See? She’s Perfectly Fine.


And upright, to boot. Which is a huge improvement over a couple of nights ago.

Even better, she’s made up with the steps.

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  1. My word, Boomama, you are SO like your mother! I am very glad to see she is indeed in one piece!

  2. Oh, I see where ya’ll get your blue eyes…mamma is lovely…..and indeed upright. Bless her heart! Can she come and do MY tree???
    Oh, and thanks for the link to Janie’s jewelry thing….I bought two for my nieces today!!

  3. So glad she is alright…I can sympathize…I seem to have a tendacy to splat sometimes too.

    On a side note, I lOVE the JJ…I ordered 2….for myself and my sister. So fun!

    Love, Sarah TN

  4. you look so much like your mama. and i’m so glad to see only 2 steps. even though you said their was no staircase in you house, when i saw the photo of her lying there and the steps peeking out i imagined her tumbling down a staircase.

  5. Isn’t she beautiful? Mmm Mmm Mm!

    You Sisters have good genes!

  6. That is so cute. Mama and the tree and her gesturing to the stairs like Vanna White. cutecutecute. Love it. Glad she is allright and her sense of humor is well intact.

  7. what a classy looking Mama! :)

  8. Tell her she’s Beautiful! Even if she is a bit clumsy :)!

  9. Again with the perfect skin. All I’m passing on to my daughters is slovenliness and a sweet tooth.

  10. Oh — what a good sport your mother is. (And beautiful too!) I see where you get your good looks (and sense of humor)!

    You have beautiful floors b.t.w. WOWZA!!

    I just installed CA security something or other… you are low risk… isn’t that nice to know? LOL


  11. Clemntine says:

    Well, I think we’ll all sleep better tonight.

    I’ll be back for more late-breaking news…

  12. You are blessed with an exceptionally good humored AND attractive mother (and you say she is the great cook in your family?) Bet she thinks you and Sister are special too – thanks for sharing this poignantly clumsy but redeemed moment LOL – y’all are just fun!

  13. A mother for all seasons: lovely to look at and a wonderful sense of humor to boot! She is blessed with two lovely girls and you are extremely blessed by having her as your Mom. Tell us about how she raised you.It would be interesting!

  14. Look HOW cute!!!

  15. Oh that is funny she is standing there pointing at the steps like Vanna White – LOL!!
    I am so glad she is ok !!
    she is so cute!

  16. Yea! she looks great!

    so glad you posted the warnings that she was ok…tha picture looked awful!

    It will make for great memories!

  17. Thanks for the posting the “after” picture. Glad she is ok-you will be telling that story for a long time!

    I received my “JJ” today. Love it!! Thanks again!

  18. Thank goodness your mom is okay and wasn’t hurt by her fall!

    I meant to put up my Christmas tree this week but I’ve been a bit distracted by the baby that was delivered to our house at 1:30 AM on Wednesday! :)

    The tree will eventually get put up!

  19. Beautiful home, beautiful tree, beautiful mom (who wasn’t injured in the fall)…how wonderfully blessed you are. Isn’t God so good??

    Delurking here (apparently to tell you things you already know…sorry!). Just wanted to say that I love your blog.

    You inspire!

  20. And she looks like just her daughter.

  21. She’s just beautiful! I told Bigmama that I think y’all should have a podcast with the mommas involved….that might be a hoot!!

  22. You tell your momma that she’s a cutie!

  23. I agree, thanks for putting the ‘after’ photo up. I have to admit, even with the warning I was worried.

    And yes, wow, beautiful. So, does this make her BooMamaMama? :)

    P.S. If you wouldn’t mind too much, would you put her on a plane to Washington. I have a tree that needs some TLC. In fact, I still need the tree!

  24. What a good sport Mama is to pose for the internets!

    I received the jj today and must say it’s more fabulous in person than on the web (and cute packaging too!)

  25. so glad your mom didn’t hurt herself when she was stuffing herself under your tree!
    She looks like a lot of fun and a great sport!

  26. She’s a pretty mama.

  27. I agree with Fran. A BigBooCast with Mamas would be wonderful. It would be fun to hear Holiday stories and traditions.

    I’m sure you all have loads of time during the holiday season to pull that one off!

    Tell your beautiful Mama that we’re glad to see that she’s ok.

  28. Ta Daaaa! :>)

  29. Vanna, eat your heart out!

  30. ya’ll are all a bunch hard nuts! just like me and my fam, tee hee hee!

  31. I stopped in to take a peek at the upcoming Christmas Tour of Homes…and your poor mama!
    I just scrolled down to read the post below…
    It seems this was the week for graceful walks down stairs…I did the same thing Saturday night on our long staircase, and thankfully, I was only about five from the floor when it happened…but ow!

    Your mom is beautiful- even after the fall!

  32. This picture is just wonderful. Now I can put a face with the Fish Camp story. I’m sure your mama would just love that bit o’ knowledge. Ahem.

    There certainly couldn’t be any question as to the fact that you, your mama and Sister are related. And Alex too, for that matter. But he’s not a girl, so, you know, I couldn’t lump him in there. Although, come to think of it, I don’t think you’ve ever posted a picture of Alex’s daddy, so perhaps I just I see so much of you in him because you are the only one I’ve seen. Does he look at all like his daddy?

  33. So glad to hear that BooMamaMama made up with the stairs. She looks as lovely as you and Sister.

    Remember ladies, always tell your mama you love her!

  34. ahem, i hope she’s not trying to do the Vanna hand-model pose thingie, because i hate to tell her, there’s NOTHING THERE.


    glad she’s better.

  35. oh. duh. i get it. STAIRS.

    gosh. you’d think i was the one who was all up under the tree a coupla days ago!

  36. Christine says:

    Good to see her smiling face :)

  37. I am going to be so excited if that is a foam doorhanger hanging on your door made by your darling boy at church.or preschool.or any of those other places that bombard me with paperwork and artwork when I come to pick my princess up.

  38. I’m so glad Mama is okay. She is a classy, southern lady.

  39. so glad she is alright and sport enough to take a picture next to the stairs that sent her staring up through the tree. lol

  40. Bless her baby heart!

  41. So glad that she’s all right! What a good sport she is. You are pretty lucky that your Mama will come to visit just to decorate the tree. Me? I had to give her two grandchildren before she’d just come down to visit…

  42. What a good sport!

  43. What a trouper! And so pretty too :) Glad she’s ok…

  44. So that’s where you and Sister get your great genes from! Your Mama is so lovely.


  45. So glad your mama is okay! So, since she’s fine, can I change the subject and ask a really serious question about your last post? Because it wouldn’t have been appropriate to ask it then, but it seems to be a wee bit more appropriate today…

    Did you say in your last post that you set your dining room table with your Christmas china??? Do you leave it set the whole month of December? Because this sounds like a wonderful idea, but how do you keep A’s little fingers from touching your china?

  46. Most importantly, your mother’s hair looks fabulous.

  47. Oh I am sooo glad to see this photo :)

    Glad she’s fne :)

  48. I just want to know, did you make her stay under the tree while you went looking for the camera???? I thought about that later and I just smiled thinking, I wonder how long they made her lay there so all the internets could have a good laugh!

  49. Well thank heavens!! LOL!! I’m really glad she is ok and I adore her ability to laugh about it. And you for taking the pics!!

  50. Okay, I’m being ridiculous and commenting again, but I’m reading through these comments to occupy my mind while I nurse the baby, and have to say I’ve been wondering the same thing as GiBee… and almost asked it myself. Since she went ahead and changed the subject…

    I’m assuming, being that you are a proper Southern lady raised by a proper Southern mama, that you have a “formal” dining room for that china as opposed to just one, everyday table. But, still, do you leave the table set all through December? Without having pieces broken? Do you USE your Christmas china???

  51. Hallelujah! Mama’s upright and looking lovely! :D Thanks for sharing your the graceful adventures of your family!

  52. Gee…where do you get your sense of humor? :) Glad she’s okay, and she’s cute as a button.

  53. Okay. . .so she is just way precious. . .

  54. Oh that is to funny about your Mom, I’m sitting here LOL & my husband thinks I’m nuts…

  55. Now we all know where you and sister get your beautiful skin and blue eyes! Glad to see Mama up and about!