It’s A New Bloggy Day – So How About A Giveaway?

Have I ever told y’all that I love me some cheese fries?

Well, I do. I love me some cheese fries.

And I especially love the cheese fries from Outback. Because they are some potato-y, bacon-y, cheese-y, dipped in Ranch dressing-y deliciousness.

And since I am a fan of irony, I like to order them with a side salad and a diet Coke.

Plus, I always split the cheese fries with my husband, so hello? PORTION CONTROL.

Well, as it turns out, Outback is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, and because of that, they have made a very special gift available for you, the internets.

So if you’d like to win a $25 gift card to Outback, leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing to order when you eat there. And if you need an Outback menu refresher course, click here to check it out.

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Monday, March 31 – at which point I’ll use to select our lucky (PROVIDENTIAL!) winner.

G’day, y’all!

(Sorry. I couldn’t help it. The whole “G’day” thing was way too tempting. I do apologize.)

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Cheese fries! Oh Lordy, I love cheese fries!!! Must be our Mississippi roots!

  2. Well, of course, the BLOOMIN’ ONION, YA’LL!!


  3. The big, bad BLOOMIN’ onion is my favorite.

  4. I love the chesse fries for the very reason you mentioned. I also love their walkabout soup. My husband enjoys the outback special, but honestly, like you, I go for the cheese fries!!!

  5. Oh heavens, Outback….the glory of Outback.

    I love their baked potatoes,and I love their bloomin onions.

    Kelly S. Michigan

  6. Sarah N. says:

    Yes, the cheese fries are a staple at any outback visit. If we are with the right crowd – a bloomin’ onion. Hubby doesn’t like the onion – so I need others to help, lest I eat the whole thing myself!

  7. I do love their cheese fries but especially enjoy the bloomin’ onion with the spicy ranch dipping sauce. Yum!

  8. CHEESECAKE! It is the best! EVER!
    Although, those cheese fries sound mighty fine too!

  9. Alice Springs Chicken is the favorite dish – cheesy fries the best appetizer… chocolate thunder from down under the best dessert… i LOVE their salads… and of course, drink it all with water so you dont gain too much weight from that ONE meal:)

  10. The bloomin’ onion yummy, when I was pregnant I would reward myself at the end of the work week with one of these baby’s.

    by the way I found your blog a few weeks back during yuor trip and have never left.

  11. I love their steak, The Victoria’s Filet to be exact and their salad with that creamy, chunky bleu cheese is divine! YUMMM!

  12. Bloomin’ Onion. I made the mistake of reading the nutrition information once, and it was a sad, sad day.

  13. Hands down, a Bloomin’ Onion. They have great salads too, though.

  14. Mmmmmmm, I LOVE the bloomin’ onion!!!!! You’re making me hungry for a fried onion at 8:15 in the morning!!!

  15. When we go with my parents we get what my dad calls “poo poos”. Basically, everything off the appetizer menu- CHEESE FRIES! BLOOMIN ONION! DIPS!
    It’s awesome and figure friendly, because I am only eating a little bit…of everything…

  16. I like their bloomin’ onions, baked sweet potatoes, and some pasta thing with chicken and mushrooms (sorry, can’t remember what it’s called and it’s been so darn long since we’ve been there that they probably don’t even have it anymore!) Therefore, I must win because darn it, I need me a date with my hubby!

  17. The Queensland salad with tangy tomato dressing!!!

  18. I guess I can’ say the entire menu can I? my favs are Cheese Fries & Buffalo Chicken Tenders!! for dessert – THE THUNDER DOWN UNDER!!!!

  19. oh my gosh it has to be the bloom’n onion! And I like to order really fattening things with Diet Coke too!
    G’Day you crack me up!

  20. Ya, the Victoria Filet is my favorite, but I also just love their side salad with ranch, so crisp and so perfect!

  21. Love the bloomin’ onion. And a good steak. Which is why we don’t go too often. :-)

  22. The bloomin onion. Haven’t been there in awhile, but I love that place.

  23. Baby Back Ribs Are To Die For!

  24. Their coconut shrimp is my fav! The bloomin’ onion is a close second, but that’s only because I haven’t tried their cheese fries. Oooh, I hope I win!

  25. Outback has great pork chops! And salmon! And a baked potato, please!

  26. You were laughing writing that rhyme scheme, now weren’t ya?!

    Bloomin’ Onion. But there is a close first, a close second, a close third…

    And, the “PROVIDENTIAL!” thing cracked me up. Agreed.

  27. Fuzzytop says:

    I LOVE Outback creamy onion soup!! Yum

  28. Heather says:

    During my pregnancies my favorite thing to do is cheese fries and wings! Oh maybe that’s why I gained 50 pounds during each pregnancy!

  29. Shelley says:

    Oh, the onion. Absolutely the onion. And the sauce. So delicious.
    And now that you brought up Outback, I’m thinking of that commercial I hear on the radio…”Let’s go Outback tonight”…and I’m going to be singing it in my head all day. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  30. I don’t need a menu – I’ll have Alice Springs Chicken!

  31. We love their grilled mahi-mahi.

  32. I always laugh when the waiter asks, “So, have you ever been to Outback before?”

    Muah ah ha ha!

    Yes! Hello?

    My dear friends cheese fries, grilled shrimp, and aside of green beans.

  33. Oh Outback. My husband has trouble imaging Heaven as anything but one perpetual all-you-can-eat-for-free-Outback. We like the Grilled Shimp on the Barbee and I love the Bloomin Onion. And the Salmon.

    Oh pick me, pick me, random # thingy. It would make my hubby’s day.

  34. Steak and salad with blue cheese dressing, all the way!

  35. Would you believe I’ve never been to Outback? I once had some of their chili fries that someone brought to me, though. I don’t even know if they still have that on the menu!

    But please enter me anyway. Pretty please?!

  36. My 3 best girlfriends and I have had two of our birthday celebrations at Outback and Cheese Fries are M A N D A T O R Y. One of those girlfriends has moved and one will be moving in June. I sure I hope win this so the two of us left can drown our sorrows in the cheese fries.

  37. I know this is going to sound “diety” but they have the best salads in the whole world. My grandma agrees!

  38. I have to have a salad (lettuce, extra bacon bits, extra croutons w/lemons for dressing) and Chicken on the Barbie, with fries and extra BBQ sauce.

    The kids eat the Mac-a-Roo and Cheese – with Spotted Dog Sundaes.

    Now I’m going to have to drag my co-workers to Outback for lunch…

  39. Defintely the Macaroo!! Some of the best macaroni and cheese ever!

  40. oh my, Outback…yum-o! My favorite is a toss-up between the Wallaby Darned and a regular old sirloin steak. I know – the Wallaby Darned is a drink. I don’t chose to have one or the other…but both of them are so delicious, they could each be chosen as my fave. Great contest, thank you!

  41. Mmmmm – I love the Bloomin’ Onion AND Alice Springs Chicken. In fact, I could eat either right now, thanks for making me think about greasy, cheesy food so early in the morning! :)

  42. Any kind of steak will do it for me! Plus you have to have dessert, so I will take the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under…that looks sinful!!

  43. Priscilla says:

    I love the cheese fries!!! Oh they are good!

  44. Charlotte says:

    Chicken on the Barbie… however, that Alice Springs Chicken is sounding quite yummy…. with a salad and Diet Coke also, please.

  45. I love the bread. Is that pathetic?

  46. A Bloomin’ Onion and a ribeye. Mmmmm, Mmmmm!

  47. Heather says:

    My husband and I always share the Outback Special – we each get our own salad and side, but we share the steak so we have room for dessert….which is always the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!! Sin in a bowl! They make their whipped cream….homemade!!! It’s heavenly! We take my mom every year to Outback for her birthday…which is next week….so….pick me, pick me!!

  48. It’s a toss up between the spinach/artichoke dip and the Sydney Sundae!! Oh, both are scrumptious!

  49. Outback is our favorite! Love the fried shrimp but my all-time favorite is their steamed vegetables… kidding!

    And, Jessie, We LOVE those little loaves of bread too!!!!

  50. Oh my goodness, so many choices! Alice Springs Chicken and Atlantic Salmon have to be my faves… with the mashed sweet potatoes. Fabulous!!!!

  51. The Bloomin’ Onion is my favorite, because there is nothing greater than an onion dipped in batter and deep fried to perfection with their awesome dipping sauce.

    Thanks for entering me into the contest!

  52. I LOVE the steak/chicken griller, the house salad, and the filet! Yum, yum! Pick me, mate!

  53. Jacqueline says:

    Ah, the cheese fries! Pick me! :)

    Have you ever tried the bloomin onion sauce with the fries? Best of both worlds…

  54. Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!! YUM!

  55. Cheese fries!

  56. LOVE the coconut shrimp!! You do NOT even want to know the calories and fat in even 1/2 an order of the cheese fries! Really—You don’t!

  57. No need to look at a menu… Alice Springs chicken without the mushrooms!! YUMMYYYYY!!!!!

  58. Oh boy…it’s a toss up between the Alice Springs Chicken, Gold Coast Shrimp, and Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.

    I think I just gained 10 pounds.

  59. Oh, I’m with you on the fries. Outback and I have a history that goes way back. With my last pregnancy, I craved those cheese fries, but then paid dearly for it afterwards. My husband has refused to buy them for me ever since. But if I won a gift card…. He could hardly refuse me, right? I mean, if I want to make myself sick FOR FREE, who is he to argue?

  60. Bloomin’ Onion I do love.

  61. I love the Chicken on the Barbie.

    A few weeks ago my assistant’s five year old daughter informed him very loudly and often that she wanted the “chocolate bread” they had at Outback the night before.

  62. Mmmmmm – Bloomin’ Onion for sure!! And some grilled chicken. Or steak. Or shrimp.

    Is it lunch time yet????

  63. Well, like everyone else…love the Bloomin’ Onion but my favorite main meal is the Alice Springs Chicken. Fattening, but oh so good!

  64. hmm I have to pick just one thing?! Cheese fries? no bloomin’ onion? no STEAK. I especially love the bread they serve to everyone!

  65. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t been to Outback in a long time because it is a little pricey and we don’t have one in town, but looking in the menu the Tilapia with the crab sauce on top looks divine.

  66. Ooh, I’d need to start with the seared Ahi Tuna, then Alice Springs Chicken and end it all with a Sydney’s sundae. *drool*

  67. The Bloomin’ Onion is my favorite, hands down.

  68. the cheese fries and the steak salad :)

  69. Lanisa Fitzgerald says:

    I LOVE the Alice Springs Chicken!

  70. Kookaburra Wings! Ooooooh it’s too delicious.

  71. bloomin onion and filet!

  72. I love the Queensland salad and the blooming onion yummy!!

  73. Love the Alice Springs Chicken! My 10yr old granddaughter is the steak eater!

  74. I’m with you on the cheese fries. However, I recently read a list of the most unhealthy restaurant foods–#1 on the list was Ouback’s cheese fries! Oh well!

  75. I love the bloomin onion.

  76. I am always completely stuffed when I leave Outback because I eat it all: the bloomin’ onion, the salad, the steak with cheese fries. Yum! Good thing I don’t get there too often or I would be too big to fit through the door. Please enter me — I think it’s time for me to visit Outback again!

  77. Emily C says:

    Chocolate Thunder from Down Under is my favorite — not exactly a main dish, but a necessary one for sure.

  78. I can’t say no to the Bloomin’ Onion ever. Even for breakfast.

  79. Hands down – the queensland salad. If I could recreate that at home, I would be one happy camper. Yum!

  80. Cricket says:

    The bloomin’ onion was afavorite until I saw the nutrition info on TV! ACK! Their soups are great, especially the clam chowder. I also love the Alice Springs Chicken and grilled salmon.

  81. Pick my number, pretty please. I’ll have the filet with steamed veggies, please. And thank you.

  82. Sadly, I did not need to look at the menu for a “refresher”. I’ll take a bloomin onion followed by Alice Spring Chicken – Aussie my fries please and………. make that thousand island on my salad.

  83. Kelly Anne says:

    They have the BEST Ceasar Salad ever!! It’s peppery and yummy and I luv it! I order it every time we go, along with a steak and loaded baked potato just to round things (me) out!

  84. We don’t have an Outback near us, so I don’t need to be in the contest, but the cheese fries (yum!) thing reminded me – have you seen “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on the Food network? Oh, Miss BooMama, you will LOVE it.

  85. I love me some cheese fries too! :)

  86. Shrimp on the barbie, several servings .. and Toowoomba Pasta
    With ice cold water, please …

  87. We’d start with some ‘Shrooms then go for the Victoria’s Filet with a sweet potato and side salad with blue cheese dressing!!! Mmmm…I think I just came up with our dinner plans for tonight.

  88. Natalie says:

    My perfect outback meal:

    1 diet coke (well, more than 1, but you know what I mean)

    A little bit from each of these appetizers: Bloomin’ Onion and Cheese Fries

    THEN the Alice Springs Chicken with a side salad with TONS of ranch.

  89. There’s nothing like a Bloomin’ Onion before a tasty plate of Alice Springs Chicken, mmmm…

  90. marlise says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite is the blooming onion.

  91. Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to eat at an Outback Steakhouse. Not because there isn’t one close, but just haven’t had the opportunity.

    I would love to try the cheese fries, and oh…if they have steak, I want one of them too.

  92. My favorite is just their regular ol’ sirloin steak. YUM. I love everything from the salad to the baked potato to the steak. I don’t always order cheese fries, but I will definitely sneak some if anyone has them at my table! I don’t like to dip them in ranch, though. I know; that probably just got me disqualified!!!

  93. Steak Steak Steak oh and did i mention STEAAAAKKKKK!! YUM!

  94. I love the blue cheese chop salad! Thanks for the contest.

  95. alice springs chicken, but of course you HAVE to begin with the bloomin’ onion.

    it would be unamerican.

    especially at an australian restaurant!

  96. OOOO, those cheesy fries are TO. DIE. FOR. And you just can’t forget about that bloomin’ onion! Pick me! Pick me!

  97. ok, the outback special cooked to a perfect medium with a loaded baked potato and caesar side salad…or toowoomba pasta? yumm-o! did i mention i love, LOVE their bread? well, i do.

  98. bloomin’ onion or cheese fries!! I am CRAVING a nice big steak these days, too!

  99. My fav is the grilled salmon with steamed veggies. Eating healthy makes me feel better after I polish off the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (ice cream rolled in coconut, of course!)

  100. I’ve never been to Outback, so I should win so I can go try something there to have a favorite!