American Idol – Top 12

So I just started watching, and I’m intrigued by Ryan Seacrest’s declaration that there’s “a whole new look.”

But now that I’ve seen it? WAY COOL. Love the band being up high…and I also think it’s great that the audience is up so close.

And I’m sure that you, you know, CARE WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE SET AND ALL.

However, I do not know what to make of Simon wearing a white shirt. All I can guess is that his closet was in a hot mess and he accidentally picked up a shirt that wasn’t black.

Also: I see we have us a Beatles theme night.

(I am refraining from mentioning how I don’t love The Beatles because that seems to raise all sorts of ruckus whenever I mention that. And I would hate to raise a ruckus.)

(Peace and love, all you Beatles fans. Peace and love.)

So here we go.

Syesha Mercado – “Got To Get You Into My Life” – I just think she’s adorable, and her smile is contagious. I didn’t love her version of this song, mainly because it felt a little bit like a wedding reception to me. And it would be a great song at a wedding reception, but if the goal at this point in the competition is to be super-memorable, she missed the mark a little bit.

Chikezie – “She’s A Woman” – Since I haven’t been blogging during the top 24, I haven’t gotten to say this on the blog, but I ADORE THE CHIKEZIE. HE MAKES ME HAPPY. I’ve loved him since the auditions. And I TRIPLE LOVED his version of this song. Chock full-o-personality. And while granted, it wasn’t exactly the most controlled performance I’ve ever seen and / or heard, it was loads of fun. And I still adore the Chikezie. FOREVAH.

Ramiele Malubay – “In My Life” – HELLO, Sassy McHighlights! Methinks Miss Ramiele has a Hair Wizard of her very own. And as for her performance, I was a little disappointed that she didn’t sing something a little showier, mainly because she has such a big, wonderful voice – and she didn’t really get to use that big, wonderful voice on this song. I thought the last half of the song was better than the first, but again, like the first performance, it was nothing super-memorable. I felt like she was holding back, playing it a little safe – and I wish she had done something a little more FIERCE.

Jason Castro – “If I Fell” – I find young Jason to be utterly charming and talented and delightful. Tonight’s performance had a decided Jack Johnson-ish vibe to it, and my problem with that it didn’t do anything to give me a stronger sense of who Jason Castro is. I just know that he can sing like Jack Johnson. And I think it’s time for him to maybe stretch a little more so that we get a better idea of how unique and wonderful Jason Castro is instead of being reminded of other musicians when he sings.

Carly Smithson – “Come Together” – Would it disturb you to know that I would like for Carly to come live with us just so I can listen to her accent all day long? Because I am FASCINATED by her Irish accent. I just felt the need to share that. And remember when I said I wish Ramiele had done something a little more fierce? Well. Carly was FIERCE FOR DAYS. Phenomenal. She was so confident and commanding and dead-on. Loved it. And as a sidenote, I would just like to add that her eyes are gorgeous, thank you.

David Cook – “Eleanor Rigby” – I SO LOVED IT. And honestly, I was a little worried when I saw that he was performing without the guitar, but he did not disappoint. It was the first song tonight that I would pay cash money to download from iTunes…I thought it was brilliant.

Brooke White – “Let It Be” – She may well be the most likeable person I’ve ever seen on television. And I had goosebumps the whole way through her performance tonight. She seems to sing straight from her heart…I think she’s the real deal, no doubt about it.

David Hernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There” – I love that he has a big voice and isn’t afraid to showcase it. This song isn’t my favorite, but he certainly made it fun. But it didn’t really go past “fun” for me – it just wasn’t in the same league as what Brooke or David or Carly did tonight. It felt like a really good number in a high school musical review. and that’s fine – but probably not enough to make the top four or five on AI.

Amanda Overmyer – “You Can’t Do That” – First of all, I AM WILD ABOUT THOSE PANTS. Second, this was such a fun performance. I don’t think her vocals were the strongest of the night, but she is really fun to watch, and I enjoyed her a whole bunch.

Michael John – “Across The Universe” – I think he seems so sweet and warm, but he hasn’t really blown me away yet. I keep waiting – because I know he has it in him – so I have big hopes for next week.

Kristi Lee Cook – “Eight Days A Week” – I think the whole country approach was a little bit of a miscalculation on this song. It almost seemed like she couldn’t keep up with it. I have really enjoyed her in the previous weeks, but she wasn’t nearly as strong tonight. I don’t know that the outcome would have been any different if she’d sung a straightforward version of this song; I think she probably just needed a different song.

David Archuleta – “We Can Work It Out” – Oh y’all. I wanted to crawl through the TV screen and hug him. But you know what? He sang those ad-libbed lyrics better than most people sing the real ones. And I know he’ll bounce back next week. He is so unbelievably talented – he just had a little bit of an off week.

Should go: David Hernandez – For me, he was the weakest of the bunch.

Will go: Kristi Lee Cook – I’m not sure she can bounce back from what happened tonight.

Best of the night: For me, it was David Cook – with Carly a close second.

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  1. I think I’m first?! I do a post every week so this is perfect! Tonight was an ok night. Enjoyed the “new look” though. That’s an awesome stage and good to finally see a new opening. Although I hoped they were talking about the contestant makeovers…

  2. First of all, Jason Castro is an Aggie and even whooped on AI, so LOVE HIM.

    Secondly, I would buy Brooke White’s album tomorrow or even this evening. She has the voice of an angel.

    Thirdly, I would like to carry David Archuleta around in my pocket.

  3. Peace back at ya. My husband is not a Beatles fan and I am.
    I think Kristi will go. Bless her heart.

  4. Ooooo! I didn’t know you were doing this! I’ll have to rem to join in next week and post my own “review” to add to the list. I said the exact same thing about Jason/Jack Johnson…Yep. And Brooke? She’s my fave.


  5. Emma Kate says:

    Absolutely DEAD ON!!! I just absolutely adore Castro and was so sad about his performace — but I KNOW he’ll come back next week with that quirky smile and be wonderful!!!Brooke and David Cook are completely amazing and I’d download both of their songs right now. Amanda, so sorry, but she just hurts my ears — I don’t like it when singers feel the need to yell.. oh well! LOVE having your AI post back!! Yippee!!!

  6. The girls (age 7 & 9—who were up way past their bedtime to see David Archuletta because I made a promise, forgetting it was a 2 hour show) and I completely concur. You said it all BooMama, and in such a nice “Paulaesque” way. And I just have to add, I think A. Overmyer is just adorable in a cranky kind of way. How can you not love someone whose PANTS MATCH HER HAIR! :)

  7. Nana Trish says:

    BooMama, you are the AI expert. I totally agreed with you. I know now I sound like Paula. She copies Randy 98% of the time.I have always loved the Beatles. I am old enough to be your mother so now you know I was a teenager when they started up. Paul was my favorite.I think the Irish girl should be the winner. Although I am not a big fan of the tattoos I think she’s pretty and very talented. BooMama keeping it real. You truly have a ministry. Sometimes my day is going so bad at work and I click on you and you give me a smile. You are also so brave with your trip. May God richly bless you!!

  8. I have to agree with you about the Beatles–they’re not my faves. But hey, I liked the Monkeys growing up, so who am I to judge? Hey, I’m a Daydream Believer :)

    I did not enjoy Syesha, Ramiele, David H, Amanda, Michael or Kristy. I just didn’t like their songs or how they sang them.

    I think David A. sang without sincerity–like he’s looking for the formula to win.

    As for Chikezie, Carly and David Cook–they were awesome!

    Brooke White and Jason Castro should stay. They are likable and sweet. Their songs were okay. Brooke sang from her sweet heart. And Jason IS an Aggie, which is always good :)

  9. Hello BooMama! I ventured out into AI-Live blogville tonight! I can’t believe how many comments you made that were similar to mine, although I must say, you say it MUCH better!
    I am about to admit something really bad. This is the first season we have made a commitment to watch every episode. In past seasons we would sort of watch the auditions and then skip until the finals.
    Anyway, thank you for making an AI believer out of me!

  10. You know what? I got my David’s mixed up! I did not enjoy David A’s song tonight–though he is a great singer of songs and thought David H was not sincere and looking for a formula. Sorry about that!

  11. I missed the first part of the show and came in when MJ was singing.
    Thanks for the recap!
    I felt so bad for little David A!
    Bless his heart!
    It will be interesting to see who gets voted off – I am guessing Kristi Lee :(

  12. Looks like we pretty much agree on most of the contestants, so far. Time will tell!

  13. 1. For the love of pete, would Simon please button his dang shirt?

    2. I adore Carly.

    3. I adore Brooke even more.

    4. I have a little crush on Michael Johns. Shh, don’t tell.

  14. Don’t love the Beatles? Wha? Like anti-beatles? Boo Beatles? don’

    You’re recap was great. Carly can split time with you and me, because I’d like a little Irish speak in my abode.

    And on second thought, David Cook WAS AMAZING!

    Semi-Live blogging. So fun!

  15. Girl! I could not agree with you more on every contestant.

    My favorite overall is Jason Castro but then again, I love the Jack Johnson vibe. I think Jason can not only rock that vibe, but can also take it to a new level…I can’t wait to see what he can do.

    I also agree about Michael, but I really felt his song tonight. His body language was intense…he was really lost in that song tonight and his emotions were expressed so clearly to me. Moving.

    LOVED David Cook! It was so fun to see him really loving being up there on that big stage! He was born for that!

    Well, I wont recap everyone…I just wanted to comment on those few!
    Thanks for live blogging AI….it makes me feel like you are sitting in the same room with me bouncing opinions and impressions around. Sorta like a virtual girls night out!


  16. David Cook and Brooke were my TWO favorites. David A. is usually my very favorite but he had a rough night. He is still precious.
    I think Kristy C. is on her way home.

  17. Howdy! It’s Brooke White…not sure where you got Smith…although with so many of them I’m not sure how you keep track of them! I’m rather impressed with your skillz. I adore Brooke and I like that Simon isn’t mean to her!

  18. A first tonight: I actually understood about 75% of what Paula was saying.

    Hello, my name is Cindy Beall and I like David Hernandez. Not in the “like-like” sort of way, but like him as a singer. I know he’s gotten some bad publicity and even has chosen a poor song here and there, but the boy can really sing. I’d buy his CD.

    Just needed to get that off my chest.

  19. Hey, I agree with ya about the Beatles, although I was not brave enough to say it on my very own blog.

    Good for you, owning it like that.

  20. How funny is it that we said the same thing about Carly’s accent! LOL

  21. I agree with most of it…except Amanda. Her pants were cute but she so needs to stop mumbling, growling, and acting like an Elvis impersonator. I actually agreed with Simon’s observation that she slurred through most of the song. Great confidence though.
    Other than that, they did not disappoint and I think Kristi goes home.
    Oh, and I am not much of a dread locks (sp?) fan but whew….that boy has some eyes! ;0)

  22. First of all, the Beatles RULE, and it must be acknowledged.

    Whew. Glad that’s over with.

    Brooke White is awesome. She will totally be in the top six, if not the top 2.

    David Archuleta fell off his pedestal tonight. Forgetting lyrics and looking uncomfortable the whole time – HELLO! He just joined the rest of the Idol gang as a normal contestant and is no longer the “golden child.” He is VERY talented and will do well, but I’m kind of glad he struggled tonight, it shows he might not have this competition completely locked up.

    This is the first time I’ve liked Carly.

    That Kristy Lee thing was scary, even though she does have a good voice, it was frightening to watch. I agree with you that she will go.

    David Cook was awesome. So great.

  23. Leslie George says:

    I picked David Cook two weeks ago and I am stying with him. LOVE the voice and Cheshire smile.:)

  24. I agree with you on your reviews of the performances. I have loved Brooke since she tried out for the show. I could listen to Carly talk all day long. :) she can sang too!!!

  25. I love love Chikezie, Carly, David C, Brooke & David A.
    I love Jason C.
    I like Ramiele, Amanda & Michael.
    I am indifferent to Syesha. I’m hoping to like her next week.
    I am less inclined to favor David H & Kristi.

    Loved your review!!

  26. Hi BooMama,

    I have only been blogging for about a week and a half and I love your site.

    I have done 7 or 8 of Beth’s studies so I am so excited to stumble on all you guys.

    But the main reason I got on here was to let you know, I have never liked the Beatles. So you wouldn’t be lonely. :)

    Your Africa post made me laugh so hard I cried.

    Nice to meetcha, Tawny

  27. We agreed that Kristy couldn’t catch up with that song-the judges missed it or it was such an all around wreck in their eyes that they didn’t get to it. Oh well, on to results!

  28. Favorite guy – Jason Castro (Gig ‘Em Aggie!!! Whoop!!!) -LOVE his voice and his style of song! Did I mention how cute and precious that smile is??!!

    Favorite girl-Brooke White
    Love, love her! Like Jason- has that “folksy-bluesy” style that I LOVE!

    Please go home – David Hernandez!

  29. I agree with you about Brooke! I really like how she connects with her music. I am not crazy about Amanda or Carly, but think David Cook will be around for a while. Loved the way Michael Johns sings and talks! I think the young David is about as cute as they come! I hope he stays in for a while! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s result show, this one will be interesting! It’s anyone’s guess!

  30. I just have to say it…the Monkees…so much better than the Beatles…why can’t they have a Monkees night?

    I’ve been hanging out in the hospital with my hubby this past weekend. Stressed out to say the least…while he’s been zonked out on pain meds, I read some of your archives. Thank you for giving me some laughter during a tough time in my life.

    Also, I only got to watch a little of AI. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  31. you are SO right on all accounts. I too would love to carry David Archuleta around in my pocket. He is adorable and I don’t think last night hurt him too bad.

  32. Right on sister, I agree on ALL accounts!
    Yeah to Beatles night!

  33. * I want to be friends with Brooke. And touch her hair. LOVE Brooke.

    * David Cook was great, but I’m not sure he’ll EVER top Lionel Richie set to electric guitar. That was the BEST.

    * Ditto on all you said about Carly.

    * My 9yo daughter said she knows why Amanda stands with her legs so far apart… it is from riding the Harley.

    * Should go- Sayesha. I’m a bit bored even though I can’t get over how gorgeous she is.

  34. Not a huge fan of the Beatles. I just know the big songs and I like some of them pretty good. I ended up FF’ing through most of the performances because I can’t seem to watch if I don’t know the song.

    Anyhoo… I pretty much agreed 100% with you on every one. I’m still all starry-eyed over David’s cover of “Hello” last week. I heart a rock star so much! I still get all jello-ee when someone mentions Chris Daughtry!

  35. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brooke White.
    I love that she played the piano with no shoes on…I love how she cried. I love how nice she is, and I love her voice so much.

    She won’t let being a huge star, go to her pretty head.

    I love Carly and Jason too.
    Kelly S.

  36. Jennifer says:

    “fierce” and “hot mess”. Did Cristian Siriano take over your body? haha That guy makes my husband want to scream but he cracks me up.
    Love love love Brooke!!

  37. I completely agree with your assessment of the evening’s performances. David C. and Carly S. are my TOP 2!

  38. From one AL girl to another…I pretty much agree with your take on last night. Love, love, love little David and Brooke!!

  39. Yay thanks for this whole AI experience of blogging about it Boo! It totally rounds out my AI night :D xoxo melzie

  40. I’m with ya! I looooved Carly, David and Brooke – definitely the top 3 for me!

  41. I’m not an American Idol fan, but one of my college boyfriends was in the audience with his wife. Apparently they were on camera three times.

    Just thought I’d share.

  42. Um, can I just say that I am SO thrilled you are not a Beatles fanatic because I’m not a big fan of theirs either. (I can feel the glares already.) Also, can I just say that Carly ROCKED the house tonight (I mean, the AI house and our house) and we were lovin’ every minute of it!! (isn’t that a song?) And then there was David who did a fab job. But then when Brooke was on that piano and singing that “Let It Be” song and we were oh so just lettin’ it be!! Although there were a few times when the camera didn’t do her justice and gave her this deer in the headlights look and I thought that was just wrong. An injustice. And as my daughter always says, “Can’t wait to see who gets the boot tonight.”

  43. This has been fun, BooMama. Thanks for sharing. Because I REALLY needed another diversion!

  44. This season is so fierce, trendy fierce! You must have want watched SNL this weekend. Oh my goodness, my husband and I died!

  45. Great idea! Love to hear other’s thoughts. AND….I agree with BigMama….I would like to carry David Archuleta around in my pocket…he is that cute!

  46. Syesha – missed it…couldn’t offer an opinion
    Chikeze – love him…but missed it….his name makes him a winner in my book…fo sheezie!
    Jason – dude’s great, but this is the first one that I didn’t dig that much.
    Ramelie – needs to go
    Carly – needs to go..she had her chance on a major label…..shouldn’t be on the show (just my opinion…rip me if you want)
    David Cook – needs to take his emo come-over and his geetar and head to da house…..done with him….
    Brooke White – wins…hands down will win the competition…she has the purest talent in the group…….better than Carrie (boring) Underwood or that girl from the first season.

    David Hernandez – go home..that was a bad performance

    Amanda – don’t like her 4 note range

    Michael Jons – too old…he ain’t 28..he’s 43 if a day…bye-bye

    Kristi Lee Cook – bad…has been since Hollywood when she couldn’t think of anything else to do and went back to Amazing Grace…..I’ve not liked her since.

    David Archuleta – what the hell happened to him? kid is one of the best voices on the show and forgot the lyrics. nerves, maybe? ya think?

    sorry for taking up so much room….just wnated to join in…..loves me some boo-ing

  47. Interesting you should say that about Syesha’s performance. That song (the Earth, Wind & Fire version) is pretty much a standard at wedding receptions where I come from.

  48. I totally agree with every comment, except I would add that Amanda’s performance was incredible – almost the best of the night, but for me, she doesn’t quite beat Brooke, what with the emotion factor and all. And certainly, you can’t turn the Beatles into country. Just doesn’t work.

  49. I love your AI observations! The only one disagreement is David Cook – I don’t get him. And his hair. Oh my. A comb over from the back – He needs a hair wizard!

  50. Well Well…

    Coincidentally we have pop idols coming up in Uganda….

    Greetings from Uganda… great blogger you are… Blessings! and thanks for the insight on WV vs CI

  51. Wow, girl! We think alike! I just added my blog post to your MrLinky, so check it out because we are totally on the same wavelength with this week’s picks! :)

  52. David Cook: Definitely the best of the night. I love this guy!

    David Archuleta: Cute as a button, but based on last night’s performance should probaby go this week.

    Kristi Lee Cook: A close second to David Archuleta. To me, he saved her from being the one to go. She’ll hang around for a while, b/c this IS American Idol and she IS beautiful. America wants her to stay.

    David Hernandez: Absolutely right on. He was nowhere near the same caliber as last night’s best.

  53. You don’t like the Beatles? I know there was that whole comment [John made] about them being more popular than Jesus but that was probably said whilst in a state of altered reality…

  54. Just wanted to throw out a little more love….I’m not the biggest Beatles fan either. I appreciate what they have done for music and they have a ton of great songs, but I don’t list them in my favorites. (I’m a musician, well….a drummer….but Led Zepplin and the Who influenced me as a drummer more than Ringo did)

  55. Brooke’s song took my breath away. It was amazing.

    Oh, and I don’t love the beatles.

  56. WOW… you were dead on in who you thought should go – and he went. The POWER you have reaches far outside the net. ;)

  57. this is SO awesome! I thought I was the only former choir nerd wrapped up into this show!

    Kristy Lee Cook has gotta go.

  58. I just love the AI blog!!! I’m having to catch up on blogs from the last few days. For about a year now I haven’t had internet at home, due to where we live. In a week I will be moving to where I can sit on the couch and READ. BLOGS. ALL. NIGHT!!!!! HA! My housework will never be caught up again! I agree with your assessments and love reading these!

  59. I wish I had a favorite at this point. There are still too many to choose from for me. Your recap was great! :-)

  60. Have to agree with Big Mama (thought I completely missed the Aggie part, I should really pay more attention – I did know he was from Texas though.). I felt so bad for David A. He is one of the tops in my book. Just an off week, I think. I was thought Kristy would go too, but I think they had the bottom three right. She’s probably next.

  61. WHAT!?!?!?! Is Sophie saying.????? not like the Beatles…. um yeah ok.. I might have retreat to starbucks and ponder that!!!! I missed the wed show.mckenna was commanding the t.v.. :( c’est la vie..