Game Night – Updated

All manner of updates below.

6:49 pm – Just got Alex out of the tub, and now I’m sitting in the living room and wishing that D would CHANGE THE CHANNEL, ALREADY from the US Open coverage because WHAT IF THEY START THE FOOTBALL EARLY? WHAT WILL WE DO THEN?

(I’m just guessing, but I doubt that “Change! The channel! CHANGE IT!” is an appropriate response when your husband is expressing awe over Andy Roddick’s 137 mph serve.)

6:53 pm – We’re still watching Roddick. I’m screaming on the inside.

6:59 – Still watching tennis. The State game is probably over by now.

6:59.59 – Channel finally on ESPN. Praying nerves recover.

7:02 – Just saw cowbells. All is well now. Except that Alex won’t quit singing, “Excuse me, I pooted! I have gas!”

7:03 – MSU’s field could not look any more beautiful than it does tonight. The grass is flawless. I am understandably proud.

7:04 – Feel that James Carville announcing the LSU lineup has jinxed the Bulldogs and therefore is responsible for the early fumble.

7:07 – Excellent punt coverage by the Bulldogs. COME ON, NOW, SONS.

7:08 – Received our first trash-talking text message from our friend Benji in Baton Rouge. Bulldogs promptly sack the Tigers. Keep up with that trash-talking, Benji.

7:13 – Total number of times I’ve talked to my sister already: two.

7:14 – EXCELLENT coverage by our cornerback in the corner of the end zone. Tigers have to punt. Will call Sister again.

7:17 – Intercepted by the Tigers. Think I may need to eat something.

7:25 – Tigers score a field goal. Tickled to death it wasn’t a touchdown.

7:30 – 3rd & 4 Dogs. GOT IT! Alex just told me not to yell so loud. I am a delicate maternal flower.

7:32 – Another first down for the Dogs. I did not yell.

7:36 – 4th & 2 – and we’re going for it. May throw up.

7:36 – Contemplating writing ESPN a letter to remind them that we are MISSISSIPPI STATE, not MISSISSIPPI, and as such they might want to show OUR public service announcement and not the Rebels’.

7:39 – Rain pouring down.

7:42 – State gets their first penalty of the game with one second left in the first quarter. This has to be a record. Coach Croom has this team well-prepared.

7:43 – First quarter over. LSU up 3-0. Feeling somewhat pleased that the Tigers are only up by a fieldgoal.

7:45 – Wondering when Brett Favre started doing commercials for Wrangler?


8:32 – Safari crashed. All my pithy 2nd quarter observations are lost in the process. Somewhat concerned that the WordPress autosave feature was apparently neither automatic nor saving.

Plus, I had to get Alex to bed so I missed about 15 minutes of the game. At some point I will tell the story of how I tried to help the little man with his scissor skills today, but right now I just can’t because I’m too busy trying to block it out. At one point there were actually tears when I was trying to coach him through cutting out a rectangle, and he didn’t fare so well, either.

So. Yes. The game. Back to it. Of course.

Here’s the gist of my 2nd quarter comments:

I miss ESPN’s normal Starkville crew of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. And something tells me that Chris Fowler is missing them, too. Because Doug Flutie, bless his heart, knows about as much about Bulldog football as I know about Boston College football. Which is, to say, not a lot.

Also: the LSU punter is so good that we started one drive from somewhere around Biloxi.

End of first half: LSU – 17 MSU – 0

Hey. You know what would be delightful? Some offense.


9:15 – So now that we’re down by 24, I guess I need to turn my attention to other matters.

9:20 – Like, perhaps, the badly bungled attempt at podcasting Big Mama and I experienced earlier today. I couldn’t get my microphone to work, and D had to provide technical support on at least three different occasions. Then, when we finally started recording – an hour after we had planned – we ended up getting a world-class case of the giggles which resulted in a complete inability – at least on on my part – to form words.

I laughed so hard that I wheezed.

And could not compose myself.

At which point we decided it might be better to try again tomorrow.

9:26 – Doug Flutie just said that our team has heart. I’m starting to warm up to him a little bit now.

9:30 – Fifth interception of the night for MSU’s quarterback. It’s getting ugly, my friends.

9:33 – LSU scores again. Maybe I need a light snack.

9:39 – I haven’t mentioned it, but I do think LSU has the best fight song in all of college football. I’ve been reminded of that tonight because I’ve HEARD IT SO OFTEN.

9:45 – End of the 3rd quarter. LSU – 31, MSU – 0

Still looking for offense. Obviously.


9:49 – SIXTH interception for MSU’s quarterback. This has to be a record. Only not the good kind.

9:57 – LSU scores again. The phrase “adding insult to injury” takes on a whole new meaning.

9:59 – D is still watching the game but also listening to one of our friend Kevin’s sermons on his iPod. The Lord is the Source of all comfort, you know.

10:06 – Jackie Sherrill is on now. It makes me smile. He looks tan and rested – I think retirement is agreeing with him. And somebody needs to put him in a broadcast booth. In my opinion.

10:10 – LSU scores again. Ditto what I said at 9:57.

10:15 – Is it over yet?

10:21 – The up side is that we’ll have plenty of Rotel dip and Mississippi (State) Sin Dip to eat tomorrow. Because what could possibly better for you than not one but TWO (TWO!) dips loaded with cheese and / or cheese product?

10:23 – Do y’all think we can score 45 points in two minutes?

10:25 – It’s over.

LSU – 45, MSU – 0

Poor Bulldogs. God love ’em.

I’m going to bed now.

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  1. Right there with you in HD. Ain’t it grand? :)
    Hail State,

  2. Wanted to be the first to comment during the brand new football season, but see Sister beat me to it. Just read your whole blog to Lynne at Andbabiesmakesix while she was walking on the treadmill. Doesn’t that mean I’ll lose weight, too, because I am such good moral support?!?!

  3. my hubby is so enjoying your coverage of the game! keep up the good work. he thinks it would be wonderful to see LSU knocked off here at the beginning of the season. have no idea what that means…but thought you’d enjoy the comment. LOL/JK

  4. When DID Brett Favre start pitching for Wrangler?

    LSU just called a timeout on 4th and 1. I’m fired up for y’all.

  5. I think I may just have to go turn on ESPN so I can TRULY feel the excitement!

  6. Oh, did baseball season start already?

  7. Boo, you have way too much time on your hands!! That and maybe a bit obsessive compulsive..LOL..

    God bless and GO! Who’s playing again????


  8. I think the word “pooted” is the funniest word in the whole English lexicon.

  9. Ok. Fine. I’m going to see if the game is on here.

    And certainly not to just see Brett in some mighty tight Wranglers.


  10. Oh- and next time?

    Can you record your live commentary.

    I’d pay to hear that.

    I would.

  11. (PERKS) Did someone say “Brett Favre”?

  12. Please keep a tally of the times the words, “COME ON SON” are said. I concur with kelli, a live commentary is in order.

  13. Oh my word. How is it that you can make me laugh at something I can’t even come close to relating to??? =)

    I may have to get into college ball now that we’re in the Sooner state. Because these Okies are seriously nuts about it. They talk about the new Sooner QB on the news more than the…well,anything else.

  14. I think y’all may have to try a new QB. Right now this one’s not doing so well, LOL. However, DEFENSE is ON IT SON!!!!!

    Couldn’t help but giggle at Alex’s song! LOL Back to watch the 2nd half. See you in a bit.

  15. Well, I just turned the game on (after reading the 1st part of your blog) and said “Oh no, Booma (that’s what I call you to my family) won’t be happy” and they all looked at me like I was crazy :) Anyway, just a comment about Doug Flute…he is still a CUTIE!! I hope the 2nd half is better for MSU than the first ~ you’d better yell louder! My team, Iowa State, is winning right now ~ Yippee!

  16. NOOOOOOOOOO ~ not another TD! My thoughts are with you….:)

  17. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Oh Mama, I know that I’m about the food but no points on your side is not a good thing. Time for another sausage and that dip. Maybe that’ll make it all better. Ooo, and some of that offense that you are talking about.

  18. Hey- that 45 yard gain was awesome!!!

  19. I am a football FANTATIC!!!!!!!! College, pro- it doesn’t matter. I watch any game I can with any teams.

  20. I hope your team pulls it off in the second half. Wow, such a loyal fan…..delicate maternal flower that you are. I’d love to hear your “pithy” observations on a podcast, too. You’re so comical! Go, Dogs!

  21. Awwww…thanks for the link to the fight song. I can still sing all the words too. My children are so proud. Really. Well, maybe not so much. I’ve failed as a mother to pass on the love of all things State. We’ve been living in Louisiana too long… I’m so sorry… They’ll take away my alumni pin now won’t they…

    Oh yeah! Go Dawgs!

  22. I wish I was listening to Jack Kristal instead of ESPN. If we could only get a TD

  23. Oh dear…just read the update… This is not good. We used to fuss about Rocky Felker’s Up the Middle strategy. But the interceptions are making that very attractive. This might be a long season…

  24. my husband just turned it on the game. he just said some pretty bad things about msu too which i won’t repeat here for your sanity and all. but feel free to bash arkansas. he will be at that game saturday and will dare anyone to say a bad word about the hogs.

  25. Awwww, sorry! Perhaps, it was because I was cheering for them. I found that with the Aggie’s, if I stopped cheering for them they would win :) Not that I’m superstitious or anything…just seems to always happen.
    Hope the family time and laughter was good medicine for that cold.
    Love ya!

  26. I won’t comment on the football game because i just felt so sorry for so many kids….but, about the scissor thing….i was getting my 6 yr old to practice his reading before the game and trying to juggle 2 other kids homework/tests and just lost it with him and reading…”the cat sat on the maaaaaat.” I just couldn’t take it. I think I screamed….
    HE SAT ON THE MAT!!!!!! For cryin out loud.

  27. New lip gloss heals all wounds.

  28. Try using playdough for learning to cut. Just use a blunt inexpensive pair of scisscors & let Alex cut to his heart content, no lines, no patterns, just lots of cutting practice. It’s fun & easy.

  29. I just needed to tell you that when I clicked on ‘this song’ in your previous post just a few minutes ago, all I got was a dead screen.

    Oh, that must be because The Tigers KILLED the Bulldogs. And their fight song.

    And, yes, I know I told you that my husband and all his family grew up in your home town, but they moved to Baton Rouge and have been won to the Lord. So now it’s all purple and gold in our households. However, my FIL backslides during this one game a year. So you were not alone in your sorrow.

  30. Girl…you got it bad just like me. Check out my Aggie toenails on my blog…teehee. I leave tomorrow for Texas. Gonna stay for 2 weeks and make it to THREE Aggie games. I’m so giddy I could pop! Have several family members that went to Miss State (and some Southern Miss alum too…sorry).

  31. My deepest condolences at your heartbreaking loss….

  32. Coaching in GA says:

    I was pulling for y’all last night. I’m an Auburn girl and can’t wait for the season to start this weekend. My heart goes out to you! I’m not looking forward to playing them this year (note, my use of “I” is figurative!). You give a whole new meaning to color commentary. Thanks for the entertainment.

  33. Go! Irish!

  34. I LOVE football and could barely breath waiting for its arrival this season!

    Course I’m a Pro-ball fan myself.
    As far as College I do like to watch Marshall and Ohio State play but not as much as I like watchin those Pro boys! :0)

    I just LOVE me some Chad Pennington and back in the day it was Vinnie Testaverde all the way! Ahhh be still my heart! :0)


  35. We have the same type of rivalry here in Ohio with Michigan.

    What is worse, the husband roots for Ohio State and the boy roots for Michigan.

    It is tense here in the chocolatechic household.

  36. I tuned in for the end of the game and cringed for the Bulldogs. I’m an Ole Miss grad and a Rebel through and through, but I hate it when any team (but Florida) loses to LSU. My husband’s a State grad, so we’re going to have to raise our boy in an equal opportunity house!

  37. I’m so sad for my Dawgs!!! I was hoping for some offense as well. At least we got to see some of our beautiful campus on television, huh? Wish I could’ve been there. We might actually get to go to the Tennessee game this year. I haven’t been to a game since the 2001 LSU game (we won that one…good memories), so I’m SO EXCITED! GO DAWGS!!!

  38. I am totally not a sports person and, oddly enough, neither is my husband, so football(or tennis or soccer or golf) is never on our T.V. HOWEVER, I think that my blood pressure spiked a few points just from absorbing the excitement from your commentary!

  39. i didn’t watch the game, but i just realized that my husband was when i saw that you mentioned Brett Favre and the Wrangler’s commercial. i distinctly remember my hubby saying: “Do people still wear Wranglers anymore??”

    well, do they?

  40. Hehe…. I didn’t want to say it, but GEAUX TIGERS!!!! We left at halftime…

    Better luck next time for your bulldogs. Much love!!

  41. Well, I am a Bulldawg fan of another kind, Go Dawgs! Sic’ em. Woof.Woof. Woof. Athens, GA kind that is.

    BUT, I have to say that I was pulling for MSU last night and so hoping they could pull off an upset. They looked pretty good the first half.

    And LSU has some kind of punter. I couldn’t believe how good some his punts were.

    My sympathies are with you. Now I have to gear up for Saturday night.

  42. Janet (aka JT) says:

    First things first: The Aggies have the greatest fight song. I’m sure that’s what you meant to say. The LSU fight song just annoyed you because you kept hearing it over and over. And I’m very sorry about that for you. Because nothing is worse than your team being down and CONSTANTLY having to hear the other team’s stinkin’ fight song. (As an Aggie, it has been a way of life many times.) And is why my hubby shot me daggers with his eyes last year when I accidentally launched into, “Texas bites, Texas bites, Texas jump up and bite my…” I stopped before saying the inappropriate word, but then we had to, you know, explain things to the children. Like why it’s not nice to tell someone to bite you, but why it was okay for Mommy to sing a song about it when she got mad during a football game.

    You just shouldn’t have to teach spiritual maturity during football season.

  43. Ah scissors (note how I handily ignored all that football drivel?)…My son is 21 and STILL can’t cut out a rectangle! But he can assemble a military rifle (I think it’s a J-Q4796 teen or something) in 10.2 seconds.

  44. Janet that’s the only way to deal with that song because it gets stuck in your head, so you have to fight it somehow! And I feel you pain, BooMama! We Aggies love our team, but are also used to those defeats, but they make the victories even sweeter. And to LSU! Yuck! If I’d been watching the game instead of grocery shopping twice (because I forgot dog food), I would have been rooting for MSU, yes I would have! Hope you are recovering this morning from the disappointment.

  45. Our oldest, Jason, graduated from STATE (not the other Misissippi school-where do they get OFF showing that sad little ole clip of the other school on our game! Seriously.)and was in attendence. I was thrilled for Jason because I know what it means to him to get to go back to the campus and enjoy the game, but I was sad for the dawgs. I may just take to my bed. Actually I need the rest but am recovering from the India trip, the loss of Craig’s mom, oral surgery and life in general. The Bible is right, “Joy comes in the morning.” Blessings, boo. Jean

  46. Ok, it’s the day after, and I gotta agree with everything you said. I was so pumped at halftime! I mean, 17-0 is a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT for our dear dawgs. Didn’t care for the announcers last night, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. And, why, oh why would Van Chancellor have divided loyalties last night? I wanted to punch somebody’s head off!!
    I just hope that Croom will have a “come to Jesus” meeting with the offense that obviously did not show up last night. And that he’d bless the defense that did.
    Whew. Got that off my chest, and hate I missed all your updates in-real-time last night. You would have gotten an Amen! from this loyal Bulldog fan.

  47. We’re at our friend’s watching the game. Most all are LSU die-hards, but the ladies in the kitchen are talking about tennis fashion and Serena really didn’t need the black bow anyway…I couldn’t help myself. I said, “Now, how ’bout those cuffed sleeves on the quarterback this year?” Can anyone picture talking about what guys wear when they play SPORTS? You gotta love women, but come on–we got some football to play.

  48. Merritte's hubby says:

    Last night was painful!!!! We’re in big time LSU country now which made it worse. You do need to come visit Merritte,she would really like that. Maybe we can surprise her one weekend.

  49. I always listen to Auburn’s games on the internet even if on television. I turn the sound down. (Sometimes it’s difficult to get them lined up but TiVo helps.) It is just so much better to hear your own announcers. We’ll see you in two weeks (virtually, not really)! I have to work that Saturday but have internet so maybe I’ll do a blog entry like yours.

  50. I have an anxious feeling I may be experiencing some very similar emotions tomorrow. My beloved Mean Green of the University of North Texas take on Oklahoma. The current point spread is 40.5. If we score 10 we’ll call it a victory. Love college football!

  51. Oh I will be feeling you tonight when my Dawgs (the real ones up here in Seattle at the U-DUB!) meet syracuse. yes, I understand we will be beaten badly. I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for this season to start and the fun and crazed purple and gold to take over this town since the last season ended.

    I knew I liked you. football just brings out the daddy’s girl in me.

    HELLO DAWG FANS! mush you huskies!

    Sending some seattle love

  52. I HAD to watch the game last night because IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL and I am just so excited about that.

    LSU did look good, and that makes me a little nervouse considering I’m a Gator girl. We do have a national title to defend and all.

    Sorry about your loss! The SEC is a tough conference. No matter what those Big 10 people think….we’ll just replay the highlights of the BCS national championship!!

  53. We had the same problem at the Gator Bowl in 2003, I think it was. The announcers kept saying “North Carolina” and all of the NCSU fans would yell “STATE” immediately afterwards. Cheer up, there are many more football games to go this season!

  54. So sorry your Bulldogs didn’t fare better. I watched the game with my boys and, other than all the interceptions, your team did not do as bad as the score would imply.

    Hope you at least got to enjoy the snacks.

  55. Exactly. What was up with the Ole Miss commercial during OUR game????


  56. Oh, we love college football! GO BOISE STATE! Having recently moved to Texas, this is our first season away from home. How we hated missing last nights game. We were all huddled around the computer watching it on streaming video. Decked out in blue and orange… I even painted my nails orange! Yep. There is nothing we won’t do for our Broncos.

    Tough competition for your Bulldogs. Sorry your team didn’t get off to a stellar start. I’m sure next week will get better. As not to add insult to injury, I will refrain from telling you our score.

  57. Lea Margaret says:

    Did they really play Ole Miss’s PSA? We left halfway through the 3rd quarter. Just could not take it any more. But I must say the defense played their heart’s out. The Junction and the fans were electric. You must come to a game sometime soon!

  58. I’m so honored to grace the pages of “boo mama’s” blog! GoTigers!

  59. I was told to come and read the “other side”. I’m in BR, born and raised in Louisiana. Geaux Tigers! I was screaming my head off. The announcers were totally State fans.

  60. I don’t know who Shoeaddict was listening to, but I need to hear some announcers who are State fans….but I digress for my reason for commenting on an old post.
    I tagged you today, and I know that you don’t really do the whole tagging thing. But, perhaps, you could find it in that big heart of yours to teach us a thing or two about what works, and what doesn’t, in the blogosphere! Thanks, BooMama.

  61. Oh, my reason for commenting on an old post is so your readership won’t read me begging you…..:) I do have some pride!

  62. ROFL…i feel ya here!! I am a die hard– tried and true red and white RAZORBACK(view previous post about my proudest mom moment my kids can neither put their shoes on the right feet or dress themselves on a regular basis but KNOW their HOG CALL!!) we played LSU @ Thanksgiving the first year I was married and I got to be the only HOG fan in a roomful of Tigers @ my in-laws in NE Louisiana….that was just plain sad.

  63. Sister, at least it wasn’t as bad a score as MY alma mater. UNT: 10, OU: 79

  64. oh, and what about that totally bogus pass interference call in the first half that LSU ended up scoring off of?! And, yes ma’am, I am totally with you on those ESPN punks. They ALWAYS call us Mississippi! You’d think they would have learned by now that we aren’t anything NEAR like Mississippi!!! Poor, poor Mike Henig, and his parents! My daughter plays ball over there and it is so hard to sit in the stands and hear perfect strangers yell at her!! Well, nowhere to go but up!

  65. what was that website that showed the photo of the ear wax plug?

  66. Will I be forever banished for posting here that I am a HUGE Gators fan? :-) Although I am from Memphis and my ENTIRE family cheers for Tennessee. We are football outcasts:-) But that’s ok because we usually win. My husbands best friend is a Bulldawg fan though, he got his BS and MS there. I am a Memphis fan too, but it is SO hard, as they rarely win. I am SO excited that it is football season:-D