Every Saturday Should Be So Fine

So first of all, I took the dogs for a walk yesterday morning and ALMOST NEEDED A LIGHT JACKET.

Because it was cool outside, you see.

And then – and THEN – we got in the car and drove to Mississippi and got here just in time for the Mississippi State / Auburn game and OH SWEET MERCY, WE WON, Y’ALL.

By the way, I was so nervous during the fourth quarter of the game that I was unable to sit down, so I stood in the middle of Mama and Daddy’s den and did a lot of spastic jumping and and flailing and whoo-hoo-ing. Once the game was over my inbox started filling up like crazy, and at one point I looked at D with a single tear in mine eye and said, “Awwww – the internets are so happy for us!” And we smiled.

You might think that nothing could have possibly made the day any better, but oh, notsofast, because around 3:50 I hopped in the car and drove downtown to a beautifully renovated theatre where a few of our favorite bands were playing last night.

Like, oh, Monk & Neagle. And Bethany Dillon. And Shane & Shane.

Somebody say, “COME ON, NOW.”

And I may have gotten to meet a couple of people. And interview them. Or, I guess I should say, “interview” them. Because I had no idea what I was doing, but at least I got to laugh a whole bunch.

But wait! There’s more!

Emma Kate and her hubby were at Mama and Daddy’s when I got home from the “interview,” and Mama had cooked a big ole Southern supper: pork tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, green beans, butterbeans, squash casserole, rolls and ice cream pie with hot fudge sauce.

I’ll pause for a moment so that you can process all the deliciousness.

After supper we managed to roll ourselves away from the table – though it took more than a little bit of effort – and we headed downtown for the concert. It was, in a word, phenomenal.

And since I have spent the better part of two months listening to the Monk & Neagle CD (in stores this Tuesday!) and the latest Bethany Dillon CD, I was fully prepared for how great they were going to be. They didn’t disappoint even one iota, and at one point I couldn’t help but look at Bethany Dillon – all of 22 or 23 years old and so humbly seeking the heart of God through worship – and wonder why we can’t find a way to make someone like her more visible to our young girls (as opposed to, you know, other female performers her age who can’t seem to stay out of jail).

But I digress.

Because I want to make sure to tell you that the new Shane & Shane CD is, in a word, STRONG, and since I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop for the last four or five days, I was really excited about hearing them live. Honestly, I blown away by the reverence and humility with which they led us in worship. If you have the opportunity to go to one of their shows on this tour, you need to go. You need to get you some tickets right now. And you need to take some people with you.

The whole concert was, as Emma Kate said, “so incredibly worshipful.” I still don’t have all the right words to describe it. But I’ll work on that.

And y’all have a wonderful day.

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  1. I just wanna say that I love that y’all beat Auburn!!!! It was a GREAT game!

    Glad the concert and food was great as well!!

    Have a joke for ya though, lol.

    Sylvester Croom is going to be fired after this season…….Why you ask?

    They’re hiring Micheal Vick. Because no one can make a dog fight like he can!

  2. Glad y’all had fun. Thats sounds like a pretty close to perfect day! Good people, good football, good food, good music…does it get any better than that? And I am assuming the jeans made an appearance which would just round out the whole great experience :)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. First of all I was just coming back to take another peek at THOSE jeans, because you have inspired me and I am on a mission. I am going to find jeans!

    But then I saw a new post, (yay!) and it was so fall-y and enthusiastic about another great southern meal, and worship music, that I now am inspired to cook a big old fashioned meal for my family, and go online and order some new cd’s. I swear I think I am going to do a post of all the things I have purchased because I have read about them on your blog… or others
    :-) I love a good recommendation , so keep ’em coming!

  4. A Roll Tide sister here rejoicing with you over that victory…I agree every Saturday should be so sweet! :)

  5. Yes, it would be Wonderous if we could get a girl like that in front of our young girls. I think I’ll go find that CD and start playing it now for my 5 year old daughter! Also, I just wanted to congratulate you on you 2 victories…the game, and the jeans! Stein-mart always comes through!!! I gotta go find me some now!

  6. So you did actually get to meet them and interview them? Heavens! How exciting :) I can’t wait to hear all about it…because I know you have more to say than that. You simply must.


  7. What a wonderful day for you.

    I have never heard of Bethany Dillon, but my daughter loves Barlow Girl.

  8. I am just so jealous! Living overseas definately has it’s perks, but I don’t get events like deeper still and Monk & Neagle…

    Sigh. Heavy, heavy, sigh.

  9. Once, when I was in your neck-of-the-wwods, I questioned the importance of an Alabama-Auburn game.

    I made it out alive. But just barely.

  10. Well, I must agree is was a great day! My beloved Bama won, Auburn lost and so did Tennessee! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  11. Would you believe Bethany Dillon is only 18?

  12. I must say that as I approach 40, my culinary skills are finally honed to be able to dish up a respectable meat, starch, and veg (which is quite a long way from my humble beginnings)…but, oh MY goodness ALL. THAT. DELICIOUSNESS…I can only dream. I hope that time has not passed me by.

    And that is such an excellent question you pose about Bethany Dillon vs. you-know all those OTHER female “performers.”

    I pray that she and others like her will become more and more and more visible, or should I say that HE who gives them light would become more and more and more visible.

    Happy Sabbath, sister.

  13. Oh perfect day!

    I’m glad you now officially have a record of it. :-)

    Now, you know that you cannot mention mama’s ice cream pie with hot fudge sauce without also including a recipe. Or at least your mama’s contact info so I can order one!

    Hope your Sunday is equally blessed as your Saturday– but maybe more in a quiet, relaxed, long afternoon nap kind of way.


  14. I am so jealous of the feast your momma cooked! Girl, I know if was good!
    What brand of jeans did you end up buying?

  15. That is what one would call, my friend, “a good day.”

  16. So glad the Dawgs kicked Tuberville’s you-know-what! And your pre-concert meal–my dream. I probably would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It took more than a moment to process that deliciousness.

  17. Come on now! What a great day with a great ending. Live music!

  18. Your Dawgs had quite a showing–great game. (My Hawgs, not so much–a total heartbreaker and we are in the depths of despair.)

    Can’t wait to read about your “interview” with M&N.

  19. clang-a-lang-a-lang!!!(ringing my cowbell!)

  20. And I wanted to add: COME ON NOW after hearing of your southern feast! Mmmmm my heart skipped a beat, I just know it!

    It sounds like a fantastic day, blessed and beautiful!
    Have a great week in Jesus,

  21. It is a good thing that I am not a member of a band of thieves, because I just figured out your home town. It’s only thirty miles from me.
    Glad the concert was fabulous.

    Just a fellow MSU alum saying, “How ’bout them dawgs?!!!”

  22. It does sound like a lovely Saturday.

    I hate to be a downer, but I confess that after I heard of your little win at the game, I would have taken to my bed, but I was already in it with a cold. Still, I’m happy for you, sad for me. That’s the way it goes.

    But how ’bout that GOOD FOOD you got to eat? Wanna send some my way? We’ve eaten everything in the house and no one has the strength to get out and go get groceries.

  23. coaching in GA says:

    Good game! I am an Auburn alumni, and was sad for the loss; however, since I’m also a BooMama fan, the loss wasn’t as painful. I am afraid this will be a very long, pain-filled season.

  24. Good Stuff

  25. I must confess that I know next to nothin’ about your Dawgs, BUT I am thrilled as anything that they beat Auburn!


  26. I need your mama to come cook for me :)

    We had Shane & Shane sing at church a while back, and it was SO good. I’ve loved them since they were Shane & Caleb. Well, one of the Shanes was, anyway!

  27. I think the title of this gospel song sums up your day – “OH HAPPY DAY..” and let’s not forget the great song “WHO LET THE DAWGS OUT!”

  28. Glad you had such a great day! Good food, good football, good family and friends, and good music (I couldn’t think of an “f” word for music, but oh well, it’s still good stuff) Oh! Oh! How about good fellowship? :)

  29. War Eagle anyway….
    if anyone had to beat us, I guess I’m glad it is your team.
    Don’t get me started about our turnovers and overrated senior quarterback. Sigh.

  30. Great memories! So glad for you, it does sound like it was a busy day!! I just heard the new Shane & Shane cd last weekend…..wonderful!

    What a meal…my goodness. How long does it take your mother to prepare all that? I really don’t expect you to answer that, I’m just saying I would need a week off after that!! :-) That ice cream pie with hot fudge sauce does sound like something my kids would love. If you have time and your mama doesn’t mind, could we please have that recipe?

    Thanks and rest up from your big weekend!

  31. GO STATE!

  32. no fried chicken? it sounds delicious anyway! :)

  33. Who let the Dawgs out?!
    I was screaming so loud at the end of that game. My kids were a bit concerned about me. What a day!!!

  34. I was at the game on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was wearing orange! It was a good game for you guys. The best part for me was Taylor Hicks doing the half-time show.

  35. I almost called to congratulate you on Saturday when I heard the score! But I figured that I should really concentrate on Mr. Right, especially since we were at a marriage retreat and all. So you understand my silence. But I was with you in spirit, Boomama. I was with you in spirit.

  36. Saturday was an awesome day! It was so good to see our defense hold those Tigers at 4th and goal–which, to my selective mind, has never been done before :) 2-1!! Dare I say it?!? We’re having a winning season!!
    Due to family/friend’s b’day party, I did not get to drive only 30 minutes away to see M&N, S&S, and BD. Sad for me. But I’m enjoying M&N’s CD–and look forward to winning S&S’s on Friday ;)

  37. Sounds like a completely divine weekend, all in all, start to finish. xoxoox