American Idol – Top 10

This is take two of this week’s AI post, and if memory serves the first thing I said in my original post was that the theme of last night’s show – songs from the years the contestants were born – would no doubt make me feel like I was 109.

But you know, in retrospect last night’s show didn’t make me feel like I was 109 at all.

In fact, I didn’t feel a day older than 102.

And if you think I can remember all the song titles from last night, then CLEARLY YOU HAVE OVERESTIMATED MY SHORT-TERM MEMORY.

Ramiele Malubay – “Alone” – Big song. Big voice. But a little pitchy on those big notes. I thought she was leaps and bounds better than last week, and she is definitely talented – but she still hasn’t wowed me performance-wise.

Syesha Mercado – “If I Were Your Woman” – I barely remember this song from when it was released, but I definitely remember her performance from last night. She did really well. And this may sound nit-picky but I really don’t mean it that way, I am merely making an observation: I still don’t feel like I have any sense of who she is. It feels like there’s an emotional distance between her and the audience – and I wonder why that is?

Carly Smithson – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – There’s no question that she has an incredible voice. But she’s not really doing anything unique with the songs that she sings – which is why this song just felt like a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s version from 1983. And unfortunately, I don’t think that’s good enough to keep her in this deal for more than a couple of weeks.

Jason Castro – “Fragile” – I loved this performance. I think maybe I’m just a sucker for someone who plays the acoustic guitar with a really laid-back vibe. And I mentioned last night that this song reminds me of riding around with my high school friend Ricky and having Very Philosophical Discussions, so there’s definitely an element of nostalgia there that appeals to me. So while Jason needs to step it up a little in terms of showcasing his originality, I think he did well enough to stick around for next week.

Chikezie – Some Luther Song – I like it better when Chikezie sings upbeat stuff because his enthusiasm is contagious. And I am all about some contagious enthusiasm. But still, he has a great voice, and I think that as he gains confidence as a performer, he’ll get stronger in terms of singing ballads. And last night’s song wasn’t nearly as bad as the ballad he tried to sing the first week, so that’s an improvement. Right?

David Archuleta – “You’re The Vision” – This was probably my least favorite performance of the night, and I typically enjoy the young David Archuleta. But the song was wrong, all wrong for him – there was nothing fun or youthful or carefree about it. I told Big Mama earlier today that I wonder if this is when being 17 starts to hurt him a little – because he hasn’t really figured out who he is musically. And the songs he’s choosing – or that someone is choosing for him – reflect that.

Brooke White – “Every Breath You Take” – I thought this song was a huge mistake before I watched the show. Then I saw her performance and realized I was wrong. I did agree with the judges that the whole thing got a little cheesy when the band came in, but regardless, she took a song I’ve never really liked and made it totally interesting. Well done.

Michael Johns – “We Are The Champions” – Hands-down his best performance so far. I was tickled to death for him. And sort of proud. He really took command of the stage, and while his vocals probably weren’t the strongest of the night, he had that audience in the palm of his hand.

Kristy Lee Cook – “God Bless the USA” – I would have never, ever suggested this song, because I think it’s a little tired, but it was absolutely a great choice. She seemed comfortable and confident. Good for her.

David Cook – “Billie Jean” – I thought it was brilliant. TRIPLE LOVED IT. We immediately rewound the DVR and watched his performance again. And loved it even more the second time. Which I guess means that I QUADRUPLE LOVED IT. Oh yes I did.

Should go: Ramiele

Will go: I’ve changed my mind since last night…now I think that either Kristy or Carly will go.

Best of the night: David Cook

If you didn’t get your link added last night, you can do that now…just add your specific URL to the Mr. Linky below. Thanks, y’all!

Edited to add: we had a little Mr. Linky malfunction (my fault, not Mr. Linky’s), so some of you may have to add your links again. I am so sorry. No kidding: this blog has given me a run for my money today. But that is okay. Because I’m totally putting it in time out and it had BETTER NOT talk back to me.

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  1. I swear, when I got up, got my coffee, and went to to see and read all the AI warm fuzziness and it was GONE I thought I was having a nightmare but NO I was awake, coffee breath and all and the ONLY thing that makes this all ok now…is the 40 MR LINKY LINKS TO PERUSE TO MY HEARTS CONTENT. YAY ;) xoxo melzie

  2. Glad to see the site back up – though the Mr. Linky looks like it is from last week?? Computers, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  3. What happened to the first post?! Gone?!

    David A singing “You’re the Voice” was hilarious to me because I couldn’t get the funny scene from “Hot Rod” out of my head. Oh dear.

  4. Michael Johns all the way, baby! So glad to finally see him step it up!!!

  5. Loved David Cook’s Billy Jean, too. My kids said hey, doesn’t he do the Sunday School materials…?? No that’s David C. Cook…PK’s…

  6. My first Mr. Linky!! I know, welcome to 2008.

  7. I’m sorry you have had so much blog trouble today!
    Yep,I think Ramiele is going bye-bye too. Just like she said her voice did.

  8. So funny! Big and I re-watched the David Cook song immediately, too. So, at least it’s comforting to know that we’re not the only freaks…er…I mean fans out there. ;)

  9. Soooo, I still wanna know (Take #2 in the comments, too, lol)… do you vote? :D

  10. My wife convinced me to be just like you and write a live commentary of AI.
    I pretty much agree with everything you say…except I have no recollection of riding around with Ricky.
    I hope David C. does “Thriller” before this whole thing’s over.

  11. OK – David Cook R.O.C.K.E.D. It. I am sooooo gonna download this one from ITunes. I think my jaw was on the floor with that one. Triple loved it too.

  12. Just having previewed them on the net, I missed the judges-factor. But even so, my favorite, hands down, was Michael Johns. I really enjoyed his performance!

    And I agree, Ramielle should go, because I couldn’t stand listening to her take a song I like and rather butcher it. I do like her voice, though; but I don’t think I’d buy her CD.

  13. I agree with you about David C. He was the best of the night. And despite the comments about Carly, she’s still the best female vocalist in my opinion.

  14. So glad you’re back!

    I think what you said about Syesha was dead-on…about a lot of this year’s performers. The only one who consistenly emotionally connects is David Cook, and that shows in his performances. Brooke usually does, but has been off the last 2 weeks.

  15. We’re big David Cook fans too…also rewound the DVR to watch it…LOVE the DVR!! My son is a wanna be left handed guitar player so he’s been a David fan from the first time he saw him strumming!

  16. It appears that I agree with the rest of the internets with the whole David Cook ruled thing. Did anyone happen to catch whose version of Billie Jean that was? Ryan said when he introduced him, but I could not hear over all the screaming girlies. I rewound it like four times!

  17. Scott, you made me laugh out loud. And today, that is saying something.

  18. So proud of the Michael Johns finally something to cheer about with him…We watched David Cook twice too!!

  19. David Cook all the way!!

  20. I have not been a David Cook fan so far but last night he ROCKED!!! It was the best performance of the night.

  21. Girl…Us MS girls have the same opinion!! I am sorry you had blog issues and hope its resolved really soon…You are a hoot to read!!! :)

  22. This is fun! Thank you BooMama

  23. Glad you’re back. Because, really? How would I spend my evening without Mr. Linky and you’re American Idol groupies?

    Oh. Right. Laundry and dishes. I forgot.

  24. I hate it when I don’t proofread…YOUR groupies. *sheesh*

  25. I see that this show “olded you up,” too. The decrepit age factor was the first thing I commented on. I like to wait until Wednesday nights to do my commentary. Loved yours–come on over and see how we jibe. Because that’s what old people do; they “jibe.”

  26. I always enjoy your commentary, girl!

  27. Chikezie’s performance was my favorite :(

  28. I spent most of yesterday clicking on over here and wondering what was going on. I’m so happy to see you back and to have the AI post! I’ve never done an AI post before myself, but David Cook was so good that I felt compelled.

  29. Big music freak here to answer someone’s Q. I believe David C was doing Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean. He was (is??) the lead singer of Soundgarden (big hit “Black Hole Sun”).

    So CC gets credit for the awesome arrangement; David gets credit for the fab performance.

  30. I’ve missed so much of AI this year…waaa! I get enough to see what’s going on. Sorry about your blog malfunction. at least it didn’t expose anything in Janet Jackson fashion! :)

  31. Fav girl: Brooke White (maybe it’s because we share a name….nah!)
    Fav guy: Jason Castro – so cute & totally real!

  32. Thanks Boomama! Watched AI last night and was NOT surprised that Chikezie was out. Love me some Jason Castro- and I really think Carly is great- she did good.
    We’ll see!

  33. My first time at blogging AI – I’m late but wanted to add my 2 cents! Love your comments, by the way! :)

  34. David Cook-I’d buy his CD. Jason Castro makes me swoon. You don’t see that word a lot these days-swooning.

  35. OK….I truly dispised david cook until that Billie Jean…..and I’m very upset that Chikeze fo’ sheezie is gone……Can someone tell me how Kristi Lee Cook is still on that show?

  36. Loved Michael Johns, although I’m a Jason follower. He’s from my church!!!