I Am Somewhat Tempted To Throw The Blog Out The Window

This is the second time today I’ve attempted to update you, the internets, on some terribly exciting behind-the-scenes bloggy info.

And by “terribly exciting,” of course, I mean, “so-boring-it’ll-make-your-eyeballs-roll-back-to-your-tonsils.”

But here’s the deal.

My web hosting people are upgrading their servers. And apparently when one upgrades one’s servers, it takes awhile for all the content to “propagate,” which as far as I know is just a fancy term for “show up,” but you probably shouldn’t look to me to explain anything tech-related. Ever.

So my ham hangover post has disappeared, as has last night’s AI post, and while ideally both of them should show up once all the propagation is said and done, I think the AI post may be done forever because today when I attempted to write the first WE’RE HAVING SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES update, the blog gave that post the same URL as my AI post, because the blog thinks the AI post doesn’t exist right now.

Which means that the AI post has probably been overwritten.

And don’t get me wrong: I know that there was nothing special about that post. I mean, I wrote it WHILE I WAS WATCHING TV, for crying out loud. But a little part of me is sad that it’s gone forever – along with your links in the Mr. Linky – so I’m going to try to reconstruct it or recreate it or rejuvenate it and post it again later today.

I mean, what else do I have to do this afternoon? CLEAN? COOK? OH, I THINK NOT.

And I’m kidding. I’m actually about to start cooking a delicious pot roast for supper, and then I will unload the dishwasher.


So. That’s the latest here.

Good times. Noodle salad.

See y’all later.

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  1. Girl, I am definitely feeling your pain (we have the same host). I published a very detailed post yesterday, as well as a Wordless Wednesday (easy to replace) last night, which both disappeared.

    I discovered that I’m not able to upload pictures now. Have you tried that? I haven’t posted anything yet, but now I see your point about overwriting the post number. Someone suggested for me to get an email subscription to my own blog for a backup. I just did that, but I wish I’d done it yesterday. :-(

    Are you driving to She Speaks?


  2. Mmmmm, pot roast. can we come?


  3. Dude. That would make me cry like a big ol’ baby.

    And yes, I realize a 40 year old woman ought not be saying “dude” but it’s appropriate to your angst. Plus, I like it.

  4. How disappointing! I missed the show last night and in preparation for reading your AI post, I just previewed all the folks on AI dot com. Well, I look forward to the re-do :) and hearing about how you cook a good pot roast!

  5. Oh I think it’s time for a prayer meeting. And maybe even a laying on of hands. This is serious stuff, people. Get to your prayer closets! :)

  6. Jennifer, I am laughing out loud. And Dawn, I’m actually flying to She Speaks.

    And I’m replying in the comments because apparently my blog has lost the ability to email my comments. So that brings me untold joy.

    Dude. :-)

  7. Well, I wish you had full feed because then I could copy and paste you your posts right out of my reader… where amazingly they show up, but then are not there when I click through. So, have faith, they may still show up!
    And from what I can tell they don’t have the same post numbers as this one.
    Email me if you want at least the brief first paragraph that shows up in my reader!

  8. Hey, I got to read your AI post last night. :) Most enjoyable. I like your live-blogging, especially since I don’t get to see it until 2 hours after you…. not fair, since it takes place in my own dadgum time zone!

    Oooh, you’re going to She Speaks?? We had Renee Swope here at our church a few weeks ago for a ladies’ event and she was just a doll. You will love meeting her.

  9. I hope you taped it so you can easily write about it again. If not, come on oveer to our house. Cindy and I can make you an egg salad sandwich to enjoy while you watch. We have plenty of eggs.

  10. Seriously I have been praying for you since I figured something whacky must have been going on. I also have been checking Bigmama’s for an update on what was going on with your blog.
    Enjoy the roast!

  11. Toni's friend Elise says:

    Look at you rockin’ the noodle salad. One of my favorite movie quotes.

  12. This may not save the AI post, but if you have the option and sign yourself up for the email subscription option on your blog, then you get a full copy of every post safely in your inbox. Also, anytime you send the full post to the RSS feed it’s saved there at least for a while. I’ve been able to recover lost posts that way, even after they were deleted from the server.

    Good luck!

  13. Gee…I kept wondering who Al was. Was that yet another name for little Howard? Then I realized it was A.I. as in capital eye and not lower case ell and then I realized that people are making a whole big fuss over some tv show that I’ve never seen (not even once). That or you saw a mouse and had a post where you were yelling, “Ai!” a whole lot because, you know, that’s the way a Southern Belle should deal with wild rodent terrorists.

  14. Hey again
    Speaking of She Speaks, have you ever met Shari Braendel? Not sure if she’ll be there but she is with Prov.31, so probably. Anyway, she cracks me up and I’d love for her to come and go through my closet, as in What Not To Wear. She’s speaking to the girls in my Sunday school class (yes we still call it that) in June and the pressure is on as to what to wear that night.

  15. Oh thank God! The whole universe felt out of kilter when BooMama disappeared from the interwebby. And I am not exaggerating. ;)

  16. Love how you threw in the “Good times. Noodle salad.” quote — I love me some Jack Nicholson!

  17. well, I for one have enjoyed seeing you attempt to post through my blog feeder ;0)

    And see — if you had FULL feeds, you could just go into your feeder and copy and repaste into a post! (though, maybe you didn’t actually lose the post?? or did you??)

    xo ~K

  18. D’oh! I see others beat me to the suggestion.

    and here I was typing so fast my fingers were bleeding!

    And I thought I was SAVIN’ the world!

  19. kelli in the mirror says:

    It’s a movie quote? And here I was going to seriously ask you for the recipe, because I’m always looking for a good noodle salad. :)

  20. It’s as good as it gets!

  21. Looks like we have the same people, since my posts are also propagating.

    Unfortunately, one of those was a giveaway that people had already entered!

  22. You may have this all fixed by now, but I wanted you to know that I can read your AI post just fine.

  23. DOes this mean my hil.ar.i.ous comment from last night’s AI was deleted? Oh, I am so sad, cause I was cracking myself up. Perhaps no one else was and it is much better this way. Still I can’t resist. David Cook is awesome. He had me at “Hello”

    Ah, still got it…

  24. Clearly, you had a fun day. Jennifer’s comment made me spit my Coke all over my monitor. Heading to my prayer closet right now, so you can count on it, tomorrow will be a better day. :-)

  25. HA! We say ‘good times, noodle salad’ all the time. ;)

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