I’m Wiped Out

But Shaun (proper pronuniciation: SHAW-AWN) is doing very cool thing over at his place.

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  1. :)

  2. I’m so glad you have made it through re-entry and you are home. You take your sweet time recovering. I’m still praying for you friend.

    Hugs from TN~

  3. I’m so glad you’re back safely! By the way, that picture of you on Shaun’s website is insanely gorgeous. I cry every time I see it.

  4. Go sleep and then enjoy some nice fried chicken and diet coke with extra ice.

  5. So glad you’re home. You just put your feet up and enjoy a big, tall diet coke on ice.

  6. The picture of you holding that sleeping baby girl is my absolute favorite of all the ones I’ve seen from your trip.

  7. So good to know that you are all home and resting. I’m sure it will take a few days to get back into the swing of things. I’ll be praying that God will give you an extra dose of energy as you re-adjust. :)

    Can’t wait to hear more of what God did in your life while you were there.


  8. Oh little Boomama-ita.

    I wish I really knew you so I could come do your laundry for you. And, fix you Diet Coke in fancy glasses. And purchase delectable fried chicken for you.

    Alas, we are only bloggy friends. So, just pretend like I virtually did all that for you.

  9. Know what I just did, Sophie?

    One bowl + melted cheese + chips + large Coke = happy place

    Praise God from whom all Mexican food flows.

    Missing you and praying you through the jet-lag, friend.

  10. Glad you are home. Take your time to recover, then tell us ALL about it.

  11. So happy that you made it to sweet home alabama!

    If I lived a little closer, I would bring you over a big ol’ diet coke on ice and some Taco Casa. Do you like Taco Casa? We don’t have those up here, so we hit one at least 1 or 5 times when we visit our family in Tuscaloosa. YUM!

  12. Welcome home! Get some rest.

  13. “Boo, Boo Mama, Boo, Boo, Boo Mama” Just thought you’d needed a little of me today. I miss you, but this post gave me a little fulfillment. H

  14. I am praying for you! I had a sweet time with the Lord this morning as I was face down on the carpet and He reminded me to pray for my blogging Siestas! I am glad you are home and please rest, sleep, relax and sleep some more!!

  15. Welcome home. (Whispering, so as not to disturb your recovery.) Thanks for letting us know about this. (Still whispering.)

  16. I thought you might like to know that I have been following this journey you and Snannon have been on! What an inspiration!

    My kids and I picked our own little Haitian girl yesterday. You can see her here…


    We’re thinking of now picking a boy my boys ages. How can you see those faces and not find a measly $32 extra in the budget?

  17. Ok my disclaimer is we already sponsor the two cutest boys in the world (see my blog) so I don’t feel guilty for celebrating my birthday (woo hoo me) by taking my b’day money and my STEIN MART (s) birthday discount coupon and buying the cutest purse ever. I thought of you the whole time – thinking – Sophie is asleep right now but when she wakes up – she’ll need a message about something NOT earthshaking or heart breaking!

  18. Hey, Sophie!
    So glad that you made it home to the sunny south! You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers! I had a Cherry Coke–not diet, sorry!–in your honor for lunch. I would love to really send you an email, but something isn’t quite right when I go to “email me”. Not being a computer guru, I don’t know what is going on. Anyway….sleep, eat,and sleep some more! Welcome home!

  19. Carole in AL says:

    So glad you’re back in Sweet Home Alabama. Rest easy, dear friend.

  20. It does my heart good to know you are back safe and sound! Happy resting, friend :)

  21. Glad you are home safe. You did an awesome job over there. Thank you. Get some rest. I’ll keep praying for you as you adjust to being home.

  22. Your blog has me dreaming of the day I’ll meet our sponsored child in the future. You rest, find some quiet time too. I’m praying for you, for the other blog team and for the children, always the children. God Bless.