Because You Just Never Know What The Internet Will Do

Fourscore and eleven years ago, when I sat down one fine November evening and decided I’d start me a blawg – a place where I would write some stuff about some things, and lo, maybe even post some pictures of some people – I had two objectives in mind: 1) to document our family’s life for Alex and 2) to maybe eventually tell my friends about it so that we could all stay in touch a little bit better.

As always, I was dreaming big.

It took me two months to mention the blog to anyone other than D, and when I finally worked up enough nerve to tell some friends, I very sheepishly sent emails to Elise, Tracey and Merritt. And sort of halfway prayed that they’d ignore the link.

Lesson for Alex: SHOOT FOR THE STARS, SON!

It’s your heritage!

But I really wasn’t kidding about that whole “read by tens of people” thing.

And yet, two years later, here I sit, waiting to go to the airport and pick up two of my sweetest friends who I’ve never seen in person. Friends that I met ON THE INTERNET, THROUGH THE BLOG, and OH, life is rich with irony, isn’t it?

The weekend is going to be jam-packed – much moreso than I originally realized – but I’m telling you: I cannot wait to see these girls and hug their necks and scare them with my driving and drink way too much coffee and/or diet Coke and talk into the wee hours.

And hopefully we’ll have a chance to shop just a little bit, though I fear that the shopping could be dangerous. Very dangerous indeed. I may end up being the proud new owner of the sparkly dress after all.

So on that note, I’m off to the airport. I’m gonna make sure the girls get a little Alabama barbecue before the day’s over, and then we’ll sing our hearts out with Casting Crowns, Leeland and John Waller tonight.

I am so excited.

And I’m sure the three of us will be oversharing all the details very soon indeed.

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  1. Oh I wish I was there with you! I miss Birmingham so much!

    Have loads of fun!

  2. We can’t wait to hear the details and see some fun photos! Y’all have a great time. :0)

  3. Ya’ll have fun! And behave! (Sort of)

  4. You will have a blast- wish I could be a fly on the wall but I am sure you’ll tell us all about it! I love Bloggy Meetups. I met some of my very best friends through blogging!


  5. I am so, so jealous that I am only 2 1/2 hours from y’all and can’t join in on the fun. Have a bigger blast than you can imagine for me and tell Hector I said “hi” (he’s the lead guitarist for CC) when you see him backstage. He goes to my church : ) Can’t wait to see photos and hear all about it on the podcast.

  6. Avid readers of all three of your blogs’ I so await the stories and pictures! Enjoy yourselves!

  7. Well, I’m so jealous I can hardly stand it! But since I can’t be there I hope y’all have a great time without me. Drink some coffee/diet Coke for me, and sing along with Casting Crowns like I would if I was there.

    Hope y’all have the bestest time evir! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  8. I’m looking forward very much to the oversharing and hoping you all (I mean y’all) have a fabulous time!!!

  9. Praying your time is RICH and FULL of laughter and fun! Praying for safety and some time being real with girl friends.

    PS I’m glad you share your blawg with others. It is a joy to read, really!

  10. I just saw Casting Crowns, Leeland and John Waller in STL last weekend. AWESOME!!!!!!! Concert. It was my first time hearing them live and there are no words to describe the concert. My mom, dd and I went for a girls night out. Have fun.

  11. In regards to sparkly goodness – have you heard Joyce Meyer talk about a woman was suppose to cut her spending and came home with a new dress. When husband saw the dress he demanded to know what happened. She said that she saw the dress and knew she couldn’t buy it so just tried it on instead. The husband asked why didn’t she resist temptation she said she did. After trying on the dress she told satan to get behind her and he said it looks even better in the back. Tee hee! Hope it made you laugh unless this convicted you then I’m sorry – disregard the story.

    Hope y’all have a blast!! I know my life is richer with laughter just by reading your blawg. Your visit could turn into a podcast series especially if it’s 3 a.m. and the coffee is working over time – just saying.

  12. Have a FABULOUS time and I look forward to hearing ALL about it! (from all three viewpoints) :)

  13. I half-wonder to myself if at the time the three of y’all converge in one place together the internet won’t just erupt into a spontaneous fireworks show or something. It just seems weird that right here, on our very own continent, maybe at this very moment, y’all are all three together, like… The Trinity (and by that I mean the culinary trinity of onions, celery and green pepper Lousiana style, you understand.) There should be some sort of sparkly cyber-nod to that, I think. Oh, man. Barbeque. Pardon me while I weep quietly to myself.

  14. Four score and 11 years ago… I didn’t know you were 91 years old! (ok, look past my historical humor)

  15. You girls be good, you hear? I know you’re going to have a blast!!!!

  16. Please tell me you are taking them to Jim ‘n Nick’s. Ya’ll have fun!!

  17. oh so much fun!

  18. Oh my goodgracioussakesalive. That is going to be one good time.

  19. Life certainly is interesting, isn’t it?
    You never know how really reads your blog and then the next thing you know….you are dear friends! Hope you three have a wonderful time and your jaws will probably be sore after this week-end!!

  20. Wrote too fast…I meant to say”WHO” really reads your blog instead of “HOW”
    Why don’t I proof-read my comments??????

  21. You guys are going to have so much fun!!! Post lots of pics later. Have a great weekend!!

  22. To say the least I am sure this weekend will be full of capital letters and exclamation points! Have fun – your other interweb friends are all wishing we were there too!

  23. Be strong! Do not let them tempt you to deviate from your budget! Sparkly dresses are from the debil!


  24. Oh how I wish I was joining the 3 of you! I can just tell it’s going to be one fun weekend!

  25. Have an AWESOME time!!!!

  26. The sparkly dress is 30% off at our Macy’s. Hopefully it’s on sale there, too.

  27. Im gonna say what my 6 yr old has been saying 127 times a day….”HOLY MOLY MACARONI!!”

    We are just gonna be dying for all 3 of ya’lls details on this most awesome time. Laugh til you wet your pants!!! HA!

  28. Have you so much fun! I can’t wait to hear the crazy stories.

  29. I love MIRLing. It’s one of those little unexpected blessings to the blogworld!

    Have fun and get back to us soon!

  30. I’m so happy for you…you all have fun, and we can’t wait to hear about all the craziness!

  31. I am so tempted to hop in my car and get over there just to meet some of my favorite people. Hope ya’ll have an awesome time!!!

  32. You guys have fun! Take lots of pictures and keep us up to on how things are going! I can only imagine the laughter that will take place when you the 3 of you get together!

  33. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures to show us. We are anxious to hear about the big adventure. Isn’t God good??!!!?!? Blessings.

  34. Have a great great time! Y’all are 3 of my favorite blogs! I’d try and get them some good fried chicken, too, and see if you can turn them into bulldogs!

  35. I hope you three had a great time. I wish I could choose a couple of my online friends to spend a weekend with…wow!

  36. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: you are famous. I know this because non-famous people do not get to have meet and greets with CASTING CROWNS!

    I’m jealous…

    But I’m also excited for all the updates from all three of you that I pretend I know and am pretending I’m hanging out with. I won’t mention that I dreamed that I was hanging out with you guys last night. I won’t mention that.

    Maybe my life is lacking something… :)

  37. I am so glad that you girls are finally meeting.

    I’m looking forward to the next Big Boo Cast!

  38. I suspect your face will be sore from all the smiling and laughing. John Waller! I know John he and his wife attend our church. He and his group lead worship for us from time to time.

  39. Sounds like fun to me! i bet you’ll be wishing the weekend were a week longer.

    Have fun and post details girls!

  40. The concert is going to be fabulous – just saw them a few weeks ago, and I was totally impressed! Can’t wait for all the internet friends meeting in person for the first time bloggy goodness!!

  41. You’re going to love both of them to death! They are both even better in real life than on their blogs; I hope your weekend together is wonderful :)

  42. Sounds incredibly fun. I think I might gather my girlies for a girls night myself. Lord knows we need these more often than we get them.

    Have fun!!!!


  43. I can’t wait for the podcast!

    Speaking of which, I just had an absolutely fabulous idea for the three of you to discuss. What if y’all decided to mentor a “special needs” blogger? You know kind of like a Big Brothers/Big Sisters type of deal.

    We all know one of those bloggers, don’t we ladies? She would like desperately to have her categories listed on her sidebar, if she could only figure out how to get it on there, for crying out loud. She has a few too many of those, “What is this post about anyway?” posts, maybe goes overboard with the vomit talk, and she lets her kids publish pictures of snails on her blog!

    I know the perfect Smockity candidate who would be tickled pink to be chosen. Well, all except for that whole “special needs” label, but she would overlook that.

  44. Oh BooMama – Birmingham shopping is not complete without a trip to downtown Homewood and a stop in Vestavia at Mia Moda! :) I love our town!! I hope you have a blast!!

  45. Have a great weekend!