Like A Common Thread, You’re Pulling Me

I have no post to go with this title.

But the title has been on my mind for weeks now. And it’s driving me a little cuckoo, the frequency with which this title interrupts my train of thought.

Not that I’ve been listening to the “High School Musical 2” soundtrack or anything.

Oh, heavens no.

Because I am so totally mature and grown and sophisticated and whatnot.


Also: I just looked over in Alex’s direction, and I noticed A LOT OF FLAMES on top of the coffee table where I was burning a lovely pumpkin-scented candle.

Apparently – at least judging by what I just witnessed here in my own home – plastic lizards are quite flammable. Especially when a four year-old HOLDS ONE OF THEM OVER A BURNING CANDLE.

It’s been one of those days, y’all.

Thank you and have a lovely afternoon.

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  1. you too?

  2. I bet that burning lizard left a MUCH nicer scent in your living room than whatever candle aroma you were going for. Nice of the little man to help you out like that. He probably just wanted to enhance the relaxing atmosphere you were trying to create when you lit the candle in the first place.


    This is why my husband got down on his knees and PRAISED GOD when he found out we were expecting a girl. He did things like this (and burning down 16 acres of fields) when he was a small boy.

  4. boomama,

    i have to tell you, though, i can attest to the fact that there are some girls who are, um, well, adventurous, too, like lil’ alex.

    like my daughter, for example.

    she, unlike her older brother, was the child who decided that flushing items like q-tips, shoes, wrenches, and the like, was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

    i already know to keep any and all candles/electric items/flammable things away from her. that is just tempting fate, my friend.

  5. Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay…take a deep breath, it does get better or maybe more dangerous–you feel better now, right??

    Smiling Big for you :)Praying, as well!

  6. I have a few things that I wouldn’t mind little Howard catching on fire for me. My homework, for instance.

    For some silly reason, my profs aren’t buying the “my dog ate my homework last night” routine anymore. I can’t figure it out.


  7. That’s a new candle fragnance you could market…” Fried Lizards and Punkin’ “

  8. Don’t get me started on today.



  9. Did you ever think you’d say things like, “Drop that flaming lizard RIGHT NOW!”

    Oh, well.

    Momma told me there’d be days like this…

  10. Candle? What is that object anyway?

    It has been oh so long since I have lit one…do they still look the same as 6 years ago???

  11. Naturally at a time like this, the appropriate parental response is guidance. So, having Howard memorize and perform “I Don’t Dance” could be the way to go.

    Really, it’s a teachable moment…..don’t melt your toys, and it’s good to know ‘slide home, you score, swingin’ on the dance floor’.

    Really, it’s a message that he can carry with him through the years.

  12. It’s a rite of passage. Man’s nature to roast his prey over an open fire. Before ya know it, it’ll be the real thing! But hopefully OUTSIDE.

  13. At least you don’t have the memory of your 4 year old throwing up the entire contents of her stomach on your neighbor’s lawn while trick or treating… I’d take a burning lizard anyday…

  14. And that, my dear Boomama,is why candles only burn on mantles at my house. So my 5-year-old and 3-year-old don’t attempt to toast their dinos or other wicked creatures. Though if they were to burn some of those horrible alien things, I wouldn’t be heartbroken.

  15. After two boys, I just don’t burn them :( It’s too tempting for them. On the other hand, Boo Mama, that inquisitiveness will be working overtime for you soon. I bought a carpet sweeper today and it was waiting in my living room to be put together. I cooked dinner and was in the middle of serving when my five year boy old brought it to me, fully assembled. He had done it correctly, too! THAT’S why the boys were so quiet while I made dinner!

  16. We’re currently growing a giant plastic octopus in a bowl of water. I wonder what would happen if I mixed the octopus and my caramel scented candle?

  17. Add one more thing to the list of why I’m scared about my 1 year old boy growing up!

  18. Around here, we call that a 6th grade home schooling science experiment. He just needs to write it up, complete w/hypothesis, method, results and discussion, and you’re ahead of the game by about 7 years. Go Howard! Go Howard!

  19. Does this mean you are “coming unraveled” – ha ha. Couldn’t resist. I hope Alex didn’t set your house on fire!!! If he did, blame it on Howard!!!

    Have a great evening Boo Mama!

  20. Oh, my – – if he’s gonna do that, you might as well give him a marshmallow on a stick, for Pete’s sake! =)

  21. Room spray.
    Pumpkin-scented, of course. :)

  22. Jeannette says:

    This reminds me of a time I was taking a soak inthe tub. My cat Kate was totally amazed that I would choose to sit in water. Go figure! I had lit a candle and had it burning a soothing mixture and Kate was swishing her tail. And you guess it, she caught her tail on fire. I jumped up out of the tub. This act alone terrified her. What if I was going to catch her and put her in the tub too!She jumps down off the tub edge and is leaping down the stairs heading for the kitty door to the outside. Luckily, half way down the stairs the tail was no longer ablaze and I went back to my bubble bath. Crisis over.

  23. Bailey's Leaf says:

    One of our local restaurant chains is the Winking Lizard. Perhaps, we should suggest changing it to the Flaming Lizards. Hmmmm.

    Darling, we’ve all been there. If I blogged (which I am trying to hold myself back from because I’m afraid that is all I’ll do!) I would share with you the story of Miss K- and I being KICKED OUT OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE. Good times, girl. Good times . . .

  24. I am a thread too. We have this link over the net that allows us to connect. I take myself way too serious though, and need your sense of humor. I have to say, I was quite entertained by the responses to help you accessorize for the Big Event in Nashville. I’m trying to figure out how to fit all 110 of them into my bedroom so they can help me get my act together too!!

  25. this is the exact reason i don’t burn candles until after 9 at night:)))

  26. Oh, just wait until Alex is old enough to try out science experience in your freezer! Oh heck each year gets even better. BTW mine at 4 jumped off the top bunk at daycare to try to grab the ceiling fan to be superman. He also mooned his little friends outside at daycare & decided to swipe a candy bar at Safeway.
    It is the most wonderful time:o)