Halfway There

We are in Brussels, and PRAISE THE LORD, OH PRAISE HIM, we all had at least two seats to stretch out on the plane from Entebbe to here.

And I haven’t mentioned this before, but can I just please tell you that Shannon was the best roommate in the whole wide world? THE BEST. We had such a fun time together. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her there.

Well, I guess I probably would’ve bugged everybody else a whole lot more. Which is but one reason why the whole group is even more glad that Shannon was around.

I’m currently in a bit of a toss-up about whether or not I want Mexican or fried chicken when I get home, and I have to say, I think Mexican is winning out. Primarily because there will be cheese dip there. And I’m pretty sure I could drink it with a straw.

And then ask for seconds, por favor.

I know that lots of y’all have had Compassion-related questions for me in the comments, and I’m going to do a post that focuses on those questions sometime in the next few days. I’m not entirely sure how this whole jet lag thing is going to affect me, so it may take me a couple of days to collect my thoughts and catch up on sleep and get used to being back home again. But I’ll definitely answer your questions – oh yes I will.

Okay – I’m going to find some coffee. And I want to sit around and listen to everybody laugh for the next hour or so, because once we get to Chicago we’ll be heading in different directions. That makes me a little sad.

Internets, you have responded to the Compassion children in a TREMENDOUS way this past week – thank you so much for that. And there’s not a doubt in my mind that there will be more people who decide to sponsor a child in the days and weeks and months to come. There are just so many stories. So many. And thanks in advance for letting me continue to share those stories with you.

By the way, my poor husband has NO IDEA how much listening he’s going to have to do in the next few weeks, oh bless his heart. Y’all might want to keep him in your prayers. Because there’s going to be A LOT OF TALKING in our house.

Have a great Monday, everybody.

And thanks again for being the best internets in the whole wide world interweb.

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  1. Godspeed, sweet friend. Praying you all home :)

  2. you have no idea how your trip and the trip of those in your blogging community has affected me. God bless you guys… I’m amazed at how the Lord has used this trip to change the lives of not only the children but also of those who have watched the story from here in the states. You have no idea. Thank you for trusting the Lord and His plan for your life.

  3. I hear ya on the talking, my poor hubby has endured a load of it just from the compassion posts from all you guys.

    I look forward to the “faq’s”, and I’d love to know how many people have told you they’ve sponsored a child because of you guys moving them to act. I am one of them, and I just think it would be great to know and be able to give praise for.

    Peace and really good sleep to you…

  4. Safe travels. It has been so exciting reading about your trip. I’ve posted about it, as well as so many other bloggers.

  5. We’re listening girl – we are still out here reading and trying to absorb. I’d definitely vote for Mexican food – but then I prefer spicy to plain fried chicken so what would one expect. You are a joy – God has to be just grinning about where He sent you and what happened.

  6. I’s say mexican for dinner and fried chicken for a late night snack. (that whole time change thing will surely keep your stomach awake.)

    I can’t tell you how much your words have changed my heart and mind. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Praying for your safe return.

  7. Drinkin’ cheese dip through a straw? The imagery on THAT is priceless! No sirree, can’t do that with fried chicken, but I think I’d have to go for the poultry for the aroma alone. Mmmmm!

    Y’all’s words have brought a people to life, Boo… In the most moving, challenging and life-giving of ways. You’ll see obvious affect it’s certain; it might just be the indirect (and unseen by you) affects that ripple the broadest.

    Peace as you return home :).

  8. It is time for the BooMama to come home to her chicklings. We need her witty ways back in the great USA.

  9. Praying for safe travels, and a smooth re-entry into life back home. xoxo

  10. You’re on Air Prayer (as my pastor calls it).

  11. I’ve been praying for the re-entry phase you will face. I can’t wait to hear about how sweet Alex reacts when he sees his mama!!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Prayers for safety and for a joyous reunion with your family. Am repeatedly blessed reading your posts. Thank you.

  13. God bless all of you. Welcome home. (Almost!)

  14. And I bet there’s a lot of screamin and cryin when you see that family for the first time…..it’s gonna be a priceless reunion!

    Praying for you all~

  15. I can’t wait to hear what Alex will say about your stories and pictures. He seems like such a sensistive and bright child. I’m sure your experiences will have a great effect on him.

  16. It has been a joy following you. You have been a blessing to me, in your writing and sharing your heart. I am friends with Shannon so can’t wait to get together with her and hear more. Blessings to you and thank you for all you shared.

  17. Can’t wait for you to get back. It has been a blessing hearing your stories. God only knows the results from your obedience in trusting Him to take this trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. Praying for a safe travels. Thanks again for all that you have shared. Your stories have been a blessing to all of us! Enjoy your Mexican food!!!

  19. Be safe! I’m so glad y’all are coming home now. Have a chimichanga for me. I mean, really, if it’s chicken, that’s sort of like fried chicken AND Mexican food. Right? With queso? Oh, I believe so.

  20. We’re praying for safe travels the rest of the way home! And I will pray for your husband too…or maybe MY husband should pray for him, since he knows how that feels. The excessive talking by his wife thing happens here sometimes.

  21. I’m with the others, why OR? Why not mexican AND fried chicken??

    Glad you are coming home. Get here safely!!

  22. Cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, and queso. Tex-Mex style. Food of the gods. You deserve it!

    Thanks for sharing the experience with us all. My daughter and I sponsored a little boy from Thailand, since our church travels there several times a year for mission work. You’re a blessing!

  23. Your blog has been incredible and such an encouragement to me as I get prepared to leave on a trip of my own half way around the world. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  24. Sophie,
    I prayed for you before I went to bed and then again in the middle of the night!
    I am so glad you are almost home!
    God bless,

  25. Just tell your hubby that all you need is a well meaning smile and a bobble-head nod as you tell your story. And an occasional foot/back/neck rub.

    Welcome home.

  26. I am so thrilled for what God has done in your own life and in the lives of those of us who have just visited Africa through your blogs. You did a wonderful job of capturing the reality of the poverty AND the joy of the Lord that permeated even the darkest of circumstances. God will continue to use you, Miss Boo, to further His kingdom in many ways-not the least is your ability to use your words to paint pictures and capture hearts. I will continue to pray for you as you travel and as you make the “reentry.” Blessings.

  27. Praying.

  28. Thanks to you, Boomama, for traveling to Africa to share these beautiful children and their stories with us. The compassion bloggers have touched my heart and opened my eyes. God bless you. May your trip home and your time with your family be sweet!

  29. Well, I’ve been where you are right now. I understand your previous post about when your mouth opens, the tears start to flow. I had the same type of experience. I cried for about a month and a half. Most of the time, C didn’t know what to do or how to react. There would be something out of the blue that would trigger that reaction. It might be that way for a while.

    Take it from me…don’t overdo the first meal. Take it easy. I’m not sure what you were eating there, but we had posho and beans everyday for lunch. Nothing fried or greasy for the entire trip. Just be careful – that could tear up that delicate, southern system of yours.

    Just sayin’. =)

  30. How about a leg for an appetizer on the way to the Mexican resturaunt and then .. well you know .. Queso!

    God bless your re-entry … well done ..Sophie .. well done ..

  31. Blessings on you sweet Sophie. I’ve prayed for travel mercies for all of you. I’ve also prayed for the jet lag to not knock you off of your feet too long. Take it slow. Do whatever the expert travelers have told you. God has spoken thru them. May your family surround you with love when you all lay eyes on each other.

  32. Jet lag? Nah, it’s not in our vocabulary. We have a strong dose of resilience in our genes. :)

    Warelcarome Harome!


  33. I’m personally sad the trip is over. It’s been that much of a joy to follow everyone’s blogs. So I hope you keep the stories coming. I’m not ready for it to end yet.

    Have a safe flight. Maybe they’ll serve Mexican on-board? (Mwuahahahaha!)

  34. Safe travels and welcome home! I’m sure your family has missed you terribly, but the tip and all the bloggers stories and photos have been such a blessing for me.

    Enjoy your Mexican food!!!

  35. Save travels home.

    Hugs and prayers that you voice and your dh’s ears hold out during all that talking to be done.

  36. Just remember to pace yourself on the talking. And call a friend when his eyes start to glaze over. = )

  37. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented. Wanted to let you know, however, that I just signed up to sponsor a beautiful little boy name Mugisha Wiliam from Rwanda. He was born five days before my oldest son, has my husband’s birthday and shares a name with my younger son (William). I feel my heart filling with love for him already!!

    Thank you so much for making these precious children of God so real to us! He has used in a might way this week!!

  38. A gal from Compassion e-mailed me after reading my question in your blog comment. (about whether normal people can take trips like you did) We’ve hooked up and are already friends.

    Just wanted you to know that the connections God is making through you are FAR, FAR-REACHING. You’ll never know all the eternal good that came from your obedience.

    PLEASE take it easy when you get home. Sleep, love on your family, sleep, talk your hubby’s ear off, kiss your son’s face off, drink that queso! (WE CAN WAIT.) Hugs!

  39. So glad you’re almost home! It’s been an eye-opener to read your blog while you were in Africa. The Lord has really used you this past week or so (well…I didn’t mean JUST this past week, heck he uses you every flippin day to make me smile! :) )

    I am TOTALLY 100% with you on the cheese dip..pretend I’m there right next to you with a straw. The first thing though..the very 1st thing I would want is a big ol’ glass of SOUTHERN sweet tea…when I went to Mexico on a mission trip..it was the very first thing I got when we crossed the border. The Logan’s in Texas had never seen so many sweet tea hunting southerners in their life!!!

    Welcome home BooMama!!!!

  40. I know you’ve had the trip of a LIFETIME, but I am glad to hear that you are on your way back home.

    It does sound like you have a lot of talking and typing to do in the near future. Get your rest and we can’t wait to read more about your wonderful and God-led experiences! Congratulations on doing such a wonderful thing..

  41. don’t forget to enter the 2nd half of my valentine’s giveaways globetrotter mama!

  42. I pray for a safe trip home and good rest when you get there!

    Sip away my friend, sip away!

  43. I’m sitting next to Boo Mama right now in Chicago.

  44. I’m so glad you’re almost home!!

  45. I lOVE BOO MAMA!!!!! We miss you already, Sophie. I’m waiting on my much delayed flight out of Chicago and I just said “My lands” when they announced a gate change. Seriously. I. Just. Said. My lands. You’ve infected my mind with Alabamaness.

    See you next your in Nashvegas…or else. I have a blog and I know how to use it so you better be calling me.


    (PS. I just made my first carnival post. Thanks.)

  46. Cracking up at Carlos and Shaw-awn! How fun!

  47. I’ve loved seeing Africa through your eyes. I’m counting on you to fill us in on the re-entry!!! Getting used to life here again AIN’T a walk in the park. I still burst into tears from time to time at the food we waste!!! Not to mention all the other thing!

  48. You have done a great job explaining to us what is difficult to comprehend. I can’t wait to hear more once you have rested and refueled!

  49. May you all have safe journeys home!

  50. My family is now the proud sponsor of Mark from Uganda. This has been something that has been on my heart for a while, you and your fellow bloggers just helped me seal the deal! Isn’t it amazing how God uses people in the most unique ways….

  51. Praying for a soft landing and God-given understanding from your hubby… I can only imagine all the talking… : )

    Love you BooMama!!!

  52. BooMama – Thank you for sharing your trip with us! My children and I just selected Tukashaba Brenda from Uganda to sponsor. Since we could only choose one child for now, my 6 year old daughter decided we should find a 4 year old girl (my son is 4 so this way, they both have something in common with her). We can’t wait to get to know her and pray for her. Have a great time at home with your family … and enjoy that Diet Coke!

  53. I pray you have a wonderful day of rest tomorrow. Y’all have worked hard physically, emotionally, and mentally. You must be exhausted! It was wonderful seeing our Shannon at the airport this evening. A wonderful homecoming!!! I’ve loved reading your incredible posts. All of us readers have been changed.

  54. When I come home from trips, there’s always a whole lot of talking going on in our house, too. Word to the wise – talk with a drink in hand or you won’t be talking for a few days after that first round :)

  55. I will be praying for you in the next few weeks. I have had the privilege of going to Africa several times. Coming home the first time was the worst. Keep talking and blogging or you will shut down-technically it is reverse culture shock. The more you immerse yourself in the culture, the harder the re-entry. If your hubby falls asleep-just keep talkin :-)

  56. I’ve so enjoyed reading all your posts about the trip. As a mom who is currently working on an adoption from Ethiopia these little children just touched my heart so.

    I can’t wait to hear more,

    God Bless,

  57. So glad to hear your travels and roommate, and the LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE and all went so well, and can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  58. Hey BooMama, just wishing you guys a safe trip home. I have enjoyed your blog. I’m here to stay, or at least to read! God Bless!

  59. Be safe and enjoy those last precious moments together.

    We’re one of those who will sponsor in the next couple of weeks. We actually want to sponsor a child who would be near our friends (who are also missionaries) in Mwanza – that way they may be able to visit them and we’ll be able to visit our sweet child when God says that we can go to Africa too. We’re just waiting to talk with them when they come through here in March.

  60. My sister returned from a four month long stay in England serving with a local church’s street ministry. We took her to a Mexican restaurant immediately upon her arrival home. She ate queso with a spoon when we ran out of chips.