Maybe Now I’ll Read Some Of Those Things They Call Books

This afternoon I finished painting hubby’s old office that we’re now using as another guest room, and while I was painting I watched some movies.

I mean, what else am I supposed to do when I paint? Like, PAY ATTENTION or something?

Oh, p-shaw.

Anyway, I’ve watched THREE MOVIES in one day (In Her Shoes, The Constant Gardener, Inside Man), and if you combine those three movies with the one I saw at the the-AY-tur yesterday, then that means I’ve watched FOUR MOVIES in two days, and, hello, that hasn’t happened since 1992.

I am understandably proud.

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  1. Did you get a good deal on movies? I saw you went to the first showing of Veggie Tales which is the best priced one. I am so addicted to coffee and your blog!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  2. One time, my brothers and I watched a movie four times in one day. It was The Land Before Time. I’m still ashamed…

  3. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Now THAT is multi-tasking at its finest!! Woo hoo!

  4. Haven’t seen Inside Man–isn’t Denzel’s sweet bodacious Christian bod in that one? Maybe I’m thinking a different movie. Hope you had fun painting.

  5. What’d’ya think of The Constant Gardener? I remember seeing a preview and thinking it looked interesting… but can’t remember now what it was about or why I thought it looked good. I always have such a hard time picking out movies to rent and half the time come away with something I end up not liking… and since I’m going to be alone (well, with two babies, but, ya know) a lot of the time now (without cable :-P) I need reccommendations.

  6. Due to some very bad service from our cable provider, we’ve been given the gift of EVERY movie channel and free on demand movies for two months. I’ve watched so many movies that it’s gonna take some major laser surgery to get rid of these bags under my eyes. But it’s been worth every minute of Cary, Fred & Ginger, Dustin, Denzel, Russell, and company.

  7. Oh, yes! 1992! That was about the time I watched all three “Back to the Future” movies all in one day. Yep, eyes were on fire after that, for sure.

  8. My kids are demanding that we watch the entire Star Wars saga — yep, all 6 episodes. NO! We aren’t doing it all at one time. Do you want my brain to explode or something?

    I’m a very intelligent woman, but goodness — I don’t get these movies!!!


  9. Last time we painted we watched the Lord of the Rings saga-all three extended versions. Of course, we probably would have gotten done sooner if we didn’t keep stopping to watch different scenes.

  10. Well done thou good and faithful servant. Painting after having multiple immunizations – you are like a Wonder Woman!!

  11. This year I started a Christmas tradition with my girls (3 and 5). We watched Anne of Green Gables and camped out in the living room around the Christmas tree.

    It was SO fun to watch a movie (period) that I enjoyed and that the girls enjoyed as well.

    Now….what’s a theater? Oh, wait, I remember. It’s one of those places that costs $40 to watch a movie. $20 for the tickets and $20 for the sitter.

    Yeah…we don’t go much.

  12. Okay now that you have two guest bedrooms— I think it’s time we all come over— eat some yummy yummies– and watch movies with you!!!

    Imagine the blog posts after that!

    Hey, I’m hosting a “How to Write a book and Get Published” Q&A this week if you’re interested-

  13. My momma says “p-shaw” and it just makes me laugh every time.

  14. Watching movies while painting? You wouldn’t happen to be one of those multi-taskers that also applies make-up while reading the newspaper, while simultaneously driving down the interstate, would you?

  15. We watched a very long and boring movie last night. Logan liked it, so I guess it wasn’t a complete loss. The movies you chose sound great!

  16. Good for you! I dislike painting. I need to paint our house now but I just don’t want to BUT if you come and paint a few rooms in my house I will supply the movies and diet coke and maybe a little bit of chocolate if that is to your liking. :o)

    Have a great Sunday!

  17. Well, my first question is what color did you paint it? I am all over the decorating! And secondly, I am impressed that you multi-task so well. I’d pretty much have to do one or the other…..anyhoo, good for you for getting it all done, and being entertained at the same time.

  18. Teehee ;)

    I’ve been painting and watching movies, too! Although I only saw two to your 4 I’m starting to get the feeling you’re sending me subliminal messages.

    When do we paint the master? :- )

  19. You are cooler than cool.

    (Do we get updated painting pictures?)

  20. Hey there Boomama… you are, er- um… well Blog famous if you know what I mean so I cam to see what all the fuss was about and found that you are a hoot and definitely going on my top 5 blogs… I first found out about you on Bev’s blog, then I saw that Beth gave you a shout and then Travis, too. When I went to connorcolesmom’s site and discovered she loves you, too – well, I just had to find out about Ms. Boomama for myself. You are a hoot and hollar if I ever heard one and I am so blessed to read that you seem to struggle with the “writer” thing as well. I find myself standing on God’s promise and calling myself a writer by faith but EEK! If it ever goes anywhere – besides cyberspace – I will just be slain in the Spirit I suppose! Well, I guess I have babbled on about enough and would like to wish a blessed day. When do you go to Uganda? I would love to pray for you!

    Love and Blessings,

  21. You can’t mention movies and not mention what you thought of them!

    I watched In Her Shoes last year sometime and really enjoyed it. Hubby and I watched Inside Man, and I thought that was pretty good too.

    I do agree that as a mom who doesn’t have much to measure success by (moms in general, not you in particular), you gotta take props where you can get them.

  22. Loved In Her Shoes! Didn’t you?! Also Inside Man. Haven’t seen Constant Gardner because of the obvious deep thoughts and intellectual plot that take place in the movie.

    Can I ask what p-shaw means?


  23. Great great choice of movies!!! I love them. Now can you come and paint my office…I will provide the movies – promise. : ) Also I wanted share this with you I know Moms & Dads are always looking for discounts. Enjoy and happy shopping

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  24. My hubby and I once rented all the Godfather movies in one weekend! It was Before Kids…you know, when all we had to do on a Saturday afternoon was sit around and watch movies.
    We went to the Veggie Tales movie yesterday – LOVED IT!

  25. I never can get through a movie without falling asleep so maybe I should watch while I work like you do. If I get still, I am out. Thanks for the idea.


  26. Seeing “p-shaw” written out, a staple expression in my vernacular, made me giggle. :0) Who knew that’s what it looks like?!

  27. Wow! So which ones would you recommend?

  28. I am understandably Impressed! That is quite something with a 4 year old in the house! And painting too? Wow. I need to paint my living room, now I’m wondering what movies I can catch up on while I paint! I want to see the Veggie’s movie. We didn’t make it this weekend, so maybe next. Tell Harold thanks for the review!

  29. I hear “Peace like a River” is a good book :) Hee hee hee ha ha!

    So sorry, I have just said goodbye to company– with 7 adults and 13 children. I am woozy from all the spinning and yelling and craziness, and that’s just the adults talking about The Truth Project :) I kid.

  30. Did you like “In Her Shoes”? I thought that was the worst movie I had ever seen.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!!

  31. loved In Her Shoes – give us a review sometime!

  32. Don’t laugh at me, but I’ve never heard of any of those movies! Clearly I need to get out more–or stay in more? Either way, I’m hopelessly lame when it comes to movies.

    But we did see the new VT movie with the kids, and they all gave it a two thumbs up! Wow, does that make me old, or what? The only movie I’ve seen in the last three months was a kids’ one. Sad. :)

  33. I did not know you were supposed to watch movies when you paint! This is a new concept for me. We are about to repaint my office because the color that I just knew I wanted…well, once it was on the wall, not so much. So we repaint-but this time with movies! Blessings.

  34. Ok, I think I am embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard of any of the 3 movies you mentioned….what does that say about me I wonder…anyway, took my two little girls to see the Veggie Tales movies. They loved it and since Dad got to go too it was extra special. Thanks for the idea. I didn’t even know that one was coming out in the theaters…I must not get out much.

  35. Yes, but were any of them worth while? You left out whether or not they were worth getting a smudge of paint on the ceiling…

  36. Wow, I am totally impressed. I loved your review of the veggie tales movie below. I definitely will take the kids to that one.