Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity Giveaway

All righty, internets – this is gonna be fun.

Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity is giving away a brand-spankin’-new $100 gift card to one of you lucky people.


And while I’m not exactly expecting a baby right now, I have to tell you that looking at their maternity clothes sort of makes me want to buy one of their shirts and stick a beach ball underneath it and then pat my tummy lovingly.

Because that is completely sane.

But I am, after all, the girl who started wearing maternity clothes when I was approximately eight weeks pregnant, not that I was showing even one iota, mind you.

There was just something about those oversized, roomy panels at the tops of maternity pants that I found oddly comforting.

Until, of course, I filled out those panels completely.

Anyway, here’s what you do it if you’d like to enter this particular giveaway (and you don’t have to be pregnant to win, oh my word no).

1. Click here to visit the Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity site.

2. Pick out one item of clothing that you would love to have if you were expecting (or if you are expecting).

3. Come back here and tell me all about it in the comments.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, February 20. And only one entry per internet, por favor.

Have fun, everybody!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Well since I really am expecting, I love the envelope neck top.

  2. I love the crew neck cardigans! I would wear those now, even though there is no baby in the near future!

  3. probably the adjustable waist bootleg pants. can’t go wrong with a fabulously comfortable pair of great looking pants when you’re pregnant!

    and that’s the only time i ever wear elastic waist pants!!

  4. I am expecting, and I just looooove the maternity v-neck dress with the empire waist. oh please oh please I hope its me!!!

  5. The Maternity Printed Envelope Neck Top (brown) is TOO SASSY! And we know you like sassy!

  6. lissalulu says:

    I love the floral print wrap dress!! so cute!!!

  7. definitely the chino pants in khaki…alot more flattering than sweats i think.

  8. I really like the black, tank wrap dress! I don’t have a nice dress to wear right now and would love to have it to go out or maybe even for Easter Sunday. Since I am pregnant with my 4th child, which I never thought I would have since my husband had a vascectomy a year and a half ago (yes it is his baby :) ), this dress would put a much needed smile on my face! Thanks so much!

  9. I’m expecting and loving the 3/4 sleeve ruffle henley. It looks so comfortable with a little bit of sass! :)

    I’m crossing my fingers on this one!

  10. I really love the Maternity One-Button Cardigan…it might be the only maternity sweater that doesn’t make one look like a whale.

    Perhaps it’s the beautiful woman modeling the sweater (with her 11 pounds of pregnancy weight gain) that makes the sweater look non-whale-ish? Hmmm.

    Well. I still like it.

  11. I have always wanted a sexy dress while expecting. I love the black sleeveless one (on sale for $20 now!) and just might buy it even if I don’t win this drawing. I love AT clothes!

  12. I like the one button cardigan. It’s adorable. I am a big Ann Taylor Loft Fan, but no I’m not pregnant. Praise the Lord! :)

  13. Well, one can never be 100 percent certain so… I like the short sleeve smocked top.

  14. I am expecting and oh how I would love a new top for our photo shoot. I like the ruffle henley in clay.

  15. I am expecting our third child, due in September. I really like the black sleeveless dress (black is slimming, right?) and the Short Sleeve Smocked Scoop Neck Top, floral pattern- how cute for the summer. I hope I win!!!!!!!!

  16. Does anybody have any idea how hard it is to find maternity pants that are LONG enough for a woman a mere 5’8″? Accordingly, I would adore the Chino Pants in khaki under the sincere belief that they’d cover not just my ankles, but the tops of my shoes, too.

  17. Oh random generator please pick me and my over sized belly! This baby is about to out grow all my maternity clothes! :) I would definitely get on of the sassy dresses for a shower! :)

  18. My best friend is pregnant and she would look SO FINE in the Maternity Floral Print Ruched Scoop Neck Top. Come on random integer generator!!

  19. New to your blog — love it! Also, Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity??!! Loving it!! I love (are you sensing a trend here?) the Maternity Empire Ruched Front Dress.

  20. Well,I think I would go with the pima cotton crew neck cardigan in black.I am five and a half months pregnant with our second baby,another girl.It would be so fun to win this.Thanks!

  21. I am not currently pregnant – but a really good friend of mine is – and what a wonderful gift to give her! My favorite is the Maternity Pima Cotton Crew Neck Cardigan… I think it is so cute!!! It would look GREAT on my friend!

  22. I am expecting!! I would love the Maternity Pima Cotton Crew Neck Cardigan! Finally, a give away for me…

  23. This entry is for my friend… who long story short is having baby #4 after hubby’s *Ahem* surgery 1 1/2 years ago. On any normal day she is a petite size zero and not many places carry clothes that she can wear. She can however wear LOFT… and since she gave everything away YEARS ago she NEEDS this (insert-emotionally and financially). She would love all of it!

  24. I love the print wrap dress! I didn’t know they had maternity!!!

  25. Oh I hear about not being able to wait…I wanted to wear my maternity tops before I started to show..

    Wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog and I’ve passed an Excellence Award on to can see my blog for the details.

  26. I love the empire waste tops…. I have two kids under two so am very familiar w/maternity wear… and I am so excited to try ATL clothes next pregnancy!

  27. I adore the floral print wrap dress! It is super cute and oh-so-stylish!

  28. I really like the ruffle henley. Very basic, yet with a little style. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Well – I’m a dress girl and there are a couple of VERY cute dresses that are right now $14.88!!! Seriously – dress and on sale – what is there not to like?
    Not pregnant yet – but pleading with God and my fertility doctors to be very soon! So this would hopefully come in handy in the next few months (God willing!) :-)

  30. I so love the sleeveless black dress with jewel… expecting #2 and I know this would be so handy for upcoming weddings. :)


  31. I’m pregnant.. almost 11 wks with #2 and ALMOST in serious need of getting out those maternity clothes. Some new ones would be great! My favorite is the scooped neck top with the floral print. Too cute for spring time!

  32. I had no idea Ann Taylor Loft had maternity, this is awesome. I’m not pregnant but I love it anyway. I loved so many but my favorite would have to be the Basketweave print faux wrap top. V. cute.

  33. Love the Smocked Scoop Neck Top.
    Hope I win!!!!!!!
    (Lots of exclamation points should bring me luck!!!)

  34. Since I will be needing the tops soon, like in the next month, I like all of the floral printed ones. I am not usually a floral girl, but there is something about pregnancy that makes me more girly. Thanks for the free stuff!!! Please pick me!!! Ok I know, the randon number thing…

  35. I am 17 weeks preggo and not too far from needing to pull out maternity clothes. I would buy me a good pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans because you really need to be comfortable.

  36. I would get the v neck dress with empire waist and give it to my friend Nicole who is having baby #4 even though her husband had a vasectomy.

  37. I also had no idea that Ann Taylor Loft had maternity. This is great, their clothes are so stylish but reasonably priced! I love the cardigan and also the short sleeve scoop neck shirt.

  38. I am 25 wks, and would love that bright red waffle knit zip-up hoodie. It looks super comfy and cute.

  39. I love the dresses with the empire waists, and the gorgeous scoop neck tops! I guess I should have written down the details before I came back. Mommy/Pregnancy brain can be a challenge!

    Oh, and we are expecting our second child on September 19, and a couple new things in my wardrobe would be wonderful!

  40. OOoh! Great giveaway! I love Ann Taylor & while I’m not pg right now, we’ve been trying for a while, so it’s NEVER too early to stock up on maternity clothes! I think my favorite item is the Maternity Long Sleeve Button-Front Shirt in pink! I Love pink! Thanks for the contest! God bless! :)

  41. Oh, I would definitely want the Maternity Sleeveless Dress with Waist Jewel Detail. Because I think that cute dresses with a completely pregnant tummy are just the cutest. And this dress is classy…very Audrey Hepburn-esque.

  42. Since I’m pregnant right now, I am thinking I’d have to go with the Maternity Floral Print Wrap Dress. We’re going to a wedding at the end of the month and I’ll be getting bigger by then!

  43. I like the one-button cardigan. Looks so cozy, and who wants to mess with buttons under your belly when you’re pregnant…

  44. The empire style tops and the single button cardigan are my favorites.

  45. there was a time when my maternity wardrobe was better, larger, and more stylish than my regular wardrobe. thankfully those years are behind me–but i think all preggo gals deserve good maternity clothes.

  46. I went to loan a couple maternity items to a friend a few weeks ago, and realized my “once cute” stuff looked like it had been through a couple pregnancies! I love the striped rugby & denim bootcut jeans. Couldn’t go wrong with those!

  47. I would be following my bff Mary-mother-of-Jesus in the whole IC thing if I was preggers, but ya know…

    … go ahead and enter me. I could give it away. I’d pick the v-neck dress.

  48. Oh, the cardigan! I’m a sucker for cardigans.

  49. I like the Maternity Short Sleeve Smocked Scoop Neck Top b/c I think it could be cute, pregnant or not. I’m not. But Feb. 20th is my daughter’s bday and winning on that particular day would totally make me reconsider the whole “not” being pregnant thing.

  50. I love the black empire waist dress!

  51. Ann Taylor has maternity?!!! I am soooo ready to try for child #3 (and not just because of the cute ann taylor clothes!) Love the black v-neck empire waist dress. So cute! After two pregnancies my maternity clothes are looking not so cute anymore.

  52. Maternity Printed Envelope Neck Top

    It is such a beautiful fun top that would make it so you couldn’t help but feel glamorous and fashionable while pregnant!

  53. This is my first time commenting here!

    I LOVE the crew-neck cardigan. Anything that opens up over the belly works wonderfully because it totally grows with me. I’m expecting my second, and the belly is getting much bigger, much faster this time!

    I’m a frequent reader here :)

    P.S. My hubby is going to Africa next month to visit a missionary we support. We look forward to hearing about your experience!

  54. My BFF is pregnant, and I would choose the Long Sleeve Ruffle Henley in Clay for her.

  55. I’m hoping to be in need of maternity clothes here soon =) I love the zip up hoodie. It looks very cozy-maybe that’s appealing because it’s snowy and cold here in the Midwest!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I’d think that functionally I’d go with something like a really elastic potato sack…but for the sake of still looking fabulous I’d really pick the Maternity Sleeveless Dress with Waist Jewel Detail…

  57. I’m all in for the Adjustable Waist Striped Pants. I mean, if you ask me… you can’t go wrong with anything that starts with teh word “adjustable”. Not during pregnancy and most certainly not over Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for having this giveaway. How exciting.

  58. Oh BooMama I am six months pregnant with my second and in some serious need of some new maternity clothes! I like you am of the start wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks camp (they are just soooo comfy and cute!) But now I am so very tired of the same five shirts I’ve been wearing. I would love, love, love the woven inset ribbed square neck sweater. I think it would be so nice to wear to church, or for a date with the hubby. =)

  59. What a fun giveaway! I am 5 months pregnant and that would be so fun to win. I love the boot leg pants. I have several tops that would look great with that.

  60. I am hoping to be pregnant very soon and would love to start a cute maternity wardrobe. I LOVE the black sleeveless dress with jewel detail for $20 – might have to purchase that even if I don’t win the gift card. For more everyday wear, I really like the waffle zip-up hoodie. It’s comfy and versatile, but adds a fun pop of color with the red. Pick me, pick me! :)

    Thanks for all your fab give-aways and entertaining blog entries.

  61. When I was pregnant the first time, I dressed up all the time, as I was working. Now that I am a SAHM and always in shorts and a t-shirt, it makes me miss the dress-up days. So, I would probably buy the Sleeveless Dress with Waist Jewel Detail. I would totally wear it to playgroup. I’m not scared.

  62. Not expecting here, but I think the woven inset ribbed square neck sweater and boot leg pants are just too cute! What I would have given to have cute clothes like that when I was expecting.

  63. I would also love the red hoodie. I am 6 weeks prego and also love maternity clothes. Apparently so much so that I just saw a top in that section that I bought to wear to a Christmas party when I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t know it was pregnant top. Now that is pitiful.

  64. The button shirt in white. We’ve just found out we’re pregnant, and this shirt would satisfy my modesty during the summer months of pregnancy.
    Thank you, and thank Ann :)

  65. The short sleeve smocked scoop neck top is darling! My sister-in-law would love it!

  66. I’m pregnant with my fourth baby, and I could always use a pair of pants.

  67. I like the faux wrap tops. Do the purses count? ‘Cause they have some cute bags in those pictures! i’m not out of my maternity clothes yet from having my baby, it would be nice to wear something different with the next kid!

  68. i’m not expecting but i want to be. does that count?
    i would pick the boot leg jeans because i practically lived in my jeans the last pregnancy.

  69. Black v-neck dress with empire waist. Not pregnant. Here’s praying my baby sis will be soon!

  70. Hey BooMama,

    I was just wondering if you guys got any of those wicked storms last night. I am praying for Travis and family since Tennessee took a direct hit.


  71. boot leg jeans or the 3/4 sleeve henley.

    I love maternity clothes!

  72. This entry is for my bud Nicole. She would look as cute as a booster seat in that Black V-Neck dress.

  73. The Smocked Scoop Neck Top is too cute! I am just at the beginning of my 3rd trimester and my maternity clothes are starting to get “old” – a new item(s) would be great, especially since they’d be free! Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. My friend Britnee told me Monday that she is due August 27. I would love to be able to give her a gift card from Ann Taylor Loft. I think she would love the Garden Wrap top!

  75. OH I NEED This one! I’m 12 weeks preggers and have no summer pregnancy clothes. I like the Maternity Long Sleeve Ruched Yoke Scoop Neck. Oh I need some clothes bad!

  76. I wish I had had more choices for maternity clothes when we had our children. I love the black dress and the scoop neck sweater and faux print top. My daughter-in-law is pregnant with our grandson and I would give her this gift card!

    I love your giveaways! You are such a good spokesperson. (I usually go buy them if I don’t win!)

  77. Can Canadians enter? Because if I can I SO want to! I love everything there and am in hopes of wearing maternity clothes soon so I choose the waffle zip up hoodie. I should have picked something fancier but I love me a hoodie and that’s a cute one!

  78. I love the maternity floral wrap dress that is in black and white. So cute.

  79. I love the empire waist dress…not practical at all but so pretty and flattering!

  80. I LOVE the one button cardigan. It looks very stylish and is something that could be worn again after baby – practical!

  81. My friend Haley would look divine in the sleeveless black dress … I’m not preggers myself, but I’ve got no shame getting something for my friends!

  82. Priscilla says:

    While we aren’t currently expecting we are hoping to be soon!

  83. I would love to try one of the v-neck dresses (with a sweater to cover my arms, of course). And, holy cow, there’s one on sale for $14.88!!


  84. I am expecting my first, so I am greatly in need of maternity clothes:) There are so many great things to choose from, but the wrap tops are my favorite — and the V-neck sweaters, and the rouched 3/4 length sleeved white shirt…oh, I could go on and on:)

  85. I love the 3/4 sleeve ruffle Henley. It looks like something that coul be slipped into the regular wardrobe after pregnancy.

  86. CarrieLynn says:

    The smocked scoop neck top is so cute! My friend Trina would love it.

  87. I did a little jig when I saw your giveaway was for MATERNITY! WHEE! Perfect timing! I would love me some good black pants, but I am drawn to the adjustable striped ones.

    Oh please pick me!!!!

  88. I love the corderoy boot cut pants, and I am expecting, so everything looked good! Thanks for doing this!

  89. I am expecting (and I’m 1/2 way there)! Some dark wash jeans would be awesome.

  90. okay, I am expecting and I like the chino pants, the camisole ( did I spell that right?), and the floral wrap dress. Thanks for the chance.

  91. So I”m loving the Materning Chino Roll Panel khaki pants. I am only 3 months pregnant, and already my work pants have been reduced to one pair I can fit in:) With a husband in ministry, the budget is a bit tight, just like my current pants:) I would love to be able to wear those to work.

  92. I would love the Crew Neck Cardigan. It would be soo cute over a Spaghetti strap Tee!

  93. I am about 3 months pregnant and already my expanding waist no longer fits in the My work pants. So I currently only have one pair of pants that fit, with a husband in ministiry and seminary the budget is not huge for cute maternity fashions. So I would say a glory hallelujah if I could win the chino roll panel pants in khaki and wear them to work!

  94. Whoops. I submitted two comments because I thought the first one did not go through. Sorry not trying to cheat!

  95. Well, I AM pregnant and would LOVE the Cobalt Wash Roll Panel Trousers- hello!


  96. HI BooMama! I am pregnant and I would just LOVE to get the boot cut dark denim jeans…..because even though I have 3 other children and have maternity jeans – they are a horrible light wash with tapered legs that should really just be outlawed.
    Hope I win!
    In HIM –

  97. HI BooMama! I am pregnant and I would just LOVE to get the boot cut dark denim jeans…..because even though I have 3 other children and have maternity jeans – they are a horrible light wash with tapered legs that should really just be outlawed.
    Hope I win!
    In HIM –

  98. I didn’t know they had maternity. Love the smocked top.

  99. Well, too bad this giveaway didn’t happen months ago. Since I will give birth a week after the drawing, I would pass the card along to one of my many newly-pregnant friends. If I still needed maternity clothes, I would start with the short sleeve white button-down blouse. You can’t go wrong with a basic piece like that.

  100. dallimomma says:

    That one-button cardigan? Pure genius! I love it. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter-in-law thanks you too.