While Perusing The Grocery Circulars

Normally I just circle the really good grocery deals. You know, like if Land O Lakes butter is two for five dollars, or Cokes are five for eleven dollars, or Pillsbury biscuits are five for five dollars.

But when I saw this? I needed arrows.

I needed three arrows, to be exact.

And then some exclamation points.


Because while I have no idea whether or not the price is good, DO YOU SEE THAT THERE ARE TWO CHEESE FLAVORS IN ONE BOX?


Sharp cheddar? AND parmesan?


This is an unexpected, precious blessing.

And while we’re at it, do y’all have a preference in the Cheese Nips / Cheez-It showdown?

Personally, I find Cheez-It to be the far superior snack cracker.

As always, I welcome your comments on this deeply important topic.

But please, let’s keep it civil.

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  1. kelli in the mirror says:

    Wow, lots of Cheez-it lovers.

    I got stuck back on Cokes at 5 for $11. Oh, the glory of such a sale. They’re not usually so good around here.

  2. Cheese- Zits
    I know the mental picture of this is beyond gross but that’s how my daughter asks for these.

    We love them dearly. With a side of Diet Pepsi. Nutrition at its finest.

  3. Cheez-Its hands down are a much better, tastier cracker. Cheese Nips taste like an imitation of an imitation cheese cracker. :-)

  4. Either!!!

  5. Actually I used to like Cheez-its better then decided Cheese Nips ARE tastier and don’t forget cheaper…Yum-o

  6. Cheez-its. Totally.

  7. I could eat a whole box of Cheez-its! Last time I bought the Cheddar Jack ones, but the original cheez-its are my favorite.

  8. I am a long time lurker, but now I know that we would be good friends.

    I’m a Cheez-It girl myself. Would never turn them down. But a Cheese Nip? Even the name makes me cringe.

  9. Most defin. Cheez-It’s. It the Neiman Marcus of cheesy crackers!

  10. Cheez-it’s make my eating life worth living. I just adore them. They are the perfect cheesy/salty/addictive mix. And I must run out right now to find this duo box – it truly is an unexpected blessing.

    Also, if you google “Cheez-it coasters” you can find a pattern to make coasters that look exactly like Cheez-it’s. If I had an ounce of craftiness, I would be all over that. Diet Coke on a Cheez-it coaster + ACTUAL Cheez-it’s….that’s just too fabulous.

  11. ohmygravy, Missy: that’s probably into another space/time continuum…..

    The only thing that could possibly be better, IMHO, would be a Cheeto neck roll pillow to go with….baked to a delicate crunch, of course……

  12. Totally Cheez-Its! I had to stop buying them, tho. I would eat a whole box in one sitting and still be craving more. =)

  13. And I want the recipe where you dip the chicken into mayo and roll in Cheese Its! Because what else would fit for dinner tonight?

    But no parmesan. Just cheddar.

    Thanks for the poll question. Plus no animals were harmed in the making of this documentary.

  14. Try the white cheddar!

  15. Cheez-Its! Especially the greast big ones!!!

    And Kami~ If you read this…please email me the Cheez-It Chicken recipe. It sounds delicious!

  16. Just bought 2 boxes CHEEZ-IT’s yesterday!

  17. Redheadcsm says:

    An absolute no-brainer!! White Cheddar Cheez-Its are positively the best!! I think they sprinkle them with crack or something b/c I can eat half a box without coming up for air! I had to turn the kids onto them so I don’t have as much of the box to obsess on! And that recipe up above where you roll chicken in crushed Cheez-Its….my girlies would go into an ecstasy coma if I made that!

  18. Cheez-It all the way, sister! And when added to the Chex Party Mix, you’re really mixin’ it up! Hey, you should do a rap about it! ;) And have you tried the tabasco flavored Cheez-Its? They’re yum!

  19. Too fun. Have to jump in here and just say that my Daddy loved those Cheese Nips and I did for a long time…until one day I crossed the line and tried Cheez-Its. Ooh la la! They have just the kick this cajun girl loves!

  20. My grocery store is on this cycle of selling Cheese Nips 10/$10 about once a month or so. The cheapness in me can’t bear to spend a whole $2.50 for Cheez-Its, so I haven’t had one in so long it’s not even funny! I think I still like Cheez-Its better, but it’s possible I’ve led my tastebuds down a slippery slope in which they may never taste the same . . .

  21. I believe that that specific box of Duos Cheez-its was created for me and my soon to be husband. We recently had an entire discussion on how good these two flavors tasted together, and how Cheez-its needed to get on the ball and put them in the same box.
    I had nothing to do with the actual move of the company, but I will take any credit that I can get.

    Cheez-its are my preference.

  22. You may be past reading comments here, but, well, that won’t stop me.

    I have a yummy yummy yummy (did I mention it’s yummy?) recipe for summer squash casserole that uses Cheez-Its or Nips or whatever you happen to throw in the cart. Oh, the cheese yumminess, you never even know you’re eating healthy squash!

    Oh, and Nips for me personally but I’m not too discriminating.

  23. There’s no competition.
    The Cheez-It would be all “In YOUR FACE, Cheese Nip!!”
    Then some Yo-Mama slams would go back and forth, about whose mama was the stinkier cheese, or which wine the other’s mama did or did not go well with.
    But the Cheez-It would totally win. Even in trash talk.

  24. Once I sent my husband to the store to buy some Big Nips, and he came back with some new and faster flowing nipples for the baby’s bottle. Can we say HiLARious miscommunication?!

  25. And tho I like crackers too as much as the next guy, I guess, I just don’t like the ones where they get that yellowish powder all over your face…but probly wouldn’t buy crackers right now anyway, since roommate and I are trying to do “low-carbs”…whatever THAT is supposed to mean…

  26. According to my kids, it’s Cheez-its, hands down. I had no idea. I was always buying whatever was on sale at the time.

  27. Cheez-Its over Cheese Nips anyday! I LOVE the monterey jack ones!

  28. I like Cheeze-Its, too!

  29. who knew there was such a cheez-it’s underground of devoted adorees! Who knew there was such a division among its-ers and nips-ers? Who knew? I for one prefer the -its, and this new found item is an answer to prayer (no, not literally) as I can never decide which flavor to get! Cheez-its and diet coke…it’s a PMS dream come true!

  30. Precious indeed! There are simply no words…Mmmm…Cheez-Its

  31. My kids love Cheez-its, but not Cheeze Nips. This is fine with me except that the multisnack pack with other things they like has the dreaded Nips.

  32. Cheez-its, definitely Cheez-its. My son thinks Cheese Nips taste like they are stale.

  33. I know this is so “way after the post” but I followed the discussion when it started. Then today I was in Target (and I was doing so well to only get the 5 things I needed while I was there – not fill up the cart to over $100 worth) – the marketing genius was so evident – the DUOS were right on the end cap at the 10 items or less checkout lane… there is just no way to say no! I have found my next new snack addiction, thank you very much. (almost as good as the Rold Gold Cheddar Cheese Pretzels)