Internets, You Must Never Doubt My Love For You

Today, as one of my 54 errands (that number is merely an approximation and may not be completely accurate), I had to return a few things to Old Navy.

And because I am apparently surrounded by a powerful magnetic force field, not one but two cash registers just up and quit working while I was trying to make my returns.

So while the check-out counter turned in to Troubleshooting Central, Land of No Working Registers, I ambled around the store a bit.

And I saw these adorable pants. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. OVER HALF OFF.


And while supplies are a little limited online, there were lots of sizes in my store. I bet there are lots of sizes in your store, too.

Finally, it was only by the power of the Holy Spirit that I was able to walk out of the store and leave these shoes behind. So I would really appreciate it if one of you would buy them and I could live vicariously through your cute shoe purchase.

Thank you.

And carry on.

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  1. I’m lovin those shoes! Maybe I’ll buy a pair and send you a picture. I’m new in my town so it might take me a while to find an Old Navy, but for you , I’ll give it a try. Just doin my part for BooMama

  2. Oh, how you make me laugh. Hope you got your returns straightened out. Loved the shoes. Too old for the pants…but those where keeper shoes

  3. Bought the pants with a 20% off coupon…better deal now. UGH! Still happy I have them. I love the wide legs…

    SHoes are great but they would be expensive for only getting to wear them for 5 minutes. But the cast that followed would be a real deal as I would have to wear it for 6 weeks and insurance would cover it.


  4. I’m trying to figure out why the Holy Spirit wouldn’t want you to buy the shoes! Maybe you need to stop back there and get them.

  5. I HEART THOSE PANTS AND SHOES. I must stay off your blog so I don’t go shop. LOL

  6. Cute shoes however they are too much of a wedge for my 5’11” frame. (No I am not built like a supermodel)
    Thanks for thinking of us!

  7. The cash register crash is a conspiracy to get you to shop…they do that to me, and it works every time.

  8. Those shoes are a manifestation OF the Holy Spirit, whatchoo talkin’ ’bout.

  9. Oh, the shoes in Bomber Jacket Brown! Just need some legendary jeans to go with em :) Bootcut,wide leg, dye perfection, and waist whittling. Any ideas?

    And, maybe a cream long sleeve top and fitted brown/tan cropped jacket… :)

    I need me to do some shopping :)


  10. My mom was here this past weekend and bought me a pair of pants very similar to these (in navy), along with a gorgeous buttery yellow sweater and pea coat and matching navy and white striped ballet flats. Oh so cute! I can’t wait for Spring….

    But I might have to stop by Old Navy and grab those shoes.

  11. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Though I’m 5’1″ and could use the help with height, God did not bless me with grace. I’d break my neck. Sorry, pass your shoe vicariousness to another internet. Besides, I’m a Birkenstock girl. Cork heels, yes. Not exactly the kind you were hoping for. Ooo! But I did get them on a great bargain! $120.00 shoes on eBay for $21.50!

    I will pass on the deal o’ the day! Toys R Us has (at least in NE Ohio) 50 % off their clearance prices on clothing and shoes. I scored some good stuff for the kid. This was in store, but it might be online, too.

  12. I think I’m in love with those pants.

    Both of them. Yep, I’m two-timing… well, myself.

  13. Get ye behind me, Satan! I am on a serious book deadline and now all I can think about is heading down the road first thing to tomorrow to fetch those pants…

    I’ll let you know how they look on. Shoes are cute too, but hubby has threatened to leave me if I add another pair to the closet.

  14. I would buy them, but I kinda sorta went way over my shoe budget just last weekend.

    I may not be able to buy shoes again until Jesus comes and takes me home.

    And my mansion in the sky will be filled with shoes. But not too much. Because There will be incredible shoe stores in Heaven and I will need room in my mansion to store all my great finds.

  15. As a man, I may take a social beating for wearing those shoes, but for your vicarious enjoyment, lo, it shall come to pass.

  16. ooh, ooh, love the shoes…But I think they’re just a tad high for my old back. You really left them???? Such self-control.

  17. I was in Old Navy today, and I felt the Old Navy force buckle around me. I wondered what that was.

    Now I know. The magnetic field of BooMama.

    (I bought jeans and a sweater, because I’m sick and tired of wearing maternity clothes yet I’m still weeks and weeks away from getting back into my regular wear.)

  18. Nice choices. Waiting for Africa! Best to you as you wrap up here in the USA!

  19. Sherry Wells says:

    Check out Southern Belle. Their t-shirts are great!!!! I went home to MS a few weekends ago for a friends 40th b-day party and everyone was sporting one of these gems. I am thinking this TX transplant needs one too. Just can’t decide which one I want most of all.

    Will be praying for you and your family while you are out of the country. God bless.

  20. Nothing quite like the thrill of a fabulous sale! Those shoes are yummy!!!

  21. Ummm, aren’t you leaving the country in a few days??? Get out of Old Navy! ;)

  22. What, you aren’t bringing those shoes to Africa?

    I bought shoes tonight too. I don’t think they are as sassy as these here. I’m not sure they’d qualify as sassy at all, but I bought shoes and that counts.

  23. Old Navy has the BEST sales! I went on a shopping spree for our foster daughter a couple of weeks back and got some GREAT deals at Old Navy and Children’s Place. I’m talking cheaper prices than Wal-Mart, and much nicer quality!

    So, did you actually buy both pairs of pants?

  24. Shoes are the only thing I don’t have to buy in maternity. Those have left me speechless.

  25. Oh my WORD those are adorable pants! If I wasn’t pregnant, and therefore unable to wear pants that are not made completely of elastic, I would buy those so fast!!

  26. Those shoes are PRECIOUS! And the price is just adorable. I hope my ON register is on the blitz too!

  27. i am willing to take one for the team and purchase these shoes. it’s okay, i am willing to sacrifice and don these darling little delightfuls!

  28. cattailmama says:

    Love the shoes….might need to stop by there today!

    God bless you as you leave for Africa. Praying for your family as well. I can’t wait to read all about it!

  29. Miss Boo-I am headed out ot town to speak at a retreat so this is the last note I will send to remind you that I am praying for you and Shannon as you head off an your great adventure! May God lift up His contenance on you and give you peace. Blessings.

  30. As a recent purchaser of the second pair of pants detailed here, I can attest to their greatness in real life. So Cute!

  31. Thank goodness you were obedient to the call of those pants. For it is sin to leave things when they are practically free.

  32. I am headed to ON tomorrow-
    I am loving the yellow sweater and those shoes are just the cutest!
    Thanks for helping me spend $!

  33. Um, yeah… nice stuff. The more weight I lose the harder it is going to be to keep out of the stores..
    You, my friend, are going to be quite the enabler aren’t you??

  34. Christine says:

    Alas, pregnancy made my feet a size 12 so they don’t have my size (sniff!) (And not to fear ladies who have yet to give birth, my feet were an 11 before I got pregnant. It’s not like I went from an 8 to a 12!:)
    But I’d buy them if I could! Tooo cute!

    Many prayer to you, your family and your traveling companions as you all head off for the adventure of a lifetime! Blessings!


  35. Thanks ALOT! I stopped by your blog this evening to see how your trip-prep is going and how I can pray for you. But NOOOOOO I ended up spending $60 at Old Who can resist $5 shipping! I’ll think about you when my banana crepe cork wedges arrive! I’ll pray for you anyhow dear Sister.

  36. Those pants look like a spaghetti stain waiting to happen. (There is a reason why Groovy only wears dark colors!) However, if they come in deep blue…

    The shoes? Not my style.

    Thanks for thinking of us and our closets when you are literally only moments away from LEAVING ON A MISSIONS TRIP!!