The Big Boo Cast, Episode Ten

This is our first podcast with A Very Special Guest Star.

Ladies and gentlemen, Travis Cottrell.

{wild applause}

{and also, quite a bit of woo-hoo’ing}

And while you might think that Big Mama and I tried to be all subdued and professional and calm during this podcast, you would be wrong. Because Travis, God love him, had to listen to a great deal of Talk About Dresses that I edited out, though we were kind enough to not drag him into some sort of discussion about our hair. That would have been cruel and unusual punishment indeed.

However, we do talk about The Office, Angela’s Legendary Jeans, and the fact that my town is about to get a swanky new department store.

I know. Travis was probably screaming on the inside, desperately pleading with God for one of us to PLEASE TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL.

And if the beginning of the podcast sounds disjointed, that’s because it is. You will think, “I don’t believe they mentioned that before,” and you will be right. I had to do some serious editing to the very beginning because of all our talking and rambling and rambling some more, but after about five minutes, the narrative structure will be CRYSTAL CLEAR, my friends.

Or not. But still. We can pretend.

And once we get going, the three of us spend a lot of time on the internets’ (great and oh-so-fun) questions; there’s all sorts of cool info about how Travis and Angela met, what happened when they went to American Idol, and how Travis started doing ministry with that girl named Beth who has written some Bible studies and EVEN SOME BOOKS, Y’ALL.

They say she does some speaking, too, but I’m not sure that I believe them.

Another podcast tidbit: Alex sings for Travis. I could pretend that it’s not adorable, but that would be a lie.

We didn’t get through all the questions – not by a long shot – and that is why we’ve already planned a part 2. And a part 3. Because for Big Mama and me, this whole process has been like finding a brother we never knew we had.

And for Travis, this whole process has been like finding two sisters that, well, he’s still not sure he wants. Because he has plenty of real sisters already. And besides, Big Mama and I can be a little loud.

Oh, it is a precious time.


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If you have any questions (Travis-related or no) you’d like for us to answer in the next podcast, fire away, my friends.

And as always, we thank you for your patronage.

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  1. I’ve been waiting!

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear! Ya’ll think of everything. :)

  3. i just listened to my first podcast ever…i’ll be back. it was fun.
    btw, i tried to post over there but i couldn’t get my ‘prove your a real person’ words in the blank correctly so i’ll tell you here…you guys need to rush to Target to the dollar spot and pick up the Instant Messaging for Dummies pocket edition. It’s a deal for a dollar so you can buy one for your BFF, too!

  4. Cute Podcast! Love your inside scoop on the wedding this weekend. LYMI! :)

  5. This is the first podcast that I have listened to. So fun! I had to comment about Flat Stanley with Mercy Me. That was actually a Flat Stanley from my son’s class here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We thought our Flat Stanley was project was so awesome. We sent Flat Stanley to my cousin in Wyoming and he did a great job taking Flat Stanley on all sorts of cool adventures. My son came back and said that the girl’s Flat Stanley went to the Grammy’s and had pictures with Chris Daughtry. Kinda made ours seem blah and boring. He still got a great grade but he wasn’t nearly as excited about it as before! Her project was the hit of Open House last year. So funny to hear it mentioned here!

  6. I am listening with my two-year-old in my lap, and every time you laugh, she giggles, “That lady makes me laugh!”

  7. Y’all, this was cute. I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve only listend to one podcast- so sorry…but I wanted to listen to this one b/c of Travis C. It was very cute and fun to listen to! Y’alls laugh is contagious.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. That was so much fun to listen to! How did you get him to do the podcast with you? If you mentioned it, I missed that part.

  9. All of a sudden, I understood what was going on!!! :)

  10. This has MADE my weekend! I think my blog obsession has gotten out of hand – I had a VERY vivid dream last night that I went to TX to visit Big Mama last night with my mother. :-)

  11. I seriously think I could give up television for these podcasts – you guys are just too much fun!

  12. Alex sings the most precious Happy Birthday!! Good job buddy!

    Enjoyed hearing y’all…praying for you, each one.

    PS I linked a HeeHaw mp3 this week of RinderCella….listen when you get a chance–in overalls :)

  13. Fun fun fun! As always you did not disappoint.
    I had a sad realization today when I was freaking out that my parents are in Mississippi for the week on a mission trip. OMG they are close to Boomama!

  14. Did I miss something or was American Idol not really discussed? Or are you waiting for the Hollywood shows? Regardless, it was fun to listen to! :) Happy (Late) Birthday, Travis!

  15. Oh my that was the funniest thing – especially when Travis was telling the story of when he and Angela met – I love the part when he said “Did somebody drop their mike?”

    Oh and when he said Angela had to pick him up for the dates and he got high fives after he got home from all the guys in the dorm – hehe

    I loved it thanks for doing that podcast!
    Big, Boo, and Frydaddy – you are great!

  16. My sides hurt from laughing. This was great fun! I’m with Tina Vega, you all need to do a video version at some point. Then you could have that techie hubs of yours come up with some serious graphics. We know you love you some good graphics.

    Have a great Sunday!

  17. That was so much fun! I loved the laughing! Alex telling you that you shouldn’t say “shut-up” when you told Travis that, after he said it was his birthday… that was great! Those kids remember all that stuff, don’t they!

  18. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

  19. So funny! I loved it. I feel like I was just hanging out with y’all.

  20. I LOVE your podcasts! You are definitely the highlight of this Saturday night. (I know – I have a sad life. But hey at least I have ya’ll to listen to while I sit here nursing my baby and answering emails. oh oh – just so you don’t think I appreciate my sweet little nursling – I DO! She is the highlight of course. But you know what I mean!)

  21. This was so much fun! It really was some great entertainment! I loved hearing about the AI info. Very cool!

  22. Oh my word – this is fabulous. I am still listening and I am almost crying at the image of his wife-to-be picking him up at the dorm.

  23. Oh WOW! I laughed so hard on the dating thing with Travis and Angela and him riding his bike (not really) and the high fives and all that stuff…..HILARIOUS!

    Could have listened to y’all all afternoon. And, come on techie husbands….we want video! :)

    Praying for your trip….have a wonderful week.

  24. Thank you Boo and Big for your humor. You make me laugh; God has given you both the gift of humor. You and Travis sound like you’re just hanging out and talking (laughing ). Great job!



  25. Just listened to your podcast. The the three of you together are dangerously funny!! Keep podcasting away and I’ll keep listening.

    St. Louis


  27. I have waited with bated breath for the new podcast, and you did not disappoint. It was fabulous! I must provide you with a link to another blog wherein the writer sets out (or rants about) the etiquette of LOL. Perhaps you should take a moment to peruse since you have entered the land of IM…

  28. I listened to podcasts 9 & 10 today at work. Giggling out loud at a large office bldg is generally frowned upon, especially one where 500 people were laid off on Thurs (HD). But I giggled anyway because I have no self control in that area. Based on listening to #10, I find it particularly entertaining that Travis’ blog link is wrong on this post (missing the ministries part). :)

  29. Thanks for injecting some testosterone in this podcast with studboy Frydaddy.

    When I’m listening to your podcasts, I feel like I’ve just pushed the red button outside your cage at the “Southern People Exhibit” at the zoo and get to listen to what your kind sound like in your natural environment.
    For my research purposes, next time could you all take turns saying, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” just so I can compare? ‘preciate it.

  30. These are such fun. I love how random you guys are.

  31. I finally had a quiet moment to listen to this podcast. LOVED hearing from Travis, and you and “Big” did a fabulous job with the interview. I’m thinking I may have actually attended one of those first LPL events when he teamed up with Beth. It was at FBC, Jackson, MS. It was the very first time I heard the song “Shout to the Lord.” Travis sang it like nobody’s business. And I’m not kidding when I tell you Beth stood at the front of the sanctuary at the conclusion of Friday night, and anyone who wanted could just walk up and talk to her. I had a chance to meet her….and aside from her being so genuine and real, I vividly remember that she’d taken her shoes off and was standing barefoot talking to me! She was darlin’! (And still is!)

  32. Christine says:

    I listened to it tonight on my iPod on my way home from work. The nice thing (!?) about SoCal traffic on Friday night is that my 13 1/2 mile drive took about 50 minutes to do tonight :P…. But I listened to the three of you and howled the whole home! What a treat! Loved it all! And Scott’s comment above about ya’ll in your natural habitat just killed me all over again! Good job Big, Boo and FryDaddy (heee)!! Can’t wait for more!! And I must admit, I’m not all that familiar with Travis, being new to Beth’s studies and all. But I’ve ordered “Found” because helloo!!! a John Denver song turned into a praise song?! My head nearly exploded when I heard that! Can’t wait to hear how he turns “Grandma’s Featherbed” to praise!! LOL! Ordered “Alive Forever” too b/c I’ll be seeing Travis and Beth in San Diego in 2 months and I want to be familiar!! Again – great job to all!! More please! :D