A Valentine’s Jewelry Giveaway

Erica from Bonbon Charms contacted me a few days ago to see if I’d be interested in doing a giveaway with her Valentine’s charms. And because I absolutely love her jewelry and had such a blast doing the giveaway back in December, I said something very refined and elegant like “OKAY!”

And like magic, a new giveaway was born.

This one will work much like the last one:

1. Click over to Bonbon Charms.
2. Look at all the great Valentine’s charms.
3. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you like best.

I’ll close comments on Monday, January 28 and then use random.org to draw for three lucky winners who will receive the charm of his or her choice.

And here’s something that I think is way cool. If you see a piece of jewelry you love at Bonbon Charms and wish your sweetie knew about it for Valentine’s Day, you can fill out the contact form, tell Erica exactly what you like and who needs to know about it, and she’ll email that person with a gift suggestion.

Because sometimes the menfolk need a little gift-giving assistance, oh God love ’em.

Finally, if you can’t wait even one second to order something before I draw for the winners, you can use the coupon code BOOMAMA through February 14th and receive a 20% discount off your order.

I think that is quite sassy.

Enjoy, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I love the little “Happily Everafter” charm. I would love to have it for my son and future daughter-in-law’s wedding picture when they marry in July! A sweet gift!

  2. oooh, i like the mini madelines!

  3. I like the Happily Ever After Photo Charm. You can read the story about how my husband and I met at http://thehoneahome.blogspot.com/2008/01/story-youve-been-waiting-for.html

    After we got engaged, my dad took some pictures of us in wheelchairs. So I think it would be cute (and fitting) to put that picture in the photo charm! I love it! :)

  4. Love the pink heart charm. Always had a thing for pink and brown.
    All are adorable though!

  5. “I love you the most” wins for me. What great jewelry. I am going back thereto look around some more.

  6. I heart the ribbon heart charms! Anything with hearts for that matter, melt me!

  7. Happily Ever After photo charm for me!!

  8. I’m torn! I love the ribbon heart charms–the pink one b/c pink and brown are great colors. I also love the “Happily Ever After” one. Thanks for turning me on to this site–I already sent the link to my hubby with instructions. ;-p

  9. Hands down I Love You The Most charm. That’s hubs and I’s phrase of one uping each other..I’ve got it engraved on his wedding band so technically I love him the most, but I think it’s my turn.

  10. I like the circle heart charm. That one says friends, but I think if it said family it would be even better. It reminds me of the family being bound for eternity, with no end.

  11. I love the mini-madelines and the happily ever after charms. Adorable.

  12. I love the Be Mine Love Note for my sweet daughter. And I just ordered from Bonbon this afternoon. Might have to place another order to get to take advantage of the 20%!!!

  13. So, when you started this blawg did it ever occur to you that :

    1) you would be traveling the world on a mission

    2) you would become a discount code

    What next?

    Cant’ wait to see :)

  14. I LOVE the Tout Sweets. It’s not Valentine’s day without these candies!

  15. I love the Open Heart and the Pink & Brown ribbon charm… So cute!!

  16. I love the photo charm and the ribbon charms and the silver one with the heart punched out that you can do custom text. What a great site!

  17. I definitely want the mini-madeline that reads “sweetheart”.

  18. I love the romance charms. I bought several charms from Bonbon for my grown girls for Christmas,,,,,,they loved them.

  19. OHHHHHH BOOMAMA! I would just LOVE the “I Love You the Most” charm! Back when my hubby and I were “courting”…aka making out wildly anywhere we could… our favorite thing to say to each other was, ” I love you the mostest to infinity and beyond!” And every once in a while he says it still… and my heart melts. Oh, and then we make out like teenagers!

  20. I love the pink and brown ribbon charm.

  21. I love the photo charm. It’s like the modern version of the old-fashioned photo locket!

  22. I love the Romance Letter charms – so sweet!

  23. Tough decision!
    I like the “I love you the most” charm
    as well as the “romance letter” charm!
    Either one would be treasured!

  24. danana banana says:

    My mother in law would love these! The Happily Ever After charm would be perfect!

  25. I love the romance charms.. super cute!

  26. I like the photo one and the ribbon one (in pink and brown)

  27. I love the happily ever after charm. Cute, cute, cute jewelry!

  28. I really like the happily ever after charms.

  29. The pink & brown ribbon heart charm is my favorite but they are all very cute!

  30. Leanne from Canada says:

    If I had to pick one I’d pick the standard madeline….way cool!!

  31. I already looked at her cute Valentine’s Day stuff and I’m loving that Happily Ever After photo charm…cute cute cute!
    I ordered Christmas gifts for the Grandmas and was thrilled with what I got. I already told my husband that I would order my own Valentine’s gift…and now another discount via Boomama! Thanks for the savings and thanks for telling us about this cute stuff!

  32. I rally love the HOPE Madeleine charm.
    Even though it is not a Valentine Charm.
    Bur everything is cute! I have marked it to go back to. These would make great gifts.

  33. Hey BooMama!
    I think the Romance Letters are so cute! I think the pearl is a nice accent. Keepin’ my fingers crossed!

  34. Oh my Goodness! I absolutely love the Photo Charm!

  35. I am loving the pink and brown ribbon charm. What a great website….thanks for sharing!


  36. I like the Be Mine Mini-Madeleine, but I think my favorite is the Open Circle with Heart. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!!

  37. oh my gravy I looooove that anniversary charm! this year is our 10th anniversary and I would love to get that one! thanks for the giveaways they are always great!

  38. Definitely the love note necklace! All are adorable!

  39. I love all of the silver charms, can’t make up my mind!

  40. Tout sweets for my little sweets!

  41. I like the Romance Letters.

  42. Oh I love the pink heart charm. It’s so cute. And pink is the best colour.

  43. Carlie Morgan-Kiesel says:

    I love the TOUT SWEETS charms! Very cute!

  44. Happily Ever After Charm, I love it!!!

    It would be a lovely gift since I’m getting married in 6 months.

  45. I love the romance letter with the small pearl; that is very nice!

  46. It was a tough decision, but I think I have to go with one of the “conversation heart” charms!

  47. I like the Small Heart – they’re all darling!

  48. Since Valentine’s Day will be our twenty first wedding anniversary, I’ll choose the happily ever after charm.

  49. I love the ribbion charms…I had ordered from Erica b/c of you December giveaway. My sister/inlaws, loved the necklaces. Really pretty

  50. Ooh, I love that you have “connections” so you can have giveaways! Oh. My. Gosh. Did I just say that out loud??? :- )

    My favorite would be the anniversary heart!

    *crossing fingers and toes*

  51. I like the Romance Letters…

  52. I like them all and it is hard to pick my favorite! I guess I really liked the Small Hearts and the Happily Ever After the bestest. I think I will be ordering a few things for Mother’s Day (for myself!).

  53. lissalulu says:

    I guess I have to “follow the crowd” and say the happily ever after charm. How sweet!!!

  54. I’m a big fan of “Open Circle with Heart.”

    Sweetness on the discount!!

  55. I love the ‘romance letter’ and the ‘Happily Ever After’

  56. I love the anniversary charm.

  57. I love the romance letter charms.

  58. I absolutely love the pink heart ribbon charm. It is simply precious.

    Thank you for always having these fun give aways.


  59. the happily ever after…

  60. I Love the pink and brown ribbon charm!

  61. I love the small hearts. They are super cute!

  62. I liked the Anniversary one, it seems romantic!!! Thanks BooMama!

  63. Butterbean says:

    Romance letters, I love you the most, or LOVE! Precious, precious!

  64. I love the romance initial charms, so pretty!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I love the small hearts and the one that says I love you the most.

    Thanks for hosting, Boomama.

  66. It’s definitely between the Happily Ever After and Romance charms!


  67. Oh, the Happily Ever After Charm would be lovely.

  68. Ooooohhhhh, I like the Pink & Brown Polka-Dot Ribbon Charm. And I know the exact shirt I will wear with it!

  69. I love the open circle with heart and the romance letters. These are really cute. It would be a great “after my birthday” present ;)

  70. I like the romance letters or the open heart! Thanks, BonBon Charms!

  71. Very Fun! I like the “I love you the most” charm — thank you!

  72. CarrieLynn says:

    I like the “I love you the most” charm the best.

  73. I like the Happily Ever After photo charm the best, but they’re all adorable.

  74. I love the Anniversary and the I love You the Most…have new twins granbabies and have a new Ddaughter-in-law…I need to show some love!

  75. Wow, talk about hard choices! I would have to say the Happily Ever After charm is my absolute favorite. We just celebrated our 18 year anniveresary and I know the perfect wedding picture for that charm…how romantic…hmm….sorry I got lost in the memories for a minute. Thanks.

  76. My daughter came by while I was browsing and said that she would pick the “Mother” charm for me, so I guess that is the one.

  77. I like the “sweetheart” mini-madeleine.

  78. I like the single photo charm. I can put a pic of my cute lil boy and show him off.

  79. I love the ribbon charms! Such cute color choices

  80. I LOVE the photo charms as well, but I also think that pairing it with other ones like she is done is very chic!

  81. Oh, I love the Happily Ever After photo charm. Very cute and would make a nice wedding present as well!

  82. I love the Madelines & Mini Madelines, especially the teacher one, since I’m a teacher! The quote on the back is very telling!

  83. I love the anniversary one!

  84. I like the Romantic letters. Very neat!

  85. I like the MINI-MADELEINES! My girls would love to get one of those for Valentine’s Day!

  86. romance letters……… precious!

  87. I love the open Heart necklace. I even have planned what I will have engraved on it.

  88. I heart the “happily ever after charm” I would love to put a pic of my man and I in it!

  89. Love the romance charms…with a pink pearl.


  90. I love the romance letters!!!

  91. I like the romance letters with the little rpearl in front. So cute!!!

  92. The Happily Ever After charm is my absolute favorite ’cause that’s what we are! Always, and forever, no matter what!

  93. I LOVE the square charm that says LOVE – I love the word LOVE!!!

  94. I REALLY, REALLY like the ribbon charms. Hope I win!!

  95. I love the Romance Letters. Elegant and simple, what’s not to love!

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaways!

  96. I love the anniversary charm. My 17th anniversary is coming up in April and it would be perfect!
    On a side note, I downloaded your Big Boo Casts on my IPod and let me tell you, they are great! I listen to them at work and they make my day!!

  97. I love the pink & brown ribbon charm. So cute! And, on a side note, those heart-topped straight pins in the “Happily Ever After” photo are adorable.

  98. I like the Love Note charm!

  99. Hi,
    I like the Open Circle Heart..CUTE! I also really liked the LOVE charm.

    Thank you,
    Kelly S.

  100. dallimomma says:

    I like the romance letters. I’d give it my daughter on her wedding day. Sniff, sniff. I’m fine.