Wherein We Opted Not To Stay At Home And Lie Around


Alex has been talking about going to see “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” for WEEKS. So today I picked up the little man and his friend AC from school, grabbed them some lunch, and headed to the theatre (or, as A. says: “the-AY-tur”). We were there for the very first showing at 12:55 because THAT, THAT IS HOW WE ROLL.

I have no idea what that last sentence means, by the way. But it made me laugh so I left it. I believe that’s referred to as “editorial license.”

Anyway, I was almost as excited about the movie as A. and AC were because I really do love me some Veggie Tales. They make me laugh, and when A. was a toddler the Veggie Tales videos saved my sanity on many an afternoon. Bob and Larry are like old friends, old friends who used to entertain my child for ENTIRE THIRTY MINUTE INCREMENTS so that I could decompress from THE CONSTANT TALKING THAT NEVER ENDED BECAUSE THE BOY, HE USED TO TALK WITHOUT STOPPING EVER.

I don’t have to rely on Bob and Larry nearly as much these days, but still, we’re fans for life in our house. We couldn’t wait to see the movie.

And you know what? It did not disappoint. Both kids LOVED it. They giggled and guffawed and squealed. They sat way up on the edge of their seats during the action sequences and were totally absorbed in the story. And, when the movie was over, A. grabbed my hand as we walked down the stairs and he said, “That was a great show, Mama!”

AC totally agreed with him, going so far as to say that her favorite part was every single part. Which is some pretty high praise from a preschooler.

So if you have a free hour and a half this weekend, load up the kids and take them to see the Pirates. While this film is not based on a specific Bible story like previous Veggie Tales adventures, it is definitely allegorical, and grown-ups won’t miss the symbolism (the father is the Father, the help-seeker is the Holy Spirit, trusting the rock is trusting the Rock, and since you, the grown-ups, won’t miss the symbolism, I’m not exactly sure why I’m boring you with a list of symbols).

(Oh, I do apologize.)

In conclusion comma because I am all about a process, I asked A. to rate the movie for the internets. I gave him the following Terribly Scientific criteria as a guide:

1 star – didn’t like the movie much
2 stars – liked the movie a little
3 stars – liked the movie
4 stars – liked the movie a bunch
5 stars – liked the movie a big ole, super-huge bunch

You’ll be shocked to know that he gave it 5 stars.

Have fun at the picture show, interpeeps.

And have a great weekend, too.

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  1. great review! I’m looking forward to seeing it myself :)

  2. How sweet..I knew that would be a cute one. Today was movie day. My husband and I got home not too long ago from seeing, “The Bucket List”. We thought it was very good. Some of the language was a little saucy, but quite honestly there are people who talk like that…my dad for instance!! I really loved Morgan Freeman’s character. Well, I didn’t mean this to be like the latest movie review, but I would recommend it for the adults.

    Have a great weekend with your family Boomama!!

  3. Thanks for the review. I think I’m more excited to see this than my kids. I can still sing that silly pirates song from the Jonah movie.

    I’m glad to know little man enjoyed it— maybe my bigger people will deal with it and love it too- like whatever and totally…smiles.

  4. My favorite Veggie Tales song is “I ain’t got no belly button”. There are no people in my house under the age of 59 years – isn’t that a pathetic thing to admit – I like veggie tales songs and I’m PROUD. (maybe that could be a tshirt and I’d make a bazillion dollars then be able to sponsor an entire country of kids for Compassion?!) Woo Hoo – y’all roll like wild people – the next big thing in movie reviewers.

  5. Boomama…
    You must see my “night out on the town” post from this past Wednesday night… :)


    I’m not one to brag, but we had a ball!!


  6. I’m so glad to see a review of the movie. My kids are chompin’ at the bit to see this one! I’m trying to decide if I’m brave enough to take the 2 year old too. She loves Veggie Tales very much. But she has never been known to sit through a movie at the the-A-ter. Decisions decisions. I think we’re going to hit the early show tomorrow.

  7. We can’t wait ’til it comes out on video. Not a movie the-AY-ter season for the Smith’s. :(

    Anyhoo, I just got an email update from Lisa Whelchel and her Momtime book club is starting “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge on Feb. 4th.

    I KNOW where you will be preparing to go then! I’m praying for that time!!

    Have a great weekend, bloggy friend!

  8. We are planning on going tomorrow. It will be Jake’s first the-ay-tur movie! I’m excited!!

  9. Think I might take my little men to it, too. Good tip.

  10. Thanks for the great review from both mother and son! I am thinking of taking my son to see it for our next “special day out” together!

  11. can’t wait, daddy will be home next weekend and we are definitely taken little T.

  12. We call Bob the Tomato “Katie’s first boyfriend.” From the time she was a few months old, the sight and sound of big, red Bob on the tube could hush the most strident of crying fits and keep her captivated for long minutes at a time. In fact, we dressed her as a tomato for her very first Halloween. We are definitely a Veggie Lovin’ Family! Thanks for the review–can’t wait to see it!

  13. GAH! I have to work ALL WEEKEND LONG, so we can’t go and see it this weekend. *sigh* Maybe next weekend, though!
    And, hey, just in case you were wondering (which I’m sure you were…) I was at work this evening and looked at a long line of people waiting to check out at my register and thought to myself, “Sweet Fancy Moses, that’s a lot of people!”

  14. So glad to read the good review. We are planning to take our girls to see it this weekend!

  15. 14th. Wow…I’m moving up. Could you blog at an ungodly hour more often…I tend to check your blog at an ungodly hour.

    Why do we say “ungodly hour”. Oh, never mind.

  16. We are wanting to see this one as well. My 11 yr. old nephew (who we raised on Veggie Tales) made the comment today that it has started showing and wanted to know when we are going. :-)

  17. Wow…I don’t think we have Veggie Tales playing in our theatres – a Pirates movie??! I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD! “We are the pirates who don’t do anything…we just stay at home, and lie around! And if you ask us…to do anything…we’ll just tell you – we don’t do anything. Well, I’ve never….”

  18. I have really been considering this, especially since it looks to be pretty short. I’m not sure how long Jackson would sit there. Probably as long as there’s popcorn! He’s his mama’s boy. I’m so glad Alex loved it! And I like the way y’all roll.

  19. How on earth did we both end up saying ‘that’s how I roll’ on the same day?
    We are cooler than cool.
    (Even if you did see a movie with talking vegetables today.)

  20. Dh and I thought about taking the kiddos. Thanks for the great review. Maybe “A” is budding movie critic?

  21. I noticed the name of Alex’s buddy is named AC. He’s not hanging out with A.C. Slater from Bayside High School is he?

  22. Melissa K says:

    We also saw the movie yesterday and the kids loved it (mine are 9 & 5) and so did I. My only complaint was the fact that it WASN’T based on a specific Bible story as all of the other ones have been. With the others my kids were always interested in hearing me read the story from the Bible, but this one, when I started talking about the king/father representing God, they started to get that glazed look on their face and I just stopped for the moment.

    But overall, it was still a great show, although we did miss the fact that Bob didn’t have a part in the movie!!!!

  23. Thanks for the review. My twenty-two year old daughter and son-in-law are just as anxious to see it as my three-year-old is. Oh, heck, the eighteen-year-old, the nine-year-old and the seven-year-old are all chomping at the bits, too.

    What I’m trying to say in usual short and sweet manner, is that love for those veggies spans the age spectrum.

  24. P.S. I’ve been saying “That’s how we roll…” ever since I saw Alvin & the Chipmunks!


  25. And so now I will be walking around with the song “we are the pirates…who don’t do anything…” in my head for the rest of the day. I’ll have to borrow me a preschooler to go see it. (I don’t think The Boy…who’s ALMOST sixteen…will let me take him.)

  26. I’m a little sad, my 3 girls have gotten a little old for the Veggie Tales (at least in the theater.) Maybe I can borrow someone else’s little one and take them!

    I loved Veggie Tales when the girls were small! I can still sing the songs, word for word!


  27. I just told my friend I wanted to take my kid to see it this weekend. Thanks for the review. Peeps out.

  28. we checked the kids out of school 45 minutes early yesterday to see it! my 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 year olds loved it— my 3 year old started getting antsy 25 minutes into it… and i, well, um….fell asleep in it. my husband and i were trying to figure out how much i missed of it as we were driving home. judging by what i don’t remember of the movie (um, what rock monsters?) we decided i was asleep for 20 minutes! oh well, no surprise to me, really. i fell asleep in college at a poetry reading where Maya Angelou read her OWN poetry. uh, yeah.

  29. At least there is one movie out there safe to see.
    Glad to hear it was good.

  30. My son loves the Veggie Tales version of the song “I’m a Pirate Who Can Do Anything”. They sang it in one of the previous movies (I think the Jonah one). Anyway, did they sing that there? My son is 10 yrs old now, but maybe he’d still want to see this. I’ll ask him.

  31. Will (4.5 years) is very much into pirates right now. He sings the Veggie Pirate song all the time. So I’ve been thinking about taking him to see the movie. He’s never been to a theatre before and I wasn’t sure if the movie would be worth shelling out the big bucks for. I’m glad to hear such a great review.

    Ps. I’ve been to Boston in the Fall. = )

  32. My kiddos are 17 and 15, and we all love Veggie Tales.

    I still sing “Oh Where is my hair brush?” and “Pirates who don’t do anything”.

    I also love “it’s a lip, it’s a lip, it’s a lip, lip, lip”

  33. Thank for the review. We have so many of the tapes…we love Veggie Tales as much as our grandchildren. My son in law fell in love with them nine years ago…..glad you all liked it..too bad it couldn’t have been more Biblical,but then it wouldn’ play that long in the theatres, would it. Maybe it will be used to introduce others to the Veggie Tales and they will get hooked and then learn some Truth…..

  34. A big group from our church is going tomorrow after service, but we are waiting until next Saturday, so that my son can take a couple of friends for his birthday “party”. We are also lifelong Veggie fans, my husband and I talk about Phil and Mike like they are our friends:) Pretend BFF’s you know?! Glad you all enjoyed the movie!

  35. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie, too! Glad to know it’s worth it! :)

  36. Even though my remaining kids are 14 and almost 18, they still want to be loaded up and taken to the VT movie. Yup, we’re fans.

  37. VeggieTales saved me a time or 2, too. Also, I love the stories. But…do they have to be so dang LOUD? I mean, they are migraine loud. :)

  38. You are a good mommy! Blessings.

  39. I love VT. They are my favorites; we can quote WHOLE 1/2 hour shows! We will definitely go see this one.

  40. My husband who works at church and is not fashion forward at all (bless his heart he has other talents), wore on accident yesterday a promotional shirt from this movie. The “accident” part is, that he didn’t know the movie was coming out yesterday. When he came out of our bedroom dressed, I pointed it out to him. That was some divine intervention at our house.

  41. OH MAN, that makes me want to go so bad. I love Beggie Vales, I mean Veggie Tales, whoops. But I only have teens and college and don’t think I can persuade them. Should I go alone? okay…
    But first…oh where is my hairbrush???

  42. I want to take my 2yo so bad, but I’m not sure if he’ll sit through it or not. I might wait until it goes to the dollar theater to take him so I don’t waste a gazillion dollars if he gets antsy! Thanks for the review!

  43. How cute your little man is! My boy was raised on (and still likes!) the Veggie guys. His favorite was the Ballad of Little Joe, I think, where the veggies do a spoof on boy bands and strike poses just like them and everything. I like them just as much as he does!

  44. Since we just got home from the hospital and all, I’ll have to forgo the the-AY-tur for now. But I so look forward to seeing “Pirates” soon. We are huge supporters of all thing Veggies at our house.

    (And can I just brag for a minute that I was friends with Lisa Vischer when I was young? We haven’t been in touch since elementary, but telling your kids that you used to play with Junior Asparagus when you were 10 wins you the instant Cool Parent Award — at least until bedtime.)

  45. We haven’t been to the the-AY-tur for a while. Thanks for the nudge.

  46. I saw Mike Nawrocki at his daughter’s basketball game at the Y this morning. Can you imagine your dad yelling for you at your basketball game…and it’s Larry Boy?

  47. We saw this movie today and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did our 9 yo son.

    BTW Boo, have you seen the video Cletus Take the Reel? Maybe you’ve seen it a long time ago, but I just saw it the other day on MommyLife.net and I thought of you.

  48. You watchin’ the NFL playoffs, or do you limit yourself to MSU Dawgs and College ball?

    Quite the blizzard at Lambeau today!

  49. DH gets paid on Tuesday and we’re going to movies! We may even take the kids.

  50. the crazy cheese curls were a little much for me …the kids liked it a lot.

  51. We took our kids to see it yesterday too. . .however, since they are full-time schoolers, we couldn’t make it until the 6:05 showing. They loved it.

    I thought Jonah was better. . .but it was still great and the scenery animation was top notch.

  52. Thanks for the review. We are planning on taking our 3 year old daughter on Friday- her very first movie in a the-AY-tur!

  53. Your post motivated me to get the children AND spousal unit dressed and out to the see the movie. My six year old loved it, but the three year old got bored about half-way through.

    Thanks for the push!

  54. Interpeeps??? Is that a new one?

    This post made me laugh and smile and want to see the movie. And tell you how much I love you and your blog.

    My brother said once that blog relationships are like supplements as opposed to real food. They can’t replace real relationships, but they sure can be a fabulous addition. : ) (And if that makes any sense to you at all, then I know you agree with me.)

  55. I’m just sorry that mine are too old for veggie tales now. They saved my sanity too for many a year.

  56. Here’s a site that A. might enjoy: http://veggiepirates.com/

  57. We had the chance to lie around yesterday afternoon too, but passed up the chance to take the bunny skating for the first time! I am so glad we did….check it out!!!


  58. Thanks for the review! My man and I don’t have kids yet, but we are definitely planning to go see this movie! I first discovered Veggie Tales in college and have been a fan ever since. I introduced them to Hubby, too. Sadly, he is *from* Boston and therefore, clearly, has been there in the fall, so he cannot sing the song. :(
    … And he also loves to say “that’s how we roll.” ;)

  59. i forgot it was coming out!! i’ll totally hafta take my friend’s kids.

    have you read Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story About God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables
    by Phil Vischer, the guy who is Bob? it’s on my wish list ;)

  60. We have never been able to watch a single episode of VT without DS (just turned 4) running out of the room in fear.

  61. Christine says:

    We saw it yesterday! LOVED IT! 6 stars!! The allegory was not lost on me! It was just so darn cute and it has quite possibly THE BEST Silly Song in a long time at the end. Totally put in for mom and dad. DH and I howled when it came on. The 3 year old loved it too but couldn’t quite figure out why we thought it was so funny. YAYYYYY Big Idea!

  62. Donna (coaching in GA) says:

    I took my niece and nephew to see it on Saturday afternoon. It was great, but I sat there thinking, “this asparagus reminds me of someone.” And then it hit me, “it’s Tim Gunn!” I laughed out loud! Go see it…check it out for yourself.


    Do you know where I can get those Veggie Tale tapes?

  64. Can’t wait to see it!

  65. I’m trying to line up some babysitting for Logan so that my husband and I can BOTH take Camden to see this movie. Because honestly, even if we didn’t have children of movie-going age, we would still see it. We are deeply fond of Bob, Larry, and the rest of them. Not only for their amazing ability to entertain toddlers, as you rightly mentioned. But also because we just plain enjoy them. In fact, we now quote Veggie Tales to each other on a regular basis.

  66. Veggie Tales were a big hit with my oldest, about 10 years ago. when we saw the previews we busted out singing our old faves(she still remembers them!) like “No HAIR for my hairbrush” and laughing. My littles thought we were w.e.i.r.d. After reading this post, I’m thinking I might be introducing them to VT at our local theater- ‘cuz that is how I roll. Knowing full well what that last phrase means, I know I have used it improperly and I don’t care- ‘cuz that is truly how I roll. ;)

  67. I was able to preview the movie, and I was thrilled with it! I haven’t been able to get there since it officially opened to see what they changed, but I know it was good.
    I can’t wait until it comes out on video!