I Love You More Giveaway Winners

I Love You More

Winners! We have some winners!

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Comment #60 – Donna Wright

Comment #362 – Christie (suddenlink email)

Comment #454 – Melody


Email me with your mailing address info, and I’ll ship these out first thing next week!

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  1. You LUCKY Dawgs!! °Ü°


  2. What?? No one named Amy? What’s up with that?

  3. I love this book. Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Congrats…drinking haterade over here.

  5. Congrats everyone!

  6. I am with Marlana….give me a cup girl!! I never win!(said with pouty face…much like my seven year old daughter–I am now off to call my Moma so she can tell me how I will always be a winner to her)

  7. Well, I guess I’m going to have to go track the book down and buy it!

  8. Hey. My first post. Found your blog and it is great. I am from a small town in central Mississippi. Home of Copiah-Lincoln Community College – know it? It is wonderful reading about someone just like a lot of people I know and am kin, too!! Look forward to reading more!!

  9. It’s me again. Just wanted to inform you that you have influenced me and my blogging attempts. You have brought out the real me and I hope I do you proud!! Come visit me – http://www.biscuitsandgrits.blogspot.com
    And please just overlook the graphics, or lack thereof. I have got to get my oldest son to help me there; he is my computer graphics wizard!

  10. Hey BooMama… I thought I’d come over and check on you and Sister.. and I found your Mother under the Christmas tree! Did you know that I am married to your brother?? He once rolled a quarter of a mile down a hill in a cemetery.. over a few of those little metal grave markers… I almost wet my pants! He was livid… came stomping back up the hill muttering under his breath about rolling through “the valley of the shadow of death.” Ah.. the memories you brought back… sigh… the things I could tell you! he he he Hugs.. Cecil

  11. I am so excited. This is the first thing I have won since entering bloggy world in August. I sent you my info and will wait anxiously for my book. :)