While Perusing The Grocery Circulars

Normally I just circle the really good grocery deals. You know, like if Land O Lakes butter is two for five dollars, or Cokes are five for eleven dollars, or Pillsbury biscuits are five for five dollars.

But when I saw this? I needed arrows.

I needed three arrows, to be exact.

And then some exclamation points.


Because while I have no idea whether or not the price is good, DO YOU SEE THAT THERE ARE TWO CHEESE FLAVORS IN ONE BOX?


Sharp cheddar? AND parmesan?


This is an unexpected, precious blessing.

And while we’re at it, do y’all have a preference in the Cheese Nips / Cheez-It showdown?

Personally, I find Cheez-It to be the far superior snack cracker.

As always, I welcome your comments on this deeply important topic.

But please, let’s keep it civil.

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  1. Well, this should rock your boat, I don’t get cheez-it’s here where I live. I get cheese Nips, but I prefer Ritz……

  2. Cheez-its. No question about it.

  3. I prefer Cheez-its, but only because the Cheddar Jr was discontinued twenty years ago.

  4. Definitely Cheez-its — hands down. My kids even prefer them and my kids will eat anything!

    Cheez-its are well…cheezier and Nips are well, nippier….

    (I have no idea what that means — it was just fun to type!)

    Cheezin’-it up in Tennessee,

  5. I’ve always been a fan of cheez-its with easy cheese on them, but I haven’t had it in awhile, for obvious health reasons (like not wanting to die young).

  6. I got my eyes on those cheez-it dous! I am going to look for them for my superbowl snack!

  7. Hey I just saw these today, & they had spicy queso with white cheddar, HELLO my new fav snack cracker!!

  8. Did you ever try Cheez-It Twisterz? They combined the two flavors in a little twist. They were sOOOOO good, but they’re gone now. Sigh…

  9. Oh, it’s certainly Cheese Its.

  10. actually i like better cheddar’s ::giggle:: but between those two, id have to go with cheez-it, and my sons will tell you the same, they dont like the nips!

  11. Cheeze-itz are the best. Love their commercials.
    I bet you could fit a box or two of those in your suitcase or carry on bag for your upcoming trip……

  12. Cheez-It. Hands down.

  13. Cheese its! And I like the parmesan flavor best. We keep them stocked in our office and most days find me carrying a napkin full to my desk around 3. :-)

  14. Definitely Cheez-its! And I’ll be even more specific and say parmesan. Although, I think there’s a white cheddar flavor that’s really good, too.

  15. Cheez-its all the way!!!

  16. This post is crackerin’ me up ;)!

    Those whacky snack people…what will they think of next???


  17. Cheez-it all the way!! I thought it only mattered to my family. We are cheez-it sisters!!

  18. You know…I have a “cheez-it chicken” recipe that my kids actually love as much as me which is saying a lot if you knew my kids. It basically consists of chicken cut into bite-sized pieces, dipped in mayo and rolled around in crushed cheez-its and baked for 15 minutes. There’s a few other ingredients if you’re interested. I used to go back and forth with cheez-its vs. goldfish for kiddie snacks and after I tried the two…Cheez-its wins hands down!

  19. Amen to the Cheez-Its. My husband totally doesn’t understand, but boy my two children and I do!

  20. Is there any other??? Cheez-its!

  21. There is already a box in my cupboard. Kudos!

  22. This is so funny because we have a box of each in the house. The hideous cheese nips were on sale, the daycare kids can eat those. This week cheez-its are on sale. Those are mine! Cheese nips have a foul taste & texture. The cheez-its are crispy and delicious!
    Okay I’ll stop now. Thanks for the post.

  23. My daughter saw that same box in the store today, and was as delighted as you.
    Cheez-its all the way, though the Aldi brand of them taste remarkably close, so we usually buy those.

  24. I don’t know if they’re Itz or Nips, but my son really likes the White Cheddar kind. The Jalapenos ain’t bad either.

  25. Well, I have to throw my 2 cents in because I heart Cheez-Its!! I think they are tastier for some reason and look at that, right before the Super Bowl. Truly a blessing. :o)

  26. Wow… I can’t believe I am the only one so far who prefers Cheese Nips. Maybe I’m just the only brave one who will admit it. Cheez-Its always taste a little on the burnt side to me. I’m a Nip kind of girl; and I especially like the low-fat ones. With a Diet Coke.

  27. You are a natural, no really I feel like we are kindred spirits with all the ad circling and arrows! I do the exact same thing, every Wednesday, rain or shine.

  28. You crack me up.

  29. How did I miss this??? How long has the duo been a duo?? I’m off to find these bad boys and eat til I’m sick! :)

  30. Cheese Nips. Definitely. With Fresca.

  31. I hate Cheese Nips with a passion! I love the Cheez-it’s and we eat the low fat ones and they taste ridiculous with Coke Zero :-)

  32. Try them with cream cheese on top… Laurie

  33. Cheez Itz with peanut butter! YUM!

  34. Definitely Cheez-its!

  35. No doubt about it they must be Cheez-It’s!

    Although I am a fan of the generic products this is one of those you just can’t go generic on. The other is JIF peanut butter.

  36. I haven’t seen those, but I’m keeping my eye out for them now!

    Cheez-Its…my preferred flavor is the white cheddar…with an ice cold Dr. Pepper…during naptime, so I won’t have to share :)

  37. CHEEZ-IT TWISTERS are the most ADDICTIVE things I have ever brought into this house, snack cracker-wise. My oldest agrees. They are one of my “trigger” foods so I had to just say NO. On a similar note: oldest asked me to not buy goldfish crackers anymore, instead buy “whales”? Some knock off, but she’s right, they’re better!!!

  38. Oh goodness, hand’s down it’s Cheez-its all the way. If I ever get up in the middle of the night for a snack–it’s always the Cheez-its. Food of the gods.

  39. Ugh. I think we ALL know that the only true cheese-based-cracker-of-goodness is the Goldfish.

  40. I really prefer the BIG Cheez-Its. I guess the bigger they are, the better they taste. Or something like that. ;)

  41. I think they BOTH have their place, but I DO prefer Cheez-It. Of course, I also love me some Lance “stop signs.” Those are GOOD.

  42. Oh, Boomama, you have just endeared yourself to me even more! First your obvious love of the cheese cracker (whoo-hoo for 2 flavors in one box) and then stating you find cheez-its to be far superior. You are so right about that!!

  43. Cheez-Its for sure.

    Here’s one for you. Cheetos. Puffs or Crunchy? (Me, crunchy)

  44. I do not care for cheese flavored crackers or chips, although I love actual cheese, so go figure.

    But my child (who I know wasn’t switched at birth because I was there when he came out) loves cheddar flavored goldfish crackers more than words can express.

    He also likes barbecue chips (blech!) and hotdogs (ick!) with cheese in them (double ick!)…

    And now I’ve outed myself as someone who lets their child eat such bad-for-them foods.

    But my husband gave him the barbecue chip. And we give him mostly healthy things, of course.

  45. I am not sure that I know which I prefer, but my 3 year old will ONLY eat Cheez-its. Yeah, she is a brand name snob – thank you Nickelodean!!!! I once bought a generic (this is where you sigh, roll your eyes and wonder why you don’t just write me off right now) and she ate ONE and refused to eat anymore. Did not even like the Sesame Street variety – although I cannot blame her there!!!
    AND, I must say that if two flavors come in one box, I am SOLD!!!
    So, yeah, cheez-its here!!!

  46. Cheez its are what I like best. They are more salty. Cheez nips are more cheddary. There is a difference…I really prefer Cheez its though – they are salty goodness. Amen.

  47. Stephanie says:

    We are a Cheez-its family. The big box size you buy at Sam’s Club.

  48. Kelly in Carrollton, GA says:

    Totally Cheez-Its. Hands down better! Kelly

  49. We are definitely a Cheez-Its family around here. Considering when little man is with his papaw, they can finish a box start to finish in under 2 hours!

    I can only eat them if I have a cold Diet Coke to go with them! yummy!

  50. We are a Cheez-it family with four of us liking the “cold” Cheez-its (a.k.a.regular ones) and three of us liking the “hot” Cheez-its with the hot and spicy tobacco sauce….which go extremely well with Diet Coke. I guess you know which group I fit in. ;-)

  51. Cheez-Its ALL THE WAY!!!! Why do they even bother to sell the soooooo subs-tandard Cheese Nip anyway?

  52. Stephanie says:

    This is sad, but I have tried both and I hated one of them really really bad the last time I bought them, but I can’t remember which one it is, so I have been afraid to buy either kind since (it’s been 2 years). After reading your comments, I’m thinking it was the cheese nips that were nasty LOL I may need to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow to get some cheez-its for the super bowl =)

  53. Cheez-Its, hands down. No contest. 100%. In the pocket, oh yeah. Party over here.

    Not really in the pocket. I was just on a roll with the expressions and I know you appreciate the expressions. :)

    White cheddar, please.

  54. Can I write-in Goldfish? They are my favorite cheese cracker.

  55. Hands down, Cheez-its

  56. You never cease to crack me up. You are never at a loss for blog fodder, are you? ;-)

    Hey, I just signed up for She Speaks! I can’t wait to see you there!!! :-)

  57. Oh, and I’m with Kelly. Goldfish all the way, baby!

  58. Hands down – Cheez It’s have the most cheezy flavor.

  59. Cheese Nips just don’t hit the mark for us, I don’t care if they’re on sale cheaper or not.

    Have you ever tried Cheez-Its with Cajun Smoked Salmon Dip? Oh my word, that’s good eating!

  60. Cheez-it’s rock! Can you believe I passed those up at the store today? What was I thinking? I had the cheesy goodness IN MY HANDS and I put them back. I chose the half pretzel half cracker crackers instead.
    You are ashamed, aren’t you? I am.

  61. I’ll eat Cheez-its if I’m desperate, but I personally don’t care for the cheese cracker.

    Now, real cheese is a whole ‘nuther story.

    I prefer to buy Cheese Nibs because they regularly go on sale for a dollar a box at the grocery store.

  62. Tabasco hot and spicy cheez- its ! Delicious!!!!!
    I wish I had some in the house right now… and some diet Dr. Pepper…yummy.

  63. Wow! Now I’m wondering how the Cheese Nip people stay in buisness! It’s funny, my hubs and I like the Cheez-its better, but our daughters like the Nips more. I think it’s probably just another way to get under mommies skin!

  64. Keep it civil?? What did you think we were going to do – use the chair?? :) You’re so funny.

    Hey have you heard there is a chocolate cherry diet dr pepper – anyone tried it??

  65. Cheez its. OBVIOUSLY. But Better Cheddars are even better.

    Get it? Better?

    But no really they are.


  66. Cheeze-its, but you just have to be thinking in the back of your mind, “trans fat.” What do I know, I didn’t check, but anything that crispy and fake-cheesy just screams, “there must be something wrong with this.”

  67. As a Canadian I’m feeling cheated that I’ve never had either.

    I’ve never seen them here and now I’m sad :(

  68. Honestly, I would cry if I could find a box of Cheez-Its in France. For a few weeks, we had Goldfish at one store, but no more. Oh how I long for some processed cheese type crackers!

  69. This is so sad……cuz I am right there with ya sista. I and going to the store in the morning to purchase these little treats. What is even sadder is I am really excited about it.

  70. We love Cheese-Its. I used to buy a big box when I was in college and put cream cheese on top. Great study food! Now we usually get the white cheddar kind. I’m afraid that I have gotten my six year old hooked too. :)

  71. Cheez-Its are a necessity to living. Which reminds me I need to buy a box.

  72. I personally just don’t like cheese crackers. Never have, I’m a freak! I know.

  73. It’s a scientific fact that Cheez-Its are better than Nips. You can look it up, or you could just ask a scientist, because all the scientists know.

    I did some research on why Cheez-Its are so much more awesome than Nips, and it turns out that the use of the letter “z” in the word Cheez actually adds extra flavor to the cracker.

  74. This is too funny. Your post was really funny but the comments cracked me up more..What a great way to start a day that does not promise to be fun at all, but this post will help me thru..laughing as I leave…

  75. Either way is fine with me! You have a celebration when butter is 2/$5?? We can almost always pick it up for under $2. Course, we live a lot closer to the cows up here in MN… :)

  76. Oh – Cheez-its all the way. And they have a Spicy flavor that uses green tabasco – it is TO DIE FOR – (if you like spicy). Mmmmm…. love Cheez-its… their new slogan – get your own box – if been sayin it for years!

  77. I don’t like Cheez-its, at least not the original flavor. However, I would be willing to try some of the new flavors to see if they are more palatable. Enjoy the special box!

  78. Cheez-its, Cheez-its, Cheez-its!!! The only way to go!

  79. Definitely Cheese Nips! I grew up eating these and can’t stand Cheez-its.

  80. Bailey's Leaf says:

    It’s crunchy, salty, cheesy and it’s a cracker. Don’t really care as long as it goes down the hatch.

  81. All I am going to write is that when Publix has a buy-one-get-one-free sale, I have to stock up on Cheez-its. I mean like 6 boxes at a time. I have a chees-its arsenal in my basement.
    We’re set for Ice Storm 2008.

  82. Cheez-its, no doubt. Cheese nips are poo.

    Dang, now I’m hungry for Cheez-its

  83. Cheez-its are fantastic, and are just about the perfect snack food. Cheese nips are a poor imitation.

  84. CHEESE ITS…the hot and spicy ones.Throw a little cottage cheese in the mix girl,and there you have it!

  85. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Cheez-Its – Yea! Cheese Nips – Blagghh!

  86. Cheez-Its – the cheese cracker choice of my family!!!

  87. Ha! I could never remember which one it was that I liked better so I had to come up with a reminder “Cheez-Its are It”. I’m such a loser. I remember in high school I ate those Lance cheese cracker “stop signs” for lunch everyday. Still love those too.

  88. Cheese Nips are to Cheez-its like Pepsi is to Coke. You just can’t beat the real thing. The others are just wannabees on the tail end of good taste.

  89. Oh, and as far as I’m concerned, those parmesan crackers have no business being in that cheddar cracker box. Ew.

  90. Cheez-its! I just got my son Shrek shaped ones and saw the duo box in my Target this week. The two flavors were cheddar blanco and get this….SPICY QUESO! Could there be anything better! And they are two for five dollars at Target right now. So hurry on over ther to buy some. You’ll need them in Uganda in case you have a queso craving you can’t quite fulfill.
    Okay, I’m pathetic, but I would totally take them with me!

  91. Would you believe I don’t like either? I know, somebody wants to spank me.

  92. Yum! Now I am craving some cheez-its…white cheddar, to be exact! Those are by far my favorite (although the spicy quesso mentioned in one of the comments above, sounds pretty delicious…I must try that sometime.)

  93. Yeah, we love Cheez-its, and just about any kind of cheese flavored crackers…..
    And I want you to know my teens LOVE Dave Barnes…..wish I had thought to tell you about him. He is a MS guy and so, so funny. The teens are always coming up with some DaveBARnes-ism….

  94. Cheeze-Its were my go-to snack cracker for quite a few years, however recently I have been converted to Goldfish. The Goldfish are airier, lighter, and have a better flavor. They are so fun to pop into your mouth one at a time and crunch away. The Cheeze-Its taste much too greasy and heavy in comparison to the Goldfish. Goldfish also go great with beer and wine I might add. In my opinion, they are the perfect cheesy snacking cracker.

  95. you know those stupid surveys that people send out and ask you a million questions (that i secretly love to answer)…well, on food, my answer is CHEEZ-ITS. there is a simple reason why i perfer them over Cheese Nips: FAT CONTENT. CHEEZ-ITS have more fat, therefore, I love them!

  96. Cheez-its win, hands down! No other snack cracker can take it’s place in our pantry. Will have to look for the duos on my next excursion to the grocery store! The family will be thrilled.

  97. BTW, i have a box in my office and one in my car….never know when you will crave the cheesy goodness!

  98. Laura, I think I’ve had the Cheese Nips (gross) but I think we Canadians are being denied the goodness of the Cheeze-Its. What a crime! We should set up some kind of exchange system…smarties maybe?

    I can eat an entire box of the Swiss Cheese crackers in one sitting though. If I can keep them from my kids long enough :)

  99. In our household, we love cheese crackers in any form available. Hubby is PBC (peanut butter & cheese), Daughter is COC (cheese on cheese), & I am AOTA (all of the above).

    Not to totally de-rail the cheese train, but We.also.love.Cheetos. After school, my daughter & i will get out the Mr Twisty Twisted Cheese Curls & go to town.

    However. Now that there are (TWO) cheezy goodnesses available in (ONE) package, at a store near me, I feel enlightened. And emboldened. February is looking better already…….

  100. Cheese Nips, Nabisco products are better I think. I’m really shocked that most people like Cheeze-its. And to answer a question Puffs.