  6. I don’t know if it’s because of where I live or just my family, but with the exception of one year when I was in my early teens and I was INTO IT, I just can’t seem to muster up the team spirit and enthusiasm for football that is essential to the human race. I actually have to ask, when a game is on, which team we are cheering for. Perhaps I should see a doctor.

    But, given my AL family and heritage and all, the burning question in my mind is this: are you Alabama or Auburn? Because whether or not I can continue to associate with you just might depend on your answer to that question, yessiree.

  7. And I totally thought you were going to say it was because the kids were headed back to school!

  8. I’m always for whoever is against LSU…Go State, beat the Tigers!

    With hope :)
    A&M Class of ’93 ;)

  9. We’re Ole Miss through and through around here, but the game will be on at my house anyway, just b/c it’s SEC football, and my hubby is thoroughly entertained by all things football.

    Sarah, TN

  10. Clemntine says:

    Roll Tide

    That’s all I have to say.

    For now.

    Until I think of something else.



    That’s all.


  11. Well Ladies….you got a LSU seista among you. Sorry…comes with my territory! My brother-in-law already has his two year old DAUGHTER chanting L-S-U…L-S-U!!!!
    I’m not so much a die hard fan as the rest of my bunch but I love me a good game. The live blog feedback made me so laugh out loud…and after this week I needed a good laugh.

  12. Ummm…what’s rotel?

  13. All I’ve heard this evening is about college football starting tonight. My hubby is so excited to watch the game. He is a Georgia Tech fan, so he doesn’t have big preference, so I told him to pull for MSU for Boomama. ‘Cause, she’s Boomama and it’s Alex’s heritage and all. “Who Mamma?”, he said.

    If they win will you return the favor and hope GT beats the Fighting Irish on Saturday?

  14. okay.

    a situation in which rotel is not appropriate would be when supping with those who do not appreciate pork products, those who cannot consume spicy foods, or for those friends who are sadly lactose intolerant. although i don’t think velveeta is real cheese, but let’s be safe, right?

    (jessie, honey, go to wal-marts. right. now. rotel is located in the aisle with the canned tomato products. get yourself a can of it, along with a block of velveeta. also pick yourself up a roll of jimmy dean sausage. proceed with combining all of these products together (after frying the sausage, natch) and heat until the velveeta melts. mmm mmm.)

  15. My youngests first real word was TouchDown! We are raising him proper.
    I do so heart football. I hope your making Big Mama’s Sin Dip cause it just sounds delightfully fattening for a football game.

  16. It is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year. And not just because of weekly excuses to make some rotel dip.

  17. Hubby and I are still unsure on who to root for, LOL. Probably MS. But I’ll still be hollerin’ ROLLLLL TIDE in the back of my mind. Can’t wait til Saturday!!

  18. Mmm…rotel dip. I might have to brave the eleventy-months-pregnant heartburn for some o’ dat on Saturday during the ROLL TIDE game ;)

  19. You know the best Dawgs around are those from GA …. :)

  20. Bailey's Leaf says:

    You can tell that I’m from the north because had you not previously specified, I would have had no idea who MSU or LSU was. Yes, I can hear you gasping from here. Secondly, and what might be considered an embarrassment in the south that I don’t know this, but what is this Rotel Dip you talk about? And the sausage? I’m disappointed! No pictures of the food set-up? No action shots of the frying? My goodness, BMama! Your slippin’! (Can you tell that I dig the food thing way more than the ball thing?) :) Forgiveness is granted, as you were just coughing up a pair of lungs a day or two ago.

  21. So Sorry…but I absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt must say…

    Geaux Tigers!!

    Holly in Louisiana

  22. Well Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! How can it be possible that someone does not know who MSU and LSU is OR Rotel!?! Northerners muct be in another country! Bailey…I did gasp as I read your comment!

    Go Dawgs! We are watching it now!!!

    State fan all the way!



  23. I am all for MSU kickin’ LSU’s behind! I am a hog fan through and through but I would love to see MSU win! We are watching either way because it is the SEC in action.

  24. For us northerners MSU is Michigan State University. Not my school of choice, definetely UofM (Go Wolverines). But I will root for your team BooMama!

  25. I am proudly wearing my one and only MSU tshirt….I kinda grinned when I thought of my friend that I don’t know, Boomama, as I put it on. And I’m sorry, it was strictly by accident until about 5 minutes later my kids reminded me that “the BIG game” was tonight.

    Go Bulldogs….i’m putting it on ESPN now.

  26. I have to say, I could care less about college football. Never have, never will (unless my girls go to Georgia Tech, then I will love me some football). But, my hubby is GA Tech grad, so we have more than our fair share of Tech stuff floating around this house. My in-laws are HUGE Flordia State fans and my Brother-in-law went to Mississippi State, so I hear about that all time as well. And one of my closet friends is a HUGE LSU fan, so despite all my efforts I have to hear football talk from time to time. For my BIL’s sake, who is currently fighting in Iraq, I will pull for MSU tonight and tonight alone.

  27. Oh my word. Is my husband channeling his voice through you? He has been singing this song for 2 weeks, and I even wrote a post by the same title last week.

    I stopped by to get your sin dip recipe for our annual ‘ber party (to kick off the football months… September, October, November, december- get it?) tomorrow and cracked up when I saw this title!

    Hope you are having fun… no matter the score, an occasion for rotel dip is always time well spent!

  28. I have to say I have been rooting for your Bulldogs this evening. That must be why they are losing. College football rocks.

  29. College football? Never heard of it…

    (But if I had a tuba, I’d join in the song!)

  30. I don’t like fall but the best part about it IS football. (When did they start playing in SUMMER?) Anyway, I am going to a high school game tonight. I’m so excited. I love the half time shows too. Can’t wait.

  31. My alma-mater won, whoo hoo! GEAUX TIGERS!