Oh, I was going to be all efficient and business-as-usual this week here at the blawg. I was going to post regularly and not miss a beat and maybe even record another podcast.

Clearly I have been delusional.

Because I’m nowhere near ready to, you know, GO TO AFRICA this Sunday. Plus, I have an inbox that is filled to overflowing, and for whatever reason it is very, very important to me that I conquer Email Everest before I leave.

Given that, I’m going to step away from the blog for a couple of days. I do have a giveaway set to go up tomorrow – a $100 gift card from Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity – so if you stop by to enter, just pretend like I’m lurking around in the background, serving you a cold diet Coke and offering you some Captain Rodney’s dip.

You won’t even know I’m gone.

And on a completely unrelated note, I am currently in the midst of a deep-rooted hair color crisis.

I won’t bore you with the details (yet), but suffice it to say that my hair would appreciate your prayers if the Lord should bring it to mind.

Thank you and have a lovely afternoon.

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  1. Boo Mama, I’ll pray for your hair if you’ll pray for mine.

    I was coloring my hair Friday night. I was tired. I added the little bottle of stripper stuff to the bigger bottle of color stuff. I forgot to shake. I added it to my hair. Mostly the stripper.

    I tried to fix it best I could, but I need to go to a professional I think.

    I think you are a Rock Star for getting on top of your email. I appreciated your reply to my desperate plea for help this weekend and linked to you today because of your niceness.

    Have a good bloggy break and I’m praying for your Africa trip. xxoo

  2. Praying for YOU, your fam and your hair :)

    We just got the first season of The Office from the library to see what all the hubbub was about–we laughed our heads off. I think we nearly couldn’t breathe on the insurance one! So Funny! Thanks for the good word!

    On my sitemeter today? Craving Corn Chips :) Hee hee!
    sorry to add to the mountain of emails…
    love you…have a great trip!

  3. hey there! i’m a frequent visitor and coment when i can…we have several mutual bloggy-friends :)
    you know your siestas would be honored to pray for such a thing :D

    i’m not going to act like i’m not jealous that you are going to Africa…what an awesome thing!! will be praying for the trip as well…my parents were missionaries in east Africa before i was born and i have been itching to go since i came out of the womb!

  4. I’m praying for you & your hair as you prepare for your adventure!

    And I’m giving up Diet Coke (& all soda, but really, is there anything but Diet Coke?) for Lent – can you believe that? So you can just bring me a big bucket of Captain Rodney’s dip tomorrow to ease the pain of my soda-free existence.

  5. If nothing else on earth is a praying matter, hair is! God be with you dear sister!

    Bring on the diet coke.

  6. Deep-rooted hair crisis. Snort.

  7. Forget the hair ishas.
    Don a scarf, à la Annette Bening in “The Grifters”.
    And chic(k).

  8. Covering your hair with prair (oops) prayer.

    Can’t go half way around the world with dark roots, now can we? (Totally the hypothetical “we”, of course).

    Lifting up your last minute details, dear Sophie, hair and all. Praying especially for peace amidst the chaos.

    Hugs, Pam

  9. I will pray for your trip. . .for your family. . .for your ability to function without a ready supply of diet Coke and sleep. . .but I will not pray for your hair, ’cause NO ONE in Africa will care what color it is or is not.

    They will be too busy looking at your blue, blue, BLUE eyes.

  10. Honey darlin’, you do what you need to do. I will be praying for safe travel, and for an amazing, life-changing trip for you. I can’t wait to read those posts!

    I’m with Roxanne — no one in Africa will care about your roots. Although they will be stunned at your blonde hair and blue eyes (I know this from talking to people that have been there).

  11. I need the maternity clothes, so I’ll be back!

    I’ll be praying for your hair. I caved and did the Nice-n-Easy blonde. It was both Nice and Easy… but not so much blonde.

  12. If God’s gonna go to the trouble of numbering the hairs on your head, he sure ’nuff cares about the roots.

    I’ll pray for ya…because for everything you HAVE told us…I KNOW there’s tons you haven’t.

    Blessings, cutie…:)

  13. We totally understand. And Ann Taylor LOFT has maternity??? That’s ALMOST enough to make me wish I were pregnant. Almost, but not quite. ;-)

  14. If I was there in Boomama-land, I’d do the following for you:

    1. Fix you a Diet Coke.
    2. Serve you whichever cheese cracker you preferred at the moment.
    3. Play with Howard until he was so tired he’d sleep for all the days you’ll be gone.
    4. Do your laundry. I love laundry. It is weird, I know.
    5. Sit on your suitcase so you could zip it up.
    6. Answer your emails for you. I would say all kinds of Boomama-ish stuff. Like, all the people that ask you for advice? I’d just write back “fried chicken. And, pray about it.” Clear out that inbox, quick!

    And I think that is about all I could do for you.

  15. You’re such a woman :-) Having been to Africa (spoke at a women’s conference in Willowvale (north of Jo-Burg), I can tell you that Roxanne is right…however, I understand that you just want your hair looking good. Blessings on you and the trip.

  16. Oh, I got so excited about your giveaway. Until I read that last word. Maternity. I adore Ann Taylor Loft, but infertility currently renders maternity clothes pretty useless and kind of depressing. SIGH.

  17. I’m getting my hair chopped posh style on Sat. I’ll send you pics. And it looks like I’ll be out on She Speaks, but have a DC for me anyway!!

  18. You are so in luck because in addition to having Africa supplies, my spiritual gift is hair color AND I have a book to back it up. If you want to dye hair, I’m all over it.

    Or borrow Africa supplies!

  19. Hope things go well the next few days and you get everything done that you need to before leaving (including solving the hair crisis)!

    Will be back for the giveaway tomorrow; can’t wait.

  20. You ARE doing cornrows for the trip, right?

    I have a friend in Uganda on a trip this very minute. She referred to the trip as a 10-day “hair care fast.”

  21. God Bless you and your hair! Nothing is more serious than your hair, right? LoL… good luck with getting things ready to go…I’ve been in your position, it’s alot to conquer! God Bless!!!

  22. Regarding your hair crisis …



    There are so many things to say. None of which I will.


  23. praying for you…. have you ever heard of email bankruptcy? I heard it on Good Morning America – you just send a blanket email to everyone saying you are declaring email bankruptcy and deleting everything… if it was really important, then they need to resend.. I love the idea!

  24. so the question of ice has been plaguing (sp?) me for days now…do you prefer crushed ice or cubed ice with your diet coke? in a perfect world, i mean.

  25. Hey Boo!! Hope the hair mends. I give myself panic attacks when I go to get my hair cut and colored. I kow it’ll all grow back should it not turn out well…but I still hate the risk involved.

    On a sidenote- I came to tell you about my three year old’s special night. It was girl’s night out… her and me, and Hannah Montana. (3D movie.) Anyawy, before the movie I took her to build a bear and she made a Bunny. She then dressed it in Hannah Montana and named it (COMPLETELY ON HER OWN) “Bunny-Boo!”

    (I suppose Hannah Montana on her show has a stuffed bear she calls, “Beary-Boo”… I like to think however she named her new bunny after you!)

    Get some of those emails answered. Enjoy lurking tomorrow.

  26. It’s gonna be sooooooooooo great! God bless the hair – He will! ;) And you know, if all else fails, Sister is right! :) Safe travels too dear! Go get ’em, tell ’em, write ’em! p.s. thanks for the word up on the Stack Attack! Oh my goodness!

  27. Oh my, the poor hair. LOL Thinking of you…

  28. I just realized that my saved info is saving a random post of mine from a while back and now I’m wondering how many blogs I’ve commented on with this link…


  29. Hey friend…
    On a serious note, can I just tell you how God is already working things out for me through your trip to Africa??!! How crazy is that??? He’s so sweet how He works out these details in ALL of our lives. I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your family and the entire team going.

    God is so much bigger than I give Him credit for. He’s doing some cool things via Boomama and her trip. I’ll tell ya about it one day! :)

  30. May God bless this visit you make to Africa, your family and your life as you live out your faith in the opportunities He sends your way. Praying for you and those going.

  31. I can’t wait to read about your trip to Africa! I will be praying for you all.

    You will fall in love with the people there and never be the same!

  32. Will you guys have time to swing by Johannesburg?

    I’m here and I can tell you, we don’t really care about hair or eyes, just about heart!

    Have fun! You are going to love Africa.

  33. Get that hair corrected and all will fall in place – don’t worry about being ready – there is no ready when we jump outta the circle of known reality into the great big pool of what GOD is doing with us broken vessels now! Wise choice to step away from the blog – Howard and DH deserve the focus this week – well I think the order is God, family and your hair of course.

  34. Praying that you have an awesome time in Africa! Wish I could hide in your suitcase.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  35. Putting your hair on my prayer list…hahaha I jest. But, I will say a prayer that you can get your stuff together for your trip…I just can’t wait to hear your take on Africa…you are gonna be slain in the Spirit…I just know it :) Seriously, praying for you.

  36. I will miss your posts, but my suffering appears not to be in vain.

    Tackle the e-mail, love on your boys and spend a few extra moments with the Lord and if he sees fit, fix the roots. ;)

    We love ya, Boomama!

  37. I was praying God’s peace for you this am. Peace to just cover you and your family. That you will have an amazingly blessed time while in Africa, the safest traveling plans ever and the sweetest reunion with your two men when you return. Girl, I can only imagine what you have to do to prepare for your trip, cuz any of us know with husbands and children that you aren’t just planning for you! :-)

    Have a great rest of the week, get much done and don’t worry about the hair until you get back….I don’t think you will be all that worried about it while you are there!

  38. You had Bossy at Delusional.

  39. Praying for you, your roots, Arfrica snd your Email Everest.
    Going to go tackle Mount of Much Laundry now.

  40. I hope you have a safe and productive trip. Will be anxious to read about it! Be safe.

  41. Hey Boo Girl, you hang in there. Mt. Everest will just be a little taller in the meantime. You’re doin’ God’s work, and He’s the best boss there is.~~Dee

  42. Prayers for you hairs!!! AND…have a WONDERFUL trip to Africa.

  43. Out of topic:
    I just read the news about the tornado in the South. I am praying that you and you’re family are ok.

  44. The African sun will bleach your hair, so be warned.
    (I just spent 6 years in the Sahara, so I know whereof I speak.)

  45. No wonder you have to take a “bloggy” break! If this hair fiasco involves even HALF the time the last one did- you’ll be lucky to get a couple of pairs of panties and a toothbrush packed before you leave! Not to mention the sassy shoes….

    Seriously praying for you from the snowy, ice-storm covered north. Hum…Africa…sub-saharan climate… Starting to sound really good right now!

  46. I’m excited about this. Thank you. My best friend could use the pick me up. Have a wonderful weekend and break!

  47. 2 days til africa??? quick enter my valentine’s giveaways! i have 75 prizes worth $3,500 + some of them can be waiting for you when you return from africa.

    i was bald from breast cancer chemo, so your hair must look better than that, hahaha