Hey! Free Stuff!

This week my sister-in-law Janie’s super-cute (and super-functional) JJ’s are being featured in a giveaway at I Love Giveaways.

Click here to jump over and enter – they’re giving away 2 JJ’s and 2 of the new and oh-so-cute JJjr’s. They are very sassy indeed.

So go get you some sassiness. You’ll be so glad you did.

Unless, of course, you’re living with teenagers. In which case you may have all the sassy you need.

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  1. Actually, I have sassy to share with my two. Any takers?

  2. thanks, karen…but my two year old is filling sassy quota at our house…not the sassy ACCESSORY quota, though. =)

  3. Or unless you lead a ministry for several hundred girls.

    Maybe I should hold a giveaway to get rid of the extra sassiness that seems to smother us each week?

  4. umm your font is really small.. am I missing something .. where are my glasses?

  5. With teenagers, it’s more like scorn than sass!

  6. After the Oprah incident, I can’t say JJ with a straight face. Oprah ruined it for me.

  7. Oh yes, the sass and the scorn! In our house those two are BF and show up together often!

  8. Sass? Did someone say “SASS”?

    All over it…but after entering a gazillion Bloggy Giveaways and comin’ up with nothin’ (while I read some peeps who won (I’m not kidding) like EIGHT THINGS during the week), I’m not feelin’ so lucky.

    But that sure don’t keep me from tryin’!!!


    (p.s. will bad grammar hurt my chances?)

  9. Robin, I didn’t win anything either — are we the only two? — but, hey, if nothing else, I’m persistent! Try, try again!

  10. Teenagers? Don’t you mean kindergarten girls?

  11. Hey, when do you and Shannon leave for Uganda?