Casting Crowns Giveaway

Y’all know that I love to give away some music.

And when I got a copy of Casting Crowns‘ latest CD earlier this summer, I knew right away that I’d love to share it with the internets.

Because I think that many of us know that Casting Crowns can offer up some Christian Power Ballad Gold like nobody’s business.

“Voice of Truth,” anyone?

How about “Praise You In The Storm”?


And seriously, if you enjoyed Casting Crowns’ previous CD’s, you’re going to love this one, too. It’s heartfelt and worshipful and inspirational – everything good.

So if you’d like to win one of the five copies I’m giving away, here’s what you do (by the way, I totally got this idea from Shannon – just to give credit where credit is due, you know):

1. Go to this page on the Casting Crowns website.

2. Listen to the clips of the songs.

3. Come back here and leave a comment that tells me which song is your favorite. And I realize all you can hear is a 30-second clip of each, but still. It’ll be fun.

I’ll close comments Tuesday morning around 9:00 central and then use a random number generator to determine who wins.

Happy Friday, everybody!

(and p.s. – I’ll get our new podcast up sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. Provided that the computer and the Evil Microphone don’t conspire against me.)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’ve never been #1 before! Wow! Anyway, Sounds like some good new music for the ipod, which, by the way, I just finished listening to your pod cast on. FUNNY STUFF! I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for the next one. I love both your accents, ’cause ya know, here in missouri, we don’t have any!

  2. Oh, I forgot, I couldn’t get the Casting Crowns page to come up. I’ll try again later!

  3. All I got when I clicked on the link was “Problem opening page”.

    Please enter me in the drawing, Sophie, and I’ll try to listen to the clips when I can get the link to work.

    Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  4. boomama.

    i can’t get the page to open up.

    and i want to win me somethin’.

  5. Somewhere in the Middle

    Yup, cause that’s where I end up a lot of times. All gung ho about goin’ out there and divin’ in the deep end while I’m standing in the 6 inches of water I habitate on a daily basis.


    But I do love me some Casting Crowns. They do speak to my soul.

  6. The page won’t come up for me either, but I totally want to win.

  7. I would love to win this! I already know that my favorite is: The Word Is Alive!

    I will also get this linked up on my contest page right away, too!


  8. okay. i went to the casting crowns website, and listened to the cd that came out on august 28.

    i am all about “all because of jesus.”

    obviously, i am also all about alliteration! ;o)

  9. I could not get the page to open, but it is Casting Crowns which means that every song will be my favorite, and there will be bargaining going on to see if it will be in the car so Mr. Pear can listen to it on the way to work or in the house so we can listen to it during the day!

    We LOVE them!

  10. Oh I love Casting Crowns. It has been one of my favorite bands for some time now. I have to tell this funny story before I give you my vote.
    My hubby is a few years older than me (ok several years older) and he had his 20 yr high school reunion this summer. He tells me a few weeks before we head out of town to attend the reunion that “oh yeah Mark Hall from Casting Crowns graduated with me and will be at the reunion!” – WHAT – SERIOUSLY!!
    It was so fun we got to spend the time Friday and some of Sat with Mark and his wonderful wife Melanie. They are such a humble, fun, and dedicated couple. I learned so much from my conversations with them.

    Ok so back to the song I like the best …
    It is “Does anybody see her” – I love it because I relate so much to it. I was the girl searching and making really stupid choices. Nothing made me full until I found my Savior and now He completes me. That is my vote!
    God bless,

  11. I love Casting Crowns! We were able to meet them backstage at their concert in N’ville last year and they are soooo nice and down to earth! I like East to West a lot and I Know You’re There is great, too!

    Great giveaway!! Also, I couldn’t get your link to work but I used the one above fr/ Steph at Adventures in Babywearing.

  12. Oh, Casting Crowns has such poignant lyrics don’t they? Awesome stuff in every album they do. My favorite in this new album is a toss up between Slow Fade, Somewhere in the Middle and I Know You’re There. But the Gracie goes to (that’s kind of like my own version of a Grammy, dontcha know) Somewhere In The Middle – cause that’s where I feel like I’m stuck most of the time.

  13. Every Casting Crowns CD has songs that affect me. The Voice of Truth is a favorite myself and my daughters. It’s also been my rington on my cell phone.
    On the new CD, I really like I Know You’re There.

  14. I love the East to the West and All because of Jesus! Oh I hope I win!

  15. Same problem here but I have already been told by a pal that this CD rocks.
    Please throw my name in the hat.

  16. “What this World Needs” caught me right off….

    p.s. the link problem is an extra http// at the beginning….

    downloaded the first podcast from itunes and will be listening while I drive today….can’t wait!

  17. Ah Jenni, you beat me to the solution. It’s a common error and an easy one to fix, isn’t it?

    Picking a favorite is hard…. I’m going to go with “Prayer for a Friend.” I love the harmonies.

  18. East to West would probably be my favorite song. I’ve heard it on the radio once and LOVE it! oh, please sign me up! I’d love to have a copy of this CD!

  19. East to West has been my favorite since I heard it a couple of weeks ago. Love its message (and I felt that God had released it when he did just for me.)

  20. ‘All Because of Jesus” is my absolute favorite already, even after just 30 seconds. I would just love to win this CD. My 11 year old dearly loves them, especially the lead guitarist, Hector. Could I be this lucky!

  21. I have not gotten this CD yet but my husband and I are big fans!

    It is hard to choose one favorite. As I was listening to the clips though I think I’ll pick Somewhere in the Middle today.

    I enjoyed looking at the lyrics.


  22. Ooooh, I love Casting Crowns! I have to agree with Steph from Adventures in Babywearing and say my favorite is “The Word is Alive”. What an amazing gift that Word is!

  23. There are so many good ones, but I love “East to West.”

  24. Good songs, too hard to choose…..did like (what I heard) of East to West.

  25. Amy Starr says:

    As always, all the songs on the CD are so exciting and passionate. But only one, “Prayer for a Friend” gave me goosebumps, as I can see myself praying and thinking of many friends while listening to that!


  26. Wow! What a great give-away!! I think that “crownlaiddown” should win “Casting Crowns”, don’t you? Either way, I love all that they do…”East to West” is my favorite and speaks my heart.
    Love ya Friend!

  27. Link fixed – sorry! I left to go pick up Alex and am just now seeing all the comments. Have fun!

  28. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! I’d love to be entered from it. Hard to choose from just the short snippets, but I really liked “I Know You’re There” and “Prayer for a Friend”. :)

    Have a great day!!!

  29. My favorite was Slow Fade. I like the sound and the lyrics (what I heard, anyway :). Yay!

  30. jerry and susan says:

    i really like #9 prayer for a friend- I hear east to west just about everyday on K-Love its good also. Did you notice I didnt even mention anything about the football game last night.OOPS! poor sylvester- he tought he saw a puttycat but it was TIGER!!! I’ll understand if you take me off the giveaway list but i still loveya!!! your friend Jerry

  31. Well, the song East to West speaks volumes to me! What an amazing reminder of His grace and mercy!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  32. I love East to West!

  33. I’ve gotta say that “East to West” just sounds amazing. In fact most of them sounded like something I would really like to be listening to on my morning runs!

    And may God bless the people who send you stuff!

  34. East to West is awesome!!! I love Casting Crowns!

  35. #10 All Because of Jesus is one of my favorites on that list. The title sums it up as well as the song. It’s because of HIM!

  36. Melody Peacock says:

    My 11-year-old daughter and I love to sing all the Casting Crown songs and so far she has claimed East to West as her new favorite song.
    I love to read your blog everyday. Somedays you are just want I need to hear.

  37. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now (found my way here from the LPM blog somehow) and you never fail to crack me up. And although I have thought about it LOTS, I have yet to post.

    Until now, that is.

    Because I LOVE Casting Crowns, just heard East to West on the radio the day before yesterday, and sadly realized I have no money to get the new CD until next month.

    But God does provide, even for our little unspoken desires. God is good.

    All the time!

    Thanks for the drawing. And the blog. You really need to call that lady you met in the coffee shop that is somehow involved in publishing…the details are foggy, but anyway, what ever happened with that???

    Hugs, Glenda

  38. Pick me! Pick me!! I love Casting Crowns and either I’ll win it or I’ll buy it. Either way, I’m getting it!

  39. The Word is Alive would be my choice.

    Whether I win or not, I will definitely at some point in time own this CD. :)

  40. WOW… that is a tough one.. I loved them all… but .. the one that spoke to me today was Prayer for a friend… instead of getting frustrated with her.. I need to lift her up in prayer. WOW

  41. i love casting crowns. i love east to west…it is my fav these days. have a great weekend!!

  42. I LOVE Casting Crowns! The Voice of Truth is my all time favorite. I didn’t know they released a new album, I’m liking The Word is Alive and Somewhere in the Middle, and oh gosh, All Because of Jesus is good, too. I think I need to listen to the entire album before I can pick a favorite :).

  43. Count me in please. I love Prayer for a Friend.

  44. I really like East to West. Prayer for a Friend is sounds really sweet. I LOVE Casting Crowns and Boomama!!

  45. Slow Fade is my vote. I’m loving the harmony on that one (reminds me a little of the intense harmony in Praise You in the Storm). Also, love the message in that one. So true.

  46. LOVE Casting Crowns! I got a CD for my birthday from my sister. So I guess I already did win one, kinda. But I’d still love to win this one. The Word is Alive is my fav for now.

  47. Can’t get it to open, but will try agian later.

    But please enter me in.

  48. The Altar And The Door and Slow Fade are my picks from what I heard. ;-)

  49. I love Casting Crowns!
    Picking a favorite is very difficult,
    but “All Because of Jesus” and “Prayer for
    a Friend” strike a cord in my heart today.

    Thanks for the entertaining reading!
    Looking forward to your new podcast.
    Have a great weekend!
    A Reader in Maryland

  50. I love All Because of Jesus! The name says it all!

  51. They are all good, but I especially like “The Altar and the Door” and “Prayer for a Friend.” Great giveaway!

  52. Oooo – I love “I Know You’re There.” I feel like that’s a good sing-a-long one. :) I absolutely ADORE Casting Crowns. What a great give away!!


    I love Casting Crowns!!!! (Stop askin’ Oprah what to do!)

    SO I’ll go with #1 but really – ya know like, ALL of them!

  54. Wow. This is my first time commenting on Boomama’s blog. Such a momentous occasion should be rewarded, no? And a Casting Crowns CD would just hit the spot.

    Cuz I’m really lovin’ East to West

  55. The Word Is Alive- it truly cuts through the darkness!

    Woohoo! I love CC!

  56. LOVE Casting Crowns! I’ve been able to see them in concert twice. I really liked the clip from Every Man.

  57. oh, yeah, that would be East to West!! How cool is that song?

    God bless,

    P.S. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! :-)

  58. I loved “All because of Jesus”.
    Thanks so much for doing this give away.
    Fun! Fun!

  59. Oh, I love them all but I am going to pick #4. I am in need of a lift so if I am picked, it will tickle me pink!

  60. Oh, I love the Casting Crowns:) They are my favorite! It was hard to pick, but I guess my favorite is All Because of Jesus.

    I’ll be buying this very soon, if I don’t win! Thanks for giving some away.

  61. Prayer for a Friend is my favorite. But I am sure they are all great. The Word really speaks through their music. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. East To West, hands down. And should I not win, I’m buying it anyways for ~K~, she loves loves LOVES Casting Crowns. Her favorite song is Love Her Like Jesus.

  63. From hearing just the short clips, I like East to West. Would love to know the rest of lyrics.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Mama Mia says:

    My favorite is “East to West”.
    I am crossing my fingers! :)

  65. what this world needs!! the best song ever?!

  66. I have to choose ONE of those songs?? Sorry… can’t do it. I suppose it would not be very Christ-like to jump up and down and scream, “MEMEME! CHOOSE ME!” So I won’t… but I’m still thinking it :-)

  67. Hi BooMama! Love your blog. I died laughing the first post I read….about the Mickey D’s sausage patty. Outrageous! Casting Crowns is a favorite here at our house… I’m voting for “All Because of Jesus” because that is what is all about, right??

  68. I love ’em all, but Prayer for a Friend spoke to me this day, just as the paraplegic’s friends’ faith was what made him healed. Standing in the gap. All because of Jesus, A
    (so I snuck one in there–hope I didn’t disqualify myself!)

  69. I love Casting Crowns. I vote for East to West.

  70. oh, you don’t know what trouble I have just picking one of anything. So am I cheating if I tell ya two? “The Word is Alive” and “Somewhere in the middle” made my ears perk right up. Please enter me. (I really did like them all.) ;v)

  71. From the 30 second teasers I would have to say its between “The Word Is Alive” and “Somewhere In The Middle”.

  72. Wow, that’s hard! I don’t think there was one that I didn’t like. If I had to pick one right now (which I do – duh!) I’d say the title track “The Altar and the Door.” But really, I’d love to hear them all in their entirety (is that how you spell that?!? can’t say I’ve ever spelled that word out. ever.)Back to the point….pick me! please :-)

  73. We like “Somewhere In the Middle.” Casting Crowns is a great group!

  74. East to West!

  75. I hear “East to West” played on our local AFR station, and it’s a great song. Also, I like “Prayer for a Friend” – beautiful harmony and acoustic guitar. Thanks for the chance, love me a giveaway!

  76. East to West. Unless you’re more likely to pick someone who picks your same favorite, in which case I like whatever you do.

  77. East to West for me. Hope I win!

  78. I would have to go with “I Know You’re There”. I am going through some major medical issues and this song really hit home with me.
    I just recently heard of this group – they are awesome!

  79. The Word is Alive is my favorite of the clips…what beautiful images fill my soul with the lyrics of that song!

    Prayer for A Friend is also amazing…so many times we try to fix things when all we need to do is give them over to Him…

    What a cool contest BooMama!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :o)

  80. OK…I thought it was track #2, but then I kept listening and my favorite ended up being “Prayer for a Friend”…how many of us haven’t sent up many a prayers for friends??

    Their song, Voice of Truth, is my theme song: )

  81. Distybug says:

    I love East to West. Casting Crowns ROCKS!

  82. I’m really liking the melodies of “Slow Fade” and “The Word is Alive.” I like the words in “East to West.” There’s a video for this one on YouTube, I believe. It may have been GodTube, though. And I like the simpleness of “Prayer for a Friend.”


  83. I really like “The Altar and the Door” and also “East to West”

    I would love to win one of Casting Crowns new cd’s!

  84. I really like East to West, but then I got to Prayer For A Friend, oh my….

  85. The Altar and the Door

    What a great give-away. My soul just eats this stuff up!


    This is what a mom looks like, I guess. What do you think?

  86. Can we only pick ONE? Prayer for a Friend, Somewhere in the Middle, The Word is Alive…okay, I’ll quit!

  87. The Word is Alive

    And you know God told me He wants me to have this CD so I can get my praise thing goin’ on during the flight to Africa. Did He tell you yet?

  88. Julie Robinson says:

    I’d say All about Jesus . . . b/c truly that is what is all comes down to – right?? He is the Answer!!

  89. I love East to West. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  90. East to West….
    Love Casting Crowns!

  91. Oh, definitely East to West. Our family rolled along singing it tonight in the van.

  92. east to west! for sure that one is my favorite, I love casting crowns. how nice of you thanks for the chance to win

  93. Thanks for the give-away! My favorite is East to West.

  94. I would love to win this. I’d give it to my daughter for her birthday this month. Our favorite is “East to West”, we sing along with it every time it comes on the radio. :)

  95. East to West. I love it!


  96. I’ve never entered a boomama contest before. I’m nervous….how very exciting. I love East to West…definitely my favorite

  97. I like the song Slow Fade. It reminds me of where I’ve been, and where God has brought me since then.

    Thank you, BooMama.

  98. I narrowed it down to two songs. It is simply the best I can do. East to West and Slow Fade. Great album!

  99. I am not entering your contest but I HAD to say I LOVE CASTING CROWNS!! I am sure you could figure that out since my blog is named praiseyouinthisstorm:-) I SO HEART THEM! I am not entering because I already preordered two CDS…one for me and one to give away because I am a pusher lol….hopefully mine will be in the mail tomorrow:-D