Yeah. I Got Nothin’.

Today was chock-full-o-to-do-list goodness, and once the to-do list was finally finished late this afternoon, I had the distinct privilege of playing both SORRY! and Go Fish with the four year-old.

Which reminds me. You know those parents? The parents who can’t bear to let their children lose at games?

I am SO not one of those parents. I will use my SORRY! card and bump one of the little man’s gamepieces back to home in a red hot minute. Doesn’t matter to me if he’s four or forty. I mean, if you can’t take the board game heat, then you should probably just get out of the, um, you know, board game kitchen.

As you can tell, I spend my spare time writing clever trash-talking phrases. Because saying “GET OUT OF THE BOARD GAME KITCHEN” is sure to incite fear in the hearts of your board game opponents.

Just be sure to snap your fingers in the air after you say it.


I do have a few announcements that I would like to share, only now all I can think of is “If you can’t take the announcements heat, then get out of the announcements kitchen,” and OH SWEET MERCY MAKE IT STOP BECAUSE CLEARLY I CANNOT.

1. Today I ate lunch at a place called Newk’s. It was utterly delightful. I ordered the broccoli cheese soup, and IT. WAS. DIVINE. Even better is that you get a big huge bowl of it, not some little wimpy little shallow plate that’s imitating a bowl.

Because as a very wise person once said: if you can’t take the big bowl heat, then get out of…oh, never mind.

I’m wearing myself out.

But still. I was delighted by the Newk’s. And it looks like all you Nashville-area people are about to get a couple of them, so I encourage you to check out the Newk’s, not that I have any vested interest in it other than the fact that I am a fan of food.

Not to mention eating.

2. The Mercy Me guys have a blog now. It is almost brand new. Still shiny, in fact. You can check it out here. And you can leave comments and stuff, too, so you will totally be their BFF’s 4EVER within minutes of your arrival (link via Shaun and Kat).

3. It is supposed to snow here this weekend. The weather people are predicting anywhere from one to four inches, which means that approximately six flakes will hit our driveway around 2:48 Saturday morning.

We are beside ourselves with anticipation.

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  1. Oh, we are the nightowls, aren’t we? :)

  2. Sister, I don’t let my son win either. I’m all about the game. Unfortunately, he’s nearly 9 and smart as a whip. He’s already beaten me in Scrabble twice and I’m a writer. Wha…?

  3. We regularly yell “you cheeeeeated!!!!” at Stinkerbell when she wins. But I don’t LET her win much either. Colin Powell once said (something like) “children learn more from adversity than from success”. Who am I to argue with a General?

  4. I never let my kids win. I am mean like that.

  5. I love the weather comment! Even here in the great NorthWest they can’t get it right!!! When they predict snow, you can bet it ain’t a’comin… if they say it ain’t a’comin, you can bet your sweet bippie it is!!! :)

  6. We had sleet yesterday, but I am in GA so that’s the most we get :(

  7. Did I really just get a link from Boomama?


    That kinda makes up for the fact that I’ve been vomited on 10 times in the past three days by my 9 month old.


  8. I don’t let them win either. My husband said that his dad never let him win at chess and so he knew when he won for the first time that he REALLY won. It was a memorable moment. So yeah, I won’t be letting anyone beat me at UNO. I’m making memories here.

  9. I’m so with you on the board games. It has caused more than one crying jag in my house. I always tell my girls “if you’re not going to play by the rules, then why play at all”. And don’t get me started on the Wii. I’m not that competative, but there’s just something about being shown up by a 5 year old that I can’t take. So, I take my Wii very seriously. And yet my 5 year old still wins most of the time. What’s a Mom to do. I guess I need to stay out of the “Wii kitchen”.

    Georgia Mom

  10. Only Boomama could make me laugh at 5:30am!


  11. I think you’re completely right in your approach to board games.

    Today’s kids need to learn that fancy things like self esteem, confidence, dignity aren’t entitlements – they are privileges to be earned.

    Plus, at some point the kids are going to be bigger, stronger and faster than us. So we at least ought to soak up these fleeting years in which we still dominate Sorry! and Go Fish.

  12. I am sure that those six flakes will induce snow hysteria amongst the local drivers and accidents will abound. (Happens every time here in KY. Til we figure out how to drive on six flakes of snow!) So be safe, and strap on those snow chains. Put a blanket in the car in case you get stranded. You know the drill!

  13. Maybe we should form a “mean mom” support group! I take it to my kids at air hockey….no holding back! And, don’t get me started with card games! They are sharks and much of it may have to do with having to fend for themselves at an early age in the “card kitchen”.

  14. Boo Momma, you aer always good for a laugh, a chuckle or a guffaw! Thanks for always brightening my morning!

  15. Our office loves Newks. I’ve sampled (ha ha) a good portion of the menu! They even have a shuttle bus to get us downtown employees over to the Southside. If your Newks has strawberry cake and you are so inclined – give it a try!

  16. I’d totally take YOU on in a mean game of Sorry. But if you start snapping your fingers in my face, you WILL be sorry. And not the fun board game kind of Sorry. Oh no, the cryin to your momma kind of sorry.

  17. Don’t ever doubt your word crafting abilities sister! You are quite good. And I am quite sure people would love to see them in a — I don’t know— book or something. Ahem. Oh and if you can’t take the heat get out of the writing kitchen- is what I think the master would say. Ahem. and smiles!

  18. Yeah, we’re gearing up for the snow! I have to go to Publix today and I bet there won’t be a loaf of bread left in the place! :)

    Hubby ate at Newk’s one day last week and really liked it too! Sounds great!

  19. Ooooh, I’m so delighted to hear about the MercyMe blog! So delighted in fact, that I nearly forgot to come back to finish reading your post!

    I’ll be praying for your pending snow flakes, er umm… storm. We here in MN will be experiencing the kind of cold that breaks things. Glory be to winter!

  20. Snow? Here? Really?

    I need to crawl out from the rock under which I live and check the weather once in awhile. Like how the whole family almost missed the tornado warning OVER OUR HEADS last week because I got tired of listening to the weather men and turned the TV off. We caught the last five minutes of the warning and jumped in the closet. Big fun.

    I’ll hold my breath in anticipation of five fantastic flakes.

  21. I like to kick my 5 year old’s butt at Uno, checkers, Trouble, etc. It teaches him to be strong, right?

  22. When you’re playing SORRY do you ever say, “Come on now, son!” Because I will be very disappointed if you don’t.

  23. My theory is you always play to win. And life’s not fair – someone has to lose. There is no sense in giving the kid a false sense of “self-esteem”!

  24. Stephanie says:

    My theory on not letting my kids win is that they will really feel genuinely happy (and they have) when they do really beat me. My older ones delight in beating me now and I’m ok with that =)

  25. with fingers snapping…”If you can’t take the weather people’s heat, then get out of the weather people’s kitchen”
    We know you were thinkin’ it! We’ve learned here in OK to say to those sort of forecast predictions-oh, so you mean sunny and warm tomorrow, right? Okay, so shorts and sandals will work just fine!

    And a double whammy bonus when the Sorry card is drawn twice in a row!!
    And we know how you are about Chutes and Ladders!

  26. Oh, that’s so like my hubby and step-daughter. It’s horribly tragic when we play board games because they are cut throat and I’m saying things like, “great move honey!” and then they say such awful things like, “YOU ARE GOING DOWN!”. But then I usually end up beating them anyway! :-)

  27. Ok, so the Sorry! phrase around our house is “you’re about to get booty-bumped.” My husband came up with that one. His way of bringing hip hop culture into our Midwestern home. God love him. On Monday we were playing Sorry! in the kitchen and my 6 year old in all seriousness and with a pitifuly sympathetic look in his eye said, “Mom, I’m about to booty bump you. Sorry.” HA!

  28. Newk’s is great. If you like salads, try theirs. They’re almost too big for one person. My favorite is the black and bleu. It’s got bleu cheese, walnuts and thinly-shaved roast beef. SO good. I also love their chicken pesto sandwich. The chicken lime tortilla soup is great, too. Oh! And the strawberry cake, MMM! Basically, they don’t make bad food. :) The guy who started it used to work for McAlister’s and basically took all he learned there and started his own place. You can tell based on the food’s quality.

  29. My husband, who is wicked smart, recently taught my daughter the strategy behind Tic-Tac-Toe. So now she beats me almost every time.

    Lovely. And she’s six.

    Good thing I’m not competitive.

  30. ya’ll are so sad…you need to teach your kids how to wager money on the games…there’s something satisfying about watching the 4 year old count out his quarters and crying at the same time.

    I’m totally kidding….but we have to watch the little cheater to make sure he’s not going through those dang candyland cards.

  31. We gave our four-year-old Chutes and Ladders and Candyland for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I had a little talk about the rules–do we let the kid win, or play by the rules? Definitely play by the rules. And he loves it. He’s so sweet when I’m ahead (you’re going to win, Mommy! I’m chasing you!), and so excited when he’s ahead, and pretty okay with either result. And if he wants to play “his way”, he waits till the real game is over and then just plays with the pieces for a while.

    So I’m glad I’m not the only “mean momma” in the world.

  32. I’ll be watching for Newk’s!

  33. Oh, how you make me laugh…you are good for the soul. Newk’s is good, so is McAlister’s. You need to try them too. Boy, do they make good sweet tea….As to the “letting” them win….I’m not really competive….but it was a good feeling to beat my nine year old grandson on occasion…he likes to change the rules…none of us will let him and his dad says that the kid has to learn that life is not fair….so there are alot of “mean” parents and grandparents out there….loving their kids enough to not let them “rule”.

  34. Oh my goodness I just love you to pieces and I am ROFLing over here at not letting your boy win! Shhhh…I am the same way!! I am in the Nashville area and I will have to try Newk’s. About the dishes at Target, I can’t find a link but I am going to buy them and I will take a picture for you!! We are expecting snow Saturday, here is a paraphrase from our weather man, hey it might snow in Nashville or down Murfreesboro way and then it just might snow on the plateau, hey it’s hard to predict weather but I am optimistic it might snow in Nashville. end of the paraphrase. SO, I will let you know tomorrow because apparently I could be a weather person by looking out my window. Anyhoo, have a great weekend!!

  35. “If you can’t take the board game heat, then you should probably just get out of the, um, you know, board game kitchen.”

    Amen!! I wouldn’t be real cutthroat when playing with my kids, but I hate game whineyness, too.

  36. I never let my daughter win, either. The only game she’s really capable of at this point is tug-of-war with a toy (she’s 4 mos. old). But I’m bigger and stronger, and I always, always win.


  37. First, I figure that I’m not doing them any favors letting them win. Life isn’t fair and I like teaching them early, says she who has won Clue almost every stinkin’ time. Oh the day when they finally win is going to be a momentous day in their histories…

    And we’ve got some of that snow you’re talking about. I’d gladly share at this point.

  38. you’re last comment about the snow had me rolling. Looks like you have the same weather man as we do, becuase our forcast is identical, and we usually have the same outcome as yours….. approximately 6 flakes. Ok, maybe 8.. lol.

  39. I guess if you get six flakes then we’ll only get three in Montgomery. Seeing as how ya’ll do have all of those mountains in Birmingham!
    We’ll take what we can get. Neither of my kids have ever seen snow.

  40. OK, this is completely unrelated to your post, but I JUST HEARD MONK & NEAGLE ON THE RADIO!!! I live in the DFW area of TX and it was the first time I’ve heard them. Thanks for letting me know about them in the first place, BooMama!!

  41. You and my Chris would get along just fine. He is so stinkin’ tough on our kids playing games–sometimes, I think he forgetteth his godly example…ahem, cough cough. It goes straight out the window, when he plays Uno and tells them to draw four and eat it. Which of course fits right in with your kitchen discourse :)

    I am the nice one apologizing if I win :)

  42. Bailey's Leaf says:

    One word– salt. Table salt will do, but if memory serves, gracefulness on dry land isn’t one of your better qualities. Salt will be your friend this weekend. That and a furnace. But, do y’all actually use one of those down there often? Here in the great state o’ Ohio, we use ours and often! It is supposed to be 8 degrees tomorrow night. That and the electric blanket keep me o’ so toasty.

    Good luck. Keep us updated on the 6 flakes that little man will make a gorgeous snowman out of.

  43. 6 flakes? Sounds like my family reunion. Let me know when your snot freezes and then we can compare cold notes. Hehehe

  44. Thanks for the link. We appreciate the support.