The Angry Ear

A couple of weeks ago Alex started complaining about his left ear.

And by “complaining,” I mean that he started crying incessantly while holding onto the left side of his face and then screaming, “OW, OW, OW” whenever he took a breath.

I figured a trip to the doctor was in order, so off we went. The little man had a double ear infection, got a prescription for some antibiotics, and was as good as new in a couple of days. All better, I thought.

The day after our doctor’s appointment, I was telling Emma Kate what had happened, and she said, “you’d better watch that ear…sometimes amoxicillin doesn’t knock out those infections.” I made a mental note, and then started to talk about something else of the utmost importance.

Like, you know, my hair.

But oh, did Emma Kate’s warning ever echo in my own ears this morning around 2:00 when we headed into hour number four of the “OW, OW, OW” Reunion Tour.

New and improved! With fever!

So needless to say, we’re headed back to the doctor later this morning.

And afterwards, I have high hopes that the two of us will pile up on a couch and sleep for the entire afternoon. I don’t know how Alex is going to feel about that particular plan, but I’m ALL OVER IT, frankly.

Last night when the little man seemed to be hurting the most – before a super-duper dose of Tylenol started to kick in – the only thing that would stop the crying was watching “Monsters, Inc.” or a Mickey Mouse movie called “Twice Upon A Christmas.” I guess the movies distract him just enough that he doesn’t think about the pain, and I for one understand completely because I have nursed many a sinus headache by watching an old VHS tape of the MSU / Ole Miss football game from 1999.

Somehow hearing the announcer scream “HE’S WIDE OPEN! SIRMONES IS WIDE OPEN! TOUCHDOWN, BULLDOGS!” has a way of soothing the pounding pain that, under normal circumstances, would cause me to dig through every single drawer in our house in search of some sort of anvil and hammer combination so that I could try to alleviate a little of that pesky sinus pressure.

So that’s what’s going on here on this fine Friday. A tired mama. A tired daddy. But most of all, one sick (and tired) little boy.

God love him. I just want to make it all better.

And hopefully the doctor will.

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  1. Ask the ped for some Auralgon drops. They’re just ear drops that NUMB the ears. And you will be convinced that they were sent straight down from heaven the next time that one of your kiddos gets a sudden middle-of-the-night piercing ear pain. They are an Rx, but both the ped an and ENT told me it’s impossible to overdose on the things. They take about 10 minutes to kick in, and then life suddenly gets MUCH better.

  2. I seriously love you. I mean really really love you. Good Football cures all pains.

    I’ll be praying for the angry ear!

  3. I am sorry to hear about Alex Boo, there is nothing worse than ear infections. I remember often having to take my daughter back in after amoxicillan just didnt cut it. Ear drops are also a good idea as it does numb the pain until antibiotics take affect.
    Saying alittle prayer that all of you get some well needed rest this afternoon.
    I read another blog where this mom has a set of 2 year old identicle boy triplets and 1 year old identicle twin girls, 5 babies under 2! She told the story once about them all being sick at the same time and all she wanted to do was sleep after a drs appointment and it was 2 days before she slept again LOL. Your post reminded me all to well how these sick days shall pass. Hope Alex feels better soon!!

  4. Bless his little heart…tell him I love him and hope he is all better very soon!!And don’t try to explain where I live or he’ll get confused : )

  5. I feel your pain. My five year old has had dozens of ear infections. Sending a prayer your way for a good restful, healing day!

  6. Sophie boomama,
    I am so sorry little Alex is sick. My oldest use to get ear infections all the time. A Dr told us about taking a clean athletic sock – like the one your hubby would wear and fill it with rice. Place it in the microwave for about 45 seconds (you will need to check to make sure it is not too hot)
    Place it on the infected ear and the steam relieves the pain. It is great for the early morning, dr not open yet and do not want to pay an ER fee for an ear infection, screaming fits!
    I hope he is better soon and that he likes the idea of taking a long nap with mommy :)
    Praying for healing

  7. We have Similisan drops that numb the ear. They are over the counter and they are a lifesaver until you can get to the doctor.I saw that someone else mentioned drops,but with these there is no need for a prescription. I get mine at Walgreens or Wal-Mart. Hope this is helpful.
    I hope that you are catching some Z’s as I type this!

  8. We just came back from the doctor, too. Sydney has a super cold…so we are humidifying with lots of juice and a little robitussen for the next week or so.

    I want a nap myself…good idea :)
    Praying for your Alex…perhaps this afternoon will bring a fast turn around. Praying for just that!

  9. I guess it’s already that time of year – let the germs run free. Sorry to hear he’s under the weather and wearing everyone else out in the process too. Hope doctor can fix him up in no time flat. xoxo

  10. Lord, please heal this little boy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Oh, we’ve been there too. Hang in there.

    Praying for a quick healing and an afternoon filled with a nap.

    Hope your weekend is much better!!


  12. Amoxicillin NEVER worked on my lil’ ones. We always had to go with something much stronger. Luckily, my infection-prone child now has tubes and all is better. Those things are a life-saver!

    Hope Howard is feeling better!

  13. Is it bad to wish MY kids would get an ear infection so we’d have an excuse to nap all afternoon? Cuz that is sounding mighty nice to me right now.

    The eardrops ARE the best… they’ll take the edge off and you can keep them for the next time an ear is keeping the whole house up at night.

  14. Omnicef.
    Good luck with that – been there, done it, three kids, four, or was it five, sets of tubes.
    Glad they are out of that stage now . . . .

  15. Oh Boomama! I feel ya! Will has a double ear infection and Jackson’s right ear is infected, and we have been watching either Elmo or Scooby Doo at 2 am. No kidding. I’ll say a prayer for the little man – it hurts so bad to see your baby hurt!

  16. poor dears! the last ear infection i had was my sophmore year in college and i REMEMEBER clearly how bad it was, so i really sympathize w/alex–and with you as we’ve had our share of ‘angry’ ears in the family. thank the lord for modern medicine. that’s one thing about historical fiction that i dwell on–where in the world would i be w/o ibuprofen, and indoor plumbing and charmin.

  17. Bless his little heart! And your’s too! Praying he gets better soon and that you get some sleep even sooner! :)

  18. darn that ANGRY EAR!!!

    hope he is on the mend and ya’ll can get some sleep!


  19. Put a few drops of garlic oil in his ear. He will smell like an Italian dinner, but it REALLY helps soothe & relieve the pain – keeps vampires away too ;o) You can find it at any health food store and sometimes at Walmart.

  20. You can alternate Motrin and Tylenol – Motrin, then 2hrs. later Tylenol, snuggle, doze, repeat. This will help with contolling the pain until you can get into the doctor.

  21. I’m saying a prayer for the three of you right now. Poor all of you.

  22. I can’t even remember the last time I had an earache but I can tell you I’ll never forget how much it hurts, so bless his little heart. And yours. And BooDaddy’s.

  23. Bless his heart. And your heart. And D’s heart. I hope y’all all get some sleep.

  24. You watch FOOTBALL reruns? That’s almost as bad as my F-I-L who used to Nordic track to videos of the Weather Channel.

    Hope the little guy feels completely well SOOn and hope the Mama gets some slepp.

  25. I’m 40 years old and never had an ear infection. I’ve heard they are from the devil. Hope your guy is better soon.
    Oh, and a piece of unsolicited advice…we use colloidal silver for sinus, ears, colds, etc. Its all natural good antibiotic. And doesn’t seem to have the bad consequences that amoxocilin has. Works for us. Maybe for the Boo family too.

  26. oh, poor boo family.

    we will certainly keep all of ya’ll in our prayers this weekend, and until everyone is back to their normal selves!

    feel better soon!

  27. Thank goodness for fever reducing, pain relieving meds that keep us from getting additional gray hair until we can get to the doctor for the WONDERFUL antibiotics. . .and then home to plug in the STUPENDOUS vhs/dvd so we can nap on the couch while the kiddo watches.

  28. praying for sweet alex. and his momma and daddy :)

  29. I had a lot of ear infections when I was little and I can testify to the fact that NOTHING hurts worse. And I’ve had 3 children. If he has had many infections, bring up the subject of tubes. Poor little guy and his mama!
    A hair dryer on low and warm will help with the emergency pain at night. If he can stand it that is. And why is it always at night? Always!

    Blessings on your family,

  30. Oh poor little guy. And I feel your pain of sleeplessness. I spent many a night up with my girl when she was small due to ear infections. Finally a set of tubes made it all go away.

  31. I do hope your little guy will be all better soon. Ear infections are such a pain!!!!

  32. Oh, I hate the little guys having ear infections…they are so miserable and therefore, they make us miserable.
    Hope he feels better real soon and that you got to rest this afternoon.

  33. Our little one (who actually has tubes in her ears) just got over a double-ear infection. After Amoxicillan didn’t work, the ENT doc prescribed a much stronger antibiotic (Augmentin), but also some amazing antibiotic ear drops–Cipro HC. We have plenty of ear drops left that the doc said were the miracle cure, and that if she starts getting another ear infection to start using them right away. Let me warn you, though–the ear drops are like liquid gold–VERY expensive. Yikes! But in the middle of the night, worth every penny. :-)

  34. Oh, poor baby… hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  35. Just checking in on the Boo family. Been praying for little Howard’s ear and for his sweet parents as they try and make it all better.

  36. Doesn’t it just go straight to your heart when they’re really sick? Oh it gets to me every time. Hopefully some newer and stronger antibiotics will get rid of it for good!

  37. Awww….
    I always say…
    “Mamma is only as happy as her most unhappy child.”
    Poor guy.
    I hate that.